App::Wubot::Guide::Rules - rule field description


Rules may contain the following fields:

      - required
      - description: a human-friendly name assinged by you
      - hints: you should be able to recognize in the logs to determine if your rule fired or not
      - optional
      - description: conditions that must be satisfied in order for the rule to fire
      - hints:
        - if condition is not defined in the rule, the rule will always run
        - for more information, see L<App::Wubot::Guide::Notifications>.
      - optional
      - description: the name of a package in the App::Wubot::Reactor namespace
      - hints:
        - most plugins require 'config' to determine what to do with the message
        - for an overview of plugins, see L<App::Wubot::Guide::ReactorPlugins>.
      - optional
      - description: configuration data used by the plugin to process the message
      - hints: some config is required for most plugins
      - optional
      - description: once set, no more rules will be run on the message
      - hints: think of this as routing the message to /dev/null
      - optional
      - description: an array of child rules that will be run if the current rule runs
      - hints:
        - will get run if the current rule contains no condition
        - will get run if the current rule contains a condition that evaluated true
        - rules may be deeply nested
        - nesting rules makes the reactor more efficient, since not every rule needs to run on every message