Uses NOLookup::BrregDifi::DataLookup to perform lookup on an orgnumber or an orgname and fetch and print the matching information.

The data found are stored as NOLookup::BrregDifi::Entry data objects.

USAGE -o 985821585 -n norid

For -o: successful output is the orgno and orgname of the organization.

    perl  -o 985821585
    Found 1 matching entries:
    985821585   UNINETT NORID AS

For -n: successful output is a list of orgno and orgname of the matching organizations. Note that only orgs starting with -n are listed due to a limitation in the Brreg API service.

    perl -n uninett
    Found 4 matching entries:
    968100211   UNINETT AS
    985821585   UNINETT NORID AS
    887625352   UNINETT SIGMA AS
    814864332   UNINETT SIGMA2 AS

    Up to a maximum of 100 matches are listed.


  -o: orgnumber

  -n: orgname (complete name or start of name, minimum 2 chars)

  When -n is specifed, also:
  -p: page number (1..x), max. number of pages
  -i: page index (1..x), which page to start on

  -v: verbose dump of the complete JSON data structure