Dave Rolsky

Changes for version 0.56

  • When MethodMaker creates 'row_column' methods, these are now get/set methods.
  • Added lookup_columns to MethodMaker option (like lookup_tables but more flexible). This replaces the now deprecated lookup_tables option. See DEPRECATIONS and INCOMPATIBILITIES for more details.
  • Added the ability to make any storage cache module an LRU. Simply pass an lru_size parameter to Alzabo::ObjectCache when using it and the storage module will be an LRU cache.
  • Documented Alzabo's referential integrity rules in Alzabo.pm (perldoc Alzabo).
  • Added section on optimizing memory usage to Alzabo::FAQ.
  • Alzabo::Runtime::Schema->join now takes a parameter called 'distinct'. This is useful in situations where you are joining between several tables but don't want rows back from all of them. In that case, it is possible that you could end up getting more duplicates than you need. This parameter can help you eliminate those.
  • Add the following Alzabo::Schema methods: start_transaction, rollback, finish_transaction, run_in_transaction.
  • If you have GraphViz installed the schema creator can now use it to show you a graph of your schema.
  • Fix handling of binary attribute for MySQL columns. Generated SQL for creating/altering these columns may have been invalid previously.
  • The rules were not catching an attempt to create a CHAR/VARCHAR column with no length (MySQL).
  • Fixed bug that caused limit to not work when there was a where clause or order_by clause. Reported by Ilya Martynov.
  • Documented row_column option for MethodMaker.
  • order_by was ignored when given to the Alzabo::Runtime::Schema->join method. Reported by Martin Ertl.
  • When viewing an existing column in the schema creator, the three checkboxes at the bottom were always unchecked.
  • The test suite has been revamped to use Test::More. In the process some new tests were added and some (gulp) false positives were caught.
  • The default column value wasn't being escaped in the schema creator.
  • The Alzabo::MethodMaker option 'lookup_tables' has been deprecated. Use the new 'lookup_columns' option instead.
  • Alzabo::ObjectCache::Store modules now expect an object id instead of an object for their delete_from_cache method.
  • If you specify give the 'all' parameter to MethodMaker, 'lookup_tables' is no longer included.
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