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David Yingling

Changes for version 1.014

  • Fixed more CPAN Tester FAIL reports.
    • Added File::HomeDir version 0.93+ as a dependency, because that's the first production release that supported the my_dist_data() method that Fetchware uses to store non-root fetchware database path.
    • Switched to pretty much always using a tempdir for the fetchware database path instead of the real fetchware database path. This should fix some upgrade CPAN Tester FAILs.
    • Gave up trying to test using Test::Expect if its installed. That's still in the code, but now skip_all_unless_relase_testing() is in front of it, so pretty much just me is the only who is ever going to test any of the Test::Expect stuff, which is probably a good thing, since its test reliability seems iffy.
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