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Changes for version 1.9906

  • 1.9905-TRIAL Mon, Mar 28, 2011
      • The Moose::Meta::Role::Attribute class now has an original_role method which returns the role which first defined an attribute. See the docs for details. (Dave Rolsky)
      • Moose::Util::MetaRole will make sure that the class to which you're applying metaroles or base class roles can actually have them applied. If not (it's not a Moose class, it has a non-Moose metaclass, etc.), then it gives a useful error message. Previously, this would just end up dying in the MetaRole code without a useful message. (Dave Rolsky)
      • When a role had its own applied_attribute metaclass (usually from MetaRole application), that metaclass would get lost when that role participated in role composition. It was also lost if that role was consumed by some other role. Both of these cases have been fixed. Attributes are always applied with the applied_attribute metaclass of the role which originally defined them. (Dave Rolsky)
  • 1.9904-TRIAL Fri, Mar 04, 2011
      • Reinitializing anonymous roles used to accidentally clear out the role's stash in some circumstances. This is now fixed. (doy)
      • The Int type constraint now rejects integers with trailing newlines. (Matthew Horsfall)
  • 1.9903-TRIAL Mon, Feb 28, 2011
      • Don't initialize lazy attributes with defaults in the constructor (for immutable classes). (mo)
      • When reinitializing meta objects for classes and roles, we failed to preserve roles and role applications. This led to weird bugs. Many MooseX modules end up reinitializing your class or role. (Dave Rolsky)
  • 1.9902-TRIAL Mon, Jan 03, 2011
    • OTHER
      • Fix generation of CCFLAGS.
      • Add a bit more Dist::Zilla functionality.
  • 1.9901-TRIAL Mon, Jan 03, 2011
    • OTHER
      • Fix some indexing issues.
      • Fix a few issues with the conflict checking stuff.
  • 1.9900-TRIAL Sat, Jan 01, 2011
    • OTHER
      • The entire Class::MOP distribution has been merged with Moose. In the future, the Class::MOP code itself will be merged into Moose, and eventually the Class::MOP namespace will disappear entirely. For the current release, we have simply changed how Class::MOP is distributed. (Dave Rolsky).
      • Switched to Dist::Zilla for development. However, we still have a minimal Makefile.PL in the repository that can be used for development. (Dave Rolsky)
      • Roles now have their own default attribute metaclass to use during application to a class, rather than just using the class's attribute_metaclass. This is also overridable via ::MetaRole, with the applied_attribute key in the role_metaroles hashref (doy).
      • The internal code used to generate inlined methods (accessor, constructor, etc.) has been massively rewritten. MooseX modules that do inlining will almost certainly need to be updated as well.
      • We now load the roles needed for native delegations only as needed. This speeds up the compilation time for Moose itself. (doy)
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