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Changes for version 1.001_01 - 2024-05-26

  • fix bug in t/update_mirror.t that caused weird issues when the test web server went away (AndyA/CPAN--Mini--Inject#26, from Lukas Märdian)
  • added --skip_cleanup for updatig a mirror (AndyA/CPAN--Mini--Inject#1, from Matt Lanier)
  • improved some docs (AndyA/CPAN--Mini--Inject#18, from Tim Bunce)
  • verbose now reports each time a module is injected (AndyA/CPAN--Mini--Inject#21, from Wolfgang Pecho)
  • repo is now . Added GitHub workflows too.
  • tests can now be run in parallel.


A command line tool to manage a CPAN Mini Mirror.


Inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror.
Config for CPAN::Mini::Inject