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Tomas Doran
Catalyst::Delta - Overview of changes between versions of Catalyst
Catalyst::PSGI - How Catalyst and PSGI work together
Catalyst::Upgrading - Instructions for upgrading to the latest Catalyst
catalyst - Bootstrap a Catalyst application
Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
Catalyst::Action - Catalyst Action
Catalyst::ActionChain - Chain of Catalyst Actions
Catalyst::ActionContainer - Catalyst Action Container
Catalyst::Base - Deprecated base class
Catalyst::ClassData - Class data accessors
Catalyst::Component - Catalyst Component Base Class
Catalyst::Component::ApplicationAttribute - Moose Role for components which capture the application context.
Catalyst::Component::ContextClosure - Moose Role for components which need to close over the $ctx, without leaking
Catalyst::Controller - Catalyst Controller base class
Catalyst::DispatchType - DispatchType Base Class
Catalyst::DispatchType::Chained - Path Part DispatchType
Catalyst::DispatchType::Default - Default DispatchType
Catalyst::DispatchType::Index - Index DispatchType
Catalyst::DispatchType::Path - Path DispatchType
Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex - Regex DispatchType
Catalyst::Dispatcher - The Catalyst Dispatcher
Catalyst::Engine - The Catalyst Engine
Catalyst::EngineLoader - The Catalyst Engine Loader
Catalyst::Exception - Catalyst Exception Class
Catalyst::Exception::Basic - Basic Catalyst Exception Role
Catalyst::Exception::Detach - Exception for redispatching using $ctx->detach()
Catalyst::Exception::Go - Exception for redispatching using $ctx->go()
Catalyst::Exception::Interface - Role defining the interface for Catalyst exceptions
Catalyst::Log - Catalyst Log Class
Catalyst::Model - Catalyst Model base class
Catalyst::Request - provides information about the current client request
Catalyst::Request::Upload - handles file upload requests
Catalyst::Response - stores output responding to the current client request
Catalyst::Runtime - The Catalyst Framework Runtime
Catalyst::Script::CGI - The CGI Catalyst Script
Catalyst::Script::Create - Create a new Catalyst Component
Catalyst::Script::FastCGI - The FastCGI Catalyst Script
Catalyst::Script::Server - Catalyst test server
Catalyst::Script::Test - Test Catalyst application on the command line
Catalyst::ScriptRole - Common functionality for Catalyst scripts.
Catalyst::ScriptRunner - The Catalyst Framework script runner
Catalyst::Stats - Catalyst Timing Statistics Class
Catalyst::Test - Test Catalyst Applications
Catalyst::Utils - The Catalyst Utils
Catalyst::View - Catalyst View base class
Catalyst::Exception::Base in lib/Catalyst/Exception.pm
Changes for version 5.90007
    • New features:
    • Implement a match_captures hook which, if it exists on an action, is called with the $ctx and \@captures and is expected to return true to continue the chain matching and false to stop matching. This can be used to implement action classes or roles which match conditionally (for example only matching captures which are integers).
    • Bug fixes:
    • Lighttpd script name fix is only applied for lighttpd versions < 1.4.23. This should fix non-root installs of lighttpd in versions over that.
    • Prepare_action is now inside a try {} block, so that requests containing bad unicode can be appropriately trapped by Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding

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