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Changes for version 5.80032

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix compatibility issue with code which was testing the value of $c->res->body multiple times. Previously this would cause the value to be built, and ergo cause the $c->res->has_body predicate to start returning true. Having a response body is indicated by $c->res->body being defined.
    • Fix bug with calling $upload->slurp multiple times in one request not working as expected as the file handle wasn't returned to the zero position. (Adam Sj√łgren)
    • Fix some weird perl 5.8 situations where $c can get squashed unexpectedly in Catalyst::execute
    • Fix chained dispatch where chains were being compared for length (number of private parts in the chain) vs where they are being compared for PathPart length (i.e. number of non-capturing URI elements in your path).
      • This bug meant that sometimes multiple Args or CaptureArgs (e.g. /*/*) type paths would be preferred to those with fixed path elements (e.g. /account/*)
  • New features:
    • Add MYAPP_RESTARTER and CATALYST_RESTARTER environment variables to allow the restarter class to be chosen per application or generally.
      • This feature was added to enable GUI restarters (such as the soon to be released CatalystX::Restarter::GTK to be enabled more easily by developers without changing their application code.
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