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Changes for version 0.13 - 2010-08-15

  • fix broken tests for win32


a plaggable log analyzing framework
simple analyzer for App::Hachero
simple URI analyzer for App::Hachero
simple analyzer for App::Hachero
base class of plugin for App::Hachero
plugin that marks robot request
sets useragent information for the request
fetchs logs from FTP server
gunzips '*.gz' files in work_path
fetchs logs from S3
excludes requests in specified time
includes/excludes requests in specified uri
reads logs from FTP server (somehow directly)
reads logs from specified direcotry
reads logs from STDIN
Outputs result to STDOUT as CSV
writes results to databases via DBIx::Class
dumps result to STDOUT (for debug)
writes results via template toolkit
outputs results with hadoop format
parses common apache logs
parses line from A::H::P::OutputLine::HadoopMap
normalizes request informations set by Parse::Common
gets title or something via Web::Scraper
represents a series of result of App::Hachero
a class to store analyzed data of Hachero
represents a series of result of App::Hachero