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Dave Rolsky

Changes for version 1.31

    • Fix several regressions in the CGIHandler and FakeApache modules. Some changes from the stable branch were never merged into the trunk before 1.30. Reported by Jesse Vincent. Task id #589.
    • Under Apache2, if an ApacheHandler object was created during server startup and the associated Interp object created any files or directories, Mason would crash when attempting to chown those files/dirs to the uid/gid that Apache will use after forking. Task #586.
    • The compiler was adding an extra block around a component's body, which meant that variables declared in the body (in perl lines or blocks) were not seen in the cleanup section. Task id #587.
    • The compiler was also adding "no warnings 'uninitialized'" in this block, which could hide various errors.
    • Hopefully fix $VERSION in ApacheHandler so PAUSE will not be confused and think we have regressed.
    • Turned off some prompts during the module's installation. These were intended to help new users configure Apache to run Mason components, but they're probably a bit confusing. Will return in a future release as a separate script that can be run from the command line.
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