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App::Toodledo - Interacting with the Toodledo task management service.
App::Toodledo::Account - class encapsulating a Toodledo account
App::Toodledo::AccountInternal - internal representation of an account.
App::Toodledo::AccountRole - internal attributes of an account.
App::Toodledo::Context - class encapsulating a Toodledo context
App::Toodledo::ContextInternal - internal representation of a context.
App::Toodledo::ContextRole - internal attributes of a context.
App::Toodledo::Folder - class encapsulating a Toodledo folder
App::Toodledo::FolderInternal - internal representation of a folder.
App::Toodledo::FolderRole - internal attributes of a folder.
App::Toodledo::Goal - class encapsulating a Toodledo goal
App::Toodledo::GoalInternal - internal representation of a goal.
App::Toodledo::GoalRole - internal attributes of a goal.
App::Toodledo::Location - class encapsulating a Toodledo location
App::Toodledo::LocationInternal - internal representation of a location.
App::Toodledo::LocationRole - internal attributes of a role.
App::Toodledo::Notebook - class encapsulating a Toodledo notebook
App::Toodledo::NotebookInternal - internal representation of a notebook.
App::Toodledo::NotebookRole - internal attributes of a notebook.
App::Toodledo::Task - class encapsulating a Toodledo task
App::Toodledo::TaskCache - Manage a local cache of Toodledo tasks
App::Toodledo::TaskInternal - internal representation of a task.
App::Toodledo::TaskRole - internal attributes of a task.
App::Toodledo::InfoCache in lib/App/Toodledo/InfoCache.pm
App::Toodledo::InternalWrapper in lib/App/Toodledo/InternalWrapper.pm
App::Toodledo::TokenCache in lib/App/Toodledo/TokenCache.pm
App::Toodledo::TokenInfo in lib/App/Toodledo/TokenCache.pm
App::Toodledo::Util in lib/App/Toodledo/Util.pm
Changes for version 2.17
    • to avoid breakage of Moosex::ClassAttribute with latest Moose.

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