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Carl Franks
HTML::FormFu::Manual::Cookbook - Cooking with HTML::FormFu
HTML::FormFu::Manual::Unicode - Working with unicode
html_formfu_deploy.pl - deploy local copy of HTML::FormFu template files
HTML::FormFu - HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
HTML::FormFu::Constraint - Constrain User Input
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::ASCII - ASCII Characters Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::AllOrNone - Multi-field All or None Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::AutoSet - Set Constraint for Selects / Radiogroups / Checkboxgroups
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Bool - Boolean Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Callback - Code Callback Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::CallbackOnce - Code Callback Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DateTime - DateTime constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DependOn - Multi-field Dependency Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Email - Email Address Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Equal - Multi-field Equality Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File - File Upload Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MIME - MIME Type Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MaxSize - Maximum File Size Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MinSize - Minimum File Size Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::Size - File Size Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Integer - Unsigned Integer Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Length - Min/Max Length String Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MaxLength - Maximum Length String Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MaxRange - Maximum Value Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinLength - Minimum Length String Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinMaxFields - Min/Max Multi-field Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinRange - Minimum Value Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Number - Numerical Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Printable - Printable Characters Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Range - Numerical Range Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Regex - Regex Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Repeatable::Any - Ensure at least 1 of a repeated field is filled-in
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Required - Required Field Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Set - Set of Values Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::SingleValue - Single Value Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Word - Single Word Constraint
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::_others - Base class for constraints needing others() method
HTML::FormFu::Deflator - Deflator Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::Callback - Callback deflator
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime - CompoundDateTime deflator
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundSplit - CompoundSplit deflator
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::FormatNumber - Format a number for a locale
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::PathClassFile - Deflator for Path::Class::File objects
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::Strftime - Strftime deflator
HTML::FormFu::Element - Element Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Element::Button - Button form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Checkbox - Checkbox form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Checkboxgroup - Group of checkbox form fields
HTML::FormFu::Element::ComboBox - Select / Text hybrid
HTML::FormFu::Element::ContentButton - Button form field containing markup
HTML::FormFu::Element::Date - 3 select menu multi-field
HTML::FormFu::Element::DateTime - Date / Time combo field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Fieldset - Fieldset element
HTML::FormFu::Element::File - File upload form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Hidden - Hidden form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Hr - horizontal-rule element
HTML::FormFu::Element::Image - Image button form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Label - field for displaying only
HTML::FormFu::Element::Multi - Combine multiple fields in a single element
HTML::FormFu::Element::Number - Number element with formatting
HTML::FormFu::Element::Password - Password form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Radio - Radio form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Radiogroup - Group of radiobutton form fields
HTML::FormFu::Element::Repeatable - repeatable block element
HTML::FormFu::Element::Reset - Reset button form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Select - Select form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::SimpleTable - simple table element
HTML::FormFu::Element::Src - custom HTML element
HTML::FormFu::Element::Submit - Submit button form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Text - Text form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::Textarea - Textarea form field
HTML::FormFu::Element::_Field - base class for all form-field elements
HTML::FormFu::Element::_Group - grouped form field base-class
HTML::FormFu::Element::_Input - input field base-class
HTML::FormFu::Element::_NonBlock - base class for single-tag elements
HTML::FormFu::Element::reCAPTCHA - "Are you human" tester!
HTML::FormFu::Filter - Filter Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Callback - filter with custom subroutine
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CompoundJoin - CompoundJoin filter
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CompoundSprintf - CompoundSprintf filter
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CopyValue - copy the value from an other field
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Encode - Encode/Decode Submitted Values
HTML::FormFu::Filter::FormatNumber - Convert a formatted number from a known locale
HTML::FormFu::Filter::HTMLEscape - filter escaping HTML
HTML::FormFu::Filter::HTMLScrubber - filter removing HTML markup
HTML::FormFu::Filter::LowerCase - filter transforming to lower case
HTML::FormFu::Filter::NonNumeric - filter removing all non-numeric characters
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Regex - regexp-based match/replace filter
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Split - filter splitting a singe valut into an arrayref
HTML::FormFu::Filter::TrimEdges - filter timming whitespace
HTML::FormFu::Filter::UpperCase - filter transforming to upper case
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Whitespace - filter stripping all whitespace
HTML::FormFu::Filter::_Compound - base class for Compound filters
HTML::FormFu::Inflator - Inflator Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::Callback - Callback inflator
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::CompoundDateTime - CompoundDateTime inflator
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::DateTime - DateTime inflator
HTML::FormFu::Model - base class for models
HTML::FormFu::Model::HashRef - handle hashrefs
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor - Post-process HTML output
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor::Indent - Nicely Indent HTML Output
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor::StripWhitespace - Strip shitespace from HTML output
HTML::FormFu::Plugin - base class for plugins
HTML::FormFu::Plugin::StashValid - place valid params on form stash
HTML::FormFu::Processor - base class for constraints
HTML::FormFu::Transformer - Transformer Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Transformer::Callback - Callback transformer
HTML::FormFu::Upload - uploaded file
HTML::FormFu::Validator - Validator Base Class
HTML::FormFu::Validator::Callback - Callback validator
HTML::FormFu::base in lib/HTML/FormFu/base.pm
HTML::FormFu::Constants in lib/HTML/FormFu/Constants.pm
HTML::FormFu::Deploy in lib/HTML/FormFu/Deploy.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception::Constraint in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception/Constraint.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception::Inflator in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception/Inflator.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception::Input in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception/Input.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception::Transformer in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception/Transformer.pm
HTML::FormFu::Exception::Validator in lib/HTML/FormFu/Exception/Validator.pm
HTML::FormFu::FakeQuery in lib/HTML/FormFu/FakeQuery.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::da in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/da.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::de in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/de.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::en in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/en.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::es in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/es.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::fr in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/fr.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::it in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/it.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::ja in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/ja.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::no in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/no.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::pt_br in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/pt_br.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::pt_pt in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/pt_pt.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::ro in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/ro.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::ru in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/ru.pm
HTML::FormFu::I18N::ua in lib/HTML/FormFu/I18N/ua.pm
HTML::FormFu::Literal in lib/HTML/FormFu/Literal.pm
HTML::FormFu::Localize in lib/HTML/FormFu/Localize.pm
HTML::FormFu::ObjectUtil in lib/HTML/FormFu/ObjectUtil.pm
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor::StripWhitespace::_iter in lib/HTML/FormFu/OutputProcessor/StripWhitespace.pm
HTML::FormFu::Preload in lib/HTML/FormFu/Preload.pm
HTML::FormFu::Util in lib/HTML/FormFu/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.06000
    • New get_parent() method that traverses the parent hierarchy, returning the first parent that matches the supplied options.
    • Date element, year menu now supports 'reverse' option to reverse order of year list. - patch from Ozum Eldogan.
    • New Element::Block method auto_block_id().
    • New only_on_reps() method for constraints on fields within a Repeatable element. Causes the constraint to only be run if the field's repeatable_count() matches one of the set values.
    • New Repeatable::Any constraint.
    • Bugfix: after submission, group-type fields were getting the wrong value when multiple fields had the same name. - patch by Doug Orleans.
    • Bugfix: If a field in a Repeatable block had an error, all copies of that field were displaying the error. - report by Doug Orleans.
    • Repeatable elements inside a Repeatable element, now works without having nested_name set.
    • Performance fix: change all uses of eval() to check for array/hash-refs to Scalar::Util::reftype() instead. - Was causing a hit for group-type fields with large numbers of options. - initial patch by Steve Nolte.
    • Bump required version of Data::Visitor to 0.26
    • Minor pod fixes.

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