perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::v2_0::nmwg::Message::Metadata::Subject::Parameters::Parameter  - A base class, implements  'parameter'  element from the perfSONAR_PS RelaxNG schema


   Object representation of the parameter element.
   Object fields are:
    Scalar:     value, 
    Scalar:     name, 
   The constructor accepts only single parameter, it could be a hashref to parameters hash  or DOM with  'parameter' element 


              use perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::v2_0::nmwg::Message::Metadata::Subject::Parameters::Parameter;
          my $el =  perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::v2_0::nmwg::Message::Metadata::Subject::Parameters::Parameter->new($DOM_Obj);


new( )

      creates   object, accepts DOM with  element tree or hashref to the list of
      keyd parameters
         value   => undef, 
         name   => undef, 
text => 'text'

getDOM ($)

       accept parent DOM
       return parameter object DOM, generated from object contents 

querySQL ()

      depending on config  it will return some hash ref  to the initialized fields
    for example querySQL ()
    accepts one optional prameter - query hashref
    will return:
    { ip_name_src =>  '' },}


      merge with another parameter ( append + overwrite if exists )
      we can do it differently
      method #1:
         convert to dom both objects and then get resulted object from combined dom 
      method #2 default:
         through the introspection of the object


    if any of subelements has id then get a map of it in form of
    hashref to { element}{id} = index in array and store in the idmap field

buildrefIdMap ()

    if any of subelements has  metadataIdRef  then get a map of it in form of
    hashref to { element}{ metadataIdRef } = index in array and store in the idmap field


   shortcut to get DOM and convert into the XML string
   returns XML string  representation of the  parameter object

registerNamespaces ()

   will parse all subelements and register all namepspaces within the parameter namespace

fromDOM ($)

   accepts parent XML DOM   element   tree as parameter 
   returns parameter  object


   Maxim Grigoriev (FNAL)  2007,