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David F. Houghton
job - log what you do
App::JobLog - base of work log application
App::JobLog::Command - common functionality of App::JobLog commands
App::JobLog::Command::add - log an event
App::JobLog::Command::configure - examine or modify App::JobLog configuration
App::JobLog::Command::done - close last open event
App::JobLog::Command::info - provides general App::JobLog information
App::JobLog::Command::last - show details of last recorded event
App::JobLog::Command::modify - modify last logged event
App::JobLog::Command::parse - parse a time expression
App::JobLog::Command::resume - resume last closed task
App::JobLog::Command::summary - show what you did during a particular period
App::JobLog::Command::tags - show what tags you have used
App::JobLog::Command::today - show what has happened today
App::JobLog::Command::truncate - decapitate the log
App::JobLog::Command::vacation - controller for vacation dates
App::JobLog::Command::when - when you'll be done for the day
App::JobLog::Config - central depot for App::JobLog configuration parameters and controller allowing their modification
App::JobLog::Log - the code that lets us interact with the log
App::JobLog::Log::Day - collects events and vacation in a complete day
App::JobLog::Log::Event - basically adds an end time to App::JobLog::Log::Line events
App::JobLog::Log::Format - pretty printer for log
App::JobLog::Log::Line - encapsulates one line of log text
App::JobLog::Log::Note - timestamped annotation in log
App::JobLog::Log::Synopsis - consolidates App::JobClock::Log::Event objects for display
App::JobLog::Time - consolidates basic time functions into one location
App::JobLog::TimeGrammar - parse natural (English) language time expressions
App::JobLog::Vacation - controller for the vacation model
App::JobLog::Vacation::Period - extension of App::JobLog::Log::Event to handle special properties of vacation periods
Changes for version 1.031
  • fixed binary search bug in log
  • small improvement to info output

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