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Marcel GrĂ¼nauer
cf_dumpenv - dump the current configuration's environment
Class::Scaffold - Large-scale OOP application support
Class::Scaffold::Accessor - Construct framework-specific accessors
Class::Scaffold::App - Base class for framework applications
Class::Scaffold::App::CommandLine - Base class for command line-based framework applications
Class::Scaffold::App::Test - Base class for test programs
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::Class - Base class for Test::Class-based test programs
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::Classes - Base class for companion test classes
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::YAMLDriven - Base class for YAML-driven test programs
Class::Scaffold::Base - Base class for all classes of the class framework.
Class::Scaffold::Base_TEST - Test companion class for the general base class
Class::Scaffold::BusinessObject - Base class for framework business objects
Class::Scaffold::ConstantImporter - Import environment constants as simple functions
Class::Scaffold::Context - Holds execution and job context
Class::Scaffold::Delegate::Mixin - Mixin that provides access to the framework environment
Class::Scaffold::Environment - Base class for framework environment classes
Class::Scaffold::Environment_TEST - Companion test class for the framework environment base class
Class::Scaffold::Exception - Base class for framework exceptions
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Business - Differentiate business exceptions from internal exceptions
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Container - Implements a container object for exceptions
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Loader - Exception raised when a class cannot be loaded
Class::Scaffold::Exception::NoSuchFactoryHandler - Exception raised on a factory look-up failure
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Util - Helper functions for raising common exceptions
Class::Scaffold::Factory - Base class for framework factories
Class::Scaffold::Factory::Type - Factory for framework object types
Class::Scaffold::HierarchicalDirty - Mixin that multiplexes the dirty flag among its subobjects
Class::Scaffold::Introspect - Find configuration files within the framework
Class::Scaffold::LazyString - Provides a string that is evaluated lazily
Class::Scaffold::Log - Logging utilities
Class::Scaffold::Log_TEST - Companion test class for the log class
Class::Scaffold::Storable - Base class for all framework classes that support a storage.
Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST - Companion test class for the storable base class
Class::Scaffold::Test - Base classes for framework test classes
Class::Scaffold::Test::Inherited - Base class for tests shared between framework distributions
Class::Scaffold::Test::UtilLoader - Load other classes necessary for tests
Class::Scaffold::Util - Exports various useful functions
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active - Base class for YAML::Active plugins
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Array - Base class for array-based YAML::Active plugins
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Constant - Plugin to get framework environment constants
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Environment - Plugin for setting environment values
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Exception - Plugin for recording an exception for a test
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::ExceptionContainer - Plugin that constructs an exception container
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Hash - Base class for hash-based YAML::Active plugins
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall - Base class for marshalling plugins to YAML
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::Concat - Marshalling plugin to join array elements to a string
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::Constant - Marshalling plugin to get framework environment constants
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::ExceptionContainer - Marshalling plugin that constructs an exception container
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::PID - Marshalling plugin to get the current process id
Class::Scaffold::LazyString::Code in lib/Class/Scaffold/LazyString.pm
Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST::x001 in lib/Class/Scaffold/Storable_TEST.pm
Changes for version 1.102280
    • Class::Scaffold::App->run_app(): catching an error activates rollback mode

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