XML::RSS::Parser::Feed -- the root element of a parsed RSS feed.



Constructor. Returns a XML::RSS::Parser::Feed object.


Returns the namespace URI the RSS elements are in, if at all. This is important since different RSS namespaces are in use. Return a null string if a namespace cannot be determined or was not defined at all in the feed.


Returns an integer representing the number of item elements in the feed.



Returns a reference to the channel element object.


Returns an array of reference to item elements object.


Returns a reference to the image object if one exists.


Alias to the channel element's as_xml method which outputs the XML of the entire feed including a standard XML 1.0 declaration. An optional encoding can be defined. The default encoding is 'utf-8'.


A pass-thru to the root element's query method.


Please see the XML::RSS::Parser manpage for author, copyright, and license information.

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