XML::RSS::Parser::Util - utility methods for working with XML::RSS::Parser.


All utility methods are exportable.


Creates XML output markup for the element object including its siblings. This method is not a full featured XML generator, and has its limitations, but should suffice in most cases. Use with caution.

Passing a second optional parameter with the value of true will add an XML 1.0 standard declaration to the returned XML. The third parameter (also optional) parameter defines the encoding to be used in the declaration. The default is 'utf-8'.

encode_xml ($string[, $nocdata])

XML encodes any characters in the string that are required to be represented as entities. This method will attempt to identify anything that looks like markup and CDATA encodes it. This can optional be turned off by passing a second parameter with a true value. The markup will be entity encoded instead.


Please see the XML::RSS::Parser manpage for author, copyright, and license information.

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