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Changes for version 0.20 - 2013-12-29

  • [API] WatcherMemory has been generalized into Memory [API] EventItems inside emitted by Watcher Status, now can be the previous ones, if they match by *content* in previous Status emission [API] EventItem is now Memorizable


The base role to which provides event loop (AnyEvent, PE, Gtk, KDE etc.)
The base role for providing description for UI
Creates Watchers and lets them notify Frontend with their's Statuses
Used to store event items (file lines, rss news headers and so on).
The base role to which will be notified of updated watcher statuses.
Represents severity with corresponding metrics e.g. level_info < level_alert
Creates constants pool for all available levels for application
The base role to allow class to have 'memory' attributebrowser
Represents memory, which can be persisted (detached) for it's owner
The base role to allow item to be openable in system browser
Used to stash (store) statuses for further detection weather they has been changed.
Represents the result of single watcher poll
Collection of various helper-methods to boostrap PerlWatcher
Used to freeze/thaw PerlWatcher status (watcher memories and shelf of statuses)
Observes some external source of events and emits the result of polling them
Watches for the output of execution of arbitrary command.
The base role for watching external events via HTTP
The simple HTTP watcher, where actual http responce body is been processed by closure
Watches for host availablity via pingig it (ICMP) or knoking to it's port (TCP)
Weather watches based around Currenlty monitors only temperature and does no any notifications / level alerts.