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Changes for version 0.06

  • Added peek_next() method to ResultSet, q.v.
  • Localized creation of D::OD::Iterator object. Thanks to Hirotaka Ogawa for the patch.
  • Fixed compilation error with Perl 5.10. Thanks to smpeters for the patch.
  • Added a new $object->uncache_object as a mirror of cache_object(), which purge one object from the cache layer, for the cases where you want a manual control over it.
  • Added a "distinct" method to D::OD::SQL that forces the DISTINCT keyword in the generated SQL statement. Thanks to John Berthels for the patch.
  • Added a "window_size" argument for the search() method of the caching layer to constrain the number of objects loaded from the database for large or unbounded searches.
  • Added a "comment" argument to search parameter allowing the SQL queries to be watermarked with SQL comments.
  • Added a "object_is_stored" method on DOD objects, which returns true until the object has been saved in the persistent store.
  • Added a "pk_str" method on base objects has a nice shortcut for printing the primary key of an object.
  • Added a "reuse_dbh" option to D::OD::D::DBI, if enabled it caches and reuses $dbh using the dsn as the key.
  • Exposed the transaction mechanism built in the drivers at the object levels: D::OD::BO->begin_work now starts a global transaction across all drivers ending with a rollback or a commit on the same class.
  • Fix problem with prepare_cache in DBD::SQLite
  • Fix PerlCritic tests
  • Fix problems under 5.10
  • Fix test failures under Win32
  • Pg *can't* handle REPLACE
  • Fixed an issue where Pg would look into the wrong sequence if DBI has a 'prefix' configured (used in a undocumented TheSchwartz feature)
  • Added Oracle support, courtesy of Xiaoou Wu (Oracle)
  • Added an "add_index_hint" method to D::OD::SQL to allow specifying a "USE INDEX" hint.
  • Added an experimental GearmanDBI driver that provides query coalescing using Gearman workers (to sit in front of a direct DBI driver).


Simple, transparent data interface, with caching
base class for modeled objects
parent class for caching object drivers
object driver for caching objects in Apache's request space
object driver for caching objects with memcached
base class for database drivers
Oracle Driver for Data::ObjectDriver
Search thru partitioned objects without the partition_key
Multiplex multiple partitioned drivers
base class for partitioned object drivers
basic partitioned object driver
container class for common database error codes
Manage a DB query
an SQL statement


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