Simon Wistow


XML::Feed::Format::hAtom - plugin to provide transparent parsing and generation support for hAtom to XML::Feed


    use XML::Feed;
    my $feed = XML::Feed->parse(URI->new(''))
        or die XML::Feed->errstr;
    print $feed->title, "\n";
    for my $entry ($feed->entries) {


XML::Feed is a syndication feed parser for both RSS and Atom feeds. It also implements feed auto-discovery for finding feeds, given a URI.

XML::Feed::Format::hAtom adds transparent support for the hAtom microformat.      


See XML::Feed and XML::Feed::Entry - hAtom support is transparent.

XML::Feed::Format::hAtom->identify <content>

Whether or not this in hAtom feed.

XML::Feed::Format::hAtom->init_string <content>

Initialise a new Feed from a string.

Alias for parse.


Returns the id of the feed.


Returns the format of the feed (hAtom).

$feed->title([ $title ])

The title of the feed/channel.

$feed->base([ $base ])

The url base of the feed/channel.

$feed->link([ $uri ])

The permalink of the feed/channel.

$feed->tagline([ $tagline ])

The description or tagline of the feed/channel.

$feed->description([ $description ])

Alias for $feed->tagline.

$feed->author([ $author ])

The author of the feed/channel.

$feed->language([ $language ])

The language of the feed.

$feed->copyright([ $copyright ])

The copyright notice of the feed.

$feed->modified([ $modified ])

A DateTime object representing the last-modified date of the feed.

If present, $modified should be a DateTime object.

$feed->updated([ $updated ])

Alias for modified.

$feed->generator([ $generator ])

The generator of the feed.

$feed->category ([ $category ])

The category for this feed.

The Atom Self-link of the feed:

A string.

$feed->long ([ $lat ])

$feed->lat ([ $lat ])

The longitude and latitude of the entry if available.


A list of the entries/items in the feed. Returns an array containing XML::Feed::Entry objects.


A synonym for $feed-entries>.


Adds an entry to the feed. $entry should be an XML::Feed::Entry object in the correct format for the feed.


Returns an HTML representation of the feed, in the format determined by the current format of the $feed object.


XML::Feed::Format::hAtom is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Written by Simon Wistow <>

Except where otherwise noted, XML::Feed::Format::hAtom is Copyright 2008 Six Apart, All rights reserved.


The latest version of XML::Feed::Format::hAtom can be found at