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John SJ Anderson
got - A tool to make it easier to manage multiple code repositories using different VCSen
got-complete - shell completion helper for got
App::GitGot - A tool to make it easier to manage multiple git repositories.
App::GitGot::Command - Base class for App::GitGot commands
App::GitGot::Command::add - add a new repo to your config
App::GitGot::Command::chdir - open a subshell in a selected project
App::GitGot::Command::clone - clone a remote repo and add it to your config
App::GitGot::Command::fetch - fetch remotes for managed repositories
App::GitGot::Command::fork - fork a github repo
App::GitGot::Command::gc - Run the 'gc' command to garbage collect in git repos
App::GitGot::Command::list - list managed repositories
App::GitGot::Command::move - move a repo in a new directory
App::GitGot::Command::mux - open a tmux window for a selected project
App::GitGot::Command::push - Push local changes to the default remote in git repos
App::GitGot::Command::remove - remove a managed repository from your config
App::GitGot::Command::status - print status info about repos
App::GitGot::Command::that - check if a given repository is managed
App::GitGot::Command::this - check if the current repository is managed
App::GitGot::Command::update - update managed repositories
App::GitGot::Command::update_status - update managed repositories then display their status
App::GitGot::Command::version - display application version
App::GitGot::Outputter - Generic base class for outputting formatted messages.
App::GitGot::Outputter::dark - Color scheme appropriate for dark terminal backgrounds
App::GitGot::Outputter::light - Color scheme appropriate for dark terminal backgrounds
App::GitGot::Repo - Base repository objects
App::GitGot::Repo::Git - Git repo objects
Changes for version 1.15

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