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  • dh-make-perl - Create debian source packages from Perl modules


Changes for version 0.85

  • Damyan Ivanov
    • Config: fixup module name after possible setting it when run as 'cpan2deb' (Closes: #777718 -- cpan2deb using wrong module from CPAN)
  • Axel Beckert
    • Improve misleading error message if apt-file installed but no contents files could be found.
    • Fix parsing of sources.list entry with options in brackets. (Closes: #783110; Thanks Lucas Nussbaum for the bug report.)
  • Andy Beverley
    • Check existing new directory name before attempting a rename to it (Closes: #774071)
    • Reset Git environment variables to ensure correct repo is used (Closes: #774070)
    • Use correct location for deb when using install option (Closes: #774072)
  • Damyan Ivanov
    • run 'dpkg -i pkg.deb' with sudo if we aren't root
    • bump years of copyright
    • new routine, info() for printing stuff in verbose mode, with an 'I: ' prefix
    • print the dpkg -i command
    • Packaging: parse 'dist.ini' if present
    • create_copyright: use copyright year from dist.ini (copyright_year)