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Nicolas Steenlant
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Changes for version 0.94

  • lots more pod and many typos corrected
  • more fix tests
  • new Text importer to import data similar to sed and awk
  • Modules importer supports multiple namespaces and module description
  • 'help' command now shows importer and exporter options
  • new utility functions 'pod_section' and 'array_split'
  • empty path now refers to the root in fixes
  • new 'assoc' fix
  • new 'perlcode' fix
  • new 'with' and 'visitor' binds
  • new 'in' fix condition
  • new 'any_equal', 'all_equal' fix conditions
  • new 'is_bool', 'is_true', 'is_false' fix conditions
  • utf8 support tests
  • more robust header detection in CSV exporter
  • more robust 'copy_field' fix
  • 'expand' and 'collapse' fixes have a new 'sep_char' option
  • add .dockerignore file
  • fix travis.yml
  • more robust 'lookup' and 'lookup_in_store' fixes
  • Iterable 'select' method aliased as 'grep'
  • Hash store has a new 'init_data' option
  • remove conflicting VERSION sub from CLI


  • catmandu - LibreCat command line tools