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Robin Redeker

Changes for version 0.95

  • gameplay: added jumper items, which can teleport the player once into a certain direction.
  • code: remove some debugging output from server UI stuff.
  • ui: display the name of the object in the selected slot.
  • engine: rewrote (de)materialization to be more generic, tick driven and handle player logouts more gracefully.
  • renderer: try to cleanup unused ctr_dyn_bufs more eagerly. the client now eats ram much much slower.
  • code: small init memleak fix. which did not occur yet.
  • engine: cleanup more data structures that were filled needlessly.
  • engine: plugged a small memory leak that had the potential to grow really big.
  • game: english corrections, thanks a lot Zaba!
  • engine: cleaning up the axis arrays, even though they are really not _that_ expensive memory wise.
  • engine: use static buffer for chunk data serialization.
  • engine: added memory profiling counters.
  • code: moved debugging code into Construder.pm again. Hopefully the CPAN indexer doesn't find it this time...
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