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Changes for version 5.80022

  • New features:
    • Log an extra line in debug mode with the response status code, the content type and content length if available.
  • Refactoring / optimizations:
    • Display of the end of hit debug messages has been factored out into log_headers, log_request, log_request_headers, log_response, log_response_status_line and log_response_headers methods so that plugins which customise how much information is shown on the debug screen as easy to write.
    • Make all logging of request and response state get the information from $c->dump_these so that there is a unified point from which to hook in parameter filtering (for example).
    • $c->model/view/controller have become a lot faster for non-regexp names by using direct hash lookup instead of looping.
    • IP address => hostname mapping for the server is only done once and cached by Catalyst::Engine::HTTP to somewhat mitigate the problem of people developing on machines pointed at slow DNS servers.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • DispatchType::Index's uri_for_action only returns for actions registered with it (prevents 'index :Path' or similar resolving to the wrong URI)
    • Make sure to construct Upload objects properly, even if there are multiple Content-Type headers (Closes RT#55976).
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