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Changes for version 4.0

  • Made into its own package again. Bad idea now fixed.
  • Requires XML::Elemental 2.0 for SAX-based parsing.
  • Switched internal storage of element and attribute names to Clarkian notation.
  • Too many bug fixes and minor enhancements to list.
  • Added atom, itunes, openSerch, feedburner and creativeCommons namespaces to default set.
  • Moved XPath namespace and prefixes storage from Element to the Parser module.
  • Added register_ns_prefix, prefix and namespace methods to parser for OO access to the internal hashes.
  • Introduced use of Class::ErroHandler for more quieter error handling.
  • We have tests.
  • Introduction of Util module. Moved as_xml and encode_xml methods from Element to Util.


A liberal object-oriented parser for RSS feeds.
an object representing a character data in an RSS parse tree.
a node in the XML::RSS::Parser parse tree.
the root element of a parsed RSS feed.
utility methods for working with XML::RSS::Parser.