nacho - the siesta command line configuration tool


Via nacho you can control pretty much every aspect of you Siesta system.

This includes things like creating new lists, creating new members, adding members to lists, setting up and configuring plugins for lists and, later, probably handling administrative tasks.


You can optionally pass a database to act on (the default is the one defined in Siesta::Config). By doing

        -d database

You can also specify an alternative config file using

        -f <path to config file>

The following commands are then valid


Initialise a new database


Show all the lists that are in the system

create-list list_id list_owner post_address return_path

list_id is the name of the list, list_owner is the administrator of the list, post_address is the email address that member's send mail to post to the list and return_path is the address that bounces should come back to.

show-alias list_id

Print out an alias file entry for the list specified.

describe-list list_id

Show all the properties of a list and their values.

modify-list list_id key value

Change a property of the list specified. See Siesta::List for valid properties.

Note: you can effectively copy the configuration of a list by modifying the id - a new list with the new id will be created for you.

delete-list list_id

Remove the list indicated from the system.

set-plugins list_id queue [ plugin [ plugin... ] ]

Set the list plugins to be the ones specified.

add-member list_id member [member ...]

Add the member(s) specified to the list specified. This will create new members if necessary.

remove-member list_id member [member...]

removes the specified member(s) from the list.

show-members [ list_id ]

Show all the members that are in the system or, if a list-id is passed, then just the ones subbed to that list

create-member member_id

Add a new member to the system.

describe-member member_id

Show all the properties of a member and their values.

modify-member member_id key value

Change a property of the member specified. See Siesta::Member for valid properties.

Note: you can effectively copy the configuration of a member by modifying the id - a new member with the new id will be created for you.

delete-member member_id

Remove a member from the system.

show-plugins <list id>

List all plugins available to the system or just the plugins for a list.

describe-plugin plugin [ list_id ] [ member_id ]

List all the options for a particular plugin. If a list_id is passed then it will show the current settings for that list. If, additionally, a member_id is passed then the member's options for that list will be shown.

modify-plugin plugin list_id key val [ member_id ]

Sets the preference for a list. If optionally passed a member email, it will set their personal preference.

show-deferred [ deferred_id ]

Show all the deferred messages or, if an id is passed in, show that deferred message.

resume-deferred deferred_id

Resume a deferred message.


invoke mariachi to make webified archives (depends on the Archive plugin)

create-backup [list name]

Prints out shell script that will restore you system when run

Optionally can take a list anme and will only dump a backup script for that list.


Siesta, Siesta::UserGuide


Written by Simon Wistow <>


Copyright (C) 2002 the Siesta dev team.

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.