lazy - Lazily install missing Perl modules


version 0.000009


    # Auto-install missing modules globally
    perl -Mlazy

    # Auto-install missing modules into local_foo/.  Note local::lib needs to
    # precede lazy in this scenario in order for the script to compile on the
    # first run.
    perl -Mlocal::lib=local_foo -Mlazy

    # Auto-install missing modules into local/
    use local::lib 'local';
    use lazy;

    # Auto-install missing modules globally
    use lazy;

    # Same as above, but explicity auto-install missing modules globally
    use lazy qw( -g );

    # Use a local::lib and get verbose, uncolored output
    perl -Mlocal::lib=foo -Mlazy=-v,--no-color


Your co-worker sends you a one-off script to use. You fire it up and realize you haven't got all of the dependencies installed in your work environment. Now you fire up the script and one by one, you find the missing modules and install them manually.

Not anymore!

lazy will try to install any missing modules automatically, making your day just a little less long. lazy uses App::cpm to perform this magic in the background.


You can pass arguments directly to App::cpm via the import statement.

    use lazy qw( --verbose );


    use lazy qw( --man-pages --with-recommends --verbose );

You get the idea.

This module uses App::cpm's defaults, with the exception being that we default to global installs rather than local.

So, the default usage would be:

    use lazy;

If you want to use a local lib:

    use local::lib qw( my_local_lib );
    use lazy;

Lazy will automatically pick up on your chosen local::lib and install there. Just make sure that you use local::lib before you use lazy.


* If not installing globally, use local::lib before you use lazy

* Don't pass the -L or --local-lib-contained args directly to lazy. Use local::lib directly to get the best (and least confusing) results.

* Remove lazy before you put your work into production.


Acme::Magic::Pony, lib::xi, CPAN::AutoINC, Module::AutoINC


This entire idea was ripped off from Acme::Magic::Pony. The main difference is that we use App::cpm rather than CPAN::Shell.


Olaf Alders <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2017 by MaxMind, Inc.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)