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David Yingling
fetchware - Fetchware is a package manager for source code distributions.
App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions.
App::Fetchware::Config - Manages App::Fetchware's internal representation of Fetchwarefiles.
App::Fetchware::CreateConfigOptions - Used by fetchware extensions to create their configuration options.
App::Fetchware::ExportAPI - Used by fetchware extensions to export their API subroutines.
App::Fetchware::Util - Miscelaneous functions for App::Fetchware.
App::FetchwareX::HTMLPageSync - An App::Fetchware extension that downloads files based on an HTML page.
Test::Fetchware - Provides testing subroutines for App::Fetchware.
Changes for version 1.010
    • Fixed github#4 by added a more reliable checksum parser that should be generic enough to parse anything simple and reasonable.
    • Fixed a bug related to github#4 that caused ftp timestamp parsing to fail if file listing had symbolic links in it.
    • Also fixed the "uninitialized variables" bug again. The previous fix was horrible. It took a few tries to figure it out, and almost resulted in breaking fetchware's command line interface again, but my command line tests saved me from that nightmare. Tests rule!

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