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Changes for version 1.05

  • Mojolicious 6.32 compatability (change to test only)
  • Loading configuration from a relative or absolute pathname is now supported, so long as the filename ends in .conf or .yml.
  • Loading a configuration from a scalar and JSON configuration files are deprecated and will be removed on or after January 31, 2016 (ie Clustericious::Config->new(\"{'a':1}")
  • Clustericious::Config methods set_singleton and dump_as_yaml are now deprecated and will issue a warning when used. They will be removed but not before January 31, 2016.
  • Migrate from JSON::XS to JSON::MaybeXS
  • Much less pollution of Clustericious::Config.
  • Added some testing functions to Test::Clustericious::Log previously it simply redirected logging to TAP via Log::Log4perl::Appender::TAP (which it still does).
  • Generally improved documentation coverage for Test::Clustericious::Log
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