Jifty::Collection - Collection of Jifty::Record objects


  package Foo::Model::BarCollection
  use base qw/Jifty::Collection/;


This is a wrapper over Jifty::DBI::Collection that at the same time is a Jifty::Object. To use it, subclass it.

Alternatively, an 'anonymous' collection can be made by creating a new Jifty::Collection object, and calling record_class('Application::Model::Foo') or similar on it.

In addition, each Jifty::Collection includes a Data::Page object to help with calculations related to paged data. You should not call the first_row and rows_per_page methods from Jifty::DBI::Collection on a Jifty::Collection. Instead, if you'd like to use paging, you should use the set_page_info method to set the number of records per page and first record on the current page, and you should use the Data::Page object returned by the pager method to get information related to paging.



Returns a Data::Page object associated with this collection. This object defaults to 10 entries per page. You should use only use Data::Page methods on this object to get information about paging, not to set it; use set_page_info to set paging information.


Only add records to the collection that we can read


Defaults to ordering by the id column.


Overrides Jifty::DBI::Collection's new_item to pass in the current user.