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Carl Franks

Changes for version 0.06000

  • New get_parent() method that traverses the parent hierarchy, returning the first parent that matches the supplied options.
  • Date element, year menu now supports 'reverse' option to reverse order of year list. - patch from Ozum Eldogan.
  • New Element::Block method auto_block_id().
  • New only_on_reps() method for constraints on fields within a Repeatable element. Causes the constraint to only be run if the field's repeatable_count() matches one of the set values.
  • New Repeatable::Any constraint.
  • Bugfix: after submission, group-type fields were getting the wrong value when multiple fields had the same name. - patch by Doug Orleans.
  • Bugfix: If a field in a Repeatable block had an error, all copies of that field were displaying the error. - report by Doug Orleans.
  • Repeatable elements inside a Repeatable element, now works without having nested_name set.
  • Performance fix: change all uses of eval() to check for array/hash-refs to Scalar::Util::reftype() instead. - Was causing a hit for group-type fields with large numbers of options. - initial patch by Steve Nolte.
  • Bump required version of Data::Visitor to 0.26
  • Minor pod fixes.
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