Changes for version 5.89003

  • Backward compatibility fixes:
    • Application scripts which have not been upgraded to newer Catalyst::Script::XXX style scripts have been fixed
  • Bug fixes:
    • mod_perl handler fixed to work with application classes which have manually been made immutable.
    • Scripts now force the Plack engine choice manually, rather than relying on auto-detection, as the automatic mechanism gets it wrong if (for example) Coro is loaded.
    • Server script option for --fork --keepalive are now handled by loading the Starman server, rather than silently ignored.
    • Server script options for --background and --pid are now fixed by using MooseX::Deamonize
    • Plack middlewares to deal with issues in Lighttpd and IIS6 are now automatically applied to applications and deployments which need them (when there is not a user written .psgi script available). This fixes compatibility with previous stable releases for applications deployed in these environments.
  • Enhancements:
    • Catalyst::Test's remote_request method not uses Plack::Test to perform the remote request.
  • Documentation:
    • Added a Catalyst::PSGI manual page with information about writing a .psgi file for your application.
      • Catalyst::Uprading has been improved, and the status of old Catalyst engines clarified.
  • Deprecations:
    • Catalyst::Test's local_request function is now deprecated. You should just use the normal request function against a local server instead.
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