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Changes for version 0.06999_01

  • add automatic naming of unique constraints
  • marked DB.pm as deprecated and noted it will be removed by 1.0
  • add ResultSetColumn
  • refactor ResultSet code to resolve attrs as late as poss
  • merge prefetch attrs into join attrs
  • add +select and +as attributes to ResultSet
  • added AutoInflate::DateTime component
  • refactor debugging to allow for profiling using Storage::Statistics
  • removed Data::UUID from deps, made other optionals required
  • modified SQLT parser to skip dupe table names
  • added remove_column(s) to ResultSource/ResultSourceProxy
  • added add_column alias to ResultSourceProxy
  • added source_name to ResultSource
  • load_classes now uses source_name and sets it if necessary
  • add update_or_create_related to Relationship::Base
  • add find_or_new to ResultSet/ResultSetProxy and find_or_new_related to Relationship::Base
  • add accessors for unique constraint names and coulums to ResultSource/ResultSourceProxy
  • rework ResultSet::find() to search unique constraints
  • CDBICompat: modify retrieve to fix column casing when ColumnCase is loaded
  • CDBICompat: override find_or_create to fix column casing when ColumnCase is loaded
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