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Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation


This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to indicate the specific meta information that is extracted or written in an image.


The tables listed below give the names of all tags recognized by ExifTool.

A Tag ID or Index is given in the first column of each table. A Tag ID is the computer-readable equivalent of a tag name, and is the identifier that is actually stored in the file. An Index refers to the location of the information, and is used if the information is stored at a fixed position in a data block.

A Tag Name is the handle by which the information is accessed in ExifTool. In some instances, more than one name may correspond to a single tag ID. In these cases, the actual name used depends on the context in which the information is found. Case is not significant for tag names. A question mark after a tag name indicates that the information is either not understood, not verified, or not very useful -- these tags are not extracted by ExifTool unless the Unknown (-u) option is enabled. Be aware that some tag names are different than the descriptions printed out by default when extracting information with exiftool. To see the tag names instead of the descriptions, use exiftool -s.

The Writable column indicates whether the tag is writable by ExifTool. Anything but an N in this column means the tag is writable. A Y indicates writable information that is either unformatted or written using the existing format. Other expressions give details about the information format, and vary depending on the general type of information. The format name may be followed by a number in square brackets to indicate the number of values written, or the number of characters in a fixed-length string (including a null terminator which is added if required).

An asterisk (*) after an entry in the Writable column indicates a "protected" tag which is not writable directly, but is set via a Composite tag. A tilde (~) indicates a tag this is only writable when print conversion is disabled (by setting PrintConv to 0, or using the -n option). A slash (/) indicates an "avoided" tag that is not created unless the group is specified (due to name conflicts with other tags). An exclamation point (!) indicates a tag that is considered unsafe to write under normal circumstances. These "unsafe" tags are not set when calling SetNewValuesFromFile() or when using the exiftool -TagsFromFile option unless specified explicitly, and care should be taken when editing them manually since they may affect the way an image is rendered. A plus sign (+) indicates a "list" tag which supports multiple instances.

The HTML version of these tables also list possible Values for discrete-valued tags, as well as Notes for some tags.

Note: If you are familiar with common meta-information tag names, you may find that some ExifTool tag names are different than expected. The usual reason for this is to make the tag names more consistent across different types of meta information. To determine a tag name, either consult this documentation or run exiftool -s on a file containing the information in question.


This table lists information extracted by ExifTool from JPEG images.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'APP0'       JFIF                             JFIF
               JFXX                             JFIF Extension
               CIFF                             CanonRaw
  'APP1'       EXIF                             EXIF
               XMP                              XMP
  'APP2'       ICC_Profile                      ICC_Profile
               FPXR                             FlashPix
  'APP3'       Meta                             Kodak Meta
  'APP5'       RMETA                            Ricoh RMETA
  'APP6'       EPPIM                            JPEG APP6
  'APP8'       SPIFF                            JPEG APP8
  'APP10'      Comment                          N
  'APP12'      PictureInfo                      APP12
               Ducky                            APP12 Ducky
  'APP13'      Photoshop                        Photoshop
  'APP14'      Adobe                            JPEG APP14
  'APP15'      GraphicConverter                 JPEG APP15
  'COM'        Comment                          Y
  'Trailer'    AFCP                             AFCP
               CanonVRD                         CanonVRD
               FotoStation                      FotoStation
               PhotoMechanic                    PhotoMechanic
               MIE                              MIE
               PreviewImage                     Y


APP6 is used in by the Toshiba PDR-M700 to store a TIFF structure containing PrintIM information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xc4a5   PrintIM                              PrintIM


This information is found in APP8 of SPIFF-style JPEG images (the "official" yet rarely used JPEG file format standard: Still Picture Interchange File Format).

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    SPIFFVersion                         N
      2    ProfileID                            N
      3    ColorComponents                      N
      6    ImageHeight                          N
     10    ImageWidth                           N
     14    ColorSpace                           N
     15    BitsPerSample                        N
     16    Compression                          N
     17    ResolutionUnit                       N
     18    YResolution                          N
     22    XResolution                          N


The "Adobe" APP14 segment stores image encoding information for DCT filters.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DCTEncodeVersion                     N
      1    APP14Flags0                          N
      2    APP14Flags1                          N
      3    ColorTransform                       N


APP15 is used by GraphicConverter to store JPEG quality.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Q'      Quality                              N


EXIF stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format". This type of information is formatted according to the TIFF specification, and may be found in JPG, TIFF, PNG, MIFF and WDP images, as well as many TIFF-based RAW images.

The EXIF meta information is organized into different Image File Directories (IFD's) within an image. The names of these IFD's correspond to the ExifTool family 1 group names. When writing EXIF information, the default Group listed below is used unless another group is specified.

Also listed in the table below are TIFF, DNG, WDP and other tags which are not part of the EXIF specification, but may co-exist with EXIF tags in some images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                  Group      Writable
  ------   --------                  -----      --------
  0x0001   InteropIndex              InteropIFD string!
  0x0002   InteropVersion            InteropIFD undef!
  0x000b   ProcessingSoftware        IFD0       string
  0x00fe   SubfileType               IFD0       int32u!
  0x00ff   OldSubfileType            IFD0       int16u!
  0x0100   ImageWidth                IFD0       int32u!
  0x0101   ImageHeight               IFD0       int32u!
  0x0102   BitsPerSample             IFD0       int16u[n]!
  0x0103   Compression               IFD0       int16u!
  0x0106   PhotometricInterpretation IFD0       int16u!
  0x0107   Thresholding              IFD0       int16u!
  0x0108   CellWidth                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x0109   CellLength                IFD0       int16u!
  0x010a   FillOrder                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x010d   DocumentName              IFD0       string
  0x010e   ImageDescription          IFD0       string
  0x010f   Make                      IFD0       string
  0x0110   Model                     IFD0       string
  0x0111   StripOffsets              -          N
           PreviewImageStart         IFD0       int32u*
           PreviewImageStart         SubIFD1    int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           SubIFD2    int32u*
  0x0112   Orientation               IFD0       int16u
  0x0115   SamplesPerPixel           IFD0       int16u!
  0x0116   RowsPerStrip              IFD0       int32u!
  0x0117   StripByteCounts           -          N
           PreviewImageLength        IFD0       int32u*
           PreviewImageLength        SubIFD1    int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          SubIFD2    int32u*
  0x0118   MinSampleValue            IFD0       int16u
  0x0119   MaxSampleValue            IFD0       int16u
  0x011a   XResolution               IFD0       rational64u
  0x011b   YResolution               IFD0       rational64u
  0x011c   PlanarConfiguration       IFD0       int16u!
  0x011d   PageName                  IFD0       string
  0x011e   XPosition                 IFD0       rational64u
  0x011f   YPosition                 IFD0       rational64u
  0x0120   FreeOffsets               -          N
  0x0121   FreeByteCounts            -          N
  0x0122   GrayResponseUnit          IFD0       int16u
  0x0123   GrayResponseCurve         -          N
  0x0124   T4Options                 -          N
  0x0125   T6Options                 -          N
  0x0128   ResolutionUnit            IFD0       int16u
  0x0129   PageNumber                IFD0       int16u[2]
  0x012c   ColorResponseUnit         -          N
  0x012d   TransferFunction          -          N
  0x0131   Software                  IFD0       string
  0x0132   ModifyDate                IFD0       string
  0x013b   Artist                    IFD0       string
  0x013c   HostComputer              IFD0       string
  0x013d   Predictor                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x013e   WhitePoint                IFD0       rational64u[2]
  0x013f   PrimaryChromaticities     IFD0       rational64u[6]
  0x0140   ColorMap                  -          N
  0x0141   HalftoneHints             IFD0       int16u[2]
  0x0142   TileWidth                 IFD0       int32u!
  0x0143   TileLength                IFD0       int32u!
  0x0144   TileOffsets               -          N
  0x0145   TileByteCounts            -          N
  0x0146   BadFaxLines               -          N
  0x0147   CleanFaxData              -          N
  0x0148   ConsecutiveBadFaxLines    -          N
  0x014a   SubIFD                    -          EXIF
  0x014c   InkSet                    IFD0       int16u
  0x014d   InkNames                  -          N
  0x014e   NumberofInks              -          N
  0x0150   DotRange                  IFD0       string
  0x0151   TargetPrinter             -          N
  0x0152   ExtraSamples              -          N
  0x0153   SampleFormat              -          N
  0x0154   SMinSampleValue           -          N
  0x0155   SMaxSampleValue           -          N
  0x0156   TransferRange             -          N
  0x0157   ClipPath                  -          N
  0x0158   XClipPathUnits            -          N
  0x0159   YClipPathUnits            -          N
  0x015a   Indexed                   -          N
  0x015b   JPEGTables                -          N
  0x015f   OPIProxy                  -          N
  0x0190   GlobalParametersIFD       -          EXIF
  0x0191   ProfileType               -          N
  0x0192   FaxProfile                -          N
  0x0193   CodingMethods             -          N
  0x0194   VersionYear               -          N
  0x0195   ModeNumber                -          N
  0x01b1   Decode                    -          N
  0x01b2   DefaultImageColor         -          N
  0x0200   JPEGProc                  -          N
  0x0201   ThumbnailOffset           IFD1       int32u*
           PreviewImageStart         MakerNotes int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           SubIFD     int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           IFD2       int32u*
           OtherImageStart           -          N
  0x0202   ThumbnailLength           IFD1       int32u*
           PreviewImageLength        MakerNotes int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          SubIFD     int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          IFD2       int32u*
           OtherImageLength          -          N
  0x0203   JPEGRestartInterval       -          N
  0x0205   JPEGLosslessPredictors    -          N
  0x0206   JPEGPointTransforms       -          N
  0x0207   JPEGQTables               -          N
  0x0208   JPEGDCTables              -          N
  0x0209   JPEGACTables              -          N
  0x0211   YCbCrCoefficients         IFD0       rational64u[3]!
  0x0212   YCbCrSubSampling          IFD0       int16u[2]!
  0x0213   YCbCrPositioning          IFD0       int16u!
  0x0214   ReferenceBlackWhite       IFD0       rational64u[6]
  0x022f   StripRowCounts            -          N
  0x02bc   ApplicationNotes          -          XMP
  0x1000   RelatedImageFileFormat    InteropIFD string!
  0x1001   RelatedImageWidth         InteropIFD int16u!
  0x1002   RelatedImageLength        InteropIFD int16u!
  0x4746   Rating                    IFD0       int16u/
  0x4749   RatingPercent             IFD0       int16u/
  0x800d   ImageID                   -          N
  0x80a4   WangAnnotation            -          N
  0x80e3   Matteing                  -          N
  0x80e4   DataType                  -          N
  0x80e5   ImageDepth                -          N
  0x80e6   TileDepth                 -          N
  0x827d   Model2                    -          N
  0x828d   CFARepeatPatternDim       -          N
  0x828e   CFAPattern2               -          N
  0x828f   BatteryLevel              -          N
  0x8298   Copyright                 IFD0       string
  0x829a   ExposureTime              ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x829d   FNumber                   ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x82a5   MDFileTag                 -          N
  0x82a6   MDScalePixel              -          N
  0x82a7   MDColorTable              -          N
  0x82a8   MDLabName                 -          N
  0x82a9   MDSampleInfo              -          N
  0x82aa   MDPrepDate                -          N
  0x82ab   MDPrepTime                -          N
  0x82ac   MDFileUnits               -          N
  0x830e   PixelScale                -          N
  0x83bb   IPTC-NAA                  IFD0       IPTC
  0x847e   IntergraphPacketData      -          N
  0x847f   IntergraphFlagRegisters   -          N
  0x8480   IntergraphMatrix          -          N
  0x8482   ModelTiePoint             -          N
  0x84e0   Site                      -          N
  0x84e1   ColorSequence             -          N
  0x84e2   IT8Header                 -          N
  0x84e3   RasterPadding             -          N
  0x84e4   BitsPerRunLength          -          N
  0x84e5   BitsPerExtendedRunLength  -          N
  0x84e6   ColorTable                -          N
  0x84e7   ImageColorIndicator       -          N
  0x84e8   BackgroundColorIndicator  -          N
  0x84e9   ImageColorValue           -          N
  0x84ea   BackgroundColorValue      -          N
  0x84eb   PixelIntensityRange       -          N
  0x84ec   TransparencyIndicator     -          N
  0x84ed   ColorCharacterization     -          N
  0x84ee   HCUsage                   -          N
  0x8546   SEMInfo                   IFD0       string
  0x8568   AFCP_IPTC                 -          IPTC
  0x85d8   ModelTransform            -          N
  0x8606   LeafData                  -          Leaf
  0x8649   PhotoshopSettings         -          Photoshop
  0x8769   ExifOffset                -          EXIF
  0x8773   ICC_Profile               -          ICC_Profile
  0x87ac   ImageLayer                -          N
  0x87af   GeoTiffDirectory          -          N
  0x87b0   GeoTiffDoubleParams       -          N
  0x87b1   GeoTiffAsciiParams        -          N
  0x8822   ExposureProgram           ExifIFD    int16u
  0x8824   SpectralSensitivity       ExifIFD    string
  0x8825   GPSInfo                   -          GPS
  0x8827   ISO                       ExifIFD    int16u
  0x8828   Opto-ElectricConvFactor   -          N
  0x8829   Interlace                 -          N
  0x882a   TimeZoneOffset            ExifIFD    int16s[n]
  0x882b   SelfTimerMode             ExifIFD    int16u
  0x885c   FaxRecvParams             -          N
  0x885d   FaxSubAddress             -          N
  0x885e   FaxRecvTime               -          N
  0x888a   LeafSubIFD                -          Leaf SubIFD
  0x9000   ExifVersion               ExifIFD    undef
  0x9003   DateTimeOriginal          ExifIFD    string
  0x9004   CreateDate                ExifIFD    string
  0x9101   ComponentsConfiguration   ExifIFD    undef
  0x9102   CompressedBitsPerPixel    ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9201   ShutterSpeedValue         ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9202   ApertureValue             ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9203   BrightnessValue           ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9204   ExposureCompensation      ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9205   MaxApertureValue          ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9206   SubjectDistance           ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9207   MeteringMode              ExifIFD    int16u
  0x9208   LightSource               ExifIFD    int16u
  0x9209   Flash                     ExifIFD    int16u
  0x920a   FocalLength               ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x920b   FlashEnergy               -          N
  0x920c   SpatialFrequencyResponse  -          N
  0x920d   Noise                     -          N
  0x920e   FocalPlaneXResolution     -          N
  0x920f   FocalPlaneYResolution     -          N
  0x9210   FocalPlaneResolutionUnit  -          N
  0x9211   ImageNumber               ExifIFD    int32u
  0x9212   SecurityClassification    ExifIFD    string
  0x9213   ImageHistory              ExifIFD    string
  0x9214   SubjectLocation           ExifIFD    int16u[4]
  0x9215   ExposureIndex             -          N
  0x9216   TIFF-EPStandardID         -          N
  0x9217   SensingMethod             -          N
  0x923f   StoNits                   -          N
  0x927c   MakerNoteCanon            ExifIFD    Canon
           MakerNoteCasio            ExifIFD    Casio
           MakerNoteCasio2           ExifIFD    Casio Type2
           MakerNoteFujiFilm         ExifIFD    FujiFilm
           MakerNoteHP               ExifIFD    HP
           MakerNoteHP2              ExifIFD    HP Type2
           MakerNoteHP4              ExifIFD    HP Type4
           MakerNoteHP6              ExifIFD    HP Type6
           MakerNoteJVC              ExifIFD    JVC
           MakerNoteJVCText          ExifIFD    JVC Text
           MakerNoteKodak1a          ExifIFD    Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak1b          ExifIFD    Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak2           ExifIFD    Kodak Type2
           MakerNoteKodak3           ExifIFD    Kodak Type3
           MakerNoteKodak4           ExifIFD    Kodak Type4
           MakerNoteKodak5           ExifIFD    Kodak Type5
           MakerNoteKodak6a          ExifIFD    Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodak6b          ExifIFD    Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodakUnknown     ExifIFD    Kodak Unknown
           MakerNoteKyocera          ExifIFD    Unknown
           MakerNoteMinolta          ExifIFD    Minolta
           MakerNoteMinolta2         ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteMinolta3         ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteNikon            ExifIFD    Nikon
           MakerNoteNikon2           ExifIFD    Nikon Type2
           MakerNoteNikon3           ExifIFD    Nikon
           MakerNoteOlympus          ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteOlympus2         ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteLeica            ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic        ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic2       ExifIFD    Panasonic Type2
           MakerNotePentax           ExifIFD    Pentax
           MakerNoteRicoh            ExifIFD    Ricoh
           MakerNoteRicohText        ExifIFD    Ricoh Text
           PreviewImage              ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteSanyo            ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoC4          ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoPatch       ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSigma            ExifIFD    Sigma
           MakerNoteSony             ExifIFD    Sony
           MakerNoteSonySRF          ExifIFD    Sony SRF
           MakerNoteSonySR2          ExifIFD    Sony
           MakerNoteUnknown          ExifIFD    Unknown
  0x9286   UserComment               ExifIFD    undef
  0x9290   SubSecTime                ExifIFD    string
  0x9291   SubSecTimeOriginal        ExifIFD    string
  0x9292   SubSecTimeDigitized       ExifIFD    string
  0x935c   ImageSourceData           IFD0       undef
  0x9c9b   XPTitle                   IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9c   XPComment                 IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9d   XPAuthor                  IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9e   XPKeywords                IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9f   XPSubject                 IFD0       int8u
  0xa000   FlashpixVersion           ExifIFD    undef
  0xa001   ColorSpace                ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa002   ExifImageWidth            ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa003   ExifImageLength           ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa004   RelatedSoundFile          ExifIFD    string
  0xa005   InteropOffset             -          EXIF
  0xa20b   FlashEnergy               ExifIFD    rational64u[n]
  0xa20c   SpatialFrequencyResponse  -          N
  0xa20d   Noise                     -          N
  0xa20e   FocalPlaneXResolution     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa20f   FocalPlaneYResolution     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa210   FocalPlaneResolutionUnit  ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa211   ImageNumber               -          N
  0xa212   SecurityClassification    -          N
  0xa213   ImageHistory              -          N
  0xa214   SubjectLocation           ExifIFD    int16u[2]
  0xa215   ExposureIndex             ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa216   TIFF-EPStandardID         -          N
  0xa217   SensingMethod             ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa300   FileSource                ExifIFD    undef
  0xa301   SceneType                 ExifIFD    undef
  0xa302   CFAPattern                ExifIFD    undef
  0xa401   CustomRendered            ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa402   ExposureMode              ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa403   WhiteBalance              ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa404   DigitalZoomRatio          ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa405   FocalLengthIn35mmFormat   ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa406   SceneCaptureType          ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa407   GainControl               ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa408   Contrast                  ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa409   Saturation                ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa40a   Sharpness                 ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa40b   DeviceSettingDescription  -          N
  0xa40c   SubjectDistanceRange      ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa420   ImageUniqueID             ExifIFD    string
  0xa480   GDALMetadata              -          N
  0xa481   GDALNoData                -          N
  0xa500   Gamma                     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xbc01   PixelFormat               -          N
  0xbc02   Transfomation             -          N
  0xbc03   Uncompressed              -          N
  0xbc04   ImageType                 -          N
  0xbc80   ImageWidth                -          N
  0xbc81   ImageHeight               -          N
  0xbc82   WidthResolution           -          N
  0xbc83   HeightResolution          -          N
  0xbcc0   ImageOffset               -          N
  0xbcc1   ImageByteCount            -          N
  0xbcc2   AlphaOffset               -          N
  0xbcc3   AlphaByteCount            -          N
  0xbcc4   ImageDataDiscard          -          N
  0xbcc5   AlphaDataDiscard          -          N
  0xc427   OceScanjobDesc            -          N
  0xc428   OceApplicationSelector    -          N
  0xc429   OceIDNumber               -          N
  0xc42a   OceImageLogic             -          N
  0xc44f   Annotations               -          N
  0xc4a5   PrintIM                   IFD0       PrintIM
  0xc612   DNGVersion                IFD0       int8u[4]
  0xc613   DNGBackwardVersion        IFD0       int8u[4]
  0xc614   UniqueCameraModel         IFD0       string
  0xc615   LocalizedCameraModel      IFD0       string
  0xc616   CFAPlaneColor             -          N
  0xc617   CFALayout                 -          N
  0xc618   LinearizationTable        -          N
  0xc619   BlackLevelRepeatDim       -          N
  0xc61a   BlackLevel                -          N
  0xc61b   BlackLevelDeltaH          -          N
  0xc61c   BlackLevelDeltaV          -          N
  0xc61d   WhiteLevel                -          N
  0xc61e   DefaultScale              SubIFD     rational64u[2]
  0xc61f   DefaultCropOrigin         SubIFD     int32u[2]
  0xc620   DefaultCropSize           SubIFD     int32u[2]
  0xc621   ColorMatrix1              -          N
  0xc622   ColorMatrix2              -          N
  0xc623   CameraCalibration1        -          N
  0xc624   CameraCalibration2        -          N
  0xc625   ReductionMatrix1          -          N
  0xc626   ReductionMatrix2          -          N
  0xc627   AnalogBalance             -          N
  0xc628   AsShotNeutral             -          N
  0xc629   AsShotWhiteXY             IFD0       rational64u[2]
  0xc62a   BaselineExposure          IFD0       rational64s
  0xc62b   BaselineNoise             IFD0       rational64u
  0xc62c   BaselineSharpness         IFD0       rational64u
  0xc62d   BayerGreenSplit           SubIFD     int32u
  0xc62e   LinearResponseLimit       IFD0       rational64u
  0xc62f   CameraSerialNumber        IFD0       string
  0xc630   DNGLensInfo               IFD0       rational64u[4]
  0xc631   ChromaBlurRadius          SubIFD     rational64u
  0xc632   AntiAliasStrength         SubIFD     rational64u
  0xc633   ShadowScale               IFD0       rational64u
  0xc634   SR2Private                -          Sony SR2Private
           DNGAdobeData              -          DNG AdobeData
           DNGPentaxData             -          Pentax
           DNGPrivateData            -          N
  0xc635   MakerNoteSafety           IFD0       int16u
  0xc65a   CalibrationIlluminant1    IFD0       int16u
  0xc65b   CalibrationIlluminant2    IFD0       int16u
  0xc65c   BestQualityScale          SubIFD     rational64u
  0xc65d   RawDataUniqueID           IFD0       int8u[16]
  0xc660   AliasLayerMetadata        -          N
  0xc68b   OriginalRawFileName       IFD0       string
  0xc68c   OriginalRawFileData       IFD0       DNG OriginalRaw
  0xc68d   ActiveArea                SubIFD     int32u[4]
  0xc68e   MaskedAreas               SubIFD     int32u[4]
  0xc68f   AsShotICCProfile          -          ICC_Profile
  0xc690   AsShotPreProfileMatrix    -          N
  0xc691   CurrentICCProfile         -          ICC_Profile
  0xc692   CurrentPreProfileMatrix   -          N
  0xea1d   OffsetSchema              ExifIFD    int32s
  0xfde8   OwnerName                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfde9   SerialNumber              ExifIFD    string/
  0xfdea   Lens                      ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe4c   RawFile                   ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe4d   Converter                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe4e   WhiteBalance              ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe51   Exposure                  ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe52   Shadows                   ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe53   Brightness                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe54   Contrast                  ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe55   Saturation                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe56   Sharpness                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe57   Smoothness                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe58   MoireFilter               ExifIFD    string/


IPTC stands for "International Press Telecommunications Council". This is an older meta information format that is slowly being phased out in favor of XMP. IPTC information may be embedded in JPG, TIFF, PNG, MIFF, PS, PDF, PSD and DNG images.

The IPTC specification dictates a length for ASCII (string or digits) values. These lengths are given in square brackets after the Writable format name. For tags where a range of lengths is allowed, the minimum and maximum lengths are separated by a comma within the brackets. IPTC strings are not null terminated.

IPTC information is separated into different records, each of which has its own set of tags.

  Record   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    IPTCEnvelope                         IPTC EnvelopeRecord
      2    IPTCApplication                      IPTC ApplicationRecord
      3    IPTCNewsPhoto                        IPTC NewsPhoto
      7    IPTCPreObjectData                    IPTC PreObjectData
      8    IPTCObjectData                       IPTC ObjectData
      9    IPTCPostObjectData                   IPTC PostObjectData

IPTC EnvelopeRecord Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    EnvelopeRecordVersion                int16u
      5    Destination                          string[0,1024]+
     20    FileFormat                           int16u
     22    FileVersion                          int16u
     30    ServiceIdentifier                    string[0,10]
     40    EnvelopeNumber                       digits[8]
     50    ProductID                            string[0,32]+
     60    EnvelopePriority                     digits[1]
     70    DateSent                             digits[8]
     80    TimeSent                             string[11]
     90    CodedCharacterSet                    string[0,32]
    100    UniqueObjectName                     string[14,80]
    120    ARMIdentifier                        int16u
    122    ARMVersion                           int16u

IPTC ApplicationRecord Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ApplicationRecordVersion             int16u
      3    ObjectTypeReference                  string[3,67]
      4    ObjectAttributeReference             string[4,68]+
      5    ObjectName                           string[0,64]
      7    EditStatus                           string[0,64]
      8    EditorialUpdate                      digits[2]
     10    Urgency                              digits[1]
     12    SubjectReference                     string[13,236]+
     15    Category                             string[0,3]
     20    SupplementalCategories               string[0,32]+
     22    FixtureIdentifier                    string[0,32]
     25    Keywords                             string[0,64]+
     26    ContentLocationCode                  string[3]+
     27    ContentLocationName                  string[0,64]+
     30    ReleaseDate                          digits[8]
     35    ReleaseTime                          string[11]
     37    ExpirationDate                       digits[8]
     38    ExpirationTime                       string[11]
     40    SpecialInstructions                  string[0,256]
     42    ActionAdvised                        digits[2]
     45    ReferenceService                     string[0,10]+
     47    ReferenceDate                        digits[8]+
     50    ReferenceNumber                      digits[8]+
     55    DateCreated                          digits[8]
     60    TimeCreated                          string[11]
     62    DigitalCreationDate                  digits[8]
     63    DigitalCreationTime                  string[11]
     65    OriginatingProgram                   string[0,32]
     70    ProgramVersion                       string[0,10]
     75    ObjectCycle                          string[1]
     80    By-line                              string[0,32]+
     85    By-lineTitle                         string[0,32]+
     90    City                                 string[0,32]
     92    Sub-location                         string[0,32]
     95    Province-State                       string[0,32]
    100    Country-PrimaryLocationCode          string[3]
    101    Country-PrimaryLocationName          string[0,64]
    103    OriginalTransmissionReference        string[0,32]
    105    Headline                             string[0,256]
    110    Credit                               string[0,32]
    115    Source                               string[0,32]
    116    CopyrightNotice                      string[0,128]
    118    Contact                              string[0,128]+
    120    Caption-Abstract                     string[0,2000]
    121    LocalCaption                         string[0,256]
    122    Writer-Editor                        string[0,32]+
    125    RasterizedCaption                    string[7360]
    130    ImageType                            string[2]
    131    ImageOrientation                     string[1]
    135    LanguageIdentifier                   string[2,3]
    150    AudioType                            string[2]
    151    AudioSamplingRate                    digits[6]
    152    AudioSamplingResolution              digits[2]
    153    AudioDuration                        digits[6]
    154    AudioOutcue                          string[0,64]
    184    JobID                                string[0,64]
    185    MasterDocumentID                     string[0,256]
    186    ShortDocumentID                      string[0,64]
    187    UniqueDocumentID                     string[0,128]
    188    OwnerID                              string[0,128]
    200    ObjectPreviewFileFormat              int16u
    201    ObjectPreviewFileVersion             int16u
    202    ObjectPreviewData                    string[0,256000]
    221    Prefs                                string[0,64]
    225    ClassifyState                        string[0,64]
    228    SimilarityIndex                      string[0,32]
    230    DocumentNotes                        string[0,1024]
    231    DocumentHistory                      string[0,256]
    232    ExifCameraInfo                       string[0,4096]

IPTC NewsPhoto Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    NewsPhotoVersion                     int16u
     10    IPTCPictureNumber                    string[16]
     20    IPTCImageWidth                       int16u
     30    IPTCImageHeight                      int16u
     40    IPTCPixelWidth                       int16u
     50    IPTCPixelHeight                      int16u
     55    SupplementalType                     int8u
     60    ColorRepresentation                  int16u
     64    InterchangeColorSpace                int8u
     65    ColorSequence                        int8u
     66    ICC_Profile                          N
     70    ColorCalibrationMatrix               N
     80    LookupTable                          N
     84    NumIndexEntries                      int16u
     85    ColorPalette                         N
     86    IPTCBitsPerSample                    int8u
     90    SampleStructure                      int8u
    100    ScanningDirection                    int8u
    102    IPTCImageRotation                    int8u
    110    DataCompressionMethod                int32u
    120    QuantizationMethod                   int8u
    125    EndPoints                            N
    130    ExcursionTolerance                   int8u
    135    BitsPerComponent                     int8u
    140    MaximumDensityRange                  int16u
    145    GammaCompensatedValue                int16u

IPTC PreObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    SizeMode                             N
     20    MaxSubfileSize                       N
     90    ObjectSizeAnnounced                  N
     95    MaximumObjectSize                    N

IPTC ObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    SubFile                              N+

IPTC PostObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    ConfirmedObjectSize                  N

XMP Tags

XMP stands for "Extensible Metadata Platform", an XML/RDF-based metadata format which is being pushed by Adobe. Information in this format can be embedded in many different image file types including JPG, JP2, TIFF, PNG, MIFF, PS, PDF, PSD and DNG.

The XMP Tag ID's aren't listed because in most cases they are identical to the Tag Name.

All XMP information is stored as character strings. The Writable column specifies the information format: integer is a string of digits (possibly beginning with a '+' or '-'), real is a floating point number, rational is two integer strings separated by a '/' character, date is a date/time string in the format "YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS[+/-HH:MM]", boolean is either "True" or "False", and lang-alt is a list of string alternatives in different languages. Currently, ExifTool only writes the "x-default" language in lang-alt lists.

The XMP tags are organized according to schema Namespace in the following tables. Note that a few of the longer namespace prefixes given below have been shortened for convenience (since the family 1 group names are derived from these by adding a leading "XMP-"). In cases where a tag name exists in more than one namespace, less common namespaces are avoided when writing. However, any namespace may be written by specifying a family 1 group name for the tag, ie) XMP-exif:Contrast or XMP-crs:Contrast.

ExifTool will extract XMP information even if it is not listed in these tables. For example, the pdfx namespace doesn't have a predefined set of tag names because it is used to store application-defined PDF information, but this information is extracted by ExifTool anyway.

  Namespace                                     Writable
  ---------                                     --------
  aux                                           XMP aux
  cc                                            XMP cc
  crs                                           XMP crs
  dc                                            XMP dc
  dex                                           XMP dex
  exif                                          XMP exif
  iptcCore                                      XMP iptcCore
  lr                                            XMP Lightroom
  microsoft                                     XMP Microsoft
  pdf                                           XMP pdf
  photomech                                     PhotoMechanic XMP
  photoshop                                     XMP photoshop
  PixelLive                                     XMP PixelLive
  tiff                                          XMP tiff
  xmp                                           XMP xmp
  xmpBJ                                         XMP xmpBJ
  xmpDM                                         XMP xmpDM
  xmpMM                                         XMP xmpMM
  xmpPLUS                                       XMP xmpPLUS
  xmpRights                                     XMP xmpRights
  xmpTPg                                        XMP xmpTPg

XMP aux Tags

Photoshop Auxiliary schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Firmware                                      string
  FlashCompensation                             rational
  ImageNumber                                   string
  Lens                                          string
  LensInfo                                      string
  OwnerName                                     string
  SerialNumber                                  string

XMP cc Tags

Creative Commons schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  License                                       string

XMP crs Tags

Photoshop Camera Raw Schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AlreadyApplied                                boolean
  AutoBrightness                                boolean
  AutoContrast                                  boolean
  AutoExposure                                  boolean
  AutoShadows                                   boolean
  BlueHue                                       integer
  BlueSaturation                                integer
  Brightness                                    integer
  CameraProfile                                 string
  ChromaticAberrationB                          integer
  ChromaticAberrationR                          integer
  ColorNoiseReduction                           integer
  Contrast                                      integer/
  ConvertToGrayscale                            boolean
  CropAngle                                     real
  CropBottom                                    real
  CropHeight                                    real
  CropLeft                                      real
  CropRight                                     real
  CropTop                                       real
  CropUnits                                     integer
  CropWidth                                     real
  Exposure                                      real
  FillLight                                     integer
  GreenHue                                      integer
  GreenSaturation                               integer
  HasCrop                                       boolean
  HasSettings                                   boolean
  HighlightRecovery                             integer
  HueAdjustmentAqua                             integer
  HueAdjustmentBlue                             integer
  HueAdjustmentGreen                            integer
  HueAdjustmentMagenta                          integer
  HueAdjustmentOrange                           integer
  HueAdjustmentPurple                           integer
  HueAdjustmentRed                              integer
  HueAdjustmentYellow                           integer
  IncrementalTemperature                        integer
  IncrementalTint                               integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentAqua                       integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentBlue                       integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentGreen                      integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta                    integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentOrange                     integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentPurple                     integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentRed                        integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentYellow                     integer
  LuminanceSmoothing                            integer
  ParametricDarks                               integer
  ParametricHighlights                          integer
  ParametricHighlightSplit                      integer
  ParametricLights                              integer
  ParametricMidtoneSplit                        integer
  ParametricShadows                             integer
  ParametricShadowSplit                         integer
  RawFileName                                   string
  RedHue                                        integer
  RedSaturation                                 integer
  Saturation                                    integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentAqua                      integer
  SaturationAdjustmentBlue                      integer
  SaturationAdjustmentGreen                     integer
  SaturationAdjustmentMagenta                   integer
  SaturationAdjustmentOrange                    integer
  SaturationAdjustmentPurple                    integer
  SaturationAdjustmentRed                       integer
  SaturationAdjustmentYellow                    integer
  Shadows                                       integer
  ShadowTint                                    integer
  Sharpness                                     integer/
  SplitToningBalance                            integer
  SplitToningHighlightHue                       integer
  SplitToningHighlightSaturation                integer
  SplitToningShadowHue                          integer
  SplitToningShadowSaturation                   integer
  Temperature                                   integer
  Tint                                          integer
  ToneCurve                                     string+
  ToneCurveName                                 string
  Version                                       string
  Vibrance                                      integer
  VignetteAmount                                integer
  VignetteMidpoint                              integer
  WhiteBalance                                  string/

XMP dc Tags

Dublin Core schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Contributor                                   string+
  Coverage                                      string
  Creator                                       string+
  Date                                          date+
  Description                                   lang-alt
  Format                                        string
  Identifier                                    string
  Language                                      string+
  Publisher                                     string+
  Relation                                      string+
  Rights                                        lang-alt
  Source                                        string
  Subject                                       string+
  Title                                         lang-alt
  Type                                          string+

XMP dex Tags

Description Explorer schema tags. These tags are not very common. The Source and Rating tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CRC32                                         integer
  FFID                                          string
  LicenseType                                   string
  OS                                            integer
  Rating                                        string/
  Revision                                      string
  ShortDescription                              lang-alt
  Source                                        string/

XMP exif Tags

EXIF schema for EXIF tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ApertureValue                                 rational
  BrightnessValue                               rational
  CFAPatternColumns                             integer
  CFAPatternRows                                integer
  CFAPatternValues                              integer+
  ColorSpace                                    integer
  ComponentsConfiguration                       integer+
  CompressedBitsPerPixel                        rational
  Contrast                                      integer
  CustomRendered                                integer
  DateTimeDigitized                             date
  DateTimeOriginal                              date
  DeviceSettingDescriptionColumns               integer
  DeviceSettingDescriptionRows                  integer
  DeviceSettingDescriptionSettings              string+
  DigitalZoomRatio                              rational
  ExifVersion                                   string
  ExposureCompensation                          rational
  ExposureIndex                                 rational
  ExposureMode                                  integer
  ExposureProgram                               integer
  ExposureTime                                  rational
  FileSource                                    integer
  FlashEnergy                                   rational
  FlashFired                                    boolean
  FlashFunction                                 boolean
  FlashMode                                     integer
  FlashpixVersion                               string
  FlashRedEyeMode                               boolean
  FlashReturn                                   integer
  FNumber                                       rational
  FocalLength                                   rational
  FocalLengthIn35mmFormat                       integer
  FocalPlaneResolutionUnit                      integer
  FocalPlaneXResolution                         rational
  FocalPlaneYResolution                         rational
  GainControl                                   integer
  GPSAltitude                                   rational
  GPSAltitudeRef                                integer
  GPSAreaInformation                            string
  GPSDestBearing                                rational
  GPSDestBearingRef                             string
  GPSDestDistance                               rational
  GPSDestDistanceRef                            string
  GPSDestLatitude                               string
  GPSDestLongitude                              string
  GPSDifferential                               integer
  GPSDOP                                        rational
  GPSImgDirection                               rational
  GPSImgDirectionRef                            string
  GPSLatitude                                   string
  GPSLongitude                                  string
  GPSMapDatum                                   string
  GPSMeasureMode                                integer
  GPSProcessingMethod                           string
  GPSSatellites                                 string
  GPSSpeed                                      rational
  GPSSpeedRef                                   string
  GPSStatus                                     string
  GPSTimeStamp                                  date
  GPSTrack                                      rational
  GPSTrackRef                                   string
  GPSVersionID                                  string
  ImageUniqueID                                 string
  ISO                                           integer+
  LightSource                                   string
  MakerNote                                     string
  MaxApertureValue                              rational
  MeteringMode                                  integer
  NativeDigest                                  string
  OECFColumns                                   integer
  OECFNames                                     string+
  OECFRows                                      integer
  OECFValues                                    rational+
  ExifImageWidth                                integer
  ExifImageLength                               integer
  RelatedSoundFile                              string
  Saturation                                    integer
  SceneCaptureType                              integer
  SceneType                                     integer
  SensingMethod                                 integer
  Sharpness                                     integer
  ShutterSpeedValue                             rational
  SpatialFrequencyResponseColumns               integer
  SpatialFrequencyResponseNames                 string+
  SpatialFrequencyResponseRows                  integer
  SpatialFrequencyResponseValues                rational+
  SpectralSensitivity                           string
  SubjectArea                                   integer+
  SubjectDistance                               rational
  SubjectDistanceRange                          integer
  SubjectLocation                               integer+
  UserComment                                   lang-alt
  WhiteBalance                                  integer

XMP iptcCore Tags

IPTC Core schema tags. The actual IPTC Core namespace schema prefix is "Iptc4xmpCore", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the "XMP-iptcCore" family 1 group name.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CountryCode                                   string
  CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCity                   string
  CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCtry                   string
  CreatorContactInfoCiAdrExtadr                 string
  CreatorContactInfoCiAdrPcode                  string
  CreatorContactInfoCiAdrRegion                 string
  CreatorContactInfoCiEmailWork                 string
  CreatorContactInfoCiTelWork                   string
  CreatorContactInfoCiUrlWork                   string
  IntellectualGenre                             string
  Location                                      string
  Scene                                         string+
  SubjectCode                                   string+

XMP Lightroom Tags

Adobe Lightroom "lr" schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  PrivateRTKInfo                                string

XMP Microsoft Tags

Microsoft Photo schema tags. This is likely not a complete list, but represents tags which have been observed in sample images. The actual namespace prefix is "MicrosoftPhoto", but ExifTool shortens this to "XMP-microsoft" in the family 1 group name.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CameraSerialNumber                            string
  DateAcquired                                  date
  FlashManufacturer                             string
  FlashModel                                    string
  LastKeywordIPTC                               string+
  LastKeywordXMP                                string+
  LensManufacturer                              string
  LensModel                                     string
  RatingPercent                                 string

XMP pdf Tags

Adobe PDF schema tags. The official XMP specification defines only Keywords, PDFVersion and Producer. The other tags are included because they have been observed in PDF files, but Creator, Subject and Title are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with XMP-dc tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Author                                        string
  CreationDate                                  date
  Creator                                       string/
  Keywords                                      string
  ModDate                                       date
  PDFVersion                                    string
  Producer                                      string
  Subject                                       string/
  Title                                         string/

XMP photoshop Tags

Adobe Photoshop schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AuthorsPosition                               string
  CaptionWriter                                 string
  Category                                      string
  City                                          string
  ColorMode                                     string
  Country                                       string
  Credit                                        string
  DateCreated                                   date
  Headline                                      string
  ICCProfileName                                string
  Instructions                                  string
  LegacyIPTCDigest                              string
  Source                                        string/
  State                                         string
  SupplementalCategories                        string+
  TransmissionReference                         string
  Urgency                                       integer

XMP PixelLive Tags

PixelLive schema tags. These tags are not writable becase they are very uncommon and I haven't been able to locate a reference which gives the namespace URI.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Author                                        N
  Comments                                      N
  Copyright                                     N
  Date                                          N
  Genre                                         N
  Title                                         N

XMP tiff Tags

EXIF schema for TIFF tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Artist                                        string
  BitsPerSample                                 integer+
  Compression                                   integer
  Copyright                                     lang-alt
  DateTime                                      date
  ImageDescription                              lang-alt
  ImageHeight                                   integer
  ImageWidth                                    integer
  Make                                          string
  Model                                         string
  NativeDigest                                  string
  Orientation                                   integer
  PhotometricInterpretation                     integer
  PlanarConfiguration                           integer
  PrimaryChromaticities                         rational+
  ReferenceBlackWhite                           rational+
  ResolutionUnit                                integer
  SamplesPerPixel                               integer
  Software                                      string
  TransferFunction                              integer+
  WhitePoint                                    rational+
  XResolution                                   rational
  YCbCrCoefficients                             rational+
  YCbCrPositioning                              integer
  YCbCrSubSampling                              string
  YResolution                                   rational

XMP xmp Tags

XMP Basic schema tags. If the older "xap", "xapBJ", "xapMM" or "xapRights" namespace prefixes are found, they are translated to the newer "xmp", "xmpBJ", "xmpMM" and "xmpRights" prefixes for use in family 1 group names.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Advisory                                      string+
  BaseURL                                       string
  CreateDate                                    date
  CreatorTool                                   string
  Identifier                                    string/+
  Label                                         string
  MetadataDate                                  date
  ModifyDate                                    date
  Nickname                                      string
  Rating                                        integer
  ThumbnailsFormat                              string+
  ThumbnailsHeight                              string+
  ThumbnailsImage                               N+
  ThumbnailsWidth                               string+

XMP xmpBJ Tags

XMP Basic Job Ticket schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  JobRefId                                      string+
  JobRefName                                    string+
  JobRefUrl                                     string+

XMP xmpDM Tags

XMP Dynamic Media schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AbsPeakAudioFilePath                          string
  Album                                         string
  AltTapeName                                   string
  AltTimecodeTimeFormat                         string
  AltTimecodeTimeValue                          string
  Artist                                        string/
  AudioChannelType                              string
  AudioCompressor                               string
  AudioModDate                                  date
  AudioSampleRate                               integer
  AudioSampleType                               string
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInDecibel                 real
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDuration            string
  BeatSpliceParamsUseFileBeatsMarker            boolean
  Composer                                      string
  ContributedMediaDuration                      string+
  ContributedMediaManaged                       boolean+
  ContributedMediaPath                          string+
  ContributedMediaStartTime                     string+
  ContributedMediaTrack                         string+
  ContributedMediaWebStatement                  string+
  Copyright                                     string/
  Duration                                      string
  Engineer                                      string
  FileDataRate                                  rational
  Genre                                         string
  Instrument                                    string
  IntroTime                                     string
  Key                                           string
  LogComment                                    string
  Loop                                          boolean
  MarkersComment                                string+
  MarkersDuration                               string+
  MarkersLocation                               string+
  MarkersName                                   string+
  MarkersStartTime                              string+
  MarkersTarget                                 string+
  MarkersType                                   string+
  MetadataModDate                               date
  NumberOfBeats                                 real
  OutCue                                        string
  ProjectRefPath                                string
  ProjectRefType                                string
  PullDown                                      string
  RelativePeakAudioFilePath                     string
  RelativeTimestamp                             string
  ReleaseDate                                   date
  ResampleParamsQuality                         string
  ScaleType                                     string
  Scene                                         string/
  ShotDate                                      date
  ShotLocation                                  string
  ShotName                                      string
  SpeakerPlacement                              string
  StartTimecodeTimeFormat                       string
  StartTimecodeTimeValue                        string
  StretchMode                                   string
  TapeName                                      string
  Tempo                                         real
  TimeScaleParamsFrameOverlappingPercentage     real
  TimeScaleParamsFrameSize                      real
  TimeScaleParamsQuality                        string
  TimeSignature                                 string
  TrackNumber                                   integer
  VideoAlphaMode                                string
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorA                   integer
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorB                   integer
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlack               real
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlue                integer
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorCyan                real
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGreen               integer
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorL                   real
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMagenta             real
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMode                string
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorRed                 integer
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorSwatchName          string
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorType                string
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorYellow              real
  VideoAlphaUnityIsTransparent                  boolean
  VideoColorSpace                               string
  VideoCompressor                               string
  VideoFieldOrder                               string
  VideoFrameRate                                string
  VideoFrameSizeH                               real
  VideoFrameSizeUnit                            string
  VideoFrameSizeW                               real
  VideoModDate                                  date
  VideoPixelAspectRatio                         rational
  VideoPixelDepth                               string

XMP xmpMM Tags

XMP Media Management schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  DerivedFromDocumentID                         string
  DerivedFromInstanceID                         string
  DerivedFromManager                            string
  DerivedFromManagerVariant                     string
  DerivedFromManageTo                           string
  DerivedFromManageUI                           string
  DerivedFromRenditionClass                     string
  DerivedFromRenditionParams                    string
  DerivedFromVersionID                          string
  DocumentID                                    string
  HistoryAction                                 string+
  HistoryInstanceID                             string+
  HistoryParameters                             string+
  HistorySoftwareAgent                          string+
  HistoryWhen                                   date+
  LastURL                                       string
  ManagedFromDocumentID                         string
  ManagedFromInstanceID                         string
  ManagedFromManager                            string
  ManagedFromManagerVariant                     string
  ManagedFromManageTo                           string
  ManagedFromManageUI                           string
  ManagedFromRenditionClass                     string
  ManagedFromRenditionParams                    string
  ManagedFromVersionID                          string
  Manager                                       string
  ManagerVariant                                string
  ManageTo                                      string
  ManageUI                                      string
  PreservedFileName                             string
  RenditionClass                                string
  RenditionOfDocumentID                         string
  RenditionOfInstanceID                         string
  RenditionOfManager                            string
  RenditionOfManagerVariant                     string
  RenditionOfManageTo                           string
  RenditionOfManageUI                           string
  RenditionOfRenditionClass                     string
  RenditionOfRenditionParams                    string
  RenditionOfVersionID                          string
  RenditionParams                               string
  SaveID                                        integer
  VersionID                                     string
  VersionsComments                              string+
  VersionsEventAction                           string+
  VersionsEventInstanceID                       string+
  VersionsEventParameters                       string+
  VersionsEventSoftwareAgent                    string+
  VersionsEventWhen                             date+
  VersionsModifier                              string+
  VersionsModifyDate                            date+
  VersionsVersion                               string+

XMP xmpPLUS Tags

XMP Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CreditLineReq                                 boolean
  ReuseAllowed                                  boolean

XMP xmpRights Tags

XMP Rights Management schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Certificate                                   string
  Marked                                        boolean
  Owner                                         string+
  UsageTerms                                    lang-alt
  WebStatement                                  string

XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP Paged-Text schema tags.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ColorantsA                                    integer+
  ColorantsB                                    integer+
  ColorantsBlack                                real+
  ColorantsBlue                                 integer+
  ColorantsCyan                                 real+
  ColorantsGreen                                integer+
  ColorantsL                                    real+
  ColorantsMagenta                              real+
  ColorantsMode                                 string+
  ColorantsRed                                  integer+
  ColorantsSwatchName                           string+
  ColorantsType                                 string+
  ColorantsYellow                               real+
  FontsChildFontFiles                           string+
  FontsComposite                                boolean+
  FontsFontFace                                 string+
  FontsFontFamily                               string+
  FontsFontFileName                             string+
  FontsFontName                                 string+
  FontsFontType                                 string+
  FontsVersionString                            string+
  MaxPageSizeH                                  real
  MaxPageSizeUnit                               string
  MaxPageSizeW                                  real
  NPages                                        integer
  PlateNames                                    string+

GPS Tags

These GPS tags are part of the EXIF standard, and are stored in a separate IFD within the EXIF information.

ExifTool is very flexible about the input format when writing lat/long coordinates, and will accept from 1 to 3 floating point numbers (for decimal degrees, degrees and minutes, or degrees, minutes and seconds) separated by just about anything, and will format them properly according to the EXIF specification.

Some GPS tags have values which are fixed-length strings. For these, the indicated string lengths include a null terminator which is added automatically by ExifTool. Remember that the descriptive values are used when writing (ie. 'Above Sea Level', not '0') unless the print conversion is disabled (with '-n' on the command line, or the PrintConv option in the API).

When adding GPS information to an image, it is important to set all of the following tags: GPSLatitude, GPSLatitudeRef, GPSLongitude, GPSLongitudeRef, GPSAltitude and GPSAltitudeRef. ExifTool will write the required GPSVersionID tag automatically if new a GPS IFD is added to an image.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   GPSVersionID                         int8u[4]
  0x0001   GPSLatitudeRef                       string[2]
  0x0002   GPSLatitude                          rational64u[3]
  0x0003   GPSLongitudeRef                      string[2]
  0x0004   GPSLongitude                         rational64u[3]
  0x0005   GPSAltitudeRef                       int8u
  0x0006   GPSAltitude                          rational64u
  0x0007   GPSTimeStamp                         rational64u[3]
  0x0008   GPSSatellites                        string
  0x0009   GPSStatus                            string[2]
  0x000a   GPSMeasureMode                       string[2]
  0x000b   GPSDOP                               rational64u
  0x000c   GPSSpeedRef                          string[2]
  0x000d   GPSSpeed                             rational64u
  0x000e   GPSTrackRef                          string[2]
  0x000f   GPSTrack                             rational64u
  0x0010   GPSImgDirectionRef                   string[2]
  0x0011   GPSImgDirection                      rational64u
  0x0012   GPSMapDatum                          string
  0x0013   GPSDestLatitudeRef                   string[2]
  0x0014   GPSDestLatitude                      rational64u[3]
  0x0015   GPSDestLongitudeRef                  string[2]
  0x0016   GPSDestLongitude                     rational64u[3]
  0x0017   GPSDestBearingRef                    string[2]
  0x0018   GPSDestBearing                       rational64u
  0x0019   GPSDestDistanceRef                   string[2]
  0x001a   GPSDestDistance                      rational64u
  0x001b   GPSProcessingMethod                  undef
  0x001c   GPSAreaInformation                   undef
  0x001d   GPSDateStamp                         string[11]
  0x001e   GPSDifferential                      int16u

GeoTiff Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   GeoTiffVersion                       N
  0x0400   GTModelType                          N
  0x0401   GTRasterType                         N
  0x0402   GTCitation                           N
  0x0800   GeographicType                       N
  0x0801   GeogCitation                         N
  0x0802   GeogGeodeticDatum                    N
  0x0803   GeogPrimeMeridian                    N
  0x0804   GeogLinearUnits                      N
  0x0805   GeogLinearUnitSize                   N
  0x0806   GeogAngularUnits                     N
  0x0807   GeogAngularUnitSize                  N
  0x0808   GeogEllipsoid                        N
  0x0809   GeogSemiMajorAxis                    N
  0x080a   GeogSemiMinorAxis                    N
  0x080b   GeogInvFlattening                    N
  0x080c   GeogAzimuthUnits                     N
  0x080d   GeogPrimeMeridianLong                N
  0x0c00   ProjectedCSType                      N
  0x0c01   PCSCitation                          N
  0x0c02   Projection                           N
  0x0c03   ProjCoordTrans                       N
  0x0c04   ProjLinearUnits                      N
  0x0c05   ProjLinearUnitSize                   N
  0x0c06   ProjStdParallel1                     N
  0x0c07   ProjStdParallel2                     N
  0x0c08   ProjNatOriginLong                    N
  0x0c09   ProjNatOriginLat                     N
  0x0c0a   ProjFalseEasting                     N
  0x0c0b   ProjFalseNorthing                    N
  0x0c0c   ProjFalseOriginLong                  N
  0x0c0d   ProjFalseOriginLat                   N
  0x0c0e   ProjFalseOriginEasting               N
  0x0c0f   ProjFalseOriginNorthing              N
  0x0c10   ProjCenterLong                       N
  0x0c11   ProjCenterLat                        N
  0x0c12   ProjCenterEasting                    N
  0x0c13   ProjCenterNorthing                   N
  0x0c14   ProjScaleAtNatOrigin                 N
  0x0c15   ProjScaleAtCenter                    N
  0x0c16   ProjAzimuthAngle                     N
  0x0c17   ProjStraightVertPoleLong             N
  0x0c18   ProjRectifiedGridAngle               N
  0x1000   VerticalCSType                       N
  0x1001   VerticalCitation                     N
  0x1002   VerticalDatum                        N
  0x1003   VerticalUnits                        N

ICC_Profile Tags

ICC profile information is used in many different file types including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PostScript, Photoshop, PNG, MIFF, PICT, QuickTime and some RAW formats. While the tags listed below are not individually writable, the entire profile itself can be accessed via the extra 'ICC_Profile' tag, but this tag is neither extracted nor written unless specified explicitly.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'A2B0'   AToB0                                N
  'A2B1'   AToB1                                N
  'A2B2'   AToB2                                N
  'B2A0'   BToA0                                N
  'B2A1'   BToA1                                N
  'B2A2'   BToA2                                N
  'Header' ProfileHeader                        ICC_Profile Header
  'bTRC'   BlueTRC                              N
  'bXYZ'   BlueMatrixColumn                     N
  'bfd '   UCRBG                                N
  'bkpt'   MediaBlackPoint                      N
  'calt'   CalibrationDateTime                  N
  'chad'   ChromaticAdaptation                  N
  'chrm'   Chromaticity                         ICC_Profile Chromaticity
  'clro'   ColorantOrder                        N
  'clrt'   ColorantTable                        ICC_Profile ColorantTable
  'cprt'   ProfileCopyright                     N
  'crdi'   CRDInfo                              N
  'desc'   ProfileDescription                   N
  'devs'   DeviceSettings                       N
  'dmdd'   DeviceModelDesc                      N
  'dmnd'   DeviceMfgDesc                        N
  'dscm'   ProfileDescriptionML                 N
  'gTRC'   GreenTRC                             N
  'gXYZ'   GreenMatrixColumn                    N
  'gamt'   Gamut                                N
  'kTRC'   GrayTRC                              N
  'lumi'   Luminance                            N
  'meas'   Measurement                          ICC_Profile Measurement
  'mmod'   MakeAndModel                         N
  'ncl2'   NamedColor2                          N
  'ncol'   NamedColor                           N
  'ndin'   NativeDisplayInfo                    N
  'pre0'   Preview0                             N
  'pre1'   Preview1                             N
  'pre2'   Preview2                             N
  'ps2i'   PS2RenteringIntent                   N
  'ps2s'   PostScript2CSA                       N
  'psd0'   PostScript2CRD0                      N
  'psd1'   PostScript2CRD1                      N
  'psd2'   PostScript2CRD2                      N
  'pseq'   ProfileSequenceDesc                  N
  'psvm'   PS2CRDVMSize                         N
  'rTRC'   RedTRC                               N
  'rXYZ'   RedMatrixColumn                      N
  'resp'   OutputResponse                       N
  'scrd'   ScreeningDesc                        N
  'scrn'   Screening                            N
  'targ'   CharTarget                           N
  'tech'   Technology                           N
  'vcgt'   VideoCardGamma                       N
  'view'   ViewingConditions                    ICC_Profile ViewingConditions
  'vued'   ViewingCondDesc                      N
  'wtpt'   MediaWhitePoint                      N

ICC_Profile Header Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    ProfileCMMType                       N
      8    ProfileVersion                       N
     12    ProfileClass                         N
     16    ColorSpaceData                       N
     20    ProfileConnectionSpace               N
     24    ProfileDateTime                      N
     36    ProfileFileSignature                 N
     40    PrimaryPlatform                      N
     44    CMMFlags                             N
     48    DeviceManufacturer                   N
     52    DeviceModel                          N
     56    DeviceAttributes                     N
     64    RenderingIntent                      N
     68    ConnectionSpaceIlluminant            N
     80    ProfileCreator                       N
     84    ProfileID                            N

ICC_Profile Chromaticity Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      8    ChromaticityChannels                 N
     10    ChromaticityColorant                 N
     12    ChromaticityChannel1                 N
     20    ChromaticityChannel2                 N
     28    ChromaticityChannel3                 N
     36    ChromaticityChannel4                 N

ICC_Profile ColorantTable Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      8    ColorantCount                        N
     12    Colorant1Name                        N
     44    Colorant1Coordinates                 N
     50    Colorant2Name                        N
     82    Colorant2Coordinates                 N
     88    Colorant3Name                        N
    120    Colorant3Coordinates                 N

ICC_Profile Measurement Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      8    MeasurementObserver                  N
     12    MeasurementBacking                   N
     24    MeasurementGeometry                  N
     28    MeasurementFlare                     N
     32    MeasurementIlluminant                N

ICC_Profile ViewingConditions Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      8    ViewingCondIlluminant                N
     20    ViewingCondSurround                  N
     32    ViewingCondIlluminantType            N

PrintIM Tags

The format of the PrintIM information is known, however no PrintIM tags have been decoded. Use the Unknown (-u) option to extract PrintIM information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Photoshop Tags

Photoshop tags are found in PSD files, as well as inside embedded Photoshop information in many other file types (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG to name a few).

Many Photoshop tags are marked as Unknown (indicated by a question mark after the tag name) because the information they provide is not very useful under normal circumstances (and because Adobe denied my application for their file format documentation -- apparently open source software is too big a concept for them). These unknown tags are not extracted unless the Unknown (-u) option is used.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x03e8   Photoshop2Info?                      N
  0x03e9   MacintoshPrintInfo?                  N
  0x03ea   XMLData?                             N
  0x03eb   Photoshop2ColorTable?                N
  0x03ed   ResolutionInfo                       Photoshop Resolution
  0x03ee   AlphaChannelsNames                   N
  0x03ef   DisplayInfo?                         N
  0x03f0   PStringCaption?                      N
  0x03f1   BorderInformation?                   N
  0x03f2   BackgroundColor?                     N
  0x03f3   PrintFlags?                          N
  0x03f4   BW_HalftoningInfo?                   N
  0x03f5   ColorHalftoningInfo?                 N
  0x03f6   DuotoneHalftoningInfo?               N
  0x03f7   BW_TransferFunc?                     N
  0x03f8   ColorTransferFuncs?                  N
  0x03f9   DuotoneTransferFuncs?                N
  0x03fa   DuotoneImageInfo?                    N
  0x03fb   EffectiveBW?                         N
  0x03fc   ObsoletePhotoshopTag1?               N
  0x03fd   EPSOptions?                          N
  0x03fe   QuickMaskInfo?                       N
  0x03ff   ObsoletePhotoshopTag2?               N
  0x0400   LayerStateInfo?                      N
  0x0401   WorkingPath?                         N
  0x0402   LayersGroupInfo?                     N
  0x0403   ObsoletePhotoshopTag3?               N
  0x0404   IPTCData                             IPTC
  0x0405   RawImageMode?                        N
  0x0406   JPEG_Quality                         Photoshop JPEG_Quality
  0x0408   GridGuidesInfo?                      N
  0x0409   PhotoshopBGRThumbnail                N
  0x040a   CopyrightFlag                        int8u
  0x040b   URL                                  string
  0x040c   PhotoshopThumbnail                   N
  0x040d   GlobalAngle                          int32u
  0x040e   ColorSamplersResource?               N
  0x040f   ICC_Profile                          ICC_Profile
  0x0410   Watermark?                           N
  0x0411   ICC_Untagged?                        N
  0x0412   EffectsVisible?                      N
  0x0413   SpotHalftone?                        N
  0x0414   IDsBaseValue?                        N
  0x0415   UnicodeAlphaNames?                   N
  0x0416   IndexedColourTableCount?             N
  0x0417   TransparentIndex?                    N
  0x0419   GlobalAltitude                       int32u
  0x041a   Slices?                              N
  0x041b   WorkflowURL?                         N
  0x041c   JumpToXPEP?                          N
  0x041d   AlphaIdentifiers?                    N
  0x041e   URL_List?                            N
  0x0421   VersionInfo?                         N
  0x0422   EXIFInfo                             EXIF
  0x0424   XMP                                  XMP
  0x0bb7   ClippingPathName?                    N
  0x2710   PrintFlagsInfo?                      N

Photoshop Resolution Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    XResolution                          int32u
      2    DisplayedUnitsX                      int16u
      4    YResolution                          int32u
      6    DisplayedUnitsY                      int16u

Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    PhotoshopQuality                     int16s
      1    PhotoshopFormat                      N
      2    ProgressiveScans                     N

Photoshop Header Tags

This information is found in the PSD file header.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      6    NumChannels                          N
      7    ImageHeight                          N
      9    ImageWidth                           N
     11    BitDepth                             N
     12    ColorMode                            N

Canon Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   CanonCameraSettings                  Canon CameraSettings
  0x0002   CanonFocalLength                     Canon FocalLength
  0x0003   CanonFlashInfo?                      N
  0x0004   CanonShotInfo                        Canon ShotInfo
  0x0005   CanonPanorama                        Canon Panorama
  0x0006   CanonImageType                       string
  0x0007   CanonFirmwareVersion                 string
  0x0008   FileNumber                           int32u
  0x0009   OwnerName                            string
  0x000a   ColorInfoD30                         Canon ColorInfoD30
  0x000c   SerialNumber                         int32u
  0x000d   CanonCameraInfo                      Canon CameraInfo
           CanonCameraInfo1DmkIII               Canon CameraInfo1DmkIII
  0x000e   CanonFileLength                      int32u
  0x000f   CustomFunctions1D                    CanonCustom Functions1D
           CustomFunctions5D                    CanonCustom Functions5D
           CustomFunctions10D                   CanonCustom Functions10D
           CustomFunctions20D                   CanonCustom Functions20D
           CustomFunctions30D                   CanonCustom Functions30D
           CustomFunctions350D                  CanonCustom Functions350D
           CustomFunctions400D                  CanonCustom Functions400D
           CustomFunctionsD30                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsD60                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsUnknown               CanonCustom FuncsUnknown
  0x0010   CanonModelID                         int32u
  0x0012   CanonPictureInfo                     Canon PictureInfo
  0x0015   SerialNumberFormat                   int32u
  0x001e   FirmwareRevision                     int32u
  0x0083   OriginalDecisionData                 int32u
  0x0090   CustomFunctions1D                    CanonCustom Functions1D
  0x0091   PersonalFunctions                    CanonCustom PersonalFuncs
  0x0092   PersonalFunctionValues               CanonCustom PersonalFuncValues
  0x0093   CanonFileInfo                        Canon FileInfo
  0x0094   AFPointsUsed1D                       N
  0x0095   LensType                             string
  0x0096   InternalSerialNumber                 string
  0x0097   DustRemovalData                      N
  0x0099   CustomFunctions1DmkIII               CanonCustom Functions1DmkIII
  0x00a0   ProccessingInfo                      Canon Processing
  0x00a1   ToneCurveTable                       N
  0x00a2   SharpnessTable                       N
  0x00a3   SharpnessFreqTable                   N
  0x00a4   WhiteBalanceTable                    N
  0x00a9   ColorBalance                         Canon ColorBalance
  0x00ae   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x00b0   CanonFlags                           Canon Flags
  0x00b1   ModifiedInfo                         Canon ModifiedInfo
  0x00b2   ToneCurveMatching                    N
  0x00b3   WhiteBalanceMatching                 N
  0x00b4   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x00b6   PreviewImageInfo                     Canon PreviewImageInfo
  0x00e0   SensorInfo                           Canon SensorInfo
  0x4001   ColorBalance1                        Canon ColorBalance1
           ColorBalance2                        Canon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance3                        Canon ColorBalance3
           ColorBalanceUnknown                  N
  0x4002   UnknownBlock1?                       N
  0x4003   ColorInfo                            Canon ColorInfo
  0x4005   UnknownBlock2?                       N
  0x4008   BlackLevel?                          N

Canon CameraSettings Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    MacroMode                            int16s
      2    Self-timer                           int16s
      3    Quality                              int16s
      4    CanonFlashMode                       int16s
      5    ContinuousDrive                      int16s
      7    FocusMode                            int16s
      9    RecordMode                           int16s
     10    CanonImageSize                       int16s
     11    EasyMode                             int16s
     12    DigitalZoom                          int16s
     13    Contrast                             int16s
     14    Saturation                           int16s
     15    Sharpness                            int16s
     16    CameraISO                            int16s
     17    MeteringMode                         int16s
     18    FocusRange                           int16s
     19    AFPoint                              int16s
     20    CanonExposureMode                    int16s
     22    LensType                             int16s
     23    LongFocal                            int16u
     24    ShortFocal                           int16u
     25    FocalUnits                           int16s
     26    MaxAperture                          int16s
     27    MinAperture                          int16s
     28    FlashActivity                        int16s
     29    FlashBits                            int16s
     32    FocusContinuous                      int16s
     33    AESetting                            int16s
     34    ImageStabilization                   int16s
     35    DisplayAperture                      int16s
     36    ZoomSourceWidth                      int16s
     37    ZoomTargetWidth                      int16s
     40    PhotoEffect                          int16s
     42    ColorTone                            int16s

Canon FocalLength Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FocalType                            int16u
      1    FocalLength                          int16u
      2    FocalPlaneXSize                      int16u
      3    FocalPlaneYSize                      int16u

Canon ShotInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    AutoISO                              int16s
      2    BaseISO                              int16s
      3    MeasuredEV                           int16s
      4    TargetAperture                       int16s
      5    TargetExposureTime                   int16s
      6    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
      7    WhiteBalance                         int16s
      8    SlowShutter                          int16s
      9    SequenceNumber                       int16s
     10    OpticalZoomCode                      int16s
     13    FlashGuideNumber                     int16s
     14    AFPointsUsed2                        int16s
     15    FlashExposureComp                    int16s
     16    AutoExposureBracketing               int16s
     17    AEBBracketValue                      int16s
     19    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16s
     20    FocusDistanceLower                   int16s
     21    FNumber                              int16s
     22    ExposureTime                         int16s
     24    BulbDuration                         int16s
     26    CameraType                           int16s
     27    AutoRotate                           int16s
     28    NDFilter                             int16s
     29    Self-timer2                          int16s

Canon Panorama Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      2    PanoramaFrame                        int16s
      5    PanoramaDirection                    int16s

Canon ColorInfoD30 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      9    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     10    ColorMatrix                          int16s

Canon CameraInfo Tags

Used by the 1D, 1DS, 1DmkII, 1DSmkII and 5D.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
     10    FocalLength                          int8u
     13    LensType                             int8u
     18    ShortFocal                           int8u
     20    LongFocal                            int8u
     45    FocalType                            int8u
     56    AFPointsUsed5D                       undef[2]
    108    PictureStyle                         int16u
    164    FirmwareRevision                     string[8]
    172    ShortOwnerName                       string[16]
    208    ImageNumber                          int16u
    232    ContrastStandard                     int8s
    233    ContrastPortrait                     int8s
    234    ContrastLandscape                    int8s
    235    ContrastNeutral                      int8s
    236    ContrastFaithful                     int8s
    237    ContrastMonochrome                   int8s
    238    ContrastUserDef1                     int8s
    239    ContrastUserDef2                     int8s
    240    ContrastUserDef3                     int8s
    241    SharpnessStandard                    int8s
    242    SharpnessPortrait                    int8s
    243    SharpnessLandscape                   int8s
    244    SharpnessNeutral                     int8s
    245    SharpnessFaithful                    int8s
    246    SharpnessMonochrome                  int8s
    247    SharpnessUserDef1                    int8s
    248    SharpnessUserDef2                    int8s
    249    SharpnessUserDef3                    int8s
    250    SaturationStandard                   int8s
    251    SaturationPortrait                   int8s
    252    SaturationLandscape                  int8s
    253    SaturationNeutral                    int8s
    254    SaturationFaithful                   int8s
    255    FilterEffectMonochrome               int8s
    256    SaturationUserDef1                   int8s
    257    SaturationUserDef2                   int8s
    258    SaturationUserDef3                   int8s
    259    ColorToneStandard                    int8s
    260    ColorTonePortrait                    int8s
    261    ColorToneLandscape                   int8s
    262    ColorToneNeutral                     int8s
    263    ColorToneFaithful                    int8s
    264    ToningEffectMonochrome               int8s
    265    ColorToneUserDef1                    int8s
    266    ColorToneUserDef2                    int8s
    267    ColorToneUserDef3                    int8s
    268    UserDef1PictureStyle                 int16u
    270    UserDef2PictureStyle                 int16u
    272    UserDef3PictureStyle                 int16u
    284    TimeStamp                            int32u

Canon CameraInfo1DmkIII Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u

Canon PictureInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    NumAFPoints                          int16u
      2    CanonImageWidth                      int16u
      3    CanonImageHeight                     int16u
      4    CanonImageWidthAsShot                int16u
      5    CanonImageHeightAsShot               int16u
     22    AFPointsUsed                         int16u
     26    AFPointsUsed                         int16u

Canon FileInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    FileNumber                           int32u
           ShutterCount                         int32u
      3    BracketMode                          int16s
      4    BracketValue                         int16s
      5    BracketShotNumber                    int16s
      6    RawJpgQuality                        int16s
      7    RawJpgSize                           int16s
      8    NoiseReduction                       int16s
      9    WBBracketMode                        int16s
     12    WBBracketValueAB                     int16s
     13    WBBracketValueGM                     int16s
     14    FilterEffect                         int16s
     15    ToningEffect                         int16s

Canon Processing Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    ToneCurve                            int16s
      2    Sharpness                            int16s
      3    SharpnessFrequency                   int16s
      4    SensorRedLevel                       int16s
      5    SensorBlueLevel                      int16s
      6    WhiteBalanceRed                      int16s
      7    WhiteBalanceBlue                     int16s
      8    WhiteBalance                         int16s
      9    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     10    PictureStyle                         int16s
     11    DigitalGain                          int16s
     12    WBShiftAB                            int16s
     13    WBShiftGM                            int16s

Canon ColorBalance Tags

This table is used by the 10D and 300D.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16u[4]
      4    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
      8    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
     12    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
     16    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
     20    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16u[4]
     24    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
     28    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int16u[4]
     32    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16u[4]

Canon Flags Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    ModifiedParamFlag                    int16s

Canon ModifiedInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    ModifiedToneCurve                    int16s
      2    ModifiedSharpness                    int16s
      3    ModifiedSharpnessFreq                int16s
      4    ModifiedSensorRedLevel               int16s
      5    ModifiedSensorBlueLevel              int16s
      6    ModifiedWhiteBalanceRed              int16s
      7    ModifiedWhiteBalanceBlue             int16s
      8    ModifiedWhiteBalance                 int16s
      9    ModifiedColorTemp                    int16s
     10    ModifiedPictureStyle                 int16s
     11    ModifiedDigitalGain                  int16s

Canon PreviewImageInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    PreviewQuality                       int32u
      2    PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
      3    PreviewImageWidth                    int32u
      4    PreviewImageHeight                   int32u
      5    PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
      6    PreviewFocalPlaneXResolution         rational64s
      8    PreviewFocalPlaneYResolution         rational64s

Canon SensorInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    SensorWidth                          N
      2    SensorHeight                         N
      5    SensorLeftBorder                     N
      6    SensorTopBorder                      N
      7    SensorRightBorder                    N
      8    SensorBottomBorder                   N

Canon ColorBalance1 Tags

This table is used by the 20D and 350D.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     25    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16u[4]
     29    ColorTempAsShot                      int16u
     30    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16u[4]
     34    ColorTempAuto                        int16u
     35    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
     39    ColorTempDaylight                    int16u
     40    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
     44    ColorTempShade                       int16u
     45    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
     49    ColorTempCloudy                      int16u
     50    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
     54    ColorTempTungsten                    int16u
     55    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16u[4]
     59    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16u
     60    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
     64    ColorTempFlash                       int16u
     65    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom1                 int16u[4]
     69    ColorTempCustom1                     int16u
     70    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom2                 int16u[4]
     74    ColorTempCustom2                     int16u

Canon ColorBalance2 Tags

This table is used by the 1DmkII and 1DSmkII.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     24    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16u[4]
     28    ColorTempAsShot                      int16u
     29    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16u[4]
     33    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16u
     34    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16u[4]
     38    ColorTempAuto                        int16u
     39    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
     43    ColorTempDaylight                    int16u
     44    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
     48    ColorTempShade                       int16u
     49    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
     53    ColorTempCloudy                      int16u
     54    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
     58    ColorTempTungsten                    int16u
     59    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16u[4]
     63    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16u
     64    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16u[4]
     68    ColorTempKelvin                      int16u
     69    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
     73    ColorTempFlash                       int16u
     74    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16u[4]
     78    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16u
     79    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16u[4]
     83    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16u
     84    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16u[4]
     88    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16u
     89    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16u[4]
     93    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16u
     94    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16u[4]
     98    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16u
     99    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16u[4]
    103    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16u
    104    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16u[4]
    108    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16u
    109    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16u[4]
    113    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16u
    114    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16u[4]
    118    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16u
    119    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16u[4]
    123    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16u
    124    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16u[4]
    128    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16u
    129    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16u[4]
    133    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16u
    134    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16u[4]
    138    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16u
    139    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16u[4]
    143    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16u
    144    WB_RGGBLevelsPC1                     int16u[4]
    148    ColorTempPC1                         int16u
    149    WB_RGGBLevelsPC2                     int16u[4]
    153    ColorTempPC2                         int16u
    154    WB_RGGBLevelsPC3                     int16u[4]
    158    ColorTempPC3                         int16u
    159    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16u[4]
    163    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16u

Canon ColorBalance3 Tags

This table is used by the 1DmkIIN, 5D, 30D and 400D.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     63    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16u[4]
     67    ColorTempAsShot                      int16u
     68    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16u[4]
     72    ColorTempAuto                        int16u
     73    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16u[4]
     77    ColorTempMeasured                    int16u
     78    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
     82    ColorTempDaylight                    int16u
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
     87    ColorTempShade                       int16u
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
     92    ColorTempCloudy                      int16u
     93    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
     97    ColorTempTungsten                    int16u
     98    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16u[4]
    102    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16u
    103    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16u[4]
    107    ColorTempKelvin                      int16u
    108    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
    112    ColorTempFlash                       int16u
    113    WB_RGGBLevelsPC1                     int16u[4]
    117    ColorTempPC1                         int16u
    118    WB_RGGBLevelsPC2                     int16u[4]
    122    ColorTempPC2                         int16u
    123    WB_RGGBLevelsPC3                     int16u[4]
    127    ColorTempPC3                         int16u
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int16u[4]
    132    ColorTempCustom                      int16u

Canon ColorInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    Saturation                           int16s
      2    ColorHue                             int16s
      3    ColorSpace                           int16s

CanonCustom Tags

CanonCustom Functions1D Tags

These custom functions are used by all 1D models up to but not including the Mark III.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocusingScreen                       int8u
      1    FinderDisplayDuringExposure          int8u
      2    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u
      3    ISOSpeedExpansion                    int8u
      4    ShutterAELButton                     int8u
      5    ManualTv                             int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    USMLensElectronicMF                  int8u
      8    LCDPanels                            int8u
      9    AEBSequence                          int8u
     10    AFPointIllumination                  int8u
     11    AFPointSelection                     int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSpotMetering                  int8u
     14    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    AFPointActivationArea                int8u
     18    SwitchToRegisteredAFPoint            int8u
     19    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     20    AIServoTrackingSensitivity           int8u

CanonCustom Functions5D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocusingScreen                       int8u
      1    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      2    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    FlashFiring                          int8u
      8    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      9    AEBSequence                          int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     14    ETTLII                               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    AFPointActivationArea                int8u
     18    LCDDisplayReturnToShoot              int8u
     19    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     20    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions10D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SetButtonFunction                    int8u
      2    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssist                             int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    AFPointRegistration                  int8u
      8    RawAndJpgRecording                   int8u
      9    AEBSequence                          int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AssistButtonFunction                 int8u
     14    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    LensAFStopButton                     int8u

CanonCustom Functions20D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    FlashFiring                          int8u
      7    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      8    AEBSequence                          int8u
      9    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     10    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     11    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     12    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     13    ETTLII                               int8u
     14    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     15    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     16    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     17    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions30D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      2    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    FlashFiring                          int8u
      8    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      9    AEBSequence                          int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     14    ETTLII                               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    MagnifiedView                        int8u
     18    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     19    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions350D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetButtonCrossKeysFunc               int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      7    ETTLII                               int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u

CanonCustom Functions400D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetButtonCrossKeysFunc               int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      7    ETTLII                               int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
      9    MagnifiedView                        int8u
     10    LCDDisplayAtPowerOn                  int8u

CanonCustom FunctionsD30 Tags

Custom functions for the EOS-D30 and D60.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      3    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      4    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      5    AFAssist                             int8u
      6    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      7    AEBSequence                          int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
      9    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     10    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     11    MenuButtonReturn                     int8u
     12    SetButtonFunction                    int8u
     13    SensorCleaning                       int8u
     14    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     15    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u

CanonCustom FuncsUnknown Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

CanonCustom PersonalFuncs Tags

Personal function settings for the EOS-1D.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    PF0CustomFuncRegistration            int16u
      2    PF1DisableShootingModes              int16u
      3    PF2DisableMeteringModes              int16u
      4    PF3ManualExposureMetering            int16u
      5    PF4ExposureTimeLimits                int16u
      6    PF5ApertureLimits                    int16u
      7    PF6PresetShootingModes               int16u
      8    PF7BracketContinuousShoot            int16u
      9    PF8SetBracketShots                   int16u
     10    PF9ChangeBracketSequence             int16u
     11    PF10RetainProgramShift               int16u
     14    PF13DrivePriority                    int16u
     15    PF14DisableFocusSearch               int16u
     16    PF15DisableAFAssistBeam              int16u
     17    PF16AutoFocusPointShoot              int16u
     18    PF17DisableAFPointSel                int16u
     19    PF18EnableAutoAFPointSel             int16u
     20    PF19ContinuousShootSpeed             int16u
     21    PF20LimitContinousShots              int16u
     22    PF21EnableQuietOperation             int16u
     24    PF23SetTimerLengths                  int16u
     25    PF24LightLCDDuringBulb               int16u
     26    PF25DefaultClearSettings             int16u
     27    PF26ShortenReleaseLag                int16u
     28    PF27ReverseDialRotation              int16u
     29    PF28NoQuickDialExpComp               int16u
     30    PF29QuickDialSwitchOff               int16u
     31    PF30EnlargementMode                  int16u
     32    PF31OriginalDecisionData             int16u

CanonCustom PersonalFuncValues Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    PF1Value                             int16u
      2    PF2Value                             int16u
      3    PF3Value                             int16u
      4    PF4ExposureTimeMin                   int16u
      5    PF4ExposureTimeMax                   int16u
      6    PF5ApertureMin                       int16u
      7    PF5ApertureMax                       int16u
      8    PF8BracketShots                      int16u
      9    PF19ShootingSpeedLow                 int16u
     10    PF19ShootingSpeedHigh                int16u
     11    PF20MaxContinousShots                int16u
     12    PF23ShutterButtonTime                int16u
     13    PF23FELockTime                       int16u
     14    PF23PostReleaseTime                  int16u
     15    PF25AEMode                           int16u
     16    PF25MeteringMode                     int16u
     17    PF25DriveMode                        int16u
     18    PF25AFMode                           int16u
     19    PF25AFPointSel                       int16u
     20    PF25ImageSize                        int16u
     21    PF25WBMode                           int16u
     22    PF25Parameters                       int16u
     23    PF25ColorMatrix                      int16u
     24    PF27Value                            int16u

CanonCustom Functions1DmkIII Tags

The EOS 1D Mark III has 57 custom function tags divided into four main groups: 1. Exposure (0x0101-0x010f), 2. Image (0x0201-0x0203), Flash Exposure (0x0304-0x0306) and Display (0x0407-0x0409), 3. Auto Focus (0x0501-0x050e) and Drive (0x060f-0x0611), and 4. Operation (0x0701-0x070a) and Others (0x080b-0x0810).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0101   ExposureLevelIncrements              int32u
  0x0102   ISOSpeedIncrements                   int32u
  0x0103   ISOSpeedRange                        int32u[3]
  0x0104   AEBAutoCancel                        int32u
  0x0105   AEBSequence                          int32u
  0x0106   AEBShotCount                         int32u
  0x0107   SpotMeterLinkToAFPoint               int32u
  0x0108   SafetyShift                          int32u
  0x0109   UsableShootingModes                  int32u[2]
  0x010a   UsableMeteringModes                  int32u[2]
  0x010b   ExposureModeInManual                 int32u
  0x010c   ShutterSpeedRange                    int32u[3]
  0x010d   ApertureRange                        int32u[3]
  0x010e   ApplyShootingMeteringMode            int32u[8]
  0x010f   FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int32u
  0x0201   LongExposureNoiseReduction           int32u
  0x0202   HighISONoiseReduction                int32u
  0x0203   HighlightTonePriority                int32u
  0x0304   ETTLII                               int32u
  0x0305   ShutterCurtainSync                   int32u
  0x0306   FlashFiring                          int32u
  0x0407   ViewInfoDuringExposure               int32u
  0x0408   LCDIlluminationDuringBulb            int32u
  0x0409   InfoButtonWhenShooting               int32u
  0x0501   USMLensElectronicMF                  int32u
  0x0502   AIServoTrackingSensitivity           int32u
  0x0503   AIServoImagePriority                 int32u
  0x0504   AIServoTrackingMethod                int32u
  0x0505   LensDriveNoAF                        int32u
  0x0506   LensAFStopButton                     int32u
  0x0507   AFMicroadjustment                    int32u[5]
  0x0508   AFExpansionWithSelectedPoint         int32u
  0x0509   SelectableAFPoint                    int32u
  0x050a   SwitchToRegisteredAFPoint            int32u
  0x050b   AFPointAutoSelection                 int32u
  0x050c   AFPointDisplayDuringFocus            int32u
  0x050d   AFPointBrightness                    int32u
  0x050e   AFAssistBeam                         int32u
  0x060f   MirrorLockup                         int32u
  0x0610   ContinuousShootingSpeed              int32u[3]
  0x0611   ContinuousShotLimit                  int32u[2]
  0x0701   ShutterButtonAFOnButton              int32u
  0x0702   AFOnAELockButtonSwitch               int32u
  0x0703   QuickControlDialInMeter              int32u
  0x0704   SetButtonWhenShooting                int32u
  0x0705   ManualTv                             int32u
  0x0706   DialDirectionTvAv                    int32u
  0x0707   AvSettingWithoutLens                 int32u
  0x0708   WBMediaImageSizeSetting              int32u
  0x0709   LockMicrophoneButton                 int32u
  0x070a   ButtonFunctionControlOff             int32u
  0x080b   FocusingScreen                       int32u
  0x080c   TimerLength                          int32u[4]
  0x080d   ShortReleaseTimeLag                  int32u
  0x080e   AddAspectRatioInfo                   int32u
  0x080f   AddOriginalDecisionData              int32u
  0x0810   LiveViewExposureSimulation           int32u

Casio Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   RecordingMode                        int16u
  0x0002   Quality                              int16u
  0x0003   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0004   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x0005   FlashIntensity                       int16u
  0x0006   ObjectDistance                       int32u
  0x0007   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x000a   DigitalZoom                          int32u
  0x000b   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x000c   Contrast                             int16u
  0x000d   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0014   CCDSensitivity                       int16u
  0x0016   Enhancement                          int16u
  0x0017   Filter                               int16u
  0x0018   AFPoint                              int16u
  0x0019   FlashIntensity                       int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

Casio Type2 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   PreviewImageSize                     int16u[2]
  0x0003   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0004   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0008   QualityMode                          int16u
  0x0009   CasioImageSize                       int16u
  0x000d   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0019   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x001d   FocalLength                          rational64u
  0x001f   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0020   Contrast                             int16u
  0x0021   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x2000   PreviewImage                         undef
  0x2001   FirmwareDate                         string[18]
  0x2011   WhiteBalanceBias                     int16u[2]
  0x2012   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x2022   ObjectDistance                       int32u
  0x2034   FlashDistance                        int16u
  0x3000   RecordMode                           int16u
  0x3001   SelfTimer                            int16u
  0x3002   Quality                              int16u
  0x3003   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x3006   TimeZone                             string
  0x3007   BestShotMode                         int16u
  0x3008   AutoISO                              int16u
  0x3011   Sharpness                            undef[2]
  0x3012   Contrast                             undef[2]
  0x3013   Saturation                           undef[2]
  0x3014   CCDISOSensitivity                    int16u
  0x3015   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x3016   Enhancement                          int16u
  0x3017   Filter                               int16u
  0x301c   SequenceNumber                       int16u
  0x301d   BracketSequence                      int16u[2]
  0x3020   ImageStabilization                   int16u

FujiFilm Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   Version                              undef
  0x0010   InternalSerialNumber                 string
  0x1000   Quality                              string
  0x1001   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x1002   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x1003   Saturation                           int16u
  0x1004   Contrast                             int16u
  0x1010   FujiFlashMode                        int16u
  0x1011   FlashStrength                        rational64s
  0x1020   Macro                                int16u
  0x1021   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x1023   FocusPixel                           int16u[2]
  0x1030   SlowSync                             int16u
  0x1031   PictureMode                          int16u
  0x1100   AutoBracketing                       int16u
  0x1101   SequenceNumber                       int16u
  0x1210   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x1300   BlurWarning                          int16u
  0x1301   FocusWarning                         int16u
  0x1302   ExposureWarning                      int16u
  0x1400   DynamicRange                         int16u
  0x1401   FilmMode                             int16u
  0x1402   DynamicRangeSetting                  int16u
  0x1403   DevelopmentDynamicRange              int16u
  0x1404   MinFocalLength                       rational64s
  0x1405   MaxFocalLength                       rational64s
  0x1406   MaxApertureAtMinFocal                rational64s
  0x1407   MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                rational64s
  0x8000   FileSource                           string
  0x8002   OrderNumber                          int32u
  0x8003   FrameNumber                          int16u

HP Tags

These tables list tags found in the maker notes of some Hewlett-Packard camera models.

The first table lists tags found in the EXIF-format maker notes of the PhotoSmart 720 (which are also used by the Vivitar ViviCam 3705, 3705B and 3715.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

HP Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart E427.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Lens Shading'       LensShading              N
  'PreviewImage'       PreviewImage             N
  'Serial Number'      SerialNumber             N

HP Type4 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart M627.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     12    MaxAperture                          N
     16    ExposureTime                         N
     20    CameraDateTime                       N
     52    ISO                                  N
     92    SerialNumber                         N

HP Type6 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart M425, M525 and M527.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     12    FNumber                              N
     16    ExposureTime                         N
     20    CameraDateTime                       N
     52    ISO                                  N
     88    SerialNumber                         N

JVC Tags

JVC EXIF maker note tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   CPUVersions                          N
  0x0003   Quality                              N

JVC Text Tags

JVC/Victor text-based maker note tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'QTY'    Quality                              N
  'VER'    MakerNoteVersion                     N

Kodak Tags

The Kodak maker notes aren't in standard IFD format, and the format varies frequently with different models. Some information has been decoded, but much of the Kodak information remains unknown.

The table below contains the most common set of Kodak tags. The following Kodak camera models have been tested and found to use these tags: C360, C663, C875, CX6330, CX6445, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530, DC4800, DC4900, DX3500, DX3600, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, EasyShare-One, LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753, V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z730, Z740, Z760 and Z7590.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    KodakModel                           string[8]
      9    Quality                              int8u
     10    BurstMode                            int8u
     12    KodakImageWidth                      int16u
     14    KodakImageHeight                     int16u
     16    YearCreated                          int16u
     18    MonthDayCreated                      int8u[2]
     20    TimeCreated                          int8u[4]
     24    BurstMode2?                          int16u
     27    ShutterMode                          int8u
     28    MeteringMode                         int8u
     29    SequenceNumber                       int8u
     30    FNumber                              int16u
     32    ExposureTime                         int32u
     36    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
     38    VariousModes?                        int16u
     40    Distance1?                           int32u
     44    Distance2?                           int32u
     48    Distance3?                           int32u
     52    Distance4?                           int32u
     56    FocusMode                            int8u
     58    VariousModes2?                       int16u
     60    PanoramaMode?                        int16u
     62    SubjectDistance?                     int16u
     64    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     92    FlashMode                            int8u
     93    FlashFired                           int8u
     94    ISOSetting                           int16u
     96    ISO                                  int16u
     98    TotalZoom                            int16u
    100    DateTimeStamp                        int16u
    102    ColorMode                            int16u
    104    DigitalZoom                          int16u
    107    Sharpness                            int8s

Kodak Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the Kodak DC220, DC260, DC265 and DC290, Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 618, C500 and C912, Pentax EI-200 and EI-2000, and Minolta EX1500Z.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      8    KodakMaker                           string[32]
     40    KodakModel                           string[32]
    108    KodakImageWidth                      int32u
    112    KodakImageHeight                     int32u

Kodak Type3 Tags

These tags are used by the DC240, DC280, DC3400 and DC5000.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     12    YearCreated                          int16u
     14    MonthDayCreated                      int8u[2]
     16    TimeCreated                          int8u[4]
     30    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     55    Sharpness                            int8s
     56    ExposureTime                         int32u
     60    FNumber                              int16u
     78    ISO                                  int16u

Kodak Type4 Tags

These tags are used by the DC200 and DC215.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     32    OriginalFileName                     string[12]

Kodak Type5 Tags

These tags are used by the CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200 and CX6230.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     20    ExposureTime                         int32u
     26    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     28    FNumber                              int16u
     30    ISO                                  int16u
     32    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     34    DigitalZoom                          int16u
     39    FlashMode                            int8u
     42    ImageRotated                         int8u
     43    Macro                                int8u

Kodak Type6 Tags

These tags are used by the DX3215 and DX3700.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     16    ExposureTime                         int32u
     20    ISOSetting?                          int32u
     24    FNumber                              int16u
     26    ISO                                  int16u
     28    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     30    DigitalZoom                          int16u
     34    Flash                                int16u

Kodak Unknown Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak Meta Tags

These tags are found in the APP3 "Meta" segment of JPEG images from Kodak cameras such as the DC280, DC3400, DC5000 and MC3. The structure of this segment is similar to the APP1 "Exif" segment, but a different set of tags is used.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xc350   FilmProductCode                      N
  0xc351   ImageSourceEK                        N
  0xc352   CaptureConditionsPAR                 N
  0xc353   CameraOwner                          N
  0xc354   SerialNumber                         N
  0xc355   UserSelectGroupTitle                 N
  0xc356   DealerIDNumber                       N
  0xc357   CaptureDeviceFID                     N
  0xc358   EnvelopeNumber                       N
  0xc359   FrameNumber                          N
  0xc35a   FilmCategory                         N
  0xc35b   FilmGencode                          N
  0xc35c   ModelAndVersion                      N
  0xc35d   FilmSize                             N
  0xc35e   SBA_RGBShifts                        N
  0xc35f   SBAInputImageColorspace              N
  0xc360   SBAInputImageBitDepth                N
  0xc361   SBAExposureRecord                    N
  0xc362   UserAdjSBA_RGBShifts                 N
  0xc363   ImageRotationStatus                  N
  0xc364   RollGuidElements                     N
  0xc365   MetadataNumber                       N
  0xc366   EditTagArray                         N
  0xc367   Magnification                        N
  0xc36c   NativeXResolution                    N
  0xc36d   NativeYResolution                    N
  0xc36e   KodakEffectsIFD                      Kodak SpecialEffects
  0xc36f   KodakBordersIFD                      Kodak Borders
  0xc37a   NativeResolutionUnit                 N
  0xc418   SourceImageDirectory                 N
  0xc419   SourceImageFileName                  N
  0xc41a   SourceImageVolumeName                N
  0xc46c   PrintQuality                         N
  0xc46e   ImagePrintStatus                     N

Kodak SpecialEffects Tags

The Kodak SpecialEffects and Borders tags are found in sub-IFD's within the Kodak JPEG APP3 "Meta" segment.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   DigitalEffectsVersion                N
  0x0001   DigitalEffectsName                   N
  0x0002   DigitalEffectsType                   N

Kodak Borders Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   BordersVersion                       N
  0x0001   BorderName                           N
  0x0002   BorderID                             N
  0x0003   BorderLocation                       N
  0x0004   BorderType                           N
  0x0008   WatermarkType                        N

Leaf Tags

These tags are found in .MOS images from Leaf digital camera backs as written by Creo Leaf Capture. They exist within the Leaf-specific directory structure of EXIF tag 0x8606. The tables below list observed Leaf tags, however ExifTool will extract any tags found in the Leaf directories even if they don't appear in these tables.

  Tag ID                          Tag Name      Writable
  ------                          --------      --------
  'JPEG_preview_data'             PreviewImage  undef
  'JPEG_preview_info'             PreviewInfo   N
  'PDA_histogram_data'            PDAHistogram  N
  'back_serial_number'            BackSerial    N
  'camera_profile'                CameraProfile Leaf CameraProfile
  'icc_camera_profile'            ICC_Profile   ICC_Profile
  'icc_camera_to_tone_matrix'     ToneMatrix    N
  'icc_camera_to_tone_space_flow' ToneSpaceFlow N
  'icc_rgb_ws_profile'            RGB_Profile   ICC_Profile
  'image_offset'                  ImageOffset   N
  'pattern_ratation_angle'        PatternAngle  N

Leaf CameraProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CamProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          CameraBackType           N
  'capture_profile'    CaptureProfile           Leaf CaptureProfile
  'image_profile'      ImageProfile             Leaf ImageProfile
  'name'               CameraName               N
  'type'               CameraType               N
  'version'            CameraProfileVersion     N

Leaf CaptureProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CaptProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                 Tag Name               Writable
  ------                 --------               --------
  'CCD_rect'             CCDRect                N
  'CCD_valid_rect'       CCDValidRect           N
  'CCD_video_rect'       CCDVideoRect           N
  'back_type'            CaptProfBackType       N
  'center_dark_rect'     CenterDarkRect         N
  'color_averages'       ColorAverages          N
  'color_matrix'         ColorMatrix            N
  'dark_correction_type' DarkCorrectionType     N
  'image_bounds'         ImageBounds            N
  'image_fields'         ImageFields            N
  'image_offset'         ImageOffset            N
  'left_dark_rect'       LeftDarkRect           N
  'luminance_consts'     LuminanceConsts        N
  'mosaic_pattern'       MosaicPattern          N
  'name'                 CaptProfName           N
  'number_of_planes'     NumberOfPlanes         N
  'raw_data_rotation'    RawDataRotation        N
  'reconstruction_type'  ReconstructionType     N
  'right_dark_rect'      RightDarkRect          N
  'serial_number'        CaptureSerial          N
  'type'                 CaptProfType           N
  'version'              CaptProfVersion        N
  'xy_offset_info'       XYOffsetInfo           N

Leaf ImageProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ImgProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ImgProfBackType          N
  'image_status'       ImageStatus              N
  'name'               ImgProfName              N
  'rotation_angle'     RotationAngle            N
  'shoot_setup'        ShootSetup               Leaf ShootSetup
  'type'               ImgProfType              N
  'version'            ImgProfVersion           N

Leaf ShootSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ShootObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ShootObjBackType         N
  'camera_setup'       CameraSetup              Leaf CameraSetup
  'capture_setup'      CaptureSetup             Leaf CaptureSetup
  'color_setup'        ColorSetup               Leaf ColorSetup
  'look_header'        LookHeader               Leaf LookHeader
  'name'               ShootObjName             N
  'save_setup'         SaveSetup                Leaf SaveSetup
  'type'               ShootObjType             N
  'version'            ShootObjVersion          N

Leaf CameraSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CameraObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'ISO_speed'          ISOSpeed                 N
  'back_type'          CameraObjBackType        N
  'camera_type'        CameraType               N
  'lens_ID'            LensID                   N
  'lens_type'          LensType                 N
  'name'               CameraObjName            N
  'strobe'             Strobe                   N
  'type'               CameraObjType            N
  'version'            CameraObjVersion         N

Leaf CaptureSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CaptureObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Multi_quality'      MultiQuality             N
  'back_type'          CaptureObjBackType       N
  'name'               CaptureObjName           N
  'neutals'            Neutals                  Leaf Neutrals
  'selection'          Selection                Leaf Selection
  'sharpness'          Sharpness                Leaf Sharpness
  'single_quality'     SingleQuality            N
  'tone_curve'         ToneCurve                Leaf ToneCurve
  'type'               CaptureObjType           N
  'version'            CaptureObjVersion        N

Leaf Neutrals Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'NeutObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                 Tag Name               Writable
  ------                 --------               --------
  'back_type'            NeutObjBackType        N
  'color_casts'          ColorCasts             N
  'highlight_end_points' HighlightEndPoints     N
  'name'                 NeutObjName            N
  'neutrals'             Neutrals               N
  'shadow_end_points'    ShadowEndPoints        N
  'type'                 NeutObjType            N
  'version'              NeutObjVersion         N

Leaf Selection Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SelObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          SelObjBackType           N
  'locks'              Locks                    N
  'name'               SelObjName               N
  'orientation'        Orientation              N
  'rect'               Rect                     N
  'resolution'         Resolution               N
  'scale'              Scale                    N
  'type'               SelObjType               N
  'version'            SelObjVersion            N

Leaf Sharpness Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SharpObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          SharpObjBackType         N
  'data_len'           DataLen                  N
  'name'               SharpObjName             N
  'sharp_info'         SharpInfo                N
  'sharp_method'       SharpMethod              N
  'type'               SharpObjType             N
  'version'            SharpObjVersion          N

Leaf ToneCurve Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ToneObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ToneObjBackType          N
  'gamma'              Gamma                    N
  'name'               ToneObjName              N
  'npts'               Npts                     N
  'tones'              Tones                    N
  'type'               ToneObjType              N
  'version'            ToneObjVersion           N

Leaf ColorSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ColorObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ColorObjBackType         N
  'color_mode'         ColorMode                N
  'color_type'         ColorType                N
  'has_ICC'            HasICC                   N
  'input_profile'      InputProfile             N
  'name'               ColorObjName             N
  'output_profile'     OutputProfile            N
  'type'               ColorObjType             N
  'version'            ColorObjVersion          N

Leaf LookHeader Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'LookHead_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          LookHeadBackType         N
  'name'               LookHeadName             N
  'type'               LookHeadType             N
  'version'            LookHeadVersion          N

Leaf SaveSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SaveObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                  Tag Name              Writable
  ------                  --------              --------
  'back_type'             SaveObjBackType       N
  'leaf_auto_active'      LeafAutoActive        N
  'leaf_auto_base_name'   LeafAutoBaseName      N
  'leaf_hot_folder'       LeafHotFolder         N
  'leaf_open_proc_HDR'    LeafOpenProcHDR       N
  'leaf_output_file_type' LeafOutputFileType    N
  'leaf_save_selection'   LeafSaveSelection     N
  'name'                  SaveObjName           N
  'std_auto_active'       StdAutoActive         N
  'std_base_name'         StdBaseName           N
  'std_hot_folder'        StdHotFolder          N
  'std_open_in_photoshop' StdOpenInPhotoshop    N
  'std_output_bit_depth'  StdOutputBitDepth     N
  'std_output_color_mode' StdOutputColorMode    N
  'std_output_file_type'  StdOutputFileType     N
  'std_oxygen'            StdOxygen             N
  'std_save_selection'    StdSaveSelection      N
  'std_scaled_output'     StdScaledOutput       N
  'std_sharpen_output'    StdSharpenOutput      N
  'type'                  SaveObjType           N
  'version'               SaveObjVersion        N

Leaf SubIFD Tags

Leaf also writes a TIFF-format sub-IFD inside IFD0 of a MOS image. No tags in this sub-IFD are currently known, except for tag 0x8606 which really shouldn't be here anyway (so it doesn't appear in the table below) because it duplicates a reference to the same data of tag 0x8606 in IFD0.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Minolta Tags

These tags are used by Minolta and Konica/Minolta cameras. Minolta doesn't make things easy for decoders because the meaning of some tags and the location where some information is stored is different for different camera models. (Take MinoltaQuality for example, which may be located in 5 different places.)

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   MakerNoteVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0001   MinoltaCameraSettingsOld             Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0003   MinoltaCameraSettings                Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0004   MinoltaCameraSettings7D              Minolta CameraSettings7D
  0x0018   ImageStabilization                   N
  0x0040   CompressedImageSize                  int32u
  0x0081   PreviewImage                         undef
  0x0088   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0089   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0100   SceneMode                            Y
  0x0101   ColorMode                            int32u
  0x0102   MinoltaQuality                       int32u
  0x0103   MinoltaQuality                       int32u
           MinoltaImageSize                     int32u
  0x0104   FlashExposureComp                    rational64s
  0x0107   ImageStabilization                   int32u
  0x010a   ZoneMatching                         int32u
  0x010b   ColorTemperature                     int32u
  0x010c   LensID                               int32u
  0x0113   ImageStabilization                   int32u
  0x0114   MinoltaCameraSettings5D              Minolta CameraSettings5D
           MinoltaCameraSettingsA100            Minolta CameraSettingsA100
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0f00   MinoltaCameraSettings2               N

Minolta CameraSettings Tags

There is some variability in CameraSettings information between different models (and sometimes even between different firmware versions), so this information may not be as reliable as it should be. Because of this, tags in the following tables are set to lower priority to prevent them from superceeding the values of same-named tags in other locations when duplicate tags are disabled.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    ExposureMode                         int32u
      2    FlashMode                            int32u
      3    WhiteBalance                         int32u~
      4    MinoltaImageSize                     int32u
      5    MinoltaQuality                       int32u
      6    DriveMode                            int32u
      7    MeteringMode                         int32u
      8    ISO                                  int32u
      9    ExposureTime                         int32u
     10    FNumber                              int32u
     11    MacroMode                            int32u
     12    DigitalZoom                          int32u
     13    ExposureCompensation                 int32u
     14    BracketStep                          int32u
     16    IntervalLength                       int32u
     17    IntervalNumber                       int32u
     18    FocalLength                          int32u
     19    FocusDistance                        int32u
     20    FlashFired                           int32u
     21    MinoltaDate                          int32u
     22    MinoltaTime                          int32u
     23    MaxAperture                          int32u
     26    FileNumberMemory                     int32u
     27    LastFileNumber                       int32u
     28    ColorBalanceRed                      int32u
     29    ColorBalanceGreen                    int32u
     30    ColorBalanceBlue                     int32u
     31    Saturation                           int32u
     32    Contrast                             int32u
     33    Sharpness                            int32u
     34    SubjectProgram                       int32u
     35    FlashExposureComp                    int32u
     36    ISOSetting                           int32u
     37    MinoltaModelID                       int32u
     38    IntervalMode                         int32u
     39    FolderName                           int32u
     40    ColorMode                            int32u
     41    ColorFilter                          int32u
     42    BWFilter                             int32u
     43    InternalFlash                        int32u
     44    Brightness                           int32u
     45    SpotFocusPointX                      int32u
     46    SpotFocusPointY                      int32u
     47    WideFocusZone                        int32u
     48    FocusMode                            int32u
     49    FocusArea                            int32u
     50    DECPosition                          int32u
     51    ColorProfile                         int32u
     52    DataImprint                          int32u
     63    FlashMetering                        int32u

Minolta CameraSettings7D Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ExposureMode                         int16u
      2    MinoltaImageSize                     int16u
      3    MinoltaQuality                       int16u
      4    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     14    FocusMode                            int16u
     16    AFPoints                             int16u
     21    Flash                                int16u
     28    ISOSetting                           int16u
     30    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
     37    ColorSpace                           int16u
     38    Sharpness                            int16u
     39    Contrast                             int16u
     40    Saturation                           int16u
     45    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     63    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     70    Rotation                             int16u
     71    FNumber                              int16u
     72    ExposureTime                         int16u
     74    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     94    ImageNumber                          int16u
     96    NoiseReduction                       int16u
     98    ImageNumber2                         int16u
    113    ImageStabilization                   int16u
    117    ZoneMatchingOn                       int16u

Minolta CameraSettings5D Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     10    ExposureMode                         int16u
     12    MinoltaImageSize                     int16u
     13    MinoltaQuality                       int16u
     14    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     31    Flash                                int16u
     37    MeteringMode                         int16u
     38    ISOSetting                           int16u
     48    Sharpness                            int16u
     49    Contrast                             int16u
     50    Saturation                           int16u
     53    ExposureTime                         int16u
     54    FNumber                              int16u
     55    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     73    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     80    Rotation                             int16u
     83    ExposureCompensation                 int16u
     84    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
    110    ColorTemperature                     int16s
    174    ImageNumber                          int16u
    176    NoiseReduction                       int16u
    189    ImageStabilization                   int16u

Minolta CameraSettingsA100 Tags

Camera settings information for the Sony DSLR-A100.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ExposureMode                         int16u
      1    ExposureCompensation                 int16u
     11    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     22    ColorMode                            int16u
     24    Sharpness                            int16u
     25    Contrast                             int16u
     26    Saturation                           int16u
     30    DriveMode                            int16u
     63    NoiseReduction                       int16u
     90    Rotation                             int16u
     94    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    135    ImageStabilization                   int32u[0.5]

Nikon Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   MakerNoteVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0002   ISO                                  int16u[2]
  0x0003   ColorMode                            string
  0x0004   Quality                              string
  0x0005   WhiteBalance                         string
  0x0006   Sharpness                            string
  0x0007   FocusMode                            string
  0x0008   FlashSetting                         string
  0x0009   FlashType                            string[13]
  0x000b   WhiteBalanceFineTune                 int16s
  0x000c   ColorBalance1                        rational64u[4]
  0x000d   ProgramShift                         undef[4]
  0x000e   ExposureDifference                   undef[4]
  0x000f   ISOSelection                         string
  0x0010   DataDump                             N
  0x0011   NikonPreview                         Nikon PreviewImage
  0x0012   FlashExposureComp                    undef[4]
  0x0013   ISOSetting                           int16u[2]
  0x0016   ImageBoundary                        int16u[4]
  0x0018   FlashExposureBracketValue            undef[4]
  0x0019   ExposureBracketValue                 rational64s
  0x001a   ImageProcessing                      string
  0x001b   CropHiSpeed                          int16u[7]~
  0x001d   SerialNumber                         N
  0x001e   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x0020   ImageAuthentication                  int8u
  0x0080   ImageAdjustment                      string
  0x0081   ToneComp                             string
  0x0082   AuxiliaryLens                        string
  0x0083   LensType                             int8u
  0x0084   Lens                                 rational64u[4]
  0x0085   ManualFocusDistance                  rational64u
  0x0086   DigitalZoom                          rational64u
  0x0087   FlashMode                            int8u
  0x0088   AFInfo                               Nikon AFInfo
  0x0089   ShootingMode                         int16u~
  0x008a   AutoBracketRelease                   int16u
  0x008b   LensFStops                           undef[4]
  0x008c   NEFCurve1                            N
  0x008d   ColorHue                             string
  0x008f   SceneMode                            string
  0x0090   LightSource                          string
  0x0091   ShotInfo                             Nikon ShotInfo
           ShotInfo?                            Nikon ShotInfo
  0x0092   HueAdjustment                        int16s
  0x0094   Saturation                           int16s
  0x0095   NoiseReduction                       string
  0x0096   NEFCurve2                            N
  0x0097   ColorBalance0100                     Nikon ColorBalance1
           ColorBalance0102                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance0103                     Nikon ColorBalance3
           ColorBalance0205                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance02                       Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalanceUnknown                  N
  0x0098   LensData0100                         Nikon LensData00
           LensData0101                         Nikon LensData01
           LensData0201                         Nikon LensData01
           LensDataUnknown                      N
  0x0099   RawImageCenter                       int16u[2]
  0x009a   SensorPixelSize                      rational64u[2]
  0x00a0   SerialNumber                         string
  0x00a2   ImageDataSize                        int32u
  0x00a5   ImageCount                           int32u
  0x00a6   DeletedImageCount                    int32u
  0x00a7   ShutterCount                         N
  0x00a9   ImageOptimization                    string[16]
  0x00aa   Saturation                           string
  0x00ab   VariProgram                          string
  0x00ac   ImageStabilization                   string
  0x00ad   AFResponse                           string
  0x00b0   MultiExposure                        Nikon MultiExposure
  0x00b1   HighISONoiseReduction                int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0e01   NikonCaptureData                     NikonCapture
  0x0e09   NikonCaptureVersion                  string
  0x0e0e   NikonCaptureOffsets                  Nikon CaptureOffsets
  0x0e10   NikonScanIFD                         Nikon Scan

Nikon PreviewImage Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0103   Compression                          N
  0x011a   XResolution                          N
  0x011b   YResolution                          N
  0x0128   ResolutionUnit                       N
  0x0201   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0202   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0213   YCbCrPositioning                     N

Nikon AFInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    AFAreaMode                           int8u
      1    AFPoint                              int8u
      2    AFPointsUsed                         int16u

Nikon ShotInfo Tags

This information is encrypted for ShotInfoVersion 02xx.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      N
    102    VR_0x66?                             N
    106    ShutterCount                         N
    110    DeletedImageCount                    N
    130    VR_0x82?                             N

Nikon ColorBalance1 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RBGGLevels                        int16u[4]!

Nikon ColorBalance2 Tags

This information is encrypted for most camera models, and if encrypted is not currently writable by exiftool.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RGGBLevels                        int16u[4]!

Nikon ColorBalance3 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RGBGLevels                        int16u[4]!

Nikon LensData00 Tags

This structure is used by the D100 and newer D1X models.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    LensDataVersion                      undef[4]
      6    LensIDNumber                         int8u
      7    LensFStops                           int8u
      8    MinFocalLength                       int8u
      9    MaxFocalLength                       int8u
     10    MaxApertureAtMinFocal                int8u
     11    MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                int8u
     12    MCUVersion                           int8u

Nikon LensData01 Tags

Nikon encrypts the LensData information below if LensDataVersion is 0201 or higher, but the decryption algorithm is known so the information can be extracted. It isn't yet writable, however, because the encryption adds complications which make writing more difficult.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    LensDataVersion                      N
      4    ExitPupilPosition                    N
      5    AFAperture                           N
      8    FocusPosition                        N
      9    FocusDistance                        N
     10    FocalLength                          N
     11    LensIDNumber                         N
     12    LensFStops                           N
     13    MinFocalLength                       N
     14    MaxFocalLength                       N
     15    MaxApertureAtMinFocal                N
     16    MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                N
     17    MCUVersion                           N
     18    EffectiveMaxAperture                 N

Nikon MultiExposure Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    MultiExposureVersion                 string[4]
      1    MultiExposureMode                    int32u
      2    MultiExposureShots                   int32u
      3    MultiExposureAutoGain                int32u

Nikon CaptureOffsets Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   IFD0_Offset                          N
  0x0002   PreviewIFD_Offset                    N
  0x0003   SubIFD_Offset                        N

Nikon Scan Tags

This information is written by the Nikon Scan software.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   FilmType                             string
  0x0040   MultiSample                          string
  0x0041   BitDepth                             int16u
  0x0050   MasterGain                           rational64s
  0x0051   ColorGain                            rational64s[3]
  0x0100   DigitalICE                           string
  0x0110   ROCInfo                              Nikon ROC
  0x0120   GEMInfo                              Nikon GEM

Nikon ROC Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DigitalROC                           int32u

Nikon GEM Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DigitalGEM                           int32u

Nikon Type2 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0003   Quality                              Y
  0x0004   ColorMode                            Y
  0x0005   ImageAdjustment                      Y
  0x0006   CCDSensitivity                       Y
  0x0007   WhiteBalance                         Y
  0x0008   Focus                                Y
  0x000a   DigitalZoom                          Y
  0x000b   Converter                            Y

Nikon MOV Tags

This information is found in Nikon QT video images, and is very similar to information found in Pentax MOV videos.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 N
     24    Model                                N
     38    ExposureTime                         N
     42    FNumber                              N
     50    ExposureCompensation                 N
     68    WhiteBalance                         N
     72    FocalLength                          N
    175    Software                             N
    223    ISO                                  N

NikonCapture Tags

This information is written by the Nikon Capture software in tag 0x0e01 of the maker notes of NEF images.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x8ae85e     LCHEditor                        int8u
  0xc89224b    ColorAberrationControl           int8u
  0x2175eb78   D-LightingHQ                     int8u
  0x2fc08431   StraightenAngle                  double
  0x374233e0   CropData                         NikonCapture CropData
  0x3cfc73c6   RedEyeData                       NikonCapture RedEyeData
  0x5f0e7d23   ColorBooster                     int8u
  0x6a6e36b6   D-LightingHQSelected             int8u
  0x753dcbc0   NoiseReduction                   int8u
  0x76a43200   UnsharpMask                      int8u
  0x76a43201   Curves                           int8u
  0x76a43202   ColorBalanceAdj                  int8u
  0x76a43203   AdvancedRaw                      int8u
  0x76a43204   WhiteBalanceAdj                  int8u
  0x76a43205   VignetteControl                  int8u
  0x76a43206   FlipHorizontal                   int8u
  0x76a43207   Rotation                         int16u
  0x84589434   BrightnessData                   NikonCapture Brightness
  0x890ff591   D-LightingHQData                 NikonCapture DLightingHQ
  0x926f13e0   NoiseReductionData               NikonCapture NoiseReduction
  0x9ef5f6e0   IPTCData                         IPTC
  0xab5eca5e   PhotoEffects                     int8u
  0xac6bd5c0   VignetteControlIntensity         int16s
  0xb0384e1e   PhotoEffectsData                 NikonCapture PhotoEffects
  0xb999a36f   ColorBoostData                   NikonCapture ColorBoost
  0xbf3c6c20   WBAdjData                        NikonCapture WBAdjData
  0xce5554aa   D-LightingHS                     int8u
  0xe37b4337   D-LightingHSData                 NikonCapture DLightingHS
  0xe42b5161   UnsharpData                      NikonCapture UnsharpData
  0xfe443a45   ImageDustOff                     int8u

NikonCapture CropData Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
     30    CropLeft                             double
     38    CropTop                              double
     46    CropRight                            double
     54    CropBottom                           double
    142    OutputWidthInches                    double
    150    OutputHeightInches                   double
    158    ScaledResolution                     double
    174    SourceResolution                     double
    182    OutputResolution                     double
    190    CropOutputScale                      double
    198    OutputWidth                          double
    206    OutputHeight                         double
    214    OutputPixels                         double

NikonCapture RedEyeData Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    RedEyeCorrection                     int8u

NikonCapture Brightness Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    BrightnessAdj                        double
      8    EnhanceDarkTones                     int8u

NikonCapture DLightingHQ Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    D-LightingHSShadow                   int32u
      1    D-LightingHSHighlight                int32u
      2    D-LightingHSColorBoost               int32u

NikonCapture NoiseReduction Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    EdgeNoiseReduction                   int8u
      5    ColorMoireReduction                  int8u
      9    NoiseReductionIntensity              int32u
     13    NoiseReductionSharpness              int32u
     17    NoiseReductionMethod                 int16u

NikonCapture PhotoEffects Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    PhotoEffectsType                     int8u
      4    PhotoEffectsRed                      int16s
      6    PhotoEffectsGreen                    int16s
      8    PhotoEffectsBlue                     int16s

NikonCapture ColorBoost Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ColorBoostType                       int8u
      1    ColorBoostLevel                      int32u

NikonCapture WBAdjData Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WBAdjRedBalance                      double
      8    WBAdjBlueBalance                     double
     16    WBAdjMode                            int8u
     21    WBAdjLighting                        int8u
     24    WBAdjTemperature                     int16u

NikonCapture DLightingHS Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    D-LightingHSAdjustment               int32u
      1    D-LightingHSColorBoost               int32u

NikonCapture UnsharpData Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    UnsharpCount                         int8u
     19    Unsharp1Color                        int16u
     23    Unsharp1Intensity                    int16u
     25    Unsharp1HaloWidth                    int16u
     27    Unsharp1Threshold                    int8u
     46    Unsharp2Color                        int16u
     50    Unsharp2Intensity                    int16u
     52    Unsharp2HaloWidth                    int16u
     54    Unsharp2Threshold                    int8u
     73    Unsharp3Color                        int16u
     77    Unsharp3Intensity                    int16u
     79    Unsharp3HaloWidth                    int16u
     81    Unsharp3Threshold                    int8u
    100    Unsharp4Color                        int16u
    104    Unsharp4Intensity                    int16u
    106    Unsharp4HaloWidth                    int16u
    108    Unsharp4Threshold                    int8u

Olympus Tags

Tags 0x0000 through 0x0103 are used by some older Olympus cameras, and are the same as Konica/Minolta tags. The Olympus tags are also used for Epson and Agfa cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   MakerNoteVersion                     undef
  0x0001   MinoltaCameraSettingsOld             Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0003   MinoltaCameraSettings                Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0040   CompressedImageSize                  int32u
  0x0081   PreviewImageData                     N
  0x0088   PreviewImageStart                    N
  0x0089   PreviewImageLength                   N
  0x0100   ThumbnailImage                       undef
  0x0101   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x0102   MinoltaQuality                       int16u
  0x0103   MinoltaQuality                       int16u
  0x0200   SpecialMode                          int32u[3]~
  0x0201   Quality                              int16u~
  0x0202   Macro                                int16u
  0x0203   BWMode                               int16u
  0x0204   DigitalZoom                          rational64u
  0x0205   FocalPlaneDiagonal                   rational64u
  0x0206   LensDistortionParams                 int16s[6]
  0x0207   CameraType                           string
  0x0208   TextInfo                             Olympus TextInfo
  0x0209   CameraID                             string
  0x020b   EpsonImageWidth                      int16u
  0x020c   EpsonImageHeight                     int16u
  0x020d   EpsonSoftware                        string
  0x0280   PreviewImage                         int8u
  0x0300   PreCaptureFrames                     int16u
  0x0302   OneTouchWB                           int16u
  0x0404   SerialNumber                         string
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0f00   DataDump                             N
  0x0f01   DataDump2                            N
  0x1000   ShutterSpeedValue                    rational64s
  0x1001   ISOValue                             rational64s
  0x1002   ApertureValue                        rational64s
  0x1003   BrightnessValue                      rational64s
  0x1004   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x1005   FlashDevice                          int16u
  0x1006   ExposureCompensation                 rational64s
  0x1007   SensorTemperature                    int16s
  0x1008   LensTemperature                      int16s
  0x100b   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x100c   ManualFocusDistance                  rational64u
  0x100d   ZoomStepCount                        int16u
  0x100e   FocusStepCount                       int16u
  0x100f   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x1010   FlashChargeLevel                     int16u
  0x1011   ColorMatrix                          int16u[9]
  0x1012   BlackLevel                           int16u[4]
  0x1015   WBMode                               int16u[2]
  0x1017   RedBalance                           int16u[2]
  0x1018   BlueBalance                          int16u[2]
  0x101a   SerialNumber                         string
  0x1023   FlashExposureComp                    rational64s
  0x1026   ExternalFlashBounce                  int16u
  0x1027   ExternalFlashZoom                    int16u
  0x1028   ExternalFlashMode                    int16u
  0x1029   Contrast                             int16u
  0x102a   SharpnessFactor                      int16u
  0x102b   ColorControl                         int16u[6]
  0x102c   ValidBits                            int16u[2]
  0x102d   CoringFilter                         int16u
  0x102e   OlympusImageWidth                    int32u
  0x102f   OlympusImageHeight                   int32u
  0x1034   CompressionRatio                     rational64u
  0x1035   PreviewImageValid                    int32u
  0x1036   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x1037   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x1039   CCDScanMode                          int16u
  0x103a   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x103b   InfinityLensStep                     int16u
  0x103c   NearLensStep                         int16u
  0x2010   Equipment                            Olympus Equipment
           Equipment2                           Olympus Equipment
  0x2020   CameraSettings                       Olympus CameraSettings
           CameraSettings2                      Olympus CameraSettings
  0x2030   RawDevelopment                       Olympus RawDevelopment
           RawDevelopment2                      Olympus RawDevelopment
  0x2040   ImageProcessing                      Olympus ImageProcessing
           ImageProcessing2                     Olympus ImageProcessing
  0x2050   FocusInfo                            Olympus FocusInfo
           FocusInfo2                           Olympus FocusInfo
           CameraParameters                     undef
  0x3000   RawInfo                              Olympus RawInfo
           RawInfo2                             Olympus RawInfo

Olympus TextInfo Tags

This information is in text format (similar to APP12 information, but with spaces instead of linefeeds). Below are tags which have been observed, but any information found here will be extracted, even if the tag is not listed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Resolution'         Resolution               N
  'Type'               CameraType               N

Olympus Equipment Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   EquipmentVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0100   CameraType2                          string[6]
  0x0101   SerialNumber                         string[32]
  0x0102   InternalSerialNumber                 string[32]
  0x0103   FocalPlaneDiagonal                   rational64u
  0x0104   BodyFirmwareVersion                  int32u
  0x0201   LensType                             int8u[6]~
  0x0202   LensSerialNumber                     string[32]
  0x0204   LensFirmwareVersion                  int32u
  0x0206   MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                int16u
  0x0207   MinFocalLength                       int16u
  0x0208   MaxFocalLength                       int16u
  0x020a   MaxApertureAtCurrentFocal            int16u
  0x0301   Extender                             int8u[6]~
  0x0302   ExtenderSerialNumber                 string[32]
  0x0303   ExtenderModel                        string
  0x0304   ExtenderFirmwareVersion              int32u
  0x1000   FlashType                            int16u
  0x1001   FlashModel                           int16u
  0x1002   FlashFirmwareVersion                 int32u
  0x1003   FlashSerialNumber                    string[32]

Olympus CameraSettings Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   CameraSettingsVersion                undef[4]
  0x0100   PreviewImageValid                    int32u
  0x0101   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0102   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0200   ExposureMode                         int16u
  0x0201   AELock                               int16u
  0x0202   MeteringMode                         int16u
  0x0300   MacroMode                            int16u
  0x0301   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0302   FocusProcess                         int16u
  0x0303   AFSearch                             int16u
  0x0304   AFAreas                              int32u[64]~
  0x0400   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x0401   FlashExposureCompensation            rational64s
  0x0500   WhiteBalance2                        int16u
  0x0501   WhiteBalanceTemperature              int16u
  0x0502   WhiteBalanceBracket                  int16s
  0x0503   CustomSaturation                     int16s[3]~
  0x0504   ModifiedSaturation                   int16u
  0x0505   ContrastSetting                      int16s[3]
  0x0506   SharpnessSetting                     int16s[3]
  0x0507   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x0509   SceneMode                            int16u
  0x050a   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x050b   DistortionCorrection                 int16u
  0x050c   ShadingCompensation                  int16u
  0x050d   CompressionFactor                    rational64u
  0x050f   Gradation                            int16s[3]
  0x0520   PictureMode                          int16u
  0x0521   PictureModeSaturation                int16s[3]
  0x0522   PictureModeHue?                      int16s
  0x0523   PictureModeContrast                  int16s[3]
  0x0524   PictureModeSharpness                 int16s[3]
  0x0525   PictureModeBWFilter                  int16s
  0x0526   PictureModeTone                      int16s
  0x0600   Sequence                             int16u[n]~
  0x0601   PanoramaMode                         int16u~
  0x0603   ImageQuality2                        int16u
  0x0901   ManometerReading                     int32s[2]

Olympus RawDevelopment Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   RawDevVersion                        undef[4]
  0x0100   RawDevExposureBiasValue              rational64s
  0x0101   RawDevWhiteBalanceValue              int16u
  0x0102   RawDevWBFineAdjustment               int16s
  0x0103   RawDevGrayPoint                      int16u[3]
  0x0104   RawDevSaturationEmphasis             int16s[3]
  0x0105   RawDevMemoryColorEmphasis            int16u
  0x0106   RawDevContrastValue                  int16s[3]
  0x0107   RawDevSharpnessValue                 int16s[3]
  0x0108   RawDevColorSpace                     int16u
  0x0109   RawDevEngine                         int16u
  0x010a   RawDevNoiseReduction                 int16u
  0x010b   RawDevEditStatus                     int16u
  0x010c   RawDevSettings                       int16u

Olympus ImageProcessing Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   ImageProcessingVersion               undef[4]
  0x0100   WB_RBLevels                          int16u[2]
  0x0200   ColorMatrix                          int16u[9]
  0x0300   SmoothingParameter1                  int16u
  0x0310   SmoothingParameter2                  int16u
  0x0600   SmoothingThresholds                  int16u[4]
  0x0610   SmoothingThreshold2                  int16u
  0x0611   ValidBits                            int16u[2]
  0x0614   OlympusImageWidth2                   int32u
  0x0615   OlympusImageHeight2                  int32u
  0x1010   NoiseReduction2                      int16u
  0x1011   DistortionCorrection2                int16u
  0x1012   ShadingCompensation2                 int16u

Olympus FocusInfo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   FocusInfoVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0209   AutoFocus?                           int16u
  0x0300   ZoomStepCount                        int16u
  0x0305   FocusDistance                        rational64u
  0x1201   ExternalFlash                        int16u[2]
  0x1208   InternalFlash                        int16u[n]
  0x1209   ManualFlash                          int16u[2]~
  0x1500   SensorTemperature                    int16s

Olympus RawInfo Tags

These tags are found only in ORF images of some models (ie. C8080WZ).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0100   WB_RBLevelsUsed                      N
  0x0110   WB_RBLevelsAuto                      N
  0x0120   WB_RBLevelsShade                     N
  0x0121   WB_RBLevelsCloudy                    N
  0x0122   WB_RBLevelsFineWeather               N
  0x0123   WB_RBLevelsTungsten                  N
  0x0124   WB_RBLevelsEveningSunlight           N
  0x0130   WB_RBLevelsDaylightFluor             N
  0x0131   WB_RBLevelsDayWhiteFluor             N
  0x0132   WB_RBLevelsCoolWhiteFluor            N
  0x0133   WB_RBLevelsWhiteFluorescent          N
  0x0200   ColorMatrix2                         N
  0x0310   CoringFilter                         N
  0x0311   CoringValues                         N
  0x0600   BlackLevel2                          N
  0x0601   YCbCrCoefficients                    N
  0x0611   ValidPixelDepth                      N
  0x0614   FinalImageWidth                      N
  0x0615   FinalImageHeight                     N
  0x1000   WhiteBalanceComp                     N
  0x1010   SaturationSetting                    N
  0x1011   HueSetting                           N
  0x1012   ContrastSetting                      N
  0x1013   SharpnessSetting                     N
  0x2000   CMExposureCompensation               N
  0x2001   CMWhiteBalance                       N
  0x2002   CMWhiteBalanceComp                   N
  0x2010   CMWhiteBalanceGrayPoint              N
  0x2020   CMSaturation                         N
  0x2021   CMHue                                N
  0x2022   CMContrast                           N
  0x2023   CMSharpness                          N

Panasonic Tags

Panasonic tags are also used for Leica cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   ImageQuality                         int16u
  0x0002   ProductionVersion                    int8u[4]
  0x0003   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x0007   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x000f   AFMode                               int8u[2]
  0x001a   ImageStabilizer                      int16u
  0x001c   MacroMode                            int16u
  0x001f   ShootingMode                         int16u
  0x0020   Audio                                int16u
  0x0021   DataDump                             N
  0x0023   WhiteBalanceBias                     int16s
  0x0024   FlashBias                            int16s
  0x0025   InternalSerialNumber                 undef[16]
  0x0028   ColorEffect                          int16u
  0x002a   BurstMode                            int16u
  0x002b   SequenceNumber                       int32u
  0x002c   Contrast                             int16u
  0x002d   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x002e   SelfTimer                            int16u
  0x0030   Rotation                             int16u
  0x0032   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x0033   BabyAge                              string
  0x0035   ConversionLens                       int16u
  0x0036   TravelDay                            int16u
  0x0042   FilmMode                             int16u
  0x0051   LensType                             string
  0x0052   LensSerialNumber                     string
  0x0053   AccessoryType                        string
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

Panasonic Type2 Tags

This type of maker notes is used by models such as the NV-DS65, PV-D2002, PV-DC3000, PV-DV203, PV-DV401, PV-DV702, PV-L2001, PV-SD4090, PV-SD5000 and iPalm.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    MakerNoteVersion                     N
      3    Gain                                 N

Panasonic Raw Tags

These tags are found in IFD0 of Panasonic RAW images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   PanasonicRawVersion                  undef
  0x0002   SensorWidth                          N
  0x0003   SensorHeight                         N
  0x0006   ImageHeight                          N
  0x0007   ImageWidth                           N
  0x0017   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0024   WB_RedLevel                          int16u
  0x0025   WB_GreenLevel                        int16u
  0x0026   WB_BlueLevel                         int16u
  0x010f   Make                                 string
  0x0110   Model                                string
  0x0111   StripOffsets                         N
  0x0112   Orientation                          int16u
  0x0116   RowsPerStrip                         N
  0x0117   StripByteCounts                      N
  0x8769   ExifOffset                           EXIF

Pentax Tags

The Pentax tags are also used in Asahi cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   PentaxVersion                        int8u[4]
  0x0001   PentaxMode                           int16u
  0x0002   PreviewImageSize                     int16u[2]~
  0x0003   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0004   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0005   PentaxModelID                        int32u
  0x0006   Date                                 undef[4]
  0x0007   Time                                 undef[3]
  0x0008   Quality                              int16u
  0x0009   PentaxImageSize                      int16u
  0x000b   PictureMode                          int16u
  0x000c   FlashMode                            N
  0x000d   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x000e   AFPointSelected                      int16u
  0x000f   AutoAFPoint                          int16u
  0x0010   FocusPosition                        int16u
  0x0012   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0x0013   FNumber                              int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0016   ExposureCompensation                 int16u
  0x0017   MeteringMode                         int16u
  0x0018   AutoBracketing                       int16u[n]
  0x0019   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x001a   WhiteBalanceMode                     int16u
  0x001b   BlueBalance                          int16u
  0x001c   RedBalance                           int16u
  0x001d   FocalLength                          int32u
  0x001e   DigitalZoom                          int16u
  0x001f   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0020   Contrast                             int16u
  0x0021   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x0022   WorldTimeLocation                    int16u
  0x0023   HometownCity                         int16u
  0x0024   DestinationCity                      int16u
  0x0025   HometownDST                          int16u
  0x0026   DestinationDST                       int16u
  0x0029   FrameNumber                          int32u
  0x0032   ImageProcessing                      undef[4]
  0x0033   PictureMode                          int8u[3]
  0x0034   DriveMode                            int8u[4]
  0x0037   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x0038   ImageAreaOffset                      int16u[2]
  0x0039   RawImageSize                         int16u[2]~
  0x003c   AFPointsUsed                         N
  0x003f   LensType                             int8u[2]
  0x0047   CameraTemperature                    int8s
  0x0049   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x004d   FlashExposureComp                    int32s
  0x004f   ImageTone                            Y
  0x005c   ShakeReductionInfo                   Pentax SRInfo
  0x0200   BlackPoint                           int16u[4]
  0x0201   WhitePoint                           int16u[4]
  0x0206   AEInfo                               Pentax AEInfo
  0x0207   LensInfo                             Pentax LensInfo
  0x0208   FlashInfo                            Pentax FlashInfo
  0x0209   AEDump?                              Y
  0x020a   FlashADump?                          Y
  0x020b   FlashBDump?                          Y
  0x020d   WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
  0x020e   WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
  0x020f   WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
  0x0210   WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
  0x0211   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD            int16u[4]
  0x0212   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN            int16u[4]
  0x0213   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW            int16u[4]
  0x0214   WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
  0x0215   CameraInfo                           Pentax CameraInfo
  0x0216   BatteryInfo                          Pentax BatteryInfo
  0x03fe   DataDump                             N
  0x0402   ToneCurve                            Y~
  0x0403   ToneCurves                           Y~
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x1000   HometownCityCode                     undef[4]
  0x1001   DestinationCityCode                  undef[4]
  0x2000   PreviewImageData                     Y

Pentax SRInfo Tags

Shake reduction information.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    SRResult                             int8u
      1    ShakeReduction                       int8u
      2    SR_SWSToSWRTime                      int8u

Pentax AEInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    AEExposureTime                       int8u
      1    AEAperture                           int8u
      2    AE_ISO                               int8u
      3    AEXv                                 int8u
      4    AEBXv                                int8u
      5    AEFlashTv                            int8u
      6    AEProgramMode                        int8u
      7    AEExtra?                             int8u

Pentax LensInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    LensType                             N
      4    LensCoefficients                     int8u[9]

Pentax FlashInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FlashStatus                          int8u
      1    FlashModeCode                        int8u
      2    ExternalFlashMode                    int8u
      3    InternalFlashMagni                   int8u
      4    TTL_DA_AUp                           int8u
      5    TTL_DA_ADown                         int8u
      6    TTL_DA_BUp                           int8u
      7    TTL_DA_BDown                         int8u

Pentax CameraInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    PentaxModelID                        int32u
      1    ManufactureDate                      int32u
      2    ModelRevision                        int32u[2]
      4    InternalSerialNumber                 int32u

Pentax BatteryInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    BatteryType                          int8u
      1    BatteryBodyGripStates                int8u
      2    BatteryADBodyNoLoad                  int8u
      3    BatteryADBodyLoad                    int8u
      4    BatteryADGripNoLoad                  int8u
      5    BatteryADGripLoad                    int8u

Pentax MOV Tags

This information is found in Pentax MOV video images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 N
     38    ExposureTime                         N
     42    FNumber                              N
     50    ExposureCompensation                 N
     68    WhiteBalance                         N
     72    FocalLength                          N
    175    ISO                                  N

Ricoh Tags

These tags are used by Ricoh Caplio camera models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   MakerNoteType                        string
  0x0002   MakerNoteVersion                     string
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x1001   ImageInfo                            Ricoh ImageInfo
  0x1003   Sharpness                            int32u
  0x2001   RicohSubdir                          Ricoh Subdir
           RicohRR1Subdir                       Ricoh Subdir

Ricoh ImageInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    RicohImageWidth                      int16u
      2    RicohImageHeight                     int16u
      6    RicohDate                            int8u[7]
     28    PreviewImageStart                    int16u*
     30    PreviewImageLength                   int16u*
     32    FlashMode                            int8u
     33    Macro                                int8u
     34    Sharpness                            int8u
     38    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     39    ISOSetting                           int8u
     40    Saturation                           int8u

Ricoh Subdir Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0004   RicohDateTime1                       N
  0x0005   RicohDateTime2                       N

Ricoh Text Tags

Ricoh RDC models such as the RDC-i700, RDC-5000, RDC-6000, RDC-7 and RDC-4300 use a text-based format for their maker notes instead of the IFD format used by the Caplio models. Below is a list of known tags in this information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Bg'     BlueGain                             N
  'Gg'     GreenGain                            N
  'Rev'    Revision                             N
  'Rg'     RedGain                              N
  'Rv'     Revision                             N

Ricoh RMETA Tags

The Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 has the ability to add custom fields to the APP5 "RMETA" segment of JPEG images. While only a few observed tags have been defined below, ExifTool will extract any information found here.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Azimuth'            Azimuth                  N
  'Condition'          Condition                N
  'Lit'                Lit                      N
  'Location'           Location                 N
  'Sign type'          SignType                 N

Sanyo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x00ff   MakerNoteOffset                      int32u
  0x0100   SanyoThumbnail                       undef
  0x0200   SpecialMode                          int32u[3]
  0x0201   SanyoQuality                         int16u
  0x0202   Macro                                int16u
  0x0204   DigitalZoom                          rational64u
  0x0207   SoftwareVersion                      Y
  0x0208   PictInfo                             Y
  0x0209   CameraID                             Y
  0x020e   SequentialShot                       int16u
  0x020f   WideRange                            int16u
  0x0210   ColorAdjustmentMode                  int16u
  0x0213   QuickShot                            int16u
  0x0214   SelfTimer                            int16u
  0x0216   VoiceMemo                            int16u
  0x0217   RecordShutterRelease                 int16u
  0x0218   FlickerReduce                        int16u
  0x0219   OpticalZoomOn                        int16u
  0x021b   DigitalZoomOn                        int16u
  0x021d   LightSourceSpecial                   int16u
  0x021e   Resaved                              int16u
  0x021f   SceneSelect                          int16u
  0x0223   ManualFocusDistance                  rational64u
  0x0224   SequenceShotInterval                 int16u
  0x0225   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0f00   DataDump                             N

Sanyo MOV Tags

This information is found in Sanyo MOV video images, and is very similar to information found in Pentax MOV and Nikon QT videos.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 N
     24    Model                                N
     38    ExposureTime                         N
     42    FNumber                              N
     50    ExposureCompensation                 N
     68    WhiteBalance                         N
     72    FocalLength                          N

Sanyo MP4 Tags

This information is found in Sanyo MP4 video images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 N
     24    Model                                N
     50    FNumber                              N
    106    ISO                                  N
   2048    ThumbnailImage                       N

Sigma Tags

These tags are used in Sigma/Foveon cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   SerialNumber                         string
  0x0003   DriveMode                            string
  0x0004   ResolutionMode                       string
  0x0005   AFMode                               string
  0x0006   FocusSetting                         string
  0x0007   WhiteBalance                         string
  0x0008   ExposureMode                         string
  0x0009   MeteringMode                         string
  0x000a   Lens                                 string
  0x000b   ColorSpace                           string
  0x000c   ExposureCompensation                 string
           UnknownCompensation?                 rational64s
  0x000d   Contrast                             string
           Contrast                             rational64s
  0x000e   Shadow                               string
           Shadow                               rational64s
  0x000f   Highlight                            string
           Highlight                            rational64s
  0x0010   Saturation                           string
           Saturation                           rational64s
  0x0011   Sharpness                            string
           Sharpness                            rational64s
  0x0012   X3FillLight                          string
           X3FillLight                          rational64s
  0x0014   ColorAdjustment                      string
           ColorAdjustment                      rational64s[3]
  0x0015   AdjustmentMode                       string
  0x0016   Quality                              string
  0x0017   Firmware                             string
  0x0018   Software                             string
  0x0019   AutoBracket                          string
  0x001d   MakerNoteVersion                     string
  0x0022   AdjustmentMode?                      string
  0x0030   LensApertureRange                    string
  0x0031   FNumber                              rational64u
  0x0032   ExposureTime                         rational64u
  0x0035   ExposureCompensation                 rational64s
  0x003a   FlashExposureComp                    rational64s
  0x003b   Firmware                             string
  0x003c   WhiteBalance                         string

Sony Tags

The maker notes in images from current Sony camera models contain a wealth of information, but very little is known about these tags. Use the ExifTool Unknown (-u) or Verbose (-v) options to see information about the unknown tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0xb021   ColorTemperature                     N
  0xb023   SceneMode                            N
  0xb024   ZoneMatching                         N
  0xb025   DynamicRangeOptimizer                N
  0xb026   ImageStabilization                   N
  0xb027   LensID                               N
  0xb028   MinoltaMakerNote                     Minolta
  0xb029   ColorMode                            int32u
  0xb040   Macro                                N
  0xb041   ExposureMode                         N
  0xb047   Quality                              N
  0xb04e   LongExposureNoiseReduction           N

Sony SRF Tags

The maker notes in SRF (Sony Raw Format) images contain 7 IFD's (with family 1 group names SRF0 through SRF6). SRF0 through SRF5 use these Sony tags, while SRF6 uses standard EXIF tags. All information other than SRF0 is encrypted, but thanks to Dave Coffin the decryption algorithm is known.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   SRF2_Key                             N
  0x0001   DataKey                              N

Sony SR2Private Tags

The SR2 format uses the DNGPrivateData tag to reference a private IFD containing these tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x7200   SR2SubIFDOffset                      N
  0x7201   SR2SubIFDLength                      N
  0x7221   SR2SubIFDKey                         N

Sony SR2SubIFD Tags

Tags in the encrypted SR2SubIFD

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x7303   WB_GRBGLevels                        N
  0x74a0   MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                N
  0x74a1   MaxApertureAtMinFocal                N
  0x74c0   SR2DataIFD                           Sony SR2DataIFD

Sony SR2DataIFD Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x7770   ColorMode                            N

Unknown Tags

The following tags are decoded in unsupported maker notes. Use the Unknown (-u) option to display other unknown tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

DNG Tags

The main DNG tags are found in the EXIF table. The tables below define only information found within structures of these main DNG tag values.

DNG AdobeData Tags

This information is found in the "Adobe" DNGPrivateData.

The maker notes ('MakN') are processed by ExifTool, but some information may have been lost by the Adobe DNG Converter. This is because the Adobe DNG Converter (as of version 3.3) doesn't properly handle information referenced from inside the maker notes that lies outside the original maker notes block, and this information is lost when only the maker note block is copied to the DNG image. While this isn't a big problem for most camera makes, it is serious for some makes like Olympus.

The CRW data is from DNG-converted CRW images, but it has been restructured to a proprietary Adobe format (which results in a loss of the original hierarchical information structure, and creates extra work for everyone else who wants to use this information).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CRW '   AdobeCRW                             CanonRaw
  'MRW '   AdobeMRW                             MinoltaRaw
  'MakN'   MakerNoteCanon                       Canon
           MakerNoteCasio                       Casio
           MakerNoteCasio2                      Casio Type2
           MakerNoteFujiFilm                    FujiFilm
           MakerNoteHP                          HP
           MakerNoteHP2                         HP Type2
           MakerNoteHP4                         HP Type4
           MakerNoteHP6                         HP Type6
           MakerNoteJVC                         JVC
           MakerNoteJVCText                     JVC Text
           MakerNoteKodak1a                     Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak1b                     Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak2                      Kodak Type2
           MakerNoteKodak3                      Kodak Type3
           MakerNoteKodak4                      Kodak Type4
           MakerNoteKodak5                      Kodak Type5
           MakerNoteKodak6a                     Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodak6b                     Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodakUnknown                Kodak Unknown
           MakerNoteKyocera                     Unknown
           MakerNoteMinolta                     Minolta
           MakerNoteMinolta2                    Olympus
           MakerNoteMinolta3                    undef
           MakerNoteNikon                       Nikon
           MakerNoteNikon2                      Nikon Type2
           MakerNoteNikon3                      Nikon
           MakerNoteOlympus                     Olympus
           MakerNoteOlympus2                    Olympus
           MakerNoteLeica                       Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic                   Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic2                  Panasonic Type2
           MakerNotePentax                      Pentax
           MakerNoteRicoh                       Ricoh
           MakerNoteRicohText                   Ricoh Text
           PreviewImage                         undef
           MakerNoteSanyo                       Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoC4                     Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoPatch                  Sanyo
           MakerNoteSigma                       Sigma
           MakerNoteSony                        Sony
           MakerNoteSonySRF                     Sony SRF
           MakerNoteSonySR2                     Sony
           MakerNoteUnknown                     Unknown
  'RAF '   AdobeRAF?                            N
  'SR2 '   AdobeSR2                             Sony SR2Private

DNG OriginalRaw Tags

This table defines tags extracted from the DNG OriginalRawFileData information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   OriginalRawImage                     N
  0x0001   OriginalRawResource                  N
  0x0002   OriginalRawFileType                  N
  0x0003   OriginalRawCreator                   N
  0x0004   OriginalTHMImage                     N
  0x0005   OriginalTHMResource                  N
  0x0006   OriginalTHMFileType                  N
  0x0007   OriginalTHMCreator                   N

CanonRaw Tags

These tags apply to CRW-format Canon RAW files and information in the APP0 "CIFF" segment of JPEG images. When writing CanonRaw/CIFF information, the length of the information is preserved (and the new information is truncated or padded as required) unless Writable is resize. Currently, only JpgFromRaw and ThumbnailImage are allowed to change size.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   NullRecord                           undef
  0x0001   FreeBytes                            undef
  0x0032   CanonColorInfo1                      N
  0x0805   CanonFileDescription                 string[32]
           UserComment                          string[256]
  0x080a   CanonRawMakeModel                    CanonRaw MakeModel
  0x080b   CanonFirmwareVersion                 string[32]
  0x080c   ComponentVersion                     string
  0x080d   ROMOperationMode                     string[8]
  0x0810   OwnerName                            string[32]
  0x0815   CanonImageType                       string[32]
  0x0816   OriginalFileName                     string[32]
  0x0817   ThumbnailFileName                    string[32]
  0x100a   TargetImageType                      int16u
  0x1010   ShutterReleaseMethod                 int16u
  0x1011   ShutterReleaseTiming                 int16u
  0x1016   ReleaseSetting                       int16u
  0x101c   BaseISO                              int16u
  0x1028   CanonFlashInfo?                      int16u[4]
  0x1029   CanonFocalLength                     Canon FocalLength
  0x102a   CanonShotInfo                        Canon ShotInfo
  0x102c   CanonColorInfo2                      N
  0x102d   CanonCameraSettings                  Canon CameraSettings
  0x1031   SensorInfo                           Canon SensorInfo
  0x1033   CustomFunctions10D                   CanonCustom Functions10D
           CustomFunctionsD30                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsD60                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsUnknown               CanonCustom FuncsUnknown
  0x1038   CanonPictureInfo                     Canon PictureInfo
  0x1093   CanonFileInfo                        Canon FileInfo
  0x10a9   ColorBalance                         Canon ColorBalance
  0x10ae   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x10b4   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x10b5   RawJpgInfo                           CanonRaw RawJpgInfo
  0x1803   ImageFormat                          CanonRaw ImageFormat
  0x1804   RecordID                             int32u
  0x1806   SelfTimerTime                        int32u
  0x1807   TargetDistanceSetting                float
  0x180b   SerialNumber                         int32u
  0x180e   TimeStamp                            CanonRaw TimeStamp
  0x1810   ImageInfo                            CanonRaw ImageInfo
  0x1813   FlashInfo                            CanonRaw FlashInfo
  0x1814   MeasuredEV                           float
  0x1817   FileNumber                           int32u
  0x1818   ExposureInfo                         CanonRaw ExposureInfo
  0x1834   CanonModelID                         int32u
  0x1835   DecoderTable                         N
  0x183b   SerialNumberFormat                   int32u
  0x2005   RawData                              N
  0x2007   JpgFromRaw                           resize
  0x2008   ThumbnailImage                       resize
  0x2804   ImageDescription                     CanonRaw
  0x2807   CameraObject                         CanonRaw
  0x3002   ShootingRecord                       CanonRaw
  0x3003   MeasuredInfo                         CanonRaw
  0x3004   CameraSpecification                  CanonRaw
  0x300a   ImageProps                           CanonRaw
  0x300b   ExifInformation                      CanonRaw

CanonRaw MakeModel Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 string[6]
      6    Model                                string[$size-6]

CanonRaw RawJpgInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    RawJpgQuality                        int16u
      2    RawJpgSize                           int16u
      3    RawJpgWidth                          int16u
      4    RawJpgHeight                         int16u

CanonRaw ImageFormat Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FileFormat                           int32u
      1    TargetCompressionRatio               float

CanonRaw TimeStamp Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DateTimeOriginal                     int32u
      1    TimeZoneCode                         int32s
      2    TimeZoneInfo                         int32u

CanonRaw ImageInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageWidth                           N
      1    ImageHeight                          N
      2    PixelAspectRatio                     N
      3    Rotation                             int32s
      4    ComponentBitDepth                    N
      5    ColorBitDepth                        N
      6    ColorBW                              N

CanonRaw FlashInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FlashGuideNumber                     float
      1    FlashThreshold                       float

CanonRaw ExposureInfo Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ExposureCompensation                 float
      1    TvValue                              float
      2    AvValue                              float

MinoltaRaw Tags

These tags are used in Minolta RAW format (MRW) images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  "\0PRD"  MinoltaPRD                           MinoltaRaw PRD
  "\0RIF"  MinoltaRIF                           MinoltaRaw RIF
  "\0TTW"  MinoltaTTW                           EXIF
  "\0WBG"  MinoltaWBG                           MinoltaRaw WBG

MinoltaRaw PRD Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FirmwareID                           string[8]
      8    SensorHeight                         int16u
     10    SensorWidth                          int16u
     12    ImageHeight                          int16u
     14    ImageWidth                           int16u
     16    RawDepth                             int8u
     17    BitDepth                             int8u
     18    StorageMethod                        int8u
     23    BayerPattern                         int8u

MinoltaRaw RIF Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    Saturation                           int8s
      2    Contrast                             int8s
      3    Sharpness                            int8s
      4    WBMode                               int8u~
      5    ProgramMode                          int8u
      6    ISOSetting                           int8u
      7    ColorMode                            int8u
     56    ColorFilter                          int8s
     57    BWFilter                             int8u
     58    ZoneMatching                         int8u
     59    Hue                                  int8s
     60    ColorTemperature                     int8u

MinoltaRaw WBG Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WBScale                              int8u[4]
      4    WBLevels                             int16u[4]

KyoceraRaw Tags

Tags for Kyocera Contax N Digital RAW images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    FirmwareVersion                      N
     12    Model                                N
     25    Make                                 N
     33    DateTimeOriginal                     N
     52    ISO                                  N
     56    ExposureTime                         N
     60    WB_RGGBLevels                        N
     88    FNumber                              N
    104    MaxAperture                          N
    112    FocalLength                          N
    124    Lens                                 N

SigmaRaw Tags

These tags are used in Sigma and Foveon RAW (.X3F) images.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Header'             Header                   SigmaRaw Header
  'HeaderExt'          HeaderExt                SigmaRaw HeaderExt
  'IMA2'               PreviewImage             N
  'IMAG'               PreviewImage             N
  'PROP'               Properties               SigmaRaw Properties

SigmaRaw Header Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   FileVersion                          N
  0x0007   ImageWidth                           N
  0x0008   ImageHeight                          N
  0x0009   Rotation                             N
  0x000a   WhiteBalance                         N

SigmaRaw HeaderExt Tags

Extended header data found in version 2.1 and 2.2 files

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   Unused                               N
  0x0001   ExposureAdjust                       N
  0x0002   Contrast                             N
  0x0003   Shadow                               N
  0x0004   Highlight                            N
  0x0005   Saturation                           N
  0x0006   Sharpness                            N
  0x0007   RedAdjust                            N
  0x0008   GreenAdjust                          N
  0x0009   BlueAdjust                           N
  0x000a   X3FillLight                          N

SigmaRaw Properties Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'AEMODE'             MeteringMode             N
  'AFMODE'             FocusMode                N
  'APERTURE'           FNumber                  N
  'AP_DESC'            ApertureDisplayed        N
  'BRACKET'            BracketShot              N
  'BURST'              BurstShot                N
  'CAMMANUF'           Make                     N
  'CAMMODEL'           Model                    N
  'CAMNAME'            CameraName               N
  'CAMSERIAL'          SerialNumber             N
  'DRIVE'              DriveMode                N
  'EXPCOMP'            ExposureCompensation     N
  'EXPNET'             NetExposureCompensation  N
  'EXPTIME'            IntegrationTime          N
  'FIRMVERS'           FirmwareVersion          N
  'FLASH'              FlashMode                N
  'FLENGTH'            FocalLength              N
  'FLEQ35MM'           FocalLengthIn35mmFormat  N
  'FOCUS'              Focus                    N
  'IMAGERBOARDID'      ImagerBoardID            N
  'IMAGERTEMP'         SensorTemperature        N
  'ISO'                ISO                      N
  'LENSARANGE'         LensApertureRange        N
  'LENSFRANGE'         LensFocalRange           N
  'LENSMODEL'          LensID                   N
  'PMODE'              ExposureProgram          N
  'RESOLUTION'         Quality                  N
  'SENSORID'           SensorID                 N
  'SHUTTER'            ExposureTime             N
  'SH_DESC'            ShutterSpeedDisplayed    N
  'TIME'               DateTimeOriginal         N
  'WB_DESC'            WhiteBalance             N


   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    JFIFVersion                          N
      2    ResolutionUnit                       int8u
      3    XResolution                          int16u
      5    YResolution                          int16u

JFIF Extension Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0010   ThumbnailImage                       N

FlashPix Tags

The FlashPix file format, introduced in 1996, was developed by Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Internally the FPX file structure mimics that of an old DOS disk with fixed-sized "sectors" (usually 512 bytes) and a "file allocation table" (FAT). No wonder the format never became popular.

However, some of the structures used in FlashPix streams are part of the EXIF specification, and are still being used in the APP2 FPXR segment of JPEG images by some Kodak and Hewlett-Packard digital cameras.

ExifTool extracts FlashPix information from both FPX images and the APP2 FPXR segment of JPEG images. As well, FlashPix information is extracted from DOC, XLS and PPT (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint) documents since the FlashPix file format is closely related to the formats of these files.

  Tag ID                           Tag Name     Writable
  ------                           --------     --------
  "\x01CompObj"                    CompObj      FlashPix CompObj
  "\x05Audio Info"                 AudioInfo    FlashPix AudioInfo
  "\x05Data Object"                DataObject   FlashPix DataObject
  "\x05DocumentSummaryInformation" DocumentInfo FlashPix DocumentInfo
  "\x05Extension List"             Extensions   FlashPix Extensions
  "\x05Global Info"                GlobalInfo   FlashPix GlobalInfo
  "\x05Image Contents"             Image        FlashPix Image
  "\x05Image Info"                 ImageInfo    FlashPix ImageInfo
  "\x05Operation"                  Operation    FlashPix Operation
  "\x05Screen Nail"                ScreenNail   N
  "\x05SummaryInformation"         SummaryInfo  FlashPix SummaryInfo
  "\x05Transform"                  Transform    FlashPix Transform
  'Audio Stream'                   AudioStream  N
  'Current User'                   CurrentUser  N
  'ICC Profile 0001'               ICC_Profile  ICC_Profile
  'Subimage 0000 Header'           SubimageHdr  FlashPix SubimageHdr

FlashPix CompObj Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    CompObjUserTypeLen                   N
      1    CompObjUserType                      N

FlashPix AudioInfo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

FlashPix DataObject Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x10000      DataObjectID                     N
  0x10002      LockedPropertyList               N
  0x10003      DataObjectTitle                  N
  0x10004      LastModifier                     N
  0x10005      RevisionNumber                   N
  0x10006      DataCreateDate                   N
  0x10007      DataModifyDate                   N
  0x10008      CreatingApplication              N
  0x10100      DataObjectStatus                 N
  0x10101      CreatingTransform                N
  0x10102      UsingTransforms                  N
  0x10000000   CachedImageHeight                N
  0x10000001   CachedImageWidth                 N

FlashPix DocumentInfo Tags

The DocumentSummaryInformation property set includes a UserDefined property set for which only the Hyperlinks and HyperlinkBase tags are pre-defined. However, ExifTool will also extract any other information found in the UserDefined properties.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  0x0002               Category                 N
  0x0003               PresentationTarget       N
  0x0004               Bytes                    N
  0x0005               Lines                    N
  0x0006               Paragraphs               N
  0x0007               Slides                   N
  0x0008               Notes                    N
  0x0009               HiddenSlides             N
  0x000a               MMClips                  N
  0x000b               ScaleCrop                N
  0x000c               HeadingPairs             N
  0x000d               TitleOfParts             N
  0x000e               Manager                  N
  0x000f               Company                  N
  0x0010               LinksUpToDate            N
  0x0011               CharCountWithSpaces      N
  0x0013               SharedDoc                N
  0x0016               HyperlinksChanged        N
  0x0017               AppVersion               N
  '_PID_HLINKS'        Hyperlinks               N
  '_PID_LINKBASE'      HyperlinkBase            N

FlashPix Extensions Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x0001       ExtensionName                    N
  0x0002       ExtensionClassID                 N
  0x0003       ExtensionPersistence             N
  0x0004       ExtensionCreateDate              N
  0x0005       ExtensionModifyDate              N
  0x0006       CreatingApplication              N
  0x0007       ExtensionDescription             N
  0x1000       Storage-StreamPathname           N
  0x2000       FlashPixStreamPathname           N
  0x2001       FlashPixStreamFieldOffset        N
  0x3000       PropertySetPathname              N
  0x3001       PropertySetIDCodes               N
  0x3002       PropertyVectorElements           N
  0x4000       SubimageResolutions              N
  0x10000000   UsedExtensionNumbers             N

FlashPix GlobalInfo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x10002  LockedPropertyList                   N
  0x10003  TransformedImageTitle                N
  0x10004  LastModifier                         N
  0x10100  VisibleOutputs                       N
  0x10101  MaximumImageIndex                    N
  0x10102  MaximumTransformIndex                N
  0x10103  MaximumOperationIndex                N

FlashPix Image Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x1000000    NumberOfResolutions              N
  0x1000002    ImageWidth                       N
  0x1000003    ImageHeight                      N
  0x1000004    DefaultDisplayHeight             N
  0x1000005    DefaultDisplayWidth              N
  0x1000006    DisplayUnits                     N
  0x2000000    SubimageWidth                    N
  0x2000001    SubimageHeight                   N
  0x2000002    SubimageColor                    N
  0x2000003    SubimageNumericalFormat          N
  0x2000004    DecimationMethod                 N
  0x2000005    DecimationPrefilterWidth         N
  0x2000007    SubimageICC_Profile              N
  0x3000001    JPEGTables                       N
  0x3000002    MaxJPEGTableIndex                N

FlashPix ImageInfo Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x21000000   FileSource                       N
  0x21000001   SceneType                        N
  0x21000002   CreationPathVector               N
  0x21000003   SoftwareRelease                  N
  0x21000004   UserDefinedID                    N
  0x21000005   SharpnessApproximation           N
  0x22000000   Copyright                        N
  0x22000001   OriginalImageBroker              N
  0x22000002   DigitalImageBroker               N
  0x22000003   Authorship                       N
  0x22000004   IntellectualPropertyNotes        N
  0x23000000   TestTarget                       N
  0x23000002   GroupCaption                     N
  0x23000003   CaptionText                      N
  0x23000004   People                           N
  0x23000007   Things                           N
  0x2300000a   DateTimeOriginal                 N
  0x2300000b   Events                           N
  0x2300000c   Places                           N
  0x2300000f   ContentDescriptionNotes          N
  0x24000000   Make                             N
  0x24000001   Model                            N
  0x24000002   SerialNumber                     N
  0x25000000   CreateDate                       N
  0x25000001   ExposureTime                     N
  0x25000002   FNumber                          N
  0x25000003   ExposureProgram                  N
  0x25000004   BrightnessValue                  N
  0x25000005   ExposureCompensation             N
  0x25000006   SubjectDistance                  N
  0x25000007   MeteringMode                     N
  0x25000008   LightSource                      N
  0x25000009   FocalLength                      N
  0x2500000a   MaxApertureValue                 N
  0x2500000b   Flash                            N
  0x2500000c   FlashEnergy                      N
  0x2500000d   FlashReturn                      N
  0x2500000e   BackLight                        N
  0x2500000f   SubjectLocation                  N
  0x25000010   ExposureIndex                    N
  0x25000011   SpecialEffectsOpticalFilter      N
  0x25000012   PerPictureNotes                  N
  0x26000000   SensingMethod                    N
  0x26000001   FocalPlaneXResolution            N
  0x26000002   FocalPlaneYResolution            N
  0x26000003   FocalPlaneResolutionUnit         N
  0x26000004   SpatialFrequencyResponse         N
  0x26000005   CFAPattern                       N
  0x26000007   ISO                              N
  0x26000008   Opto-ElectricConvFactor          N
  0x27000000   FilmBrand                        N
  0x27000001   FilmCategory                     N
  0x27000002   FilmSize                         N
  0x27000003   FilmRollNumber                   N
  0x27000004   FilmFrameNumber                  N
  0x28000000   ScannerMake                      N
  0x28000001   ScannerModel                     N
  0x28000002   ScannerSerialNumber              N
  0x28000003   ScanSoftware                     N
  0x28000004   ScanSoftwareRevisionDate         N
  0x28000005   ServiceOrganizationName          N
  0x28000006   ScanOperatorID                   N
  0x28000008   ScanDate                         N
  0x28000009   ModifyDate                       N
  0x2800000a   ScannerPixelSize                 N
  0x29000000   OriginalScannedImageSize         N
  0x29000001   OriginalDocumentSize             N
  0x29000002   OriginalMedium                   N
  0x29000003   TypeOfOriginal                   N

FlashPix Operation Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x10000  OperationID                          N

FlashPix SummaryInfo Tags

The Dictionary, CodePage and LocalIndicator tags are common to all FlashPix property tables, even though they are only listed in the SummaryInfo table.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x0000       Dictionary                       N
  0x0001       CodePage                         N
  0x0002       Title                            N
  0x0003       Subject                          N
  0x0004       Author                           N
  0x0005       Keywords                         N
  0x0006       Comments                         N
  0x0007       Template                         N
  0x0008       LastSavedBy                      N
  0x0009       RevisionNumber                   N
  0x000a       TotalEditTime                    N
  0x000b       LastPrinted                      N
  0x000c       CreateDate                       N
  0x000d       ModifyDate                       N
  0x000e       PageCount                        N
  0x000f       WordCount                        N
  0x0010       CharCount                        N
  0x0011       ThumbnailClip                    N
  0x0012       Software                         N
  0x0013       Security                         N
  0x80000000   LocaleIndicator                  N

FlashPix Transform Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0x10000      TransformNodeID                  N
  0x10001      OperationClassID                 N
  0x10002      LockedPropertyList               N
  0x10003      TransformTitle                   N
  0x10004      LastModifier                     N
  0x10005      RevisionNumber                   N
  0x10006      TransformCreateDate              N
  0x10007      TransformModifyDate              N
  0x10008      CreatingApplication              N
  0x10100      InputDataObjectList              N
  0x10101      OutputDataObjectList             N
  0x10102      OperationNumber                  N
  0x10000000   ResultAspectRatio                N
  0x10000001   RectangleOfInterest              N
  0x10000002   Filtering                        N
  0x10000003   SpatialOrientation               N
  0x10000004   ColorTwistMatrix                 N
  0x10000005   ContrastAdjustment               N

FlashPix SubimageHdr Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      1    SubimageWidth                        N
      2    SubimageHeight                       N
      3    SubimageTileCount                    N
      4    SubimageTileWidth                    N
      5    SubimageTileHeight                   N
      6    NumChannels                          N

APP12 Tags

The JPEG APP12 "Picture Info" segment was used by some older cameras, and contains ASCII-based meta information. Below are some tags which have been observed Agfa and Polaroid images, however ExifTool will extract information from any tags found in this segment.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Aperture'           Aperture                 N
  'ColorMode'          ColorMode                N
  'ConTake'            ConTake                  N
  'ExpBias'            ExposureCompensation     N
  'FNumber'            FNumber                  N
  'FWare'              FirmwareVersion          N
  'Flash'              Flash                    N
  'FocusMode'          FocusMode                N
  'FocusPos'           FocusPos                 N
  'ID'                 ID                       N
  'ImageSize'          ImageSize                N
  'LightS'             LightS                   N
  'Macro'              Macro                    N
  'Protect'            Protect                  N
  'Quality'            Quality                  N
  'Resolution'         Resolution               N
  'Serial#'            SerialNumber             N
  'Shutter'            ExposureTime             N
  'StrobeTime'         StrobeTime               N
  'TimeDate'           DateTimeOriginal         N
  'Type'               CameraType               N
  'Version'            Version                  N
  'Ytarget'            YTarget                  N
  'Zoom'               Zoom                     N
  'ZoomPos'            ZoomPos                  N
  'shtr'               ExposureTime             N
  'ylevel'             YLevel                   N

APP12 Ducky Tags

Photoshop uses the JPEG APP12 "Ducky" segment to store some information in "Save for Web" images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      3    Quality                              N
      8    Copyright                            N


AFCP stands for AXS File Concatenation Protocol, and is a poorly designed protocol for appending information to the end of files. This can be used as an auxiliary technique to store IPTC information in images, but is incompatible with some file formats.

ExifTool will read and write (but not create) AFCP IPTC information in JPEG images, but not other image formats.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'IPTC'   IPTC                                 IPTC
  'Nail'   ThumbnailImage                       N
  'PrVw'   PreviewImage                         N
  'TEXT'   Text                                 N

CanonVRD Tags

Canon Digital Photo Professional writes VRD (Virtual? Recipe Data) information as a trailer record to JPEG, CRW and CR2 images, or as a stand-alone VRD file. The tags listed below represent information found in this record. The complete VRD data record may be extracted separately as a binary data block using the Extra 'CanonVRD' tag, but this is not done unless specified explicitly.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      2    VRDVersion                           N
      8    WBAdjRGBLevels                       int16u[3]
     24    WhiteBalanceAdj                      int16u
     26    WBAdjColorTemp                       int16u
     36    WBFineTuneActive                     int16u
     40    WBFineTuneSaturation                 int16u
     44    WBFineTuneTone                       int16u
     46    RawColorAdj                          int16u
     48    RawCustomSaturation                  int32s
     52    RawCustomTone                        int32s
     56    RawBrightnessAdj                     int32s
     60    ToneCurveProperty                    int16u
    122    DynamicRangeMin                      int16u
    124    DynamicRangeMax                      int16u
    272    ToneCurveActive                      int16u
    276    BrightnessAdj                        int8s
    277    ContrastAdj                          int8s
    278    SaturationAdj                        int16s
    286    ColorToneAdj                         int32s
    352    RedCurvePoints                       int16u[21]
    394    RedCurveLimits                       int16u[4]
    410    GreenCurvePoints                     int16u[21]
    452    GreenCurveLimits                     int16u[4]
    468    BlueCurvePoints                      int16u[21]
    510    BlueCurveLimits                      int16u[4]
    526    RGBCurvePoints                       int16u[21]
    568    RGBCurveLimits                       int16u[4]
    580    CropActive                           int16u
    582    CropLeft                             int16u
    584    CropTop                              int16u
    586    CropWidth                            int16u
    588    CropHeight                           int16u
    608    CropAspectRatio                      int16u
    610    ConstrainedCropWidth                 float
    614    ConstrainedCropHeight                float
    618    CheckMark                            int16u
    622    Rotation                             int16u
    624    WorkColorSpace                       int16u
    634    PictureStyle                         int16u
    656    RawColorToneAdj                      int16s
    658    RawSaturationAdj                     int16s
    660    RawContrastAdj                       int16s
    662    RawLinear                            int16u
    664    RawSharpnessAdj                      int16s
    666    RawHighlightPoint                    int16s
    668    RawShadowPoint                       int16s
    746    MonochromeFilterEffect               int16s
    748    MonochromeToningEffect               int16s
    750    MonochromeContrast                   int16s
    752    MonochromeLinear                     int16u
    754    MonochromeSharpness                  int16s

FotoStation Tags

The following tables define information found in the FotoWare FotoStation trailer.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   IPTC                                 IPTC
  0x0002   SoftEdit                             FotoStation SoftEdit
  0x0003   ThumbnailImage                       Y
  0x0004   PreviewImage                         Y

FotoStation SoftEdit Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    OriginalImageWidth                   int32s
      1    OriginalImageHeight                  int32s
      2    ColorPlanes                          int32s
      3    XYResolution                         int32s
      4    Rotation                             int32s
      6    CropLeft                             int32s
      7    CropTop                              int32s
      8    CropRight                            int32s
      9    CropBottom                           int32s
     11    CropRotation                         int32s

PhotoMechanic Tags

The Photo Mechanic trailer contains data in an IPTC-format structure, with soft edit information stored under record number 2.

  Record   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    SoftEdit                             PhotoMechanic SoftEdit

PhotoMechanic SoftEdit Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    209    RawCropLeft                          int32s
    210    RawCropTop                           int32s
    211    RawCropRight                         int32s
    212    RawCropBottom                        int32s
    213    ConstrainedCropWidth                 int32s
    214    ConstrainedCropHeight                int32s
    215    FrameNum                             int32s
    216    Rotation                             int32s
    217    CropLeft                             int32s
    218    CropTop                              int32s
    219    CropRight                            int32s
    220    CropBottom                           int32s
    221    Tagged                               int32s
    222    ColorClass                           int32s
    223    Rating                               int32s

PhotoMechanic XMP Tags

Below is a list of the observed PhotoMechanic XMP tags. The actual namespace prefix is "photomechanic" but ExifTool shortens this in the "XMP-photomech" family 1 group name.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'CountryCode'        CountryCode              string/
  'EditStatus'         EditStatus               string
  'Prefs'              Prefs                    string
  'TimeCreated'        TimeCreated              string/

MIE Tags

MIE is a flexible format which may be used as a stand-alone meta information format, for encapsulation of other files and information, or as a trailer appended to other file formats. The tables below represent currently defined MIE tags, however ExifTool will also extract any other information present in a MIE file.

When writing MIE information, some special features are supported:

1) String values may be written as ASCII (ISO 8859-1) or UTF-8. ExifTool automatically detects the presence of wide characters and treats the string appropriately. Internally, UTF-8 text may be converted to UTF-16 or UTF-32 and stored in this format in the file if it is more compact.

2) All MIE string-value tags support localized text. Localized values are written by adding a language/country code to the tag name in the form TAG-xx_YY, where TAG is the tag name, xx is a 2-character lower case ISO 639-1 language code, and YY is a 2-character upper case ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country code (ie. Title-en_US). But as usual, the user interface is case-insensitive, and ExifTool will write the correct case to the file.

3) Some numerical MIE tags allow units of measurement to be specified. For these tags, units may be added in brackets immediately following the value (ie. 55(mi/h)). If no units are specified, the default units are written.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  '0Type'              SubfileType              string
  '0Vers'              MIEVersion               string
  '1Directory'         SubfileDirectory         string
  '1Name'              SubfileName              string
  '2MIME'              SubfileMIMEType          string
  'Meta'               Meta                     MIE Meta
  'data'               SubfileData              undef
  'rsrc'               SubfileResource          undef
  'zmd5'               MD5Digest                string
  'zmie'               TrailerSignature         undef

MIE Meta Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Audio'              Audio                    MIE Audio
  'Camera'             Camera                   MIE Camera
  'Document'           Document                 MIE Doc
  'EXIF'               EXIF                     EXIF
  'Geo'                Geo                      MIE Geo
  'ICCProfile'         ICC_Profile              ICC_Profile
  'ID3'                ID3                      ID3
  'IPTC'               IPTC                     IPTC
  'Image'              Image                    MIE Image
  'MakerNotes'         MakerNotes               MIE MakerNotes
  'Preview'            Preview                  MIE Preview
  'Thumbnail'          Thumbnail                MIE Thumbnail
  'Video'              Video                    MIE Video
  'XMP'                XMP                      XMP

MIE Audio Tags

For the Audio group (and any other group containing a 'data' element), tags refer to the contained data if present, otherwise they refer to the main SubfileData. The 0Type and 1Name elements should exist only if data is present.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  '0Type'              RelatedAudioFileType     string
  '1Name'              RelatedAudioFileName     string
  'Channels'           Channels                 int8u
  'Compression'        AudioCompression         string
  'Duration'           Duration                 rational64u
  'SampleBits'         SampleBits               int16u
  'SampleRate'         SampleRate               int32u
  'data'               RelatedAudioFile         undef

MIE Camera Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Brightness'         Brightness               int8s
  'ColorBalance'       ColorBalance             rational64u[3]
  'ColorTemperature'   ColorTemperature         int32u
  'Contrast'           Contrast                 int8s
  'DigitalZoom'        DigitalZoom              rational64u
  'ExposureComp'       ExposureCompensation     rational64s
  'ExposureMode'       ExposureMode             string
  'ExposureTime'       ExposureTime             rational64u
  'FirmwareVersion'    FirmwareVersion          string
  'Flash'              Flash                    MIE Flash
  'FocusMode'          FocusMode                string
  'ISO'                ISO                      int16u
  'ISOSetting'         ISOSetting               int16u
  'ImageNumber'        ImageNumber              int32u
  'ImageQuality'       ImageQuality             string
  'ImageStabilization' ImageStabilization       int8u
  'Lens'               Lens                     MIE Lens
  'Make'               Make                     string
  'MeasuredEV'         MeasuredEV               rational64s
  'Model'              Model                    string
  'Orientation'        Orientation              MIE Orient
  'OwnerName'          OwnerName                string
  'Saturation'         Saturation               int8s
  'SensorSize'         SensorSize               rational64u[2]
  'SerialNumber'       SerialNumber             string
  'Sharpness'          Sharpness                int8s
  'ShootingMode'       ShootingMode             string

MIE Flash Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'ExposureComp'       FlashExposureComp        rational64s
  'Fired'              FlashFired               int8u
  'GuideNumber'        FlashGuideNumber         string
  'Make'               FlashMake                string
  'Mode'               FlashMode                string
  'Model'              FlashModel               string
  'SerialNumber'       FlashSerialNumber        string
  'Type'               FlashType                string

MIE Lens Tags

All recorded lens parameters (focal length, aperture, etc) include the effects of the extender if present.

  Tag ID                  Tag Name              Writable
  ------                  --------              --------
  'Extender'              Extender              MIE Extender
  'FNumber'               FNumber               rational64u
  'FocalLength'           FocalLength           rational64u
  'FocusDistance'         FocusDistance         rational64u
  'Make'                  LensMake              string
  'MaxAperture'           MaxAperture           rational64u
  'MaxApertureAtMaxFocal' MaxApertureAtMaxFocal rational64u
  'MaxFocalLength'        MaxFocalLength        rational64u
  'MinAperture'           MinAperture           rational64u
  'MinFocalLength'        MinFocalLength        rational64u
  'Model'                 LensModel             string
  'OpticalZoom'           OpticalZoom           rational64u
  'SerialNumber'          LensSerialNumber      string

MIE Extender Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Magnification'      ExtenderMagnification    rational64s
  'Make'               ExtenderMake             string
  'Model'              ExtenderModel            string
  'SerialNumber'       ExtenderSerialNumber     string

MIE Orient Tags

These tags describe the camera orientation.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Azimuth'            Azimuth                  rational64s
  'Declination'        Declination              rational64s
  'Elevation'          Elevation                rational64s
  'RightAscension'     RightAscension           rational64s
  'Rotation'           Rotation                 rational64s

MIE Doc Tags

Information describing the main document, image or file.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Author'             Author                   string
  'Comment'            Comment                  string
  'Contributors'       Contributors             string+
  'Copyright'          Copyright                string
  'CreateDate'         CreateDate               string
  'EMail'              EMail                    string
  'Keywords'           Keywords                 string+
  'ModifyDate'         ModifyDate               string
  'OriginalDate'       DateTimeOriginal         string
  'Phone'              PhoneNumber              string
  'References'         References               string+
  'Software'           Software                 string
  'Title'              Title                    string
  'URL'                URL                      string

MIE Geo Tags

Information related to geographic location.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Address'            Address                  string
  'City'               City                     string
  'Country'            Country                  string
  'GPS'                GPS                      MIE GPS
  'PostalCode'         PostalCode               string
  'State'              State                    string
  'UTM'                UTM                      MIE UTM


  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Altitude'           GPSAltitude              rational64s
  'Bearing'            GPSDestBearing           rational64s
  'DateTime'           GPSDateTime              string
  'Datum'              GPSMapDatum              string
  'Differential'       GPSDifferential          int8u
  'Distance'           GPSDestDistance          rational64s
  'Heading'            GPSTrack                 rational64s
  'Latitude'           GPSLatitude              rational64s[n]
  'Longitude'          GPSLongitude             rational64s[n]
  'MeasureMode'        GPSMeasureMode           int8u
  'Satellites'         GPSSatellites            string
  'Speed'              GPSSpeed                 rational64s


  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'Datum'      UTMMapDatum                      string
  'Easting'    UTMEasting                       string
  'Northing'   UTMNorthing                      string
  'Zone'       UTMZone                          int8s

MIE Image Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  '0Type'              FullSizeImageType        string
  '1Name'              FullSizeImageName        string
  'BitDepth'           BitDepth                 int16u
  'ColorSpace'         ColorSpace               string
  'Components'         ComponentsConfiguration  string
  'Compression'        CompressionRatio         rational32u
  'ImageSize'          ImageSize                int16u[n]
  'Resolution'         Resolution               rational64u[n]
  'data'               FullSizeImage            undef

MIE MakerNotes Tags

MIE maker notes are contained within separate groups for each manufacturer to avoid name conflicts. Currently no specific manufacturer information has been defined.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Canon'              Canon                    MIE Unknown
  'Casio'              Casio                    MIE Unknown
  'FujiFilm'           FujiFilm                 MIE Unknown
  'Kodak'              Kodak                    MIE Unknown
  'KonicaMinolta'      KonicaMinolta            MIE Unknown
  'Nikon'              Nikon                    MIE Unknown
  'Olympus'            Olympus                  MIE Unknown
  'Panasonic'          Panasonic                MIE Unknown
  'Pentax'             Pentax                   MIE Unknown
  'Ricoh'              Ricoh                    MIE Unknown
  'Sigma'              Sigma                    MIE Unknown
  'Sony'               Sony                     MIE Unknown

MIE Unknown Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

MIE Preview Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  '0Type'              PreviewImageType         string
  '1Name'              PreviewImageName         string
  'ImageSize'          PreviewImageSize         int16u[n]
  'data'               PreviewImage             undef

MIE Thumbnail Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  '0Type'              ThumbnailImageType       string
  '1Name'              ThumbnailImageName       string
  'ImageSize'          ThumbnailImageSize       int16u[n]
  'data'               ThumbnailImage           undef

MIE Video Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  '0Type'      RelatedVideoFileType             string
  '1Name'      RelatedVideoFileName             string
  'Codec'      Codec                            string
  'Duration'   Duration                         rational64u
  'data'       RelatedVideoFile                 undef

ID3 Tags

ExifTool extracts ID3 information from MP3, MPEG, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, APE and RealAudio files.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
  'ID3v1'  ID3v1                                ID3 v1
  'ID3v22' ID3v2_2                              ID3 v2_2
  'ID3v23' ID3v2_3                              ID3 v2_3
  'ID3v24' ID3v2_4                              ID3 v2_4

ID3 v1 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      3    Title                                N
     33    Artist                               N
     63    Album                                N
     93    Year                                 N
     97    Comment                              N
    127    Genre                                N

ID3 v2_2 Tags

ExifTool extracts mainly text-based tags from ID3v2 information. The tags in the tables below are those extracted by ExifTool, and don't represent a complete list of available ID3v2 tags.

ID3 version 2.2 tags. (These are the tags written by iTunes 5.0.)

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CNT'    PlayCounter                          N
  'COM'    Comment                              N
  'IPL'    InvolvedPeople                       N
  'PIC'    Picture                              N
  'TAL'    Album                                N
  'TBP'    BeatsPerMinute                       N
  'TCM'    Composer                             N
  'TCO'    Genre                                N
  'TCP'    Compilation                          N
  'TCR'    Copyright                            N
  'TDA'    Date                                 N
  'TDY'    PlaylistDelay                        N
  'TEN'    EncodedBy                            N
  'TFT'    FileType                             N
  'TIM'    Time                                 N
  'TKE'    InitialKey                           N
  'TLA'    Language                             N
  'TLE'    Length                               N
  'TMT'    Media                                N
  'TOA'    OriginalArtist                       N
  'TOF'    OriginalFilename                     N
  'TOL'    OriginalLyricist                     N
  'TOR'    OriginalReleaseYear                  N
  'TOT'    OriginalAlbum                        N
  'TP1'    Artist                               N
  'TP2'    Band                                 N
  'TP3'    Conductor                            N
  'TP4'    InterpretedBy                        N
  'TPA'    PartOfSet                            N
  'TPB'    Publisher                            N
  'TRC'    ISRC                                 N
  'TRD'    RecordingDates                       N
  'TRK'    Track                                N
  'TSI'    Size                                 N
  'TSS'    EncoderSettings                      N
  'TT1'    Grouping                             N
  'TT2'    Title                                N
  'TT3'    Subtitle                             N
  'TXT'    Lyricist                             N
  'TXX'    UserDefinedText                      N
  'TYE'    Year                                 N
  'ULT'    Lyrics                               N
  'WAF'    FileRUL                              N
  'WAR'    ArtistURL                            N
  'WAS'    SourceURL                            N
  'WCM'    CommercialURL                        N
  'WCP'    CopyrightURL                         N
  'WPB'    PublisherURL                         N
  'WXX'    UserDefinedURL                       N

ID3 v2_3 Tags

ID3 version 2.3 tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'APIC'   Picture                              N
  'COMM'   Comment                              N
  'IPLS'   InvolvedPeople                       N
  'PCNT'   PlayCounter                          N
  'TALB'   Album                                N
  'TBPM'   BeatsPerMinute                       N
  'TCOM'   Composer                             N
  'TCON'   Genre                                N
  'TCOP'   Copyright                            N
  'TDAT'   Date                                 N
  'TDLY'   PlaylistDelay                        N
  'TENC'   EncodedBy                            N
  'TEXT'   Lyricist                             N
  'TFLT'   FileType                             N
  'TIME'   Time                                 N
  'TIT1'   Grouping                             N
  'TIT2'   Title                                N
  'TIT3'   Subtitle                             N
  'TKEY'   InitialKey                           N
  'TLAN'   Language                             N
  'TLEN'   Length                               N
  'TMED'   Media                                N
  'TOAL'   OriginalAlbum                        N
  'TOFN'   OriginalFilename                     N
  'TOLY'   OriginalLyricist                     N
  'TOPE'   OriginalArtist                       N
  'TORY'   OriginalReleaseYear                  N
  'TOWN'   FileOwner                            N
  'TPE1'   Artist                               N
  'TPE2'   Band                                 N
  'TPE3'   Conductor                            N
  'TPE4'   InterpretedBy                        N
  'TPOS'   PartOfSet                            N
  'TPUB'   Publisher                            N
  'TRCK'   Track                                N
  'TRDA'   RecordingDates                       N
  'TRSN'   InternetRadioStationName             N
  'TRSO'   InternetRadioStationOwner            N
  'TSIZ'   Size                                 N
  'TSRC'   ISRC                                 N
  'TSSE'   EncoderSettings                      N
  'TXXX'   UserDefinedText                      N
  'TYER'   Year                                 N
  'USER'   TermsOfUse                           N
  'USLT'   Lyrics                               N
  'WCOM'   CommercialURL                        N
  'WCOP'   CopyrightURL                         N
  'WOAF'   FileRUL                              N
  'WOAR'   ArtistURL                            N
  'WOAS'   SourceURL                            N
  'WORS'   InternetRadioStationURL              N
  'WPAY'   PaymentURL                           N
  'WPUB'   PublisherURL                         N
  'WXXX'   UserDefinedURL                       N

ID3 v2_4 Tags

ID3 version 2.4 tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'APIC'   Picture                              N
  'COMM'   Comment                              N
  'PCNT'   PlayCounter                          N
  'TALB'   Album                                N
  'TBPM'   BeatsPerMinute                       N
  'TCOM'   Composer                             N
  'TCON'   Genre                                N
  'TCOP'   Copyright                            N
  'TDEN'   EncodingTime                         N
  'TDLY'   PlaylistDelay                        N
  'TDOR'   OriginalReleaseTime                  N
  'TDRC'   RecordingTime                        N
  'TDRL'   ReleaseTime                          N
  'TDTG'   TaggingTime                          N
  'TENC'   EncodedBy                            N
  'TEXT'   Lyricist                             N
  'TFLT'   FileType                             N
  'TIPL'   InvolvedPeople                       N
  'TIT1'   Grouping                             N
  'TIT2'   Title                                N
  'TIT3'   Subtitle                             N
  'TKEY'   InitialKey                           N
  'TLAN'   Language                             N
  'TLEN'   Length                               N
  'TMCL'   MusicianCredits                      N
  'TMED'   Media                                N
  'TMOO'   Mood                                 N
  'TOAL'   OriginalAlbum                        N
  'TOFN'   OriginalFilename                     N
  'TOLY'   OriginalLyricist                     N
  'TOPE'   OriginalArtist                       N
  'TOWN'   FileOwner                            N
  'TPE1'   Artist                               N
  'TPE2'   Band                                 N
  'TPE3'   Conductor                            N
  'TPE4'   InterpretedBy                        N
  'TPOS'   PartOfSet                            N
  'TPRO'   ProducedNotice                       N
  'TPUB'   Publisher                            N
  'TRCK'   Track                                N
  'TRSN'   InternetRadioStationName             N
  'TRSO'   InternetRadioStationOwner            N
  'TSOA'   AlbumSortOrder                       N
  'TSOP'   PerformerSortOrder                   N
  'TSOT'   TitleSortOrder                       N
  'TSRC'   ISRC                                 N
  'TSSE'   EncoderSettings                      N
  'TSST'   SetSubtitle                          N
  'TXXX'   UserDefinedText                      N
  'USER'   TermsOfUse                           N
  'USLT'   Lyrics                               N
  'WCOM'   CommercialURL                        N
  'WCOP'   CopyrightURL                         N
  'WOAF'   FileRUL                              N
  'WOAR'   ArtistURL                            N
  'WOAS'   SourceURL                            N
  'WORS'   InternetRadioStationURL              N
  'WPAY'   PaymentURL                           N
  'WPUB'   PublisherURL                         N
  'WXXX'   UserDefinedURL                       N

Jpeg2000 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'asoc'   Association                          N
  'bfil'   BinaryFilter                         N
  'bpcc'   BitsPerComponent                     N
  'cdef'   ComponentDefinition                  N
  'cgrp'   ColorGroup                           N
  'chck'   DigitalSignature                     N
  'cmap'   ComponentMapping                     N
  'colr'   ICC_Profile                          ICC_Profile
           Colorspace                           N
           ColorSpecification                   N
  'comp'   Composition                          N
  'copt'   CompositionOptions                   N
  'cref'   Cross-Reference                      N
  'creg'   CodestreamRegistration               N
  'drep'   DesiredReproductions                 N
  'dtbl'   DataReference                        N
  'flst'   FragmentList                         N
  'free'   Free                                 N
  'ftbl'   FragmentTable                        N
  'ftyp'   FileType                             N
  'gtso'   GraphicsTechnologyStandardOutput     N
  'ihdr'   ImageHeader                          Jpeg2000 ImageHeader
  'inst'   InstructionSet                       N
  'jP  '   JP2Signature                         N
  'jp2c'   ContiguousCodestream                 N
  'jp2h'   JP2Header                            Jpeg2000
  'jp2i'   IntellectualProperty                 XMP
  'jpch'   CodestreamHeader                     Jpeg2000
  'jplh'   CompositingLayerHeader               Jpeg2000
  'lbl '   Label                                N
  'mdat'   MediaData                            N
  'mp7b'   MPEG7Binary                          N
  'nlst'   NumberList                           N
  'opct'   Opacity                              N
  'pclr'   Palette                              N
  'prfl'   Profile                              N
  'res '   Resolution                           Jpeg2000
  'resc'   CaptureResolution                    Jpeg2000 CaptureResolution
  'resd'   DisplayResolution                    Jpeg2000 DisplayResolution
  'roid'   ROIDescription                       N
  'rreq'   ReaderRequirements                   N
  'uinf'   UUIDInfo                             Jpeg2000
  'ulst'   UUIDList                             N
  'url '   URL                                  N
  'uuid'   UUID-GeoJP2                          EXIF
           UUID-XMP                             XMP
           UUID-Unknown                         N
  'xml '   XML                                  XMP

Jpeg2000 ImageHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageHeight                          N
      4    ImageWidth                           N
      8    NumberOfComponents                   N
     10    BitsPerComponent                     N
     11    Compression                          N

Jpeg2000 CaptureResolution Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    CaptureYResolution                   N
      4    CaptureXResolution                   N
      8    CaptureYResolutionUnit               N
      9    CaptureXResolutionUnit               N

Jpeg2000 DisplayResolution Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DisplayYResolution                   N
      4    DisplayXResolution                   N
      8    DisplayYResolutionUnit               N
      9    DisplayXResolutionUnit               N

BMP Tags

There really isn't much meta information in a BMP file as such, just a bit of image related information.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    ImageWidth                           N
      8    ImageHeight                          N
     12    Planes                               N
     14    BitDepth                             N
     16    Compression                          N
     20    ImageLength                          N
     24    PixelsPerMeterX                      N
     28    PixelsPerMeterY                      N
     32    NumColors                            N
     36    NumImportantColors                   N


The PICT format contains no true meta information, except for the possible exception of the LongComment opcode. By default, only ImageWidth, ImageHeight and X/YResolution are extracted from a PICT image. Tags in the following table represent image opcodes. Extraction of these tags is experimental, and is only enabled with the Verbose or Unknown options.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   Nop                                  N
  0x0001   ClipRgn                              N
  0x0002   BkPat                                N
  0x0003   TxFont                               N
  0x0004   TxFace                               N
  0x0005   TxMode                               N
  0x0006   SpExtra                              N
  0x0007   PnSize                               N
  0x0008   PnMode                               N
  0x0009   PnPat                                N
  0x000a   FillPat                              N
  0x000b   OvSize                               N
  0x000c   Origin                               N
  0x000d   TxSize                               N
  0x000e   FgColor                              N
  0x000f   BkColor                              N
  0x0010   TxRatio                              N
  0x0011   VersionOp                            N
  0x0012   BkPixPat                             N
  0x0013   PnPixPat                             N
  0x0014   FillPixPat                           N
  0x0015   PnLocHFrac                           N
  0x0016   ChExtra                              N
  0x0017   Reserved                             N
  0x001a   RGBFgCol                             N
  0x001b   RGBBkCol                             N
  0x001c   HiliteMode                           N
  0x001d   HiliteColor                          N
  0x001e   DefHilite                            N
  0x001f   OpColor                              N
  0x0020   Line                                 N
  0x0021   LineFrom                             N
  0x0022   ShortLine                            N
  0x0023   ShortLineFrom                        N
  0x0024   Reserved                             N
  0x0028   LongText                             N
  0x0029   DHText                               N
  0x002a   DVText                               N
  0x002b   DHDVText                             N
  0x002c   FontName                             N
  0x002d   LineJustify                          N
  0x002e   GlyphState                           N
  0x002f   Reserved                             N
  0x0030   FrameRect                            N
  0x0031   PaintRect                            N
  0x0032   EraseRect                            N
  0x0033   InvertRect                           N
  0x0034   FillRect                             N
  0x0035   Reserved                             N
  0x0038   FrameSameRect                        N
  0x0039   PaintSameRect                        N
  0x003a   EraseSameRect                        N
  0x003b   InvertSameRect                       N
  0x003c   FillSameRect                         N
  0x003d   Reserved                             N
  0x0040   FrameRRect                           N
  0x0041   PaintRRect                           N
  0x0042   EraseRRect                           N
  0x0043   InvertRRect                          N
  0x0044   FillRRect                            N
  0x0045   Reserved                             N
  0x0048   FrameSameRRect                       N
  0x0049   PaintSameRRect                       N
  0x004a   EraseSameRRect                       N
  0x004b   InvertSameRRect                      N
  0x004c   FillSameRRect                        N
  0x004d   Reserved                             N
  0x0050   FrameOval                            N
  0x0051   PaintOval                            N
  0x0052   EraseOval                            N
  0x0053   InvertOval                           N
  0x0054   FillOval                             N
  0x0055   Reserved                             N
  0x0058   FrameSameOval                        N
  0x0059   PaintSameOval                        N
  0x005a   EraseSameOval                        N
  0x005b   InvertSameOval                       N
  0x005c   FillSameOval                         N
  0x005d   Reserved                             N
  0x0060   FrameArc                             N
  0x0061   PaintArc                             N
  0x0062   EraseArc                             N
  0x0063   InvertArc                            N
  0x0064   FillArc                              N
  0x0065   Reserved                             N
  0x0068   FrameSameArc                         N
  0x0069   PaintSameArc                         N
  0x006a   EraseSameArc                         N
  0x006b   InvertSameArc                        N
  0x006c   FillSameArc                          N
  0x006d   Reserved                             N
  0x0070   FramePoly                            N
  0x0071   PaintPoly                            N
  0x0072   ErasePoly                            N
  0x0073   InvertPoly                           N
  0x0074   FillPoly                             N
  0x0075   Reserved                             N
  0x0078   FrameSamePoly                        N
  0x0079   PaintSamePoly                        N
  0x007a   EraseSamePoly                        N
  0x007b   InvertSamePoly                       N
  0x007c   FillSamePoly                         N
  0x007d   Reserved                             N
  0x0080   FrameRgn                             N
  0x0081   PaintRgn                             N
  0x0082   EraseRgn                             N
  0x0083   InvertRgn                            N
  0x0084   FillRgn                              N
  0x0085   Reserved                             N
  0x0088   FrameSameRgn                         N
  0x0089   PaintSameRgn                         N
  0x008a   EraseSameRgn                         N
  0x008b   InvertSameRgn                        N
  0x008c   FillSameRgn                          N
  0x008d   Reserved                             N
  0x0090   BitsRect                             N
  0x0091   BitsRgn                              N
  0x0092   Reserved                             N
  0x0098   PackBitsRect                         N
  0x0099   PackBitsRgn                          N
  0x009a   DirectBitsRect                       N
  0x009b   DirectBitsRgn                        N
  0x009c   Reserved                             N
  0x009d   Reserved                             N
  0x009e   Reserved                             N
  0x009f   Reserved                             N
  0x00a0   ShortComment                         N
  0x00a1   LongComment                          Photoshop
  0x00a2   Reserved                             N
  0x00b0   Reserved                             N
  0x00d0   Reserved                             N
  0x00ff   OpEndPic                             N
  0x0100   Reserved                             N
  0x0200   Reserved                             N
  0x02ff   Version                              N
  0x0300   Reserved                             N
  0x0bff   Reserved                             N
  0x0c00   HeaderOp                             N
  0x0c01   Reserved                             N
  0x7f00   Reserved                             N
  0x8000   Reserved                             N
  0x8100   Reserved                             N
  0x8200   CompressedQuickTime                  N
  0x8201   UncompressedQuickTime                N
  0xffff   Reserved                             N

PNG Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'IHDR'   ImageHeader                          PNG ImageHeader
  'PLTE'   Palette                              N
  'bKGD'   BackgroundColor                      N
  'cHRM'   PrimaryChromaticities                PNG PrimaryChromaticities
  'fRAc'   FractalParameters                    N
  'gAMA'   Gamma                                N
  'gIFg'   GIFGraphicControlExtension           N
  'gIFt'   GIFPlainTextExtension                N
  'gIFx'   GIFApplicationExtension              N
  'hIST'   PaletteHistogram                     N
  'iCCP'   ICC_Profile                          ICC_Profile
  'iTXt'   InternationalText                    PNG TextualData
  'oFFs'   ImageOffset                          N
  'pCAL'   PixelCalibration                     N
  'pHYs'   PhysicalPixel                        PNG PhysicalPixel
  'sBIT'   SignificantBits                      N
  'sPLT'   SuggestedPalette                     N
  'sRGB'   SRGBRendering                        N
  'tEXt'   TextualData                          PNG TextualData
  'tIME'   ModifyDate                           Y
  'tRNS'   Transparency                         N
  'tXMP'   XMP                                  XMP
  'zTXt'   CompressedText                       PNG TextualData

PNG ImageHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageWidth                           N
      4    ImageHeight                          N
      8    BitDepth                             N
      9    ColorType                            N
     10    Compression                          N
     11    Filter                               N
     12    Interlace                            N

PNG PrimaryChromaticities Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    WhitePointX                          N
      1    WhitePointY                          N
      2    RedX                                 N
      3    RedY                                 N
      4    GreenX                               N
      5    GreenY                               N
      6    BlueX                                N
      7    BlueY                                N

PNG TextualData Tags

The PNG TextualData format allows aribrary tag names to be used. The tags listed below are the only ones that can be written (unless new user-defined tags are added via the configuration file), however ExifTool will extract any other TextualData tags that are found.

The information for the TextualData tags may be stored as tEXt, zTXt or iTXt chunks in the PNG image. ExifTool will read and edit tags in their original form, but tEXt chunks are written by default when creating new tags. Compressed zTXt chunks are written only if Compress::Zlib is available, and only for profile information or when the -z (Compress) option is specified.

Some of the tags below are not registered as part of the PNG specification, but are included here because they are generated by other software such as ImageMagick.

  Tag ID                  Tag Name              Writable
  ------                  --------              --------
  'Artist'                Artist                string
  'Author'                Author                string
  'Comment'               Comment               string
  'Copyright'             Copyright             string
  'Creation Time'         CreationTime          string
  'Description'           Description           string
  'Disclaimer'            Disclaimer            string
  'Document'              Document              string
  'Label'                 Label                 string
  'Make'                  Make                  string
  'Model'                 Model                 string
  'Raw profile type APP1' APP1_Profile          EXIF
  'Raw profile type exif' EXIF_Profile          EXIF
  'Raw profile type icc'  ICC_Profile           ICC_Profile
  'Raw profile type icm'  ICC_Profile           ICC_Profile
  'Raw profile type iptc' IPTC_Profile          Photoshop
  'Raw profile type xmp'  XMP_Profile           XMP
  'Software'              Software              string
  'Source'                Source                string
  'TimeStamp'             TimeStamp             string
  'Title'                 Title                 string
  'URL'                   URL                   string
  'Warning'               PNGWarning            string
  'XML:com.adobe.xmp'     XMP                   XMP

PNG PhysicalPixel Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    PixelsPerUnitX                       N
      4    PixelsPerUnitY                       N
      8    PixelUnits                           N

MNG Tags

This table contains definitions for tags found in MNG and JNG images. MNG is a superset of PNG and JNG, so a MNG image may contain any of these tags as well as any PNG tags. Conversely, only some of these tags are valid for JNG images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'BACK'   Background                           MNG Background
  'BASI'   BasisObject                          MNG BasisObject
  'CLIP'   ClipObjects                          MNG ClipObjects
  'CLON'   CloneObject                          MNG CloneObject
  'DBYK'   DropByKeyword                        N
  'DEFI'   DefineObject                         MNG DefineObject
  'DHDR'   DeltaPNGHeader                       MNG DeltaPNGHeader
  'DISC'   DiscardObjects                       N
  'DROP'   DropChunks                           N
  'FRAM'   Frame                                N
  'JHDR'   JNGHeader                            MNG JNGHeader
  'LOOP'   Loop                                 MNG Loop
  'MAGN'   MagnifyObject                        MNG MagnifyObject
  'MHDR'   MNGHeader                            MNG MNGHeader
  'MOVE'   MoveObjects                          MNG MoveObjects
  'ORDR'   OrderingRestrictions                 N
  'PAST'   PasteImage                           MNG PasteImage
  'PPLT'   PartialPalette                       N
  'PROM'   PromoteParent                        MNG PromoteParent
  'SAVE'   SaveObjects                          N
  'SEEK'   SeekPoint                            N
  'SHOW'   ShowObjects                          MNG ShowObjects
  'TERM'   TerminationAction                    MNG TerminationAction
  'eXPi'   ExportImage                          MNG ExportImage
  'fPRI'   FramePriority                        MNG FramePriority
  'nEED'   ResourcesNeeded                      N
  'pHYg'   GlobalPixelSize                      PNG PhysicalPixel

MNG Background Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    BackgroundColor                      N
      6    MandatoryBackground                  N
      7    BackgroundImageID                    N
      9    BackgroundTiling                     N

MNG BasisObject Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageWidth                           N
      4    ImageHeight                          N
      8    BitDepth                             N
      9    ColorType                            N
     10    Compression                          N
     11    Filter                               N
     12    Interlace                            N
     13    RedSample                            N
     17    GreenSample                          N
     21    BlueSample                           N
     25    AlphaSample                          N
     26    Viewable                             N

MNG ClipObjects Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FirstObject                          N
      2    LastObject                           N
      4    DeltaType                            N
      5    ClipBoundary                         N

MNG CloneObject Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    SourceID                             N
      2    CloneID                              N
      4    CloneType                            N
      5    DoNotShow                            N
      6    ConcreteFlag                         N
      7    LocalDeltaType                       N
      8    DeltaXY                              N

MNG DefineObject Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ObjectID                             N
      2    DoNotShow                            N
      3    ConcreteFlag                         N
      4    XYLocation                           N
     12    ClippingBoundary                     N

MNG DeltaPNGHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ObjectID                             N
      2    ImageType                            N
      3    DeltaType                            N
      4    BlockSize                            N
     12    BlockLocation                        N

MNG JNGHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageWidth                           N
      4    ImageHeight                          N
      8    ColorType                            N
      9    BitDepth                             N
     10    Compression                          N
     11    Interlace                            N
     12    AlphaBitDepth                        N
     13    AlphaCompression                     N
     14    AlphaFilter                          N
     15    AlphaInterlace                       N

MNG Loop Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    NestLevel                            N
      1    IterationCount                       N
      5    TerminationCondition                 N
      6    IterationMinMax                      N
     14    SignalNumber                         N

MNG MagnifyObject Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FirstObjectID                        N
      2    LastObjectID                         N
      4    XMethod                              N
      5    XMag                                 N
      7    YMag                                 N
      9    LeftMag                              N
     11    RightMag                             N
     13    TopMag                               N
     15    BottomMag                            N
     17    YMethod                              N

MNG MNGHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ImageWidth                           N
      1    ImageHeight                          N
      2    TicksPerSecond                       N
      3    NominalLayerCount                    N
      4    NominalFrameCount                    N
      5    NominalPlayTime                      N
      6    SimplicityProfile                    N

MNG MoveObjects Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FirstObject                          N
      2    LastObject                           N
      4    DeltaType                            N
      5    DeltaXY                              N

MNG PasteImage Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DestinationID                        N
      2    TargetDeltaType                      N
      3    TargetXY                             N
     11    SourceID                             N
     13    CompositionMode                      N
     14    Orientation                          N
     15    OffsetOrigin                         N
     16    OffsetXY                             N
     24    BoundaryOrigin                       N
     25    PastClippingBoundary                 N

MNG PromoteParent Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    NewColorType                         N
      1    NewBitDepth                          N
      2    FillMethod                           N

MNG ShowObjects Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FirstObject                          N
      2    LastObject                           N
      4    ShowMode                             N

MNG TerminationAction Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    TerminationAction                    N
      1    IterationEndAction                   N
      2    Delay                                N
      6    IterationMax                         N

MNG ExportImage Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    SnapshotID                           N
      2    SnapshotName                         N

MNG FramePriority Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DeltaType                            N
      2    Priority                             N


The MIFF format allows aribrary tag names to be used. Only the standard tag names are listed below, however ExifTool will decode any tags found in the image.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'background-color'   BackgroundColor          N
  'blue-primary'       BluePrimary              N
  'border-color'       BorderColor              N
  'class'              Class                    N
  'colors'             Colors                   N
  'colorspace'         Colorspace               N
  'columns'            ImageWidth               N
  'compression'        Compression              N
  'delay'              Delay                    N
  'depth'              Depth                    N
  'dispose'            Dispose                  N
  'gamma'              Gamma                    N
  'green-primary'      GreenPrimary             N
  'id'                 ID                       N
  'iterations'         Iterations               N
  'label'              Label                    N
  'matt-color'         MattColor                N
  'matte'              Matte                    N
  'montage'            Montage                  N
  'packets'            Packets                  N
  'page'               Page                     N
  'profile-APP1'       APP1_Profile             EXIF
  'profile-exif'       EXIF_Profile             EXIF
  'profile-icc'        ICC_Profile              ICC_Profile
  'profile-iptc'       IPTC_Profile             Photoshop
  'profile-xmp'        XMP_Profile              XMP
  'red-primary'        RedPrimary               N
  'rendering-intent'   RenderingIntent          N
  'resolution'         Resolution               N
  'rows'               ImageHeight              N
  'scene'              Scene                    N
  'signature'          Signature                N
  'units'              Units                    N
  'white-point'        WhitePoint               N

PDF Tags

The tags listed in the PDF tables below are those which are used by ExifTool to extract meta information, but they are only a small fraction of the total number of available PDF tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Info'   Info                                 PDF Info
  'Root'   Root                                 PDF Root

PDF Info Tags

As well as the tags listed below, the PDF specification allows for user-defined tags to exist in the Info dictionary. These tags, which should have corresponding XMP-pdfx entries in the PDF Metadata, are also extracted by ExifTool.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Author'             Author                   N
  'CreationDate'       CreateDate               N
  'Creator'            Creator                  N
  'Keywords'           Keywords                 N+
  'ModDate'            ModifyDate               N
  'Producer'           Producer                 N
  'Subject'            Subject                  N
  'Title'              Title                    N
  'Trapped'            Trapped                  N

PDF Root Tags

This is the PDF document catalog.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'Metadata'   Metadata                         PDF Metadata
  'Pages'      Pages                            PDF Pages

PDF Metadata Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'XML_stream'         XMP                      XMP

PDF Pages Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Count'  PageCount                            N
  'Kids'   Kids                                 PDF Kids

PDF Kids Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Metadata'           Metadata                 PDF Metadata
  'PieceInfo'          PieceInfo                PDF PieceInfo
  'Resources'          Resources                PDF Resources

PDF PieceInfo Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'AdobePhotoshop'     AdobePhotoshop           PDF AdobePhotoshop

PDF AdobePhotoshop Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'Private'    Private                          PDF Private

PDF Private Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'ImageResources'     ImageResources           PDF ImageResources

PDF ImageResources Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'stream' Stream                               Photoshop

PDF Resources Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'ColorSpace'         ColorSpace               PDF ColorSpace

PDF ColorSpace Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'DefaultRGB'         DefaultRGB               PDF DefaultRGB

PDF DefaultRGB Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'ICCBased'   ICCBased                         PDF ICCBased

PDF ICCBased Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'stream' Stream                               ICC_Profile

PostScript Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Author'             Author                   string
  'BeginICCProfile'    ICC_Profile              ICC_Profile
  'BeginPhotoshop'     PhotoshopData            Photoshop
  'BoundingBox'        BoundingBox              N
  'Copyright'          Copyright                string
  'CreationDate'       CreateDate               string
  'Creator'            Creator                  string
  'For'                For                      string
  'ImageData'          ImageData                N
  'Keywords'           Keywords                 string
  'ModDate'            ModifyDate               string
  'Pages'              Pages                    N
  'Routing'            Routing                  string
  'Subject'            Subject                  string
  'Title'              Title                    string
  'Version'            Version                  string
  'begin_xml_packet'   XMP                      XMP

Vorbis Tags

ExifTool extracts the following Vorbis information from Ogg files. As well as this, ExifTool also extracts FLAC and ID3 information from Ogg files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   Identification                       Vorbis Identification
  0x0003   Comments                             Vorbis Comments

Vorbis Identification Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    VorbisVersion                        N
      4    AudioChannels                        N
      5    SampleRate                           N
      9    MaximumBitrate                       N
     13    NominalBitrate                       N
     17    MinimumBitrate                       N

Vorbis Comments Tags

The tags below are only some common tags found in the Vorbis comments of Ogg Vorbis and Ogg FLAC audio files, however ExifTool will extract values from any tag found, even if not listed here.

  Tag ID                  Tag Name              Writable
  ------                  --------              --------
  'ALBUM'                 Album                 N
  'ARTIST'                Artist                N+
  'COMMENT'               Comment               N
  'CONTACT'               Contact               N+
  'COPYRIGHT'             Copyright             N
  'COVERART'              CoverArt              N
  'COVERARTMIME'          CoverArtMIMEType      N
  'DATE'                  Date                  N
  'DESCRIPTION'           Description           N
  'ENCODED_BY'            EncodedBy             N
  'ENCODED_USING'         EncodedUsing          N
  'GENRE'                 Genre                 N
  'ISRC'                  ISRCNumber            N
  'LICENSE'               License               N
  'LOCATION'              Location              N
  'ORGANIZATION'          Organization          N
  'PERFORMER'             Performer             N+
  'REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN' ReplayGainAlbumGain   N
  'REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK' ReplayGainAlbumPeak   N
  'REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN' ReplayGainTrackGain   N
  'REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK' ReplayGainTrackPeak   N
  'TITLE'                 Title                 N
  'TRACKNUMBER'           TrackNumber           N
  'VERSION'               Version               N
  'vendor'                Vendor                N


Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) meta information. ExifTool also extracts ID3 information from these files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   StreamInfo                           FLAC StreamInfo
  0x0004   VorbisComment                        Vorbis Comments

FLAC StreamInfo Tags

FLAC is big-endian, so bit 0 is the high-order bit in this table.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Bit000-015'         BlockSizeMin             N
  'Bit016-031'         BlockSizeMax             N
  'Bit032-055'         FrameSizeMin             N
  'Bit056-079'         FrameSizeMax             N
  'Bit080-099'         SampleRate               N
  'Bit100-102'         Channels                 N
  'Bit103-107'         BitsPerSample            N
  'Bit108-143'         TotalSamples             N

APE Tags

Tags found in Monkey's Audio (APE) information. Only a few common tags are listed below, but ExifTool will extract any tag found. ExifTool supports APEv1 and APEv2 tags, as well as ID3 information in APE files.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Album'              Album                    N
  'Artist'             Artist                   N
  'Genre'              Genre                    N
  'Title'              Title                    N
  'Tool Name'          ToolName                 N
  'Tool Version'       ToolVersion              N
  'Track'              Track                    N
  'Year'               Year                     N

APE NewHeader Tags

APE MAC audio header for version 3.98 or later.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    CompressionLevel                     N
      2    BlocksPerFrame                       N
      4    FinalFrameBlocks                     N
      6    TotalFrames                          N
      8    BitsPerSample                        N
      9    Channels                             N
     10    SampleRate                           N

APE OldHeader Tags

APE MAC audio header for version 3.97 or earlier.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    APEVersion                           N
      1    CompressionLevel                     N
      3    Channels                             N
      4    SampleRate                           N
     10    TotalFrames                          N
     12    FinalFrameBlocks                     N

MPC Tags

Tags used in Musepack (MPC) audio files. ExifTool also extracts ID3 and APE information from these files.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Bit032-063'         TotalFrames              N
  'Bit080-081'         SampleRate               N
  'Bit084-087'         Quality                  N
  'Bit088-093'         MaxBand                  N
  'Bit096-111'         ReplayGainTrackPeak      N
  'Bit112-127'         ReplayGainTrackGain      N
  'Bit128-143'         ReplayGainAlbumPeak      N
  'Bit144-159'         ReplayGainAlbumGain      N
  'Bit179'             FastSeek                 N
  'Bit191'             Gapless                  N
  'Bit216-223'         EncoderVersion           N


The MPEG format doesn't specify any file-level meta information. In lieu of this, information is extracted from the first audio and video frame headers in the file.

MPEG Audio Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'Bit11-12'   MPEGAudioVersion                 N
  'Bit13-14'   AudioLayer                       N
  'Bit16-19'   AudioBitrate                     N
  'Bit20-21'   SampleRate                       N
  'Bit24-25'   ChannelMode                      N
  'Bit26'      MSStereo                         N
  'Bit26-27'   ModeExtension                    N
  'Bit27'      IntensityStereo                  N
  'Bit28'      CopyrightFlag                    N
  'Bit29'      OriginalMedia                    N
  'Bit30-31'   Emphasis                         N

MPEG Video Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'Bit00-11'   ImageWidth                       N
  'Bit12-23'   ImageHeight                      N
  'Bit24-27'   AspectRatio                      N
  'Bit28-31'   FrameRate                        N
  'Bit32-49'   VideoBitrate                     N

QuickTime Tags

These tags are used in QuickTime MOV and MP4 videos, and QTIF images. Tags with a question mark after their name are not extracted unless the Unknown option is set.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'PICT'   PreviewPICT                          N
  'free'   Free?                                N
  'ftyp'   FrameType?                           N
  'mdat'   Mdat?                                N
  'moov'   Movie                                QuickTime Movie
  'pnot'   Preview                              QuickTime Preview
  'skip'   Skip?                                N
  'wide'   Wide?                                N

QuickTime Movie Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'mvhd'   MovieHeader                          QuickTime MovieHdr
  'trak'   Track                                QuickTime Track
  'udta'   UserData                             QuickTime UserData

QuickTime MovieHdr Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Version                              N
      1    CreateDate                           N
      2    ModifyDate                           N
      3    TimeScale                            N
      4    Duration                             N
      5    PreferredRate                        N
      6    PreferredVolume                      N
     18    PreviewTime                          N
     19    PreviewDuration                      N
     20    PosterTime                           N
     21    SelectionTime                        N
     22    SelectionDuration                    N
     23    CurrentTime                          N
     24    NextTrackID                          N

QuickTime Track Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'mdia'   Media                                QuickTime Media
  'tkhd'   TrackHeader                          QuickTime TrackHdr
  'udta'   UserData                             QuickTime UserData

QuickTime Media Tags

MP4 only (most tags unknown because ISO charges for the specification).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'minf'   Minf                                 QuickTime Minf

QuickTime Minf Tags

MP4 only (most tags unknown because ISO charges for the specification).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'dinf'   Dinf                                 QuickTime Dinf
  'stbl'   Stbl                                 QuickTime Stbl

QuickTime Dinf Tags

MP4 only (most tags unknown because ISO charges for the specification).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

QuickTime Stbl Tags

MP4 only (most tags unknown because ISO charges for the specification).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

QuickTime TrackHdr Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    TrackVersion                         N
      1    TrackCreateDate                      N
      2    TrackModifyDate                      N
      3    TrackID                              N
      5    TrackDuration                        N
      8    TrackLayer                           N
      9    TrackVolume                          N
     19    ImageWidth                           N
     20    ImageHeight                          N

QuickTime UserData Tags

Tag ID's beginning with the copyright symbol (hex 0xa9) are multi-language text, but ExifTool only extracts the text from the first language in the record. ExifTool will extract any multi-language user data tags found, even if they don't exist in this table.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'AllF'       PlayAllFrames                    N
  'LOOP'       LoopStyle                        N
  'SelO'       PlaySelection                    N
  'TAGS'       PentaxTags                       Pentax MOV
               NikonTags                        Nikon MOV
               SanyoMOV                         Sanyo MOV
               SanyoMP4                         Sanyo MP4
               UnknownTags?                     N
  'WLOC'       WindowLocation                   N
  'meta'       Meta                             QuickTime Meta
  'name'       Name                             N
  'ptv '       PrintToVideo                     QuickTime Video
  "\xa9cpy"    Copyright                        N
  "\xa9day"    CreateDate                       N
  "\xa9dir"    Director                         N
  "\xa9ed1"    Edit1                            N
  "\xa9ed2"    Edit2                            N
  "\xa9ed3"    Edit3                            N
  "\xa9ed4"    Edit4                            N
  "\xa9ed5"    Edit5                            N
  "\xa9ed6"    Edit6                            N
  "\xa9ed7"    Edit7                            N
  "\xa9ed8"    Edit8                            N
  "\xa9ed9"    Edit9                            N
  "\xa9fmt"    Format                           N
  "\xa9inf"    Information                      N
  "\xa9prd"    Producer                         N
  "\xa9prf"    Performers                       N
  "\xa9req"    Requirements                     N
  "\xa9src"    Source                           N
  "\xa9wrt"    Writer                           N

QuickTime Meta Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'ilst'   InfoList                             QuickTime InfoList

QuickTime InfoList Tags

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  '----'       iTunesInfo                       QuickTime iTunesInfo
  'aART'       AlbumArtist                      N
  'apid'       AppleStoreID                     N
  'auth'       Author                           N
  'covr'       CoverArt                         N
  'cpil'       Compilation                      N
  'cprt'       Copyright                        N
  'disk'       DiskNumber                       N
  'dscp'       Description                      N
  'gnre'       Genre                            N
  'perf'       Performer                        N
  'pgap'       PlayGap                          N
  'rtng'       Rating                           N
  'titl'       Title                            N
  'tmpo'       BeatsPerMinute                   N
  'trkn'       TrackNumber                      N
  "\xa9ART"    Artist                           N
  "\xa9alb"    Album                            N
  "\xa9cmt"    Comment                          N
  "\xa9com"    Composer                         N
  "\xa9day"    Year                             N
  "\xa9des"    Description                      N
  "\xa9gen"    Genre                            N
  "\xa9grp"    Grouping                         N
  "\xa9lyr"    Lyrics                           N
  "\xa9nam"    Title                            N
  "\xa9too"    Encoder                          N
  "\xa9trk"    Track                            N
  "\xa9wrt"    Composer                         N

QuickTime iTunesInfo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

QuickTime Video Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DisplaySize                          N
      6    SlideShow                            N

QuickTime Preview Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    PreviewDate                          N
      2    PreviewVersion                       N
      3    PreviewAtomType                      N
      5    PreviewAtomIndex                     N

QuickTime ImageFile Tags

Tags used in QTIF QuickTime Image Files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'idat'   ImageData                            N
  'idsc'   ImageDescription                     QuickTime ImageDesc
  'iicc'   ICC_Profile                          ICC_Profile

QuickTime ImageDesc Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      4    CompressorID                         N
     20    VendorID                             N
     28    Quality                              N
     32    ImageWidth                           N
     34    ImageHeight                          N
     36    XResolution                          N
     40    YResolution                          N
     48    FrameCount                           N
     50    NameLength                           N
     51    Compressor                           N
     82    BitDepth                             N

Flash Tags

The information below is extracted from the header of SWF (Shockwave Flash) files.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Compressed'         Compressed               N
  'Duration'           Duration                 N
  'FlashVersion'       FlashVersion             N
  'FrameCount'         FrameCount               N
  'FrameRate'          FrameRate                N
  'ImageHeight'        ImageHeight              N
  'ImageWidth'         ImageWidth               N

Real Tags

ExifTool recognizes three basic types of Real audio/video files: 1) RealMedia (RM, RV and RMVB), 2) RealAudio (RA), and 3) Real Metafile (RAM and RPM).

Real Media Tags

These Tag ID's are Chunk ID's used in RealMedia and RealVideo (RM, RV and RMVB) files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CONT'   CONT                                 Real ContentDescr
  'MDPR'   MDPR                                 Real MediaProps
  'PROP'   PROP                                 Real Properties
  'RJMD'   RJMD                                 Real Metadata

Real ContentDescr Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    TitleLen?                            N
      1    Title                                N
      2    AuthorLen?                           N
      3    Author                               N
      4    CopyrightLen?                        N
      5    Copyright                            N
      6    CommentLen?                          N
      7    Comment                              N

Real MediaProps Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    StreamNumber                         N
      1    StreamMaxBitRate                     N
      2    StreamAvgBitRate                     N
      3    StreamMaxPacketSize                  N
      4    StreamAvgPacketSize                  N
      5    StreamStartTime                      N
      6    StreamPreroll                        N
      7    StreamDuration                       N
      8    StreamNameLen?                       N
      9    StreamName                           N
     10    StreamMimeLen?                       N
     11    StreamMimeType                       N
     12    FileInfoLen?                         N
     13    FileInfoLen2?                        N
     14    FileInfoVersion                      N
     15    PhysicalStreams?                     N
     16    PhysicalStreamNumbers?               N
     17    DataOffsets?                         N
     18    NumRules?                            N
     19    PhysicalStreamNumberMap?             N
     20    NumProperties?                       N
     21    FileInfoProperties                   Real FileInfo

Real FileInfo Tags

The following tags have been observed in the FileInfo properties, but any other existing information will also be extracted.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Audiences'          Audiences                N
  'Audio Format'       AudioFormat              N
  'Content Rating'     ContentRating            N
  'Creation Date'      CreateDate               N
  'Description'        Description              N
  'File ID'            FileID                   N
  'Generated By'       Software                 N
  'Indexable'          Indexable                N
  'Keywords'           Keywords                 N
  'Modification Date'  ModifyDate               N
  'Target Audiences'   TargetAudiences          N
  'Video Quality'      VideoQuality             N
  'audioMode'          AudioMode                N
  'videoMode'          VideoMode                N

Real Properties Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    MaxBitRate                           N
      1    AvgBitRate                           N
      2    MaxPacketSize                        N
      3    AvgPacketSize                        N
      4    NumPackets                           N
      5    Duration                             N
      6    Preroll                              N
      7    IndexOffset?                         N
      8    DataOffset?                          N
      9    NumStreams                           N
     10    Flags                                N

Real Metadata Tags

The tags below represent information which has been observed in the Real Metadata format, but ExifTool will extract any information it finds in this format. (As far as I can tell from the referenced documentation, string values should be plain text, but this is not the case for the only sample file I have been able to obtain containing this information. These tags could also be split into separate sub-directories, but this will wait until I have better documentation or a more complete set of samples.)

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Album/Name'         AlbumName                N
  'Track/Category'     TrackCategory            N
  'Track/Comments'     TrackComments            N
  'Track/Lyrics'       TrackLyrics              N

Real Audio Tags

Tags in the following table reference information extracted from various versions of RealAudio (RA) files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  '.ra3'   RA3                                  Real AudioV3
  '.ra4'   RA4                                  Real AudioV4
  '.ra5'   RA5                                  Real AudioV5

Real AudioV3 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Channels                             N
      1    Unknown?                             N
      2    BytesPerMinute                       N
      3    AudioBytes                           N
      4    TitleLen?                            N
      5    Title                                N
      6    ArtistLen?                           N
      7    Artist                               N
      8    CopyrightLen?                        N
      9    Copyright                            N
     10    CommentLen?                          N
     11    Comment                              N

Real AudioV4 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FourCC1?                             N
      1    AudioFileSize?                       N
      2    Version2?                            N
      3    HeaderSize?                          N
      4    CodecFlavorID?                       N
      5    CodedFrameSize?                      N
      6    AudioBytes                           N
      7    BytesPerMinute                       N
      8    Unknown?                             N
      9    SubPacketH?                          N
     10    AudioFrameSize                       N
     11    SubPacketSize?                       N
     12    Unknown?                             N
     13    SampleRate                           N
     14    Unknown?                             N
     15    BitsPerSample                        N
     16    Channels                             N
     17    FourCC2Len?                          N
     18    FourCC2?                             N
     19    FourCC3Len?                          N
     20    FourCC3?                             N
     21    Unknown?                             N
     22    Unknown?                             N
     23    TitleLen?                            N
     24    Title                                N
     25    ArtistLen?                           N
     26    Artist                               N
     27    CopyrightLen?                        N
     28    Copyright                            N
     29    CommentLen?                          N
     30    Comment                              N

Real AudioV5 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FourCC1?                             N
      1    AudioFileSize?                       N
      2    Version2?                            N
      3    HeaderSize?                          N
      4    CodecFlavorID?                       N
      5    CodedFrameSize?                      N
      6    AudioBytes                           N
      7    BytesPerMinute                       N
      8    Unknown?                             N
      9    SubPacketH?                          N
     10    FrameSize?                           N
     11    SubPacketSize?                       N
     12    SampleRate                           N
     13    SampleRate2?                         N
     14    BitsPerSample                        N
     15    Channels                             N
     16    Genr?                                N
     17    FourCC3?                             N

Real Metafile Tags

Tags representing information extracted from Real Audio Metafile and RealMedia Plug-in Metafile (RAM and RPM) files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'txt'    Text                                 N
  'url'    URL                                  N


Windows WAV and AVI files are RIFF format files. Meta information embedded in two types of RIFF LIST chunks: INFO and exif. As well, some information about the audio content is extracted from the fmt chunk.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'LIST_INFO'          Info                     RIFF Info
  'LIST_exif'          Exif                     RIFF Exif
  'LIST_hdrl'          Hdrl                     RIFF Hdrl
  'fmt '               AudioFormat              RIFF AudioFormat

RIFF Info Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'IARL'   ArchivalLocation                     N
  'IART'   Artist                               N
  'ICMS'   Commissioned                         N
  'ICMT'   Comment                              N
  'ICOP'   Copyright                            N
  'ICRD'   DateCreated                          N
  'ICRP'   Cropped                              N
  'IDIM'   Dimensions                           N
  'IDPI'   DotsPerInch                          N
  'IENG'   Engineer                             N
  'IGNR'   Genre                                N
  'IKEY'   Keywords                             N
  'ILGT'   Lightness                            N
  'IMED'   Medium                               N
  'INAM'   Title                                N
  'IPLT'   NumColors                            N
  'IPRD'   Product                              N
  'ISBJ'   Subject                              N
  'ISFT'   Software                             N
  'ISHP'   Sharpness                            N
  'ISRC'   Source                               N
  'ISRF'   SourceForm                           N
  'ITCH'   Technician                           N

RIFF Exif Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'ecor'   Make                                 N
  'emdl'   Model                                N
  'emnt'   MakerNotes                           N
  'erel'   RelatedImageFile                     N
  'etim'   TimeCreated                          N
  'eucm'   UserComment                          N
  'ever'   ExifVersion                          N

RIFF Hdrl Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'IDIT'               DateTimeOriginal         N
  'ISMP'               TimeCode                 N
  'LIST_strl'          Stream                   RIFF Stream
  'avih'               AVIHeader                RIFF AVIHeader

RIFF Stream Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'strd'   StreamData                           RIFF StreamData
  'strf'   AudioFormat                          RIFF AudioFormat
           VideoFormat                          BMP
  'strh'   StreamHeader                         RIFF StreamHeader
  'strn'   StreamName                           N

RIFF StreamData Tags

This chunk contains EXIF information in FujiFilm F30 AVI files.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'AVIF'   AVIF                                 EXIF

RIFF AudioFormat Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    Encoding                             N
      1    NumChannels                          N
      2    SampleRate                           N
      4    AvgBytesPerSec                       N
      7    BitsPerSample                        N

RIFF StreamHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    StreamType                           N
      1    Codec                                N
     10    Quality                              N
     11    SampleSize                           N

RIFF AVIHeader Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FrameRate                            N
      1    MaxDataRate                          N
      4    FrameCount                           N
      6    StreamCount                          N
      8    ImageWidth                           N
      9    ImageHeight                          N


Only the tags decoded by ExifTool are listed in this table.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  '(c) '   Copyright                            N
  'ANNO'   Annotation                           N
  'AUTH'   Author                               N
  'COMM'   Common                               AIFF Common
  'COMT'   Comment                              AIFF Comment
  'FVER'   FormatVersion                        AIFF FormatVers
  'ID3 '   ID3                                  ID3
  'NAME'   Name                                 N

AIFF Common Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    NumChannels                          N
      1    NumSampleFrames                      N
      3    SampleSize                           N
      4    SampleRate                           N
      9    CompressionType                      N

AIFF Comment Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   CommentTime                          N
  0x0001   MarkerID                             N
  0x0002   Comment                              N

AIFF FormatVers Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FormatVersionTime                    N

ASF Tags

ASF format is used by Windows WMA and WMV files. Tag ID's aren't listed because they are huge 128-bit GUID's that would ruin the formatting of this table.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  SimpleIndex                                   N
  TimecodeIndex                                 N
  Header                                        ASF Header
  Data                                          N
  Index                                         N
  MediaIndex                                    N

ASF Header Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Padding                                       N
  ScriptCommand                                 N
  ContentBranding                               ASF ContentBranding
  ContentEncryption                             N
  DigitalSignature                              N
  ExtendedContentEncryption                     N
  HeaderExtension                               ASF HeaderExtension
  ContentDescription                            ASF ContentDescr
  ErrorCorrection                               N
  StreamBitrateProps                            N
  CodecList                                     ASF CodecList
  FileProperties                                ASF FileProperties
  StreamProperties                              ASF StreamProperties
  ExtendedContentDescr                          ASF ExtendedDescr
  BitrateMutualExclusion                        N
  Marker                                        N

ASF ContentBranding Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BannerImageType                               N
  BannerImage                                   N
  BannerImageURL                                N
  CopyrightURL                                  N

ASF HeaderExtension Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ExtendedStreamProps                           N
  AdvancedContentEncryption                     N
  MetadataLibrary                               ASF Metadata
  TimecodeIndexParms                            N
  Compatibility                                 N
  LanguageList                                  N
  AdvancedMutualExcl                            N
  BandwidthSharing                              N
  Reserved1                                     N
  Metadata                                      ASF Metadata
  GroupMutualExclusion                          N
  StreamPrioritization                          N
  IndexParameters                               N

ASF Metadata Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  [no tags known]

ASF ContentDescr Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Title                                         N
  Author                                        N
  Copyright                                     N
  Description                                   N
  Rating                                        N

ASF CodecList Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AudioCodecDescription                         N
  AudioCodecName                                N
  OtherCodecDescription                         N
  OtherCodecName                                N
  VideoCodecDescription                         N
  VideoCodecName                                N

ASF FileProperties Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    FileID                               N
     16    FileSize                             N
     24    CreationDate                         N
     32    DataPackets                          N
     40    PlayDuration                         N
     48    SendDuration                         N
     56    Preroll                              N
     64    Flags                                N
     68    MinPacketSize                        N
     72    MaxPacketSize                        N
     76    MaxBitrate                           N

ASF StreamProperties Tags

Tags with index 54 and greater are conditional based on the StreamType.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    StreamType                           N
     16    ErrorCorrectionType                  N
     32    TimeOffset                           N
     48    StreamNumber                         N
     54    AudioCodecID                         N
           ImageWidth                           N
     56    AudioChannels                        N
     58    AudioSampleRate                      N
           ImageHeight                          N

ASF ExtendedDescr Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ASFLeakyBucketPairs                           N
  ASFPacketCount                                N
  ASFSecurityObjectsSize                        N
  AlbumArtist                                   N
  AlbumCoverURL                                 N
  AlbumTitle                                    N
  AspectRatioX                                  N
  AspectRatioY                                  N
  AudioFileURL                                  N
  AudioSourceURL                                N
  Author                                        N
  AuthorURL                                     N
  AverageLevel                                  N
  BannerImageData                               N
  BannerImageType                               N
  BannerImageURL                                N
  BeatsPerMinute                                N
  Bitrate                                       N
  Broadcast                                     N
  BufferAverage                                 N
  Can_Skip_Backward                             N
  Can_Skip_Forward                              N
  Category                                      N
  Codec                                         N
  Composer                                      N
  Conductor                                     N
  ContainerFormat                               N
  ContentDistributor                            N
  ContentGroupDescription                       N
  Copyright                                     N
  CopyrightURL                                  N
  CurrentBitrate                                N
  DRM                                           N
  DRM_ContentID                                 N
  DRM_DRMHeader                                 N
  DRM_DRMHeader_ContentDistributor              N
  DRM_DRMHeader_ContentID                       N
  DRM_DRMHeader_IndividualizedVersion           N
  DRM_DRMHeader_KeyID                           N
  DRM_DRMHeader_LicenseAcqURL                   N
  DRM_DRMHeader_SubscriptionContentID           N
  DRM_IndividualizedVersion                     N
  DRM_KeyID                                     N
  DRM_LASignatureCert                           N
  DRM_LASignatureLicSrvCert                     N
  DRM_LASignaturePrivKey                        N
  DRM_LASignatureRootCert                       N
  DRM_LicenseAcqURL                             N
  DRM_V1LicenseAcqURL                           N
  DVDID                                         N
  Description                                   N
  Director                                      N
  Duration                                      N
  EncodedBy                                     N
  EncodingSettings                              N
  EncodingTime                                  N
  FileSize                                      N
  Genre                                         N
  GenreID                                       N
  HasArbitraryDataStream                        N
  HasAttachedImages                             N
  HasAudio                                      N
  HasFileTransferStream                         N
  HasImage                                      N
  HasScript                                     N
  HasVideo                                      N
  ISRC                                          N
  InitialKey                                    N
  IsVBR                                         N
  Is_Protected                                  N
  Is_Trusted                                    N
  Language                                      N
  Lyrics                                        N
  Lyrics_Synchronised                           N
  MCDI                                          N
  MediaClassPrimaryID                           N
  MediaClassSecondaryID                         N
  MediaCredits                                  N
  MediaIsDelay                                  N
  MediaIsFinale                                 N
  MediaIsLive                                   N
  MediaIsPremiere                               N
  MediaIsRepeat                                 N
  MediaIsSAP                                    N
  MediaIsStereo                                 N
  MediaIsSubtitled                              N
  MediaIsTape                                   N
  MediaNetworkAffiliation                       N
  MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime                N
  MediaOriginalChannel                          N
  MediaStationCallSign                          N
  MediaStationName                              N
  ModifiedBy                                    N
  Mood                                          N
  NSC_Address                                   N
  NSC_Description                               N
  NSC_Email                                     N
  NSC_Name                                      N
  NSC_Phone                                     N
  NumberOfFrames                                N
  OptimalBitrate                                N
  OriginalAlbumTitle                            N
  OriginalArtist                                N
  OriginalFilename                              N
  OriginalLyricist                              N
  OriginalReleaseTime                           N
  OriginalReleaseYear                           N
  ParentalRating                                N
  ParentalRatingReason                          N
  PartOfSet                                     N
  PeakBitrate                                   N
  PeakValue                                     N
  Period                                        N
  Picture                                       ASF Preview
  PlaylistDelay                                 N
  Producer                                      N
  PromotionURL                                  N
  ProtectionType                                N
  Provider                                      N
  ProviderCopyright                             N
  ProviderRating                                N
  ProviderStyle                                 N
  Publisher                                     N
  RadioStationName                              N
  RadioStationOwner                             N
  Rating                                        N
  Seekable                                      N
  SharedUserRating                              N
  Signature_Name                                N
  StreamTypeInfo                                N
  Stridable                                     N
  SubTitle                                      N
  SubTitleDescription                           N
  SubscriptionContentID                         N
  Text                                          N
  Title                                         N
  ToolName                                      N
  ToolVersion                                   N
  Track                                         N
  TrackNumber                                   N
  UniqueFileIdentifier                          N
  UserWebURL                                    N
  VBRPeak                                       N
  VideoClosedCaptioning                         N
  VideoFrameRate                                N
  VideoHeight                                   N
  VideoWidth                                    N
  WMADRCAverageReference                        N
  WMADRCAverageTarget                           N
  WMADRCPeakReference                           N
  WMADRCPeakTarget                              N
  WMCollectionGroupID                           N
  WMCollectionID                                N
  WMContentID                                   N
  Writer                                        N
  Year                                          N

ASF Preview Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  PreviewType                                   N
  PreviewMimeType                               N
  PreviewDescription                            N
  PreviewImage                                  N


The DICOM format is based on the ACR-NEMA specification, but adds a file header and a number of new tags. ExifTool will extract information from either type of file. The Tag ID's in the following table are the tag group and element numbers in hexadecimal, as given in the DICOM specification.

  Tag ID     Tag Name                           Writable
  ------     --------                           --------
  0002,0000  FileMetaInfoGroupLength            N
  0002,0001  FileMetaInfoVersion                N
  0002,0002  MediaStorageSOPClassUID            N
  0002,0003  MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID         N
  0002,0010  TransferSyntaxUID                  N
  0002,0012  ImplementationClassUID             N
  0002,0013  ImplementationVersionName          N
  0002,0016  SourceApplicationEntityTitle       N
  0002,0100  PrivateInformationCreatorUID       N
  0002,0102  PrivateInformation                 N
  0004,1130  FileSetID                          N
  0004,1141  FileSetDescriptorFileID            N
  0004,1142  SpecificCharacterSetOfFile         N
  0004,1200  FirstDirectoryRecordOffset         N
  0004,1202  LastDirectoryRecordOffset          N
  0004,1212  FileSetConsistencyFlag             N
  0004,1220  DirectoryRecordSequence            N
  0004,1400  OffsetOfNextDirectoryRecord        N
  0004,1410  RecordInUseFlag                    N
  0004,1420  LowerLevelDirectoryEntityOffset    N
  0004,1430  DirectoryRecordType                N
  0004,1432  PrivateRecordUID                   N
  0004,1500  ReferencedFileID                   N
  0004,1504  MRDRDirectoryRecordOffset          N
  0004,1510  ReferencedSOPClassUIDInFile        N
  0004,1511  ReferencedSOPInstanceUIDInFile     N
  0004,1512  ReferencedTransferSyntaxUIDInFile  N
  0004,151A  ReferencedRelatedSOPClassUIDInFile N
  0004,1600  NumberOfReferences                 N
  0008,0000  IdentifyingGroupLength             N
  0008,0001  LengthToEnd                        N
  0008,0005  SpecificCharacterSet               N
  0008,0008  ImageType                          N
  0008,0010  RecognitionCode                    N
  0008,0012  InstanceCreationDate               N
  0008,0013  InstanceCreationTime               N
  0008,0014  InstanceCreatorUID                 N
  0008,0016  SOPClassUID                        N
  0008,0018  SOPInstanceUID                     N
  0008,001A  RelatedGeneralSOPClassUID          N
  0008,001B  OriginalSpecializedSOPClassUID     N
  0008,0020  StudyDate                          N
  0008,0021  SeriesDate                         N
  0008,0022  AcquisitionDate                    N
  0008,0023  ContentDate                        N
  0008,0024  OverlayDate                        N
  0008,0025  CurveDate                          N
  0008,002A  AcquisitionDatetime                N
  0008,0030  StudyTime                          N
  0008,0031  SeriesTime                         N
  0008,0032  AcquisitionTime                    N
  0008,0033  ContentTime                        N
  0008,0034  OverlayTime                        N
  0008,0035  CurveTime                          N
  0008,0040  DataSetType                        N
  0008,0041  DataSetSubtype                     N
  0008,0042  NuclearMedicineSeriesType          N
  0008,0050  AccessionNumber                    N
  0008,0052  Query-RetrieveLevel                N
  0008,0054  RetrieveAETitle                    N
  0008,0056  InstanceAvailability               N
  0008,0058  FailedSOPInstanceUIDList           N
  0008,0060  Modality                           N
  0008,0061  ModalitiesInStudy                  N
  0008,0062  SOPClassesInStudy                  N
  0008,0064  ConversionType                     N
  0008,0068  PresentationIntentType             N
  0008,0070  Manufacturer                       N
  0008,0080  InstitutionName                    N
  0008,0081  InstitutionAddress                 N
  0008,0082  InstitutionCodeSequence            N
  0008,0090  ReferringPhysiciansName            N
  0008,0092  ReferringPhysiciansAddress         N
  0008,0094  ReferringPhysiciansTelephoneNumber N
  0008,0096  ReferringPhysicianIDSequence       N
  0008,0100  CodeValue                          N
  0008,0102  CodingSchemeDesignator             N
  0008,0103  CodingSchemeVersion                N
  0008,0104  CodeMeaning                        N
  0008,0105  MappingResource                    N
  0008,0106  ContextGroupVersion                N
  0008,0107  ContextGroupLocalVersion           N
  0008,010B  ContextGroupExtensionFlag          N
  0008,010C  CodingSchemeUID                    N
  0008,010D  ContextGroupExtensionCreatorUID    N
  0008,010F  ContextIdentifier                  N
  0008,0110  CodingSchemeIDSequence             N
  0008,0112  CodingSchemeRegistry               N
  0008,0114  CodingSchemeExternalID             N
  0008,0115  CodingSchemeName                   N
  0008,0116  ResponsibleOrganization            N
  0008,0201  TimezoneOffsetFromUTC              N
  0008,1000  NetworkID                          N
  0008,1010  StationName                        N
  0008,1030  StudyDescription                   N
  0008,1032  ProcedureCodeSequence              N
  0008,103E  SeriesDescription                  N
  0008,1040  InstitutionalDepartmentName        N
  0008,1048  PhysicianOfRecord                  N
  0008,1049  PhysicianOfRecordIDSequence        N
  0008,1050  PerformingPhysiciansName           N
  0008,1052  PerformingPhysicianIDSequence      N
  0008,1060  NameOfPhysicianReadingStudy        N
  0008,1062  PhysicianReadingStudyIDSequence    N
  0008,1070  OperatorsName                      N
  0008,1072  OperatorIDSequence                 N
  0008,1080  AdmittingDiagnosesDescription      N
  0008,1084  AdmittingDiagnosesCodeSequence     N
  0008,1090  ManufacturersModelName             N
  0008,1100  ReferencedResultsSequence          N
  0008,1110  ReferencedStudySequence            N
  0008,1111  ReferencedProcedureStepSequence    N
  0008,1115  ReferencedSeriesSequence           N
  0008,1120  ReferencedPatientSequence          N
  0008,1125  ReferencedVisitSequence            N
  0008,1130  ReferencedOverlaySequence          N
  0008,113A  ReferencedWaveformSequence         N
  0008,1140  ReferencedImageSequence            N
  0008,1145  ReferencedCurveSequence            N
  0008,114A  ReferencedInstanceSequence         N
  0008,1150  ReferencedSOPClassUID              N
  0008,1155  ReferencedSOPInstanceUID           N
  0008,115A  SOPClassesSupported                N
  0008,1160  ReferencedFrameNumber              N
  0008,1195  TransactionUID                     N
  0008,1197  FailureReason                      N
  0008,1198  FailedSOPSequence                  N
  0008,1199  ReferencedSOPSequence              N
  0008,1200  OtherReferencedStudiesSequence     N
  0008,1250  RelatedSeriesSequence              N
  0008,2110  LossyImageCompression              N
  0008,2111  DerivationDescription              N
  0008,2112  SourceImageSequence                N
  0008,2120  StageName                          N
  0008,2122  StageNumber                        N
  0008,2124  NumberOfStages                     N
  0008,2127  ViewName                           N
  0008,2128  ViewNumber                         N
  0008,2129  NumberOfEventTimers                N
  0008,212A  NumberOfViewsInStage               N
  0008,2130  EventElapsedTime                   N
  0008,2132  EventTimerName                     N
  0008,2142  StartTrim                          N
  0008,2143  StopTrim                           N
  0008,2144  RecommendedDisplayFrameRate        N
  0008,2200  TransducerPosition                 N
  0008,2204  TransducerOrientation              N
  0008,2208  AnatomicStructure                  N
  0008,2218  AnatomicRegionSequence             N
  0008,2220  AnatomicRegionModifierSequence     N
  0008,2228  PrimaryAnatomicStructureSequence   N
  0008,2229  AnatomicStructureOrRegionSequence  N
  0008,2230  AnatomicStructureModifierSequence  N
  0008,2240  TransducerPositionSequence         N
  0008,2242  TransducerPositionModifierSequence N
  0008,2244  TransducerOrientationSequence      N
  0008,2246  TransducerOrientationModifierSeq   N
  0008,3001  AlternateRepresentationSequence    N
  0008,4000  IdentifyingComments                N
  0008,9007  FrameType                          N
  0008,9092  ReferencedImageEvidenceSequence    N
  0008,9121  ReferencedRawDataSequence          N
  0008,9123  CreatorVersionUID                  N
  0008,9124  DerivationImageSequence            N
  0008,9154  SourceImageEvidenceSequence        N
  0008,9205  PixelPresentation                  N
  0008,9206  VolumetricProperties               N
  0008,9207  VolumeBasedCalculationTechnique    N
  0008,9208  ComplexImageComponent              N
  0008,9209  AcquisitionContrast                N
  0008,9215  DerivationCodeSequence             N
  0008,9237  GrayscalePresentationStateSequence N
  0010,0000  PatientGroupLength                 N
  0010,0010  PatientsName                       N
  0010,0020  PatientID                          N
  0010,0021  IssuerOfPatientID                  N
  0010,0030  PatientsBirthDate                  N
  0010,0032  PatientsBirthTime                  N
  0010,0040  PatientsSex                        N
  0010,0050  PatientsInsurancePlanCodeSequence  N
  0010,0101  PatientsPrimaryLanguageCodeSeq     N
  0010,0102  PatientsPrimaryLanguageCodeModSeq  N
  0010,1000  OtherPatientIDs                    N
  0010,1001  OtherPatientNames                  N
  0010,1005  PatientsBirthName                  N
  0010,1010  PatientsAge                        N
  0010,1020  PatientsSize                       N
  0010,1030  PatientsWeight                     N
  0010,1040  PatientsAddress                    N
  0010,1050  InsurancePlanIdentification        N
  0010,1060  PatientsMothersBirthName           N
  0010,1080  MilitaryRank                       N
  0010,1081  BranchOfService                    N
  0010,1090  MedicalRecordLocator               N
  0010,2000  MedicalAlerts                      N
  0010,2110  ContrastAllergies                  N
  0010,2150  CountryOfResidence                 N
  0010,2152  RegionOfResidence                  N
  0010,2154  PatientsTelephoneNumbers           N
  0010,2160  EthnicGroup                        N
  0010,2180  Occupation                         N
  0010,21A0  SmokingStatus                      N
  0010,21B0  AdditionalPatientHistory           N
  0010,21C0  PregnancyStatus                    N
  0010,21D0  LastMenstrualDate                  N
  0010,21F0  PatientsReligiousPreference        N
  0010,4000  PatientComments                    N
  0012,0010  ClinicalTrialSponsorName           N
  0012,0020  ClinicalTrialProtocolID            N
  0012,0021  ClinicalTrialProtocolName          N
  0012,0030  ClinicalTrialSiteID                N
  0012,0031  ClinicalTrialSiteName              N
  0012,0040  ClinicalTrialSubjectID             N
  0012,0042  ClinicalTrialSubjectReadingID      N
  0012,0050  ClinicalTrialTimePointID           N
  0012,0051  ClinicalTrialTimePointDescription  N
  0012,0060  ClinicalTrialCoordinatingCenter    N
  0018,0000  AcquisitionGroupLength             N
  0018,0010  Contrast-BolusAgent                N
  0018,0012  Contrast-BolusAgentSequence        N
  0018,0014  Contrast-BolusAdministrationRoute  N
  0018,0015  BodyPartExamined                   N
  0018,0020  ScanningSequence                   N
  0018,0021  SequenceVariant                    N
  0018,0022  ScanOptions                        N
  0018,0023  MRAcquisitionType                  N
  0018,0024  SequenceName                       N
  0018,0025  AngioFlag                          N
  0018,0026  InterventionDrugInformationSeq     N
  0018,0027  InterventionDrugStopTime           N
  0018,0028  InterventionDrugDose               N
  0018,0029  InterventionDrugSequence           N
  0018,002A  AdditionalDrugSequence             N
  0018,0030  Radionuclide                       N
  0018,0031  Radiopharmaceutical                N
  0018,0032  EnergyWindowCenterline             N
  0018,0033  EnergyWindowTotalWidth             N
  0018,0034  InterventionDrugName               N
  0018,0035  InterventionDrugStartTime          N
  0018,0036  InterventionSequence               N
  0018,0037  TherapyType                        N
  0018,0038  InterventionStatus                 N
  0018,0039  TherapyDescription                 N
  0018,003A  InterventionDescription            N
  0018,0040  CineRate                           N
  0018,0050  SliceThickness                     N
  0018,0060  KVP                                N
  0018,0070  CountsAccumulated                  N
  0018,0071  AcquisitionTerminationCondition    N
  0018,0072  EffectiveDuration                  N
  0018,0073  AcquisitionStartCondition          N
  0018,0074  AcquisitionStartConditionData      N
  0018,0075  AcquisitionEndConditionData        N
  0018,0080  RepetitionTime                     N
  0018,0081  EchoTime                           N
  0018,0082  InversionTime                      N
  0018,0083  NumberOfAverages                   N
  0018,0084  ImagingFrequency                   N
  0018,0085  ImagedNucleus                      N
  0018,0086  EchoNumber                         N
  0018,0087  MagneticFieldStrength              N
  0018,0088  SpacingBetweenSlices               N
  0018,0089  NumberOfPhaseEncodingSteps         N
  0018,0090  DataCollectionDiameter             N
  0018,0091  EchoTrainLength                    N
  0018,0093  PercentSampling                    N
  0018,0094  PercentPhaseFieldOfView            N
  0018,0095  PixelBandwidth                     N
  0018,1000  DeviceSerialNumber                 N
  0018,1004  PlateID                            N
  0018,1010  SecondaryCaptureDeviceID           N
  0018,1011  HardcopyCreationDeviceID           N
  0018,1012  DateOfSecondaryCapture             N
  0018,1014  TimeOfSecondaryCapture             N
  0018,1016  SecondaryCaptureDeviceManufacturer N
  0018,1017  HardcopyDeviceManufacturer         N
  0018,1018  SecondaryCaptureDeviceModelName    N
  0018,1019  SecondaryCaptureDeviceSoftwareVers N
  0018,101A  HardcopyDeviceSoftwareVersion      N
  0018,101B  HardcopyDeviceModelName            N
  0018,1020  SoftwareVersion                    N
  0018,1022  VideoImageFormatAcquired           N
  0018,1023  DigitalImageFormatAcquired         N
  0018,1030  ProtocolName                       N
  0018,1040  Contrast-BolusRoute                N
  0018,1041  Contrast-BolusVolume               N
  0018,1042  Contrast-BolusStartTime            N
  0018,1043  Contrast-BolusStopTime             N
  0018,1044  Contrast-BolusTotalDose            N
  0018,1045  SyringeCounts                      N
  0018,1046  ContrastFlowRate                   N
  0018,1047  ContrastFlowDuration               N
  0018,1048  Contrast-BolusIngredient           N
  0018,1049  Contrast-BolusConcentration        N
  0018,1050  SpatialResolution                  N
  0018,1060  TriggerTime                        N
  0018,1061  TriggerSourceOrType                N
  0018,1062  NominalInterval                    N
  0018,1063  FrameTime                          N
  0018,1064  FramingType                        N
  0018,1065  FrameTimeVector                    N
  0018,1066  FrameDelay                         N
  0018,1067  ImageTriggerDelay                  N
  0018,1068  MultiplexGroupTimeOffset           N
  0018,1069  TriggerTimeOffset                  N
  0018,106A  SynchronizationTrigger             N
  0018,106C  SynchronizationChannel             N
  0018,106E  TriggerSamplePosition              N
  0018,1070  RadiopharmaceuticalRoute           N
  0018,1071  RadiopharmaceuticalVolume          N
  0018,1072  RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime       N
  0018,1073  RadiopharmaceuticalStopTime        N
  0018,1074  RadionuclideTotalDose              N
  0018,1075  RadionuclideHalfLife               N
  0018,1076  RadionuclidePositronFraction       N
  0018,1077  RadiopharmaceuticalSpecActivity    N
  0018,1080  BeatRejectionFlag                  N
  0018,1081  LowRRValue                         N
  0018,1082  HighRRValue                        N
  0018,1083  IntervalsAcquired                  N
  0018,1084  IntervalsRejected                  N
  0018,1085  PVCRejection                       N
  0018,1086  SkipBeats                          N
  0018,1088  HeartRate                          N
  0018,1090  CardiacNumberOfImages              N
  0018,1094  TriggerWindow                      N
  0018,1100  ReconstructionDiameter             N
  0018,1110  DistanceSourceToDetector           N
  0018,1111  DistanceSourceToPatient            N
  0018,1114  EstimatedRadiographicMagnification N
  0018,1120  Gantry-DetectorTilt                N
  0018,1121  Gantry-DetectorSlew                N
  0018,1130  TableHeight                        N
  0018,1131  TableTraverse                      N
  0018,1134  TableMotion                        N
  0018,1135  TableVerticalIncrement             N
  0018,1136  TableLateralIncrement              N
  0018,1137  TableLongitudinalIncrement         N
  0018,1138  TableAngle                         N
  0018,113A  TableType                          N
  0018,1140  RotationDirection                  N
  0018,1141  AngularPosition                    N
  0018,1142  RadialPosition                     N
  0018,1143  ScanArc                            N
  0018,1144  AngularStep                        N
  0018,1145  CenterOfRotationOffset             N
  0018,1146  RotationOffset                     N
  0018,1147  FieldOfViewShape                   N
  0018,1149  FieldOfViewDimensions              N
  0018,1150  ExposureTime                       N
  0018,1151  XRayTubeCurrent                    N
  0018,1152  Exposure                           N
  0018,1153  ExposureInMicroAmpSec              N
  0018,1154  AveragePulseWidth                  N
  0018,1155  RadiationSetting                   N
  0018,1156  RectificationType                  N
  0018,115A  RadiationMode                      N
  0018,115E  ImageAreaDoseProduct               N
  0018,1160  FilterType                         N
  0018,1161  TypeOfFilters                      N
  0018,1162  IntensifierSize                    N
  0018,1164  ImagerPixelSpacing                 N
  0018,1166  Grid                               N
  0018,1170  GeneratorPower                     N
  0018,1180  Collimator-GridName                N
  0018,1181  CollimatorType                     N
  0018,1182  FocalDistance                      N
  0018,1183  XFocusCenter                       N
  0018,1184  YFocusCenter                       N
  0018,1190  FocalSpot                          N
  0018,1191  AnodeTargetMaterial                N
  0018,11A0  BodyPartThickness                  N
  0018,11A2  CompressionForce                   N
  0018,1200  DateOfLastCalibration              N
  0018,1201  TimeOfLastCalibration              N
  0018,1210  ConvolutionKernel                  N
  0018,1240  Upper-LowerPixelValues             N
  0018,1242  ActualFrameDuration                N
  0018,1243  CountRate                          N
  0018,1244  PreferredPlaybackSequencing        N
  0018,1250  ReceiveCoilName                    N
  0018,1251  TransmitCoilName                   N
  0018,1260  PlateType                          N
  0018,1261  PhosphorType                       N
  0018,1300  ScanVelocity                       N
  0018,1301  WholeBodyTechnique                 N
  0018,1302  ScanLength                         N
  0018,1310  AcquisitionMatrix                  N
  0018,1312  InPlanePhaseEncodingDirection      N
  0018,1314  FlipAngle                          N
  0018,1315  VariableFlipAngleFlag              N
  0018,1316  SAR                                N
  0018,1318  DB-Dt                              N
  0018,1400  AcquisitionDeviceProcessingDescr   N
  0018,1401  AcquisitionDeviceProcessingCode    N
  0018,1402  CassetteOrientation                N
  0018,1403  CassetteSize                       N
  0018,1404  ExposuresonPlate                   N
  0018,1405  RelativeXRayExposure               N
  0018,1450  ColumnAngulation                   N
  0018,1460  TomoLayerHeight                    N
  0018,1470  TomoAngle                          N
  0018,1480  TomoTime                           N
  0018,1490  TomoType                           N
  0018,1491  TomoClass                          N
  0018,1495  NumberOfTomosynthesisSourceImages  N
  0018,1500  PositionerMotion                   N
  0018,1508  PositionerType                     N
  0018,1510  PositionerPrimaryAngle             N
  0018,1511  PositionerSecondaryAngle           N
  0018,1520  PositionerPrimaryAngleIncrement    N
  0018,1521  PositionerSecondaryAngleIncrement  N
  0018,1530  DetectorPrimaryAngle               N
  0018,1531  DetectorSecondaryAngle             N
  0018,1600  ShutterShape                       N
  0018,1602  ShutterLeftVerticalEdge            N
  0018,1604  ShutterRightVerticalEdge           N
  0018,1606  ShutterUpperHorizontalEdge         N
  0018,1608  ShutterLowerHorizontalEdge         N
  0018,1610  CenterOfCircularShutter            N
  0018,1612  RadiusOfCircularShutter            N
  0018,1620  VerticesOfPolygonalShutter         N
  0018,1622  ShutterPresentationValue           N
  0018,1623  ShutterOverlayGroup                N
  0018,1700  CollimatorShape                    N
  0018,1702  CollimatorLeftVerticalEdge         N
  0018,1704  CollimatorRightVerticalEdge        N
  0018,1706  CollimatorUpperHorizontalEdge      N
  0018,1708  CollimatorLowerHorizontalEdge      N
  0018,1710  CenterOfCircularCollimator         N
  0018,1712  RadiusOfCircularCollimator         N
  0018,1720  VerticesOfPolygonalCollimator      N
  0018,1800  AcquisitionTimeSynchronized        N
  0018,1801  TimeSource                         N
  0018,1802  TimeDistributionProtocol           N
  0018,1803  NTPSourceAddress                   N
  0018,2001  PageNumberVector                   N
  0018,2002  FrameLabelVector                   N
  0018,2003  FramePrimaryAngleVector            N
  0018,2004  FrameSecondaryAngleVector          N
  0018,2005  SliceLocationVector                N
  0018,2006  DisplayWindowLabelVector           N
  0018,2010  NominalScannedPixelSpacing         N
  0018,2020  DigitizingDeviceTransportDirection N
  0018,2030  RotationOfScannedFilm              N
  0018,3100  IVUSAcquisition                    N
  0018,3101  IVUSPullbackRate                   N
  0018,3102  IVUSGatedRate                      N
  0018,3103  IVUSPullbackStartFrameNumber       N
  0018,3104  IVUSPullbackStopFrameNumber        N
  0018,3105  LesionNumber                       N
  0018,4000  AcquisitionComments                N
  0018,5000  OutputPower                        N
  0018,5010  TransducerData                     N
  0018,5012  FocusDepth                         N
  0018,5020  ProcessingFunction                 N
  0018,5021  PostprocessingFunction             N
  0018,5022  MechanicalIndex                    N
  0018,5024  BoneThermalIndex                   N
  0018,5026  CranialThermalIndex                N
  0018,5027  SoftTissueThermalIndex             N
  0018,5028  SoftTissueFocusThermalIndex        N
  0018,5029  SoftTissueSurfaceThermalIndex      N
  0018,5030  DynamicRange                       N
  0018,5040  TotalGain                          N
  0018,5050  DepthOfScanField                   N
  0018,5100  PatientPosition                    N
  0018,5101  ViewPosition                       N
  0018,5104  ProjectionEponymousNameCodeSeq     N
  0018,5210  ImageTransformationMatrix          N
  0018,5212  ImageTranslationVector             N
  0018,6000  Sensitivity                        N
  0018,6011  SequenceOfUltrasoundRegions        N
  0018,6012  RegionSpatialFormat                N
  0018,6014  RegionDataType                     N
  0018,6016  RegionFlags                        N
  0018,6018  RegionLocationMinX0                N
  0018,601A  RegionLocationMinY0                N
  0018,601C  RegionLocationMaxX1                N
  0018,601E  RegionLocationMaxY1                N
  0018,6020  ReferencePixelX0                   N
  0018,6022  ReferencePixelY0                   N
  0018,6024  PhysicalUnitsXDirection            N
  0018,6026  PhysicalUnitsYDirection            N
  0018,6028  ReferencePixelPhysicalValueX       N
  0018,602A  ReferencePixelPhysicalValueY       N
  0018,602C  PhysicalDeltaX                     N
  0018,602E  PhysicalDeltaY                     N
  0018,6030  TransducerFrequency                N
  0018,6031  TransducerType                     N
  0018,6032  PulseRepetitionFrequency           N
  0018,6034  DopplerCorrectionAngle             N
  0018,6036  SteeringAngle                      N
  0018,6038  DopplerSampleVolumeXPositionUL     N
  0018,6039  DopplerSampleVolumeXPosition       N
  0018,603A  DopplerSampleVolumeYPositionUL     N
  0018,603B  DopplerSampleVolumeYPosition       N
  0018,603C  TMLinePositionX0UL                 N
  0018,603D  TMLinePositionX0                   N
  0018,603E  TMLinePositionY0UL                 N
  0018,603F  TMLinePositionY0                   N
  0018,6040  TMLinePositionX1UL                 N
  0018,6041  TMLinePositionX1                   N
  0018,6042  TMLinePositionY1UL                 N
  0018,6043  TMLinePositionY1                   N
  0018,6044  PixelComponentOrganization         N
  0018,6046  PixelComponentMask                 N
  0018,6048  PixelComponentRangeStart           N
  0018,604A  PixelComponentRangeStop            N
  0018,604C  PixelComponentPhysicalUnits        N
  0018,604E  PixelComponentDataType             N
  0018,6050  NumberOfTableBreakPoints           N
  0018,6052  TableOfXBreakPoints                N
  0018,6054  TableOfYBreakPoints                N
  0018,6056  NumberOfTableEntries               N
  0018,6058  TableOfPixelValues                 N
  0018,605A  TableOfParameterValues             N
  0018,6060  RWaveTimeVector                    N
  0018,7000  DetectorConditionsNominalFlag      N
  0018,7001  DetectorTemperature                N
  0018,7004  DetectorType                       N
  0018,7005  DetectorConfiguration              N
  0018,7006  DetectorDescription                N
  0018,7008  DetectorMode                       N
  0018,700A  DetectorID                         N
  0018,700C  DateOfLastDetectorCalibration      N
  0018,700E  TimeOfLastDetectorCalibration      N
  0018,7010  DetectorExposuresSinceCalibration  N
  0018,7011  DetectorExposuresSinceManufactured N
  0018,7012  DetectorTimeSinceLastExposure      N
  0018,7014  DetectorActiveTime                 N
  0018,7016  DetectorActiveOffsetFromExposure   N
  0018,701A  DetectorBinning                    N
  0018,7020  DetectorElementPhysicalSize        N
  0018,7022  DetectorElementSpacing             N
  0018,7024  DetectorActiveShape                N
  0018,7026  DetectorActiveDimensions           N
  0018,7028  DetectorActiveOrigin               N
  0018,702A  DetectorManufacturerName           N
  0018,702B  DetectorManufacturersModelName     N
  0018,7030  FieldOfViewOrigin                  N
  0018,7032  FieldOfViewRotation                N
  0018,7034  FieldOfViewHorizontalFlip          N
  0018,7040  GridAbsorbingMaterial              N
  0018,7041  GridSpacingMaterial                N
  0018,7042  GridThickness                      N
  0018,7044  GridPitch                          N
  0018,7046  GridAspectRatio                    N
  0018,7048  GridPeriod                         N
  0018,704C  GridFocalDistance                  N
  0018,7050  FilterMaterial                     N
  0018,7052  FilterThicknessMinimum             N
  0018,7054  FilterThicknessMaximum             N
  0018,7060  ExposureControlMode                N
  0018,7062  ExposureControlModeDescription     N
  0018,7064  ExposureStatus                     N
  0018,7065  PhototimerSetting                  N
  0018,8150  ExposureTimeInMicroSec             N
  0018,8151  XRayTubeCurrentInMicroAmps         N
  0018,9004  ContentQualification               N
  0018,9005  PulseSequenceName                  N
  0018,9006  MRImagingModifierSequence          N
  0018,9008  EchoPulseSequence                  N
  0018,9009  InversionRecovery                  N
  0018,9010  FlowCompensation                   N
  0018,9011  MultipleSpinEcho                   N
  0018,9012  MultiPlanarExcitation              N
  0018,9014  PhaseContrast                      N
  0018,9015  TimeOfFlightContrast               N
  0018,9016  Spoiling                           N
  0018,9017  SteadyStatePulseSequence           N
  0018,9018  EchoPlanarPulseSequence            N
  0018,9019  TagAngleFirstAxis                  N
  0018,9020  MagnetizationTransfer              N
  0018,9021  T2Preparation                      N
  0018,9022  BloodSignalNulling                 N
  0018,9024  SaturationRecovery                 N
  0018,9025  SpectrallySelectedSuppression      N
  0018,9026  SpectrallySelectedExcitation       N
  0018,9027  SpatialPreSaturation               N
  0018,9028  Tagging                            N
  0018,9029  OversamplingPhase                  N
  0018,9030  TagSpacingFirstDimension           N
  0018,9032  GeometryOfKSpaceTraversal          N
  0018,9033  SegmentedKSpaceTraversal           N
  0018,9034  RectilinearPhaseEncodeReordering   N
  0018,9035  TagThickness                       N
  0018,9036  PartialFourierDirection            N
  0018,9037  CardiacSynchronizationTechnique    N
  0018,9041  ReceiveCoilManufacturerName        N
  0018,9042  MRReceiveCoilSequence              N
  0018,9043  ReceiveCoilType                    N
  0018,9044  QuadratureReceiveCoil              N
  0018,9045  MultiCoilDefinitionSequence        N
  0018,9046  MultiCoilConfiguration             N
  0018,9047  MultiCoilElementName               N
  0018,9048  MultiCoilElementUsed               N
  0018,9049  MRTransmitCoilSequence             N
  0018,9050  TransmitCoilManufacturerName       N
  0018,9051  TransmitCoilType                   N
  0018,9052  SpectralWidth                      N
  0018,9053  ChemicalShiftReference             N
  0018,9054  VolumeLocalizationTechnique        N
  0018,9058  MRAcquisitionFrequencyEncodeSteps  N
  0018,9059  Decoupling                         N
  0018,9060  DecoupledNucleus                   N
  0018,9061  DecouplingFrequency                N
  0018,9062  DecouplingMethod                   N
  0018,9063  DecouplingChemicalShiftReference   N
  0018,9064  KSpaceFiltering                    N
  0018,9065  TimeDomainFiltering                N
  0018,9066  NumberOfZeroFills                  N
  0018,9067  BaselineCorrection                 N
  0018,9069  ParallelReductionFactorInPlane     N
  0018,9070  CardiacRRIntervalSpecified         N
  0018,9073  AcquisitionDuration                N
  0018,9074  FrameAcquisitionDatetime           N
  0018,9075  DiffusionDirectionality            N
  0018,9076  DiffusionGradientDirectionSequence N
  0018,9077  ParallelAcquisition                N
  0018,9078  ParallelAcquisitionTechnique       N
  0018,9079  InversionTimes                     N
  0018,9080  MetaboliteMapDescription           N
  0018,9081  PartialFourier                     N
  0018,9082  EffectiveEchoTime                  N
  0018,9083  MetaboliteMapCodeSequence          N
  0018,9084  ChemicalShiftSequence              N
  0018,9085  CardiacSignalSource                N
  0018,9087  DiffusionBValue                    N
  0018,9089  DiffusionGradientOrientation       N
  0018,9090  VelocityEncodingDirection          N
  0018,9091  VelocityEncodingMinimumValue       N
  0018,9093  NumberOfKSpaceTrajectories         N
  0018,9094  CoverageOfKSpace                   N
  0018,9095  SpectroscopyAcquisitionPhaseRows   N
  0018,9098  TransmitterFrequency               N
  0018,9100  ResonantNucleus                    N
  0018,9101  FrequencyCorrection                N
  0018,9103  MRSpectroscopyFOV-GeometrySequence N
  0018,9104  SlabThickness                      N
  0018,9105  SlabOrientation                    N
  0018,9106  MidSlabPosition                    N
  0018,9107  MRSpatialSaturationSequence        N
  0018,9112  MRTimingAndRelatedParametersSeq    N
  0018,9114  MREchoSequence                     N
  0018,9115  MRModifierSequence                 N
  0018,9117  MRDiffusionSequence                N
  0018,9118  CardiacTriggerSequence             N
  0018,9119  MRAveragesSequence                 N
  0018,9125  MRFOV-GeometrySequence             N
  0018,9126  VolumeLocalizationSequence         N
  0018,9127  SpectroscopyAcquisitionDataColumns N
  0018,9147  DiffusionAnisotropyType            N
  0018,9151  FrameReferenceDatetime             N
  0018,9152  MRMetaboliteMapSequence            N
  0018,9155  ParallelReductionFactorOutOfPlane  N
  0018,9159  SpectroscopyOutOfPlanePhaseSteps   N
  0018,9166  BulkMotionStatus                   N
  0018,9168  ParallelReductionFactSecondInPlane N
  0018,9169  CardiacBeatRejectionTechnique      N
  0018,9170  RespiratoryMotionCompTechnique     N
  0018,9171  RespiratorySignalSource            N
  0018,9172  BulkMotionCompensationTechnique    N
  0018,9173  BulkMotionSignalSource             N
  0018,9174  ApplicableSafetyStandardAgency     N
  0018,9175  ApplicableSafetyStandardDescr      N
  0018,9176  OperatingModeSequence              N
  0018,9177  OperatingModeType                  N
  0018,9178  OperatingMode                      N
  0018,9179  SpecificAbsorptionRateDefinition   N
  0018,9180  GradientOutputType                 N
  0018,9181  SpecificAbsorptionRateValue        N
  0018,9182  GradientOutput                     N
  0018,9183  FlowCompensationDirection          N
  0018,9184  TaggingDelay                       N
  0018,9195  ChemicalShiftsMinIntegrateLimitHz  N
  0018,9196  ChemicalShiftsMaxIntegrateLimitHz  N
  0018,9197  MRVelocityEncodingSequence         N
  0018,9198  FirstOrderPhaseCorrection          N
  0018,9199  WaterReferencedPhaseCorrection     N
  0018,9200  MRSpectroscopyAcquisitionType      N
  0018,9214  RespiratoryCyclePosition           N
  0018,9217  VelocityEncodingMaximumValue       N
  0018,9218  TagSpacingSecondDimension          N
  0018,9219  TagAngleSecondAxis                 N
  0018,9220  FrameAcquisitionDuration           N
  0018,9226  MRImageFrameTypeSequence           N
  0018,9227  MRSpectroscopyFrameTypeSequence    N
  0018,9231  MRAcqPhaseEncodingStepsInPlane     N
  0018,9232  MRAcqPhaseEncodingStepsOutOfPlane  N
  0018,9234  SpectroscopyAcqPhaseColumns        N
  0018,9236  CardiacCyclePosition               N
  0018,9239  SpecificAbsorptionRateSequence     N
  0018,9240  RFEchoTrainLength                  N
  0018,9241  GradientEchoTrainLength            N
  0018,9295  ChemicalShiftsMinIntegrateLimitPPM N
  0018,9296  ChemicalShiftsMaxIntegrateLimitPPM N
  0018,9301  CTAcquisitionTypeSequence          N
  0018,9302  AcquisitionType                    N
  0018,9303  TubeAngle                          N
  0018,9304  CTAcquisitionDetailsSequence       N
  0018,9305  RevolutionTime                     N
  0018,9306  SingleCollimationWidth             N
  0018,9307  TotalCollimationWidth              N
  0018,9308  CTTableDynamicsSequence            N
  0018,9309  TableSpeed                         N
  0018,9310  TableFeedPerRotation               N
  0018,9311  SpiralPitchFactor                  N
  0018,9312  CTGeometrySequence                 N
  0018,9313  DataCollectionCenterPatient        N
  0018,9314  CTReconstructionSequence           N
  0018,9315  ReconstructionAlgorithm            N
  0018,9316  ConvolutionKernelGroup             N
  0018,9317  ReconstructionFieldOfView          N
  0018,9318  ReconstructionTargetCenterPatient  N
  0018,9319  ReconstructionAngle                N
  0018,9320  ImageFilter                        N
  0018,9321  CTExposureSequence                 N
  0018,9322  ReconstructionPixelSpacing         N
  0018,9323  ExposureModulationType             N
  0018,9324  EstimatedDoseSaving                N
  0018,9325  CTXRayDetailsSequence              N
  0018,9326  CTPositionSequence                 N
  0018,9327  TablePosition                      N
  0018,9328  ExposureTimeInMilliSec             N
  0018,9329  CTImageFrameTypeSequence           N
  0018,9330  XRayTubeCurrentInMilliAmps         N
  0018,9332  ExposureInMilliAmpSec              N
  0018,9333  ConstantVolumeFlag                 N
  0018,9334  FluoroscopyFlag                    N
  0018,9335  SourceToDataCollectionCenterDist   N
  0018,9337  Contrast-BolusAgentNumber          N
  0018,9338  Contrast-BolusIngredientCodeSeq    N
  0018,9340  ContrastAdministrationProfileSeq   N
  0018,9341  Contrast-BolusUsageSequence        N
  0018,9342  Contrast-BolusAgentAdministered    N
  0018,9343  Contrast-BolusAgentDetected        N
  0018,9344  Contrast-BolusAgentPhase           N
  0018,9345  CTDIvol                            N
  0018,A001  ContributingEquipmentSequence      N
  0018,A002  ContributionDateTime               N
  0018,A003  ContributionDescription            N
  0020,0000  RelationshipGroupLength            N
  0020,000D  StudyInstanceUID                   N
  0020,000E  SeriesInstanceUID                  N
  0020,0010  StudyID                            N
  0020,0011  SeriesNumber                       N
  0020,0012  AcquisitionNumber                  N
  0020,0013  InstanceNumber                     N
  0020,0014  IsotopeNumber                      N
  0020,0015  PhaseNumber                        N
  0020,0016  IntervalNumber                     N
  0020,0017  TimeSlotNumber                     N
  0020,0018  AngleNumber                        N
  0020,0019  ItemNumber                         N
  0020,0020  PatientOrientation                 N
  0020,0022  OverlayNumber                      N
  0020,0024  CurveNumber                        N
  0020,0026  LookupTableNumber                  N
  0020,0030  ImagePosition                      N
  0020,0032  ImagePositionPatient               N
  0020,0035  ImageOrientation                   N
  0020,0037  ImageOrientationPatient            N
  0020,0050  Location                           N
  0020,0052  FrameOfReferenceUID                N
  0020,0060  Laterality                         N
  0020,0062  ImageLaterality                    N
  0020,0070  ImageGeometryType                  N
  0020,0080  MaskingImage                       N
  0020,0100  TemporalPositionIdentifier         N
  0020,0105  NumberOfTemporalPositions          N
  0020,0110  TemporalResolution                 N
  0020,0200  SynchronizationFrameOfReferenceUID N
  0020,1000  SeriesInStudy                      N
  0020,1001  AcquisitionsInSeries               N
  0020,1002  ImagesInAcquisition                N
  0020,1004  AcquisitionsInStudy                N
  0020,1020  Reference                          N
  0020,1040  PositionReferenceIndicator         N
  0020,1041  SliceLocation                      N
  0020,1070  OtherStudyNumbers                  N
  0020,1200  NumberOfPatientRelatedStudies      N
  0020,1202  NumberOfPatientRelatedSeries       N
  0020,1204  NumberOfPatientRelatedInstances    N
  0020,1206  NumberOfStudyRelatedSeries         N
  0020,1208  NumberOfStudyRelatedInstances      N
  0020,1209  NumberOfSeriesRelatedInstances     N
  0020,31xx  SourceImageIDs                     N
  0020,3401  ModifyingDeviceID                  N
  0020,3402  ModifiedImageID                    N
  0020,3403  ModifiedImageDate                  N
  0020,3404  ModifyingDeviceManufacturer        N
  0020,3405  ModifiedImageTime                  N
  0020,3406  ModifiedImageDescription           N
  0020,4000  ImageComments                      N
  0020,5000  OriginalImageIdentification        N
  0020,5002  OriginalImageIdentNomenclature     N
  0020,9056  StackID                            N
  0020,9057  InStackPositionNumber              N
  0020,9071  FrameAnatomySequence               N
  0020,9072  FrameLaterality                    N
  0020,9111  FrameContentSequence               N
  0020,9113  PlanePositionSequence              N
  0020,9116  PlaneOrientationSequence           N
  0020,9128  TemporalPositionIndex              N
  0020,9153  TriggerDelayTime                   N
  0020,9156  FrameAcquisitionNumber             N
  0020,9157  DimensionIndexValues               N
  0020,9158  FrameComments                      N
  0020,9161  ConcatenationUID                   N
  0020,9162  InconcatenationNumber              N
  0020,9163  InconcatenationTotalNumber         N
  0020,9164  DimensionOrganizationUID           N
  0020,9165  DimensionIndexPointer              N
  0020,9167  FunctionalGroupPointer             N
  0020,9213  DimensionIndexPrivateCreator       N
  0020,9221  DimensionOrganizationSequence      N
  0020,9222  DimensionIndexSequence             N
  0020,9228  ConcatenationFrameOffsetNumber     N
  0020,9238  FunctionalGroupPrivateCreator      N
  0022,0001  LightPathFilterPassThroughWavelen  N
  0022,0002  LightPathFilterPassBand            N
  0022,0003  ImagePathFilterPassThroughWavelen  N
  0022,0004  ImagePathFilterPassBand            N
  0022,0005  PatientEyeMovementCommanded        N
  0022,0006  PatientEyeMovementCommandCodeSeq   N
  0022,0007  SphericalLensPower                 N
  0022,0008  CylinderLensPower                  N
  0022,0009  CylinderAxis                       N
  0022,000A  EmmetropicMagnification            N
  0022,000B  IntraOcularPressure                N
  0022,000C  HorizontalFieldOfView              N
  0022,000D  PupilDilated                       N
  0022,000E  DegreeOfDilation                   N
  0022,0010  StereoBaselineAngle                N
  0022,0011  StereoBaselineDisplacement         N
  0022,0012  StereoHorizontalPixelOffset        N
  0022,0013  StereoVerticalPixelOffset          N
  0022,0014  StereoRotation                     N
  0022,0015  AcquisitionDeviceTypeCodeSequence  N
  0022,0016  IlluminationTypeCodeSequence       N
  0022,0017  LightPathFilterTypeStackCodeSeq    N
  0022,0018  ImagePathFilterTypeStackCodeSeq    N
  0022,0019  LensesCodeSequence                 N
  0022,001A  ChannelDescriptionCodeSequence     N
  0022,001B  RefractiveStateSequence            N
  0022,001C  MydriaticAgentCodeSequence         N
  0022,001D  RelativeImagePositionCodeSequence  N
  0022,0020  StereoPairsSequence                N
  0022,0021  LeftImageSequence                  N
  0022,0022  RightImageSequence                 N
  0028,0000  ImagePresentationGroupLength       N
  0028,0002  SamplesPerPixel                    N
  0028,0003  SamplesPerPixelUsed                N
  0028,0004  PhotometricInterpretation          N
  0028,0005  ImageDimensions                    N
  0028,0006  PlanarConfiguration                N
  0028,0008  NumberOfFrames                     N
  0028,0009  FrameIncrementPointer              N
  0028,000A  FrameDimensionPointer              N
  0028,0010  Rows                               N
  0028,0011  Columns                            N
  0028,0012  Planes                             N
  0028,0014  UltrasoundColorDataPresent         N
  0028,0030  PixelSpacing                       N
  0028,0031  ZoomFactor                         N
  0028,0032  ZoomCenter                         N
  0028,0034  PixelAspectRatio                   N
  0028,0040  ImageFormat                        N
  0028,0050  ManipulatedImage                   N
  0028,0051  CorrectedImage                     N
  0028,0060  CompressionCode                    N
  0028,0100  BitsAllocated                      N
  0028,0101  BitsStored                         N
  0028,0102  HighBit                            N
  0028,0103  PixelRepresentation                N
  0028,0104  SmallestValidPixelValue            N
  0028,0105  LargestValidPixelValue             N
  0028,0106  SmallestImagePixelValue            N
  0028,0107  LargestImagePixelValue             N
  0028,0108  SmallestPixelValueInSeries         N
  0028,0109  LargestPixelValueInSeries          N
  0028,0110  SmallestImagePixelValueInPlane     N
  0028,0111  LargestImagePixelValueInPlane      N
  0028,0120  PixelPaddingValue                  N
  0028,0200  ImageLocation                      N
  0028,0300  QualityControlImage                N
  0028,0301  BurnedInAnnotation                 N
  0028,1040  PixelIntensityRelationship         N
  0028,1041  PixelIntensityRelationshipSign     N
  0028,1050  WindowCenter                       N
  0028,1051  WindowWidth                        N
  0028,1052  RescaleIntercept                   N
  0028,1053  RescaleSlope                       N
  0028,1054  RescaleType                        N
  0028,1055  WindowCenterAndWidthExplanation    N
  0028,1080  GrayScale                          N
  0028,1090  RecommendedViewingMode             N
  0028,1100  GrayLookupTableDescriptor          N
  0028,1101  RedPaletteColorTableDescriptor     N
  0028,1102  GreenPaletteColorTableDescriptor   N
  0028,1103  BluePaletteColorTableDescriptor    N
  0028,1199  PaletteColorTableUID               N
  0028,1200  GrayLookupTableData                N
  0028,1201  RedPaletteColorTableData           N
  0028,1202  GreenPaletteColorTableData         N
  0028,1203  BluePaletteColorTableData          N
  0028,1221  SegmentedRedColorTableData         N
  0028,1222  SegmentedGreenColorTableData       N
  0028,1223  SegmentedBlueColorTableData        N
  0028,1300  ImplantPresent                     N
  0028,1350  PartialView                        N
  0028,1351  PartialViewDescription             N
  0028,2110  LossyImageCompression              N
  0028,2112  LossyImageCompressionRatio         N
  0028,2114  LossyImageCompressionMethod        N
  0028,3000  ModalityLUTSequence                N
  0028,3002  LUTDescriptor                      N
  0028,3003  LUTExplanation                     N
  0028,3004  ModalityLUTType                    N
  0028,3006  LUTData                            N
  0028,3010  VOILUTSequence                     N
  0028,3110  SoftcopyVOILUTSequence             N
  0028,4000  ImagePresentationComments          N
  0028,5000  BiPlaneAcquisitionSequence         N
  0028,6010  RepresentativeFrameNumber          N
  0028,6020  FrameNumbersOfInterestFOI          N
  0028,6022  FrameOfInterestDescription         N
  0028,6023  FrameOfInterestType                N
  0028,6030  MaskPointers                       N
  0028,6040  RWavePointer                       N
  0028,6100  MaskSubtractionSequence            N
  0028,6101  MaskOperation                      N
  0028,6102  ApplicableFrameRange               N
  0028,6110  MaskFrameNumbers                   N
  0028,6112  ContrastFrameAveraging             N
  0028,6114  MaskSubPixelShift                  N
  0028,6120  TIDOffset                          N
  0028,6190  MaskOperationExplanation           N
  0028,9001  DataPointRows                      N
  0028,9002  DataPointColumns                   N
  0028,9003  SignalDomainColumns                N
  0028,9099  LargestMonochromePixelValue        N
  0028,9108  DataRepresentation                 N
  0028,9110  PixelMeasuresSequence              N
  0028,9132  FrameVOILUTSequence                N
  0028,9145  PixelValueTransformationSequence   N
  0028,9235  SignalDomainRows                   N
  0032,0000  StudyGroupLength                   N
  0032,000A  StudyStatusID                      N
  0032,000C  StudyPriorityID                    N
  0032,0012  StudyIDIssuer                      N
  0032,0032  StudyVerifiedDate                  N
  0032,0033  StudyVerifiedTime                  N
  0032,0034  StudyReadDate                      N
  0032,0035  StudyReadTime                      N
  0032,1000  ScheduledStudyStartDate            N
  0032,1001  ScheduledStudyStartTime            N
  0032,1010  ScheduledStudyStopDate             N
  0032,1011  ScheduledStudyStopTime             N
  0032,1020  ScheduledStudyLocation             N
  0032,1021  ScheduledStudyLocationAETitle      N
  0032,1030  ReasonForStudy                     N
  0032,1031  RequestingPhysicianIDSequence      N
  0032,1032  RequestingPhysician                N
  0032,1033  RequestingService                  N
  0032,1040  StudyArrivalDate                   N
  0032,1041  StudyArrivalTime                   N
  0032,1050  StudyCompletionDate                N
  0032,1051  StudyCompletionTime                N
  0032,1055  StudyComponentStatusID             N
  0032,1060  RequestedProcedureDescription      N
  0032,1064  RequestedProcedureCodeSequence     N
  0032,1070  RequestedContrastAgent             N
  0032,4000  StudyComments                      N
  0038,0004  ReferencedPatientAliasSequence     N
  0038,0008  VisitStatusID                      N
  0038,0010  AdmissionID                        N
  0038,0011  IssuerOfAdmissionID                N
  0038,0016  RouteOfAdmissions                  N
  0038,001A  ScheduledAdmissionDate             N
  0038,001B  ScheduledAdmissionTime             N
  0038,001C  ScheduledDischargeDate             N
  0038,001D  ScheduledDischargeTime             N
  0038,001E  ScheduledPatientInstitResidence    N
  0038,0020  AdmittingDate                      N
  0038,0021  AdmittingTime                      N
  0038,0030  DischargeDate                      N
  0038,0032  DischargeTime                      N
  0038,0040  DischargeDiagnosisDescription      N
  0038,0044  DischargeDiagnosisCodeSequence     N
  0038,0050  SpecialNeeds                       N
  0038,0300  CurrentPatientLocation             N
  0038,0400  PatientsInstitutionResidence       N
  0038,0500  PatientState                       N
  0038,4000  VisitComments                      N
  003A,0004  WaveformOriginality                N
  003A,0005  NumberOfWaveformChannels           N
  003A,0010  NumberOfWaveformSamples            N
  003A,001A  SamplingFrequency                  N
  003A,0020  MultiplexGroupLabel                N
  003A,0200  ChannelDefinitionSequence          N
  003A,0202  WaveformChannelNumber              N
  003A,0203  ChannelLabel                       N
  003A,0205  ChannelStatus                      N
  003A,0208  ChannelSourceSequence              N
  003A,0209  ChannelSourceModifiersSequence     N
  003A,020A  SourceWaveformSequence             N
  003A,020C  ChannelDerivationDescription       N
  003A,0210  ChannelSensitivity                 N
  003A,0211  ChannelSensitivityUnitsSequence    N
  003A,0212  ChannelSensitivityCorrectionFactor N
  003A,0213  ChannelBaseline                    N
  003A,0214  ChannelTimeSkew                    N
  003A,0215  ChannelSampleSkew                  N
  003A,0218  ChannelOffset                      N
  003A,021A  WaveformBitsStored                 N
  003A,0220  FilterLowFrequency                 N
  003A,0221  FilterHighFrequency                N
  003A,0222  NotchFilterFrequency               N
  003A,0223  NotchFilterBandwidth               N
  003A,0300  MultiplexAudioChannelsDescrCodeSeq N
  003A,0301  ChannelIdentificationCode          N
  003A,0302  ChannelMode                        N
  0040,0001  ScheduledStationAETitle            N
  0040,0002  ScheduledProcedureStepStartDate    N
  0040,0003  ScheduledProcedureStepStartTime    N
  0040,0004  ScheduledProcedureStepEndDate      N
  0040,0005  ScheduledProcedureStepEndTime      N
  0040,0006  ScheduledPerformingPhysiciansName  N
  0040,0007  ScheduledProcedureStepDescription  N
  0040,0008  ScheduledProtocolCodeSequence      N
  0040,0009  ScheduledProcedureStepID           N
  0040,000A  StageCodeSequence                  N
  0040,000B  ScheduledPerformingPhysicianIDSeq  N
  0040,0010  ScheduledStationName               N
  0040,0011  ScheduledProcedureStepLocation     N
  0040,0012  PreMedication                      N
  0040,0020  ScheduledProcedureStepStatus       N
  0040,0100  ScheduledProcedureStepSequence     N
  0040,0220  ReferencedNonImageCompositeSOPSeq  N
  0040,0241  PerformedStationAETitle            N
  0040,0242  PerformedStationName               N
  0040,0243  PerformedLocation                  N
  0040,0244  PerformedProcedureStepStartDate    N
  0040,0245  PerformedProcedureStepStartTime    N
  0040,0250  PerformedProcedureStepEndDate      N
  0040,0251  PerformedProcedureStepEndTime      N
  0040,0252  PerformedProcedureStepStatus       N
  0040,0253  PerformedProcedureStepID           N
  0040,0254  PerformedProcedureStepDescription  N
  0040,0255  PerformedProcedureTypeDescription  N
  0040,0260  PerformedProtocolCodeSequence      N
  0040,0270  ScheduledStepAttributesSequence    N
  0040,0275  RequestAttributesSequence          N
  0040,0280  CommentsOnPerformedProcedureStep   N
  0040,0281  ProcStepDiscontinueReasonCodeSeq   N
  0040,0293  QuantitySequence                   N
  0040,0294  Quantity                           N
  0040,0295  MeasuringUnitsSequence             N
  0040,0296  BillingItemSequence                N
  0040,0300  TotalTimeOfFluoroscopy             N
  0040,0301  TotalNumberOfExposures             N
  0040,0302  EntranceDose                       N
  0040,0303  ExposedArea                        N
  0040,0306  DistanceSourceToEntrance           N
  0040,0307  DistanceSourceToSupport            N
  0040,030E  ExposureDoseSequence               N
  0040,0310  CommentsOnRadiationDose            N
  0040,0312  XRayOutput                         N
  0040,0314  HalfValueLayer                     N
  0040,0316  OrganDose                          N
  0040,0318  OrganExposed                       N
  0040,0320  BillingProcedureStepSequence       N
  0040,0321  FilmConsumptionSequence            N
  0040,0324  BillingSuppliesAndDevicesSequence  N
  0040,0330  ReferencedProcedureStepSequence    N
  0040,0340  PerformedSeriesSequence            N
  0040,0400  CommentsOnScheduledProcedureStep   N
  0040,0440  ProtocolContextSequence            N
  0040,0441  ContentItemModifierSequence        N
  0040,050A  SpecimenAccessionNumber            N
  0040,0550  SpecimenSequence                   N
  0040,0551  SpecimenIdentifier                 N
  0040,0555  AcquisitionContextSequence         N
  0040,0556  AcquisitionContextDescription      N
  0040,059A  SpecimenTypeCodeSequence           N
  0040,06FA  SlideIdentifier                    N
  0040,071A  ImageCenterPointCoordinatesSeq     N
  0040,072A  XOffsetInSlideCoordinateSystem     N
  0040,073A  YOffsetInSlideCoordinateSystem     N
  0040,074A  ZOffsetInSlideCoordinateSystem     N
  0040,08D8  PixelSpacingSequence               N
  0040,08DA  CoordinateSystemAxisCodeSequence   N
  0040,08EA  MeasurementUnitsCodeSequence       N
  0040,1001  RequestedProcedureID               N
  0040,1002  ReasonForRequestedProcedure        N
  0040,1003  RequestedProcedurePriority         N
  0040,1004  PatientTransportArrangements       N
  0040,1005  RequestedProcedureLocation         N
  0040,1006  PlacerOrderNumber-Procedure        N
  0040,1007  FillerOrderNumber-Procedure        N
  0040,1008  ConfidentialityCode                N
  0040,1009  ReportingPriority                  N
  0040,100A  ReasonForRequestedProcedureCodeSeq N
  0040,1010  NamesOfIntendedRecipientsOfResults N
  0040,1011  IntendedRecipientsOfResultsIDSeq   N
  0040,1101  PersonIdentificationCodeSequence   N
  0040,1102  PersonsAddress                     N
  0040,1103  PersonsTelephoneNumbers            N
  0040,1400  RequestedProcedureComments         N
  0040,2001  ReasonForImagingServiceRequest     N
  0040,2004  IssueDateOfImagingServiceRequest   N
  0040,2005  IssueTimeOfImagingServiceRequest   N
  0040,2006  PlacerOrderNum-ImagingServiceReq   N
  0040,2007  FillerOrderNum-ImagingServiceReq   N
  0040,2008  OrderEnteredBy                     N
  0040,2009  OrderEnterersLocation              N
  0040,2010  OrderCallbackPhoneNumber           N
  0040,2016  PlacerOrderNum-ImagingServiceReq   N
  0040,2017  FillerOrderNum-ImagingServiceReq   N
  0040,2400  ImagingServiceRequestComments      N
  0040,3001  ConfidentialityOnPatientDataDescr  N
  0040,4001  GenPurposeScheduledProcStepStatus  N
  0040,4002  GenPurposePerformedProcStepStatus  N
  0040,4003  GenPurposeSchedProcStepPriority    N
  0040,4004  SchedProcessingApplicationsCodeSeq N
  0040,4005  SchedProcedureStepStartDateAndTime N
  0040,4006  MultipleCopiesFlag                 N
  0040,4007  PerformedProcessingAppsCodeSeq     N
  0040,4009  HumanPerformerCodeSequence         N
  0040,4010  SchedProcStepModificationDateTime  N
  0040,4011  ExpectedCompletionDateAndTime      N
  0040,4015  ResultingGenPurposePerfProcStepSeq N
  0040,4016  RefGenPurposeSchedProcStepSeq      N
  0040,4018  ScheduledWorkitemCodeSequence      N
  0040,4019  PerformedWorkitemCodeSequence      N
  0040,4020  InputAvailabilityFlag              N
  0040,4021  InputInformationSequence           N
  0040,4022  RelevantInformationSequence        N
  0040,4023  RefGenPurSchedProcStepTransUID     N
  0040,4025  ScheduledStationNameCodeSequence   N
  0040,4026  ScheduledStationClassCodeSequence  N
  0040,4027  SchedStationGeographicLocCodeSeq   N
  0040,4028  PerformedStationNameCodeSequence   N
  0040,4029  PerformedStationClassCodeSequence  N
  0040,4030  PerformedStationGeogLocCodeSeq     N
  0040,4031  RequestedSubsequentWorkItemCodeSeq N
  0040,4032  NonDICOMOutputCodeSequence         N
  0040,4033  OutputInformationSequence          N
  0040,4034  ScheduledHumanPerformersSequence   N
  0040,4035  ActualHumanPerformersSequence      N
  0040,4036  HumanPerformersOrganization        N
  0040,4037  HumanPerformersName                N
  0040,8302  EntranceDoseInMilliGy              N
  0040,9096  RealWorldValueMappingSequence      N
  0040,9210  LUTLabel                           N
  0040,9211  RealWorldValueLastValueMapped      N
  0040,9212  RealWorldValueLUTData              N
  0040,9216  RealWorldValueFirstValueMapped     N
  0040,9224  RealWorldValueIntercept            N
  0040,9225  RealWorldValueSlope                N
  0040,A010  RelationshipType                   N
  0040,A027  VerifyingOrganization              N
  0040,A030  VerificationDateTime               N
  0040,A032  ObservationDateTime                N
  0040,A040  ValueType                          N
  0040,A043  ConceptNameCodeSequence            N
  0040,A050  ContinuityOfContent                N
  0040,A073  VerifyingObserverSequence          N
  0040,A075  VerifyingObserverName              N
  0040,A088  VerifyingObserverIdentCodeSequence N
  0040,A0B0  ReferencedWaveformChannels         N
  0040,A120  DateTime                           N
  0040,A121  Date                               N
  0040,A122  Time                               N
  0040,A123  PersonName                         N
  0040,A124  UID                                N
  0040,A130  TemporalRangeType                  N
  0040,A132  ReferencedSamplePositions          N
  0040,A136  ReferencedFrameNumbers             N
  0040,A138  ReferencedTimeOffsets              N
  0040,A13A  ReferencedDatetime                 N
  0040,A160  TextValue                          N
  0040,A168  ConceptCodeSequence                N
  0040,A170  PurposeOfReferenceCodeSequence     N
  0040,A180  AnnotationGroupNumber              N
  0040,A195  ModifierCodeSequence               N
  0040,A300  MeasuredValueSequence              N
  0040,A301  NumericValueQualifierCodeSequence  N
  0040,A30A  NumericValue                       N
  0040,A360  PredecessorDocumentsSequence       N
  0040,A370  ReferencedRequestSequence          N
  0040,A372  PerformedProcedureCodeSequence     N
  0040,A375  CurrentRequestedProcEvidenceSeq    N
  0040,A385  PertinentOtherEvidenceSequence     N
  0040,A491  CompletionFlag                     N
  0040,A492  CompletionFlagDescription          N
  0040,A493  VerificationFlag                   N
  0040,A504  ContentTemplateSequence            N
  0040,A525  IdenticalDocumentsSequence         N
  0040,A730  ContentSequence                    N
  0040,B020  AnnotationSequence                 N
  0040,DB00  TemplateIdentifier                 N
  0040,DB06  TemplateVersion                    N
  0040,DB07  TemplateLocalVersion               N
  0040,DB0B  TemplateExtensionFlag              N
  0040,DB0C  TemplateExtensionOrganizationUID   N
  0040,DB0D  TemplateExtensionCreatorUID        N
  0040,DB73  ReferencedContentItemIdentifier    N
  0050,0004  CalibrationImage                   N
  0050,0010  DeviceSequence                     N
  0050,0014  DeviceLength                       N
  0050,0016  DeviceDiameter                     N
  0050,0017  DeviceDiameterUnits                N
  0050,0018  DeviceVolume                       N
  0050,0019  InterMarkerDistance                N
  0050,0020  DeviceDescription                  N
  0054,0010  EnergyWindowVector                 N
  0054,0011  NumberOfEnergyWindows              N
  0054,0012  EnergyWindowInformationSequence    N
  0054,0013  EnergyWindowRangeSequence          N
  0054,0014  EnergyWindowLowerLimit             N
  0054,0015  EnergyWindowUpperLimit             N
  0054,0016  RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSeq  N
  0054,0017  ResidualSyringeCounts              N
  0054,0018  EnergyWindowName                   N
  0054,0020  DetectorVector                     N
  0054,0021  NumberOfDetectors                  N
  0054,0022  DetectorInformationSequence        N
  0054,0030  PhaseVector                        N
  0054,0031  NumberOfPhases                     N
  0054,0032  PhaseInformationSequence           N
  0054,0033  NumberOfFramesInPhase              N
  0054,0036  PhaseDelay                         N
  0054,0038  PauseBetweenFrames                 N
  0054,0039  PhaseDescription                   N
  0054,0050  RotationVector                     N
  0054,0051  NumberOfRotations                  N
  0054,0052  RotationInformationSequence        N
  0054,0053  NumberOfFramesInRotation           N
  0054,0060  RRIntervalVector                   N
  0054,0061  NumberOfRRIntervals                N
  0054,0062  GatedInformationSequence           N
  0054,0063  DataInformationSequence            N
  0054,0070  TimeSlotVector                     N
  0054,0071  NumberOfTimeSlots                  N
  0054,0072  TimeSlotInformationSequence        N
  0054,0073  TimeSlotTime                       N
  0054,0080  SliceVector                        N
  0054,0081  NumberOfSlices                     N
  0054,0090  AngularViewVector                  N
  0054,0100  TimeSliceVector                    N
  0054,0101  NumberOfTimeSlices                 N
  0054,0200  StartAngle                         N
  0054,0202  TypeOfDetectorMotion               N
  0054,0210  TriggerVector                      N
  0054,0211  NumberOfTriggersInPhase            N
  0054,0220  ViewCodeSequence                   N
  0054,0222  ViewModifierCodeSequence           N
  0054,0300  RadionuclideCodeSequence           N
  0054,0302  AdministrationRouteCodeSequence    N
  0054,0304  RadiopharmaceuticalCodeSequence    N
  0054,0306  CalibrationDataSequence            N
  0054,0308  EnergyWindowNumber                 N
  0054,0400  ImageID                            N
  0054,0410  PatientOrientationCodeSequence     N
  0054,0412  PatientOrientationModifierCodeSeq  N
  0054,0414  PatientGantryRelationshipCodeSeq   N
  0054,0500  SliceProgressionDirection          N
  0054,1000  SeriesType                         N
  0054,1001  Units                              N
  0054,1002  CountsSource                       N
  0054,1004  ReprojectionMethod                 N
  0054,1100  RandomsCorrectionMethod            N
  0054,1101  AttenuationCorrectionMethod        N
  0054,1102  DecayCorrection                    N
  0054,1103  ReconstructionMethod               N
  0054,1104  DetectorLinesOfResponseUsed        N
  0054,1105  ScatterCorrectionMethod            N
  0054,1200  AxialAcceptance                    N
  0054,1201  AxialMash                          N
  0054,1202  TransverseMash                     N
  0054,1203  DetectorElementSize                N
  0054,1210  CoincidenceWindowWidth             N
  0054,1220  SecondaryCountsType                N
  0054,1300  FrameReferenceTime                 N
  0054,1310  PrimaryCountsAccumulated           N
  0054,1311  SecondaryCountsAccumulated         N
  0054,1320  SliceSensitivityFactor             N
  0054,1321  DecayFactor                        N
  0054,1322  DoseCalibrationFactor              N
  0054,1323  ScatterFractionFactor              N
  0054,1324  DeadTimeFactor                     N
  0054,1330  ImageIndex                         N
  0054,1400  CountsIncluded                     N
  0054,1401  DeadTimeCorrectionFlag             N
  0060,3000  HistogramSequence                  N
  0060,3002  HistogramNumberOfBins              N
  0060,3004  HistogramFirstBinValue             N
  0060,3006  HistogramLastBinValue              N
  0060,3008  HistogramBinWidth                  N
  0060,3010  HistogramExplanation               N
  0060,3020  HistogramData                      N
  0070,0001  GraphicAnnotationSequence          N
  0070,0002  GraphicLayer                       N
  0070,0003  BoundingBoxAnnotationUnits         N
  0070,0004  AnchorPointAnnotationUnits         N
  0070,0005  GraphicAnnotationUnits             N
  0070,0006  UnformattedTextValue               N
  0070,0008  TextObjectSequence                 N
  0070,0009  GraphicObjectSequence              N
  0070,0010  BoundingBoxTopLeftHandCorner       N
  0070,0011  BoundingBoxBottomRightHandCorner   N
  0070,0012  BoundingBoxTextHorizJustification  N
  0070,0014  AnchorPoint                        N
  0070,0015  AnchorPointVisibility              N
  0070,0020  GraphicDimensions                  N
  0070,0021  NumberOfGraphicPoints              N
  0070,0022  GraphicData                        N
  0070,0023  GraphicType                        N
  0070,0024  GraphicFilled                      N
  0070,0041  ImageHorizontalFlip                N
  0070,0042  ImageRotation                      N
  0070,0052  DisplayedAreaTopLeftHandCorner     N
  0070,0053  DisplayedAreaBottomRightHandCorner N
  0070,005A  DisplayedAreaSelectionSequence     N
  0070,0060  GraphicLayerSequence               N
  0070,0062  GraphicLayerOrder                  N
  0070,0066  GraphicLayerRecDisplayGraysclValue N
  0070,0067  GraphicLayerRecDisplayRGBValue     N
  0070,0068  GraphicLayerDescription            N
  0070,0080  ContentLabel                       N
  0070,0081  ContentDescription                 N
  0070,0082  PresentationCreationDate           N
  0070,0083  PresentationCreationTime           N
  0070,0084  ContentCreatorsName                N
  0070,0100  PresentationSizeMode               N
  0070,0101  PresentationPixelSpacing           N
  0070,0102  PresentationPixelAspectRatio       N
  0070,0103  PresentationPixelMagRatio          N
  0070,0306  ShapeType                          N
  0070,0308  RegistrationSequence               N
  0070,0309  MatrixRegistrationSequence         N
  0070,030A  MatrixSequence                     N
  0070,030C  FrameOfRefTransformationMatrixType N
  0070,030D  RegistrationTypeCodeSequence       N
  0070,030F  FiducialDescription                N
  0070,0310  FiducialIdentifier                 N
  0070,0311  FiducialIdentifierCodeSequence     N
  0070,0312  ContourUncertaintyRadius           N
  0070,0314  UsedFiducialsSequence              N
  0070,0318  GraphicCoordinatesDataSequence     N
  0070,031A  FiducialUID                        N
  0070,031C  FiducialSetSequence                N
  0070,031E  FiducialSequence                   N
  0088,0130  StorageMediaFileSetID              N
  0088,0140  StorageMediaFileSetUID             N
  0088,0200  IconImageSequence                  N
  0088,0904  TopicTitle                         N
  0088,0906  TopicSubject                       N
  0088,0910  TopicAuthor                        N
  0088,0912  TopicKeyWords                      N
  0100,0410  SOPInstanceStatus                  N
  0100,0420  SOPAuthorizationDateAndTime        N
  0100,0424  SOPAuthorizationComment            N
  0100,0426  AuthorizationEquipmentCertNumber   N
  0400,0005  MACIDNumber                        N
  0400,0010  MACCalculationTransferSyntaxUID    N
  0400,0015  MACAlgorithm                       N
  0400,0020  DataElementsSigned                 N
  0400,0100  DigitalSignatureUID                N
  0400,0105  DigitalSignatureDateTime           N
  0400,0110  CertificateType                    N
  0400,0115  CertificateOfSigner                N
  0400,0120  Signature                          N
  0400,0305  CertifiedTimestampType             N
  0400,0310  CertifiedTimestamp                 N
  0400,0500  EncryptedAttributesSequence        N
  0400,0510  EncryptedContentTransferSyntaxUID  N
  0400,0520  EncryptedContent                   N
  0400,0550  ModifiedAttributesSequence         N
  2000,0010  NumberOfCopies                     N
  2000,001E  PrinterConfigurationSequence       N
  2000,0020  PrintPriority                      N
  2000,0030  MediumType                         N
  2000,0040  FilmDestination                    N
  2000,0050  FilmSessionLabel                   N
  2000,0060  MemoryAllocation                   N
  2000,0061  MaximumMemoryAllocation            N
  2000,0062  ColorImagePrintingFlag             N
  2000,0063  CollationFlag                      N
  2000,0065  AnnotationFlag                     N
  2000,0067  ImageOverlayFlag                   N
  2000,0069  PresentationLUTFlag                N
  2000,006A  ImageBoxPresentationLUTFlag        N
  2000,00A0  MemoryBitDepth                     N
  2000,00A1  PrintingBitDepth                   N
  2000,00A2  MediaInstalledSequence             N
  2000,00A4  OtherMediaAvailableSequence        N
  2000,00A8  SupportedImageDisplayFormatSeq     N
  2000,0500  ReferencedFilmBoxSequence          N
  2000,0510  ReferencedStoredPrintSequence      N
  2010,0010  ImageDisplayFormat                 N
  2010,0030  AnnotationDisplayFormatID          N
  2010,0040  FilmOrientation                    N
  2010,0050  FilmSizeID                         N
  2010,0052  PrinterResolutionID                N
  2010,0054  DefaultPrinterResolutionID         N
  2010,0060  MagnificationType                  N
  2010,0080  SmoothingType                      N
  2010,00A6  DefaultMagnificationType           N
  2010,00A7  OtherMagnificationTypesAvailable   N
  2010,00A8  DefaultSmoothingType               N
  2010,00A9  OtherSmoothingTypesAvailable       N
  2010,0100  BorderDensity                      N
  2010,0110  EmptyImageDensity                  N
  2010,0120  MinDensity                         N
  2010,0130  MaxDensity                         N
  2010,0140  Trim                               N
  2010,0150  ConfigurationInformation           N
  2010,0152  ConfigurationInformationDescr      N
  2010,0154  MaximumCollatedFilms               N
  2010,015E  Illumination                       N
  2010,0160  ReflectedAmbientLight              N
  2010,0376  PrinterPixelSpacing                N
  2010,0500  ReferencedFilmSessionSequence      N
  2010,0510  ReferencedImageBoxSequence         N
  2010,0520  ReferencedBasicAnnotationBoxSeq    N
  2020,0010  ImagePosition                      N
  2020,0020  Polarity                           N
  2020,0030  RequestedImageSize                 N
  2020,0040  RequestedDecimate-CropBehavior     N
  2020,0050  RequestedResolutionID              N
  2020,00A0  RequestedImageSizeFlag             N
  2020,00A2  Decimate-CropResult                N
  2020,0110  BasicGrayscaleImageSequence        N
  2020,0111  BasicColorImageSequence            N
  2020,0130  ReferencedImageOverlayBoxSequence  N
  2020,0140  ReferencedVOILUTBoxSequence        N
  2030,0010  AnnotationPosition                 N
  2030,0020  TextString                         N
  2040,0010  ReferencedOverlayPlaneSequence     N
  2040,0011  ReferencedOverlayPlaneGroups       N
  2040,0020  OverlayPixelDataSequence           N
  2040,0060  OverlayMagnificationType           N
  2040,0070  OverlaySmoothingType               N
  2040,0072  OverlayOrImageMagnification        N
  2040,0074  MagnifyToNumberOfColumns           N
  2040,0080  OverlayForegroundDensity           N
  2040,0082  OverlayBackgroundDensity           N
  2040,0090  OverlayMode                        N
  2040,0100  ThresholdDensity                   N
  2040,0500  ReferencedImageBoxSequence         N
  2050,0010  PresentationLUTSequence            N
  2050,0020  PresentationLUTShape               N
  2050,0500  ReferencedPresentationLUTSequence  N
  2100,0010  PrintJobID                         N
  2100,0020  ExecutionStatus                    N
  2100,0030  ExecutionStatusInfo                N
  2100,0040  CreationDate                       N
  2100,0050  CreationTime                       N
  2100,0070  Originator                         N
  2100,0140  Destination                        N
  2100,0160  OwnerID                            N
  2100,0170  NumberOfFilms                      N
  2100,0500  ReferencedPrintJobSequence         N
  2110,0010  PrinterStatus                      N
  2110,0020  PrinterStatusInfo                  N
  2110,0030  PrinterName                        N
  2110,0099  PrintQueueID                       N
  2120,0010  QueueStatus                        N
  2120,0050  PrintJobDescriptionSequence        N
  2120,0070  ReferencedPrintJobSequence         N
  2130,0010  PrintManagementCapabilitiesSeq     N
  2130,0015  PrinterCharacteristicsSequence     N
  2130,0030  FilmBoxContentSequence             N
  2130,0040  ImageBoxContentSequence            N
  2130,0050  AnnotationContentSequence          N
  2130,0060  ImageOverlayBoxContentSequence     N
  2130,0080  PresentationLUTContentSequence     N
  2130,00A0  ProposedStudySequence              N
  2130,00C0  OriginalImageSequence              N
  2200,0001  LabelFromInfoExtractedFromInstance N
  2200,0002  LabelText                          N
  2200,0003  LabelStyleSelection                N
  2200,0004  MediaDisposition                   N
  2200,0005  BarcodeValue                       N
  2200,0006  BarcodeSymbology                   N
  2200,0007  AllowMediaSplitting                N
  2200,0008  IncludeNonDICOMObjects             N
  2200,0009  IncludeDisplayApplication          N
  2200,000A  SaveCompInstancesAfterMediaCreate  N
  2200,000B  TotalNumberMediaPiecesCreated      N
  2200,000C  RequestedMediaApplicationProfile   N
  2200,000D  ReferencedStorageMediaSequence     N
  2200,000E  FailureAttributes                  N
  2200,000F  AllowLossyCompression              N
  2200,0020  RequestPriority                    N
  3002,0002  RTImageLabel                       N
  3002,0003  RTImageName                        N
  3002,0004  RTImageDescription                 N
  3002,000A  ReportedValuesOrigin               N
  3002,000C  RTImagePlane                       N
  3002,000D  XRayImageReceptorTranslation       N
  3002,000E  XRayImageReceptorAngle             N
  3002,0010  RTImageOrientation                 N
  3002,0011  ImagePlanePixelSpacing             N
  3002,0012  RTImagePosition                    N
  3002,0020  RadiationMachineName               N
  3002,0022  RadiationMachineSAD                N
  3002,0024  RadiationMachineSSD                N
  3002,0026  RTImageSID                         N
  3002,0028  SourceToReferenceObjectDistance    N
  3002,0029  FractionNumber                     N
  3002,0030  ExposureSequence                   N
  3002,0032  MetersetExposure                   N
  3002,0034  DiaphragmPosition                  N
  3002,0040  FluenceMapSequence                 N
  3002,0041  FluenceDataSource                  N
  3002,0042  FluenceDataScale                   N
  3004,0001  DVHType                            N
  3004,0002  DoseUnits                          N
  3004,0004  DoseType                           N
  3004,0006  DoseComment                        N
  3004,0008  NormalizationPoint                 N
  3004,000A  DoseSummationType                  N
  3004,000C  GridFrameOffsetVector              N
  3004,000E  DoseGridScaling                    N
  3004,0010  RTDoseROISequence                  N
  3004,0012  DoseValue                          N
  3004,0014  TissueHeterogeneityCorrection      N
  3004,0040  DVHNormalizationPoint              N
  3004,0042  DVHNormalizationDoseValue          N
  3004,0050  DVHSequence                        N
  3004,0052  DVHDoseScaling                     N
  3004,0054  DVHVolumeUnits                     N
  3004,0056  DVHNumberOfBins                    N
  3004,0058  DVHData                            N
  3004,0060  DVHReferencedROISequence           N
  3004,0062  DVHROIContributionType             N
  3004,0070  DVHMinimumDose                     N
  3004,0072  DVHMaximumDose                     N
  3004,0074  DVHMeanDose                        N
  3006,0002  StructureSetLabel                  N
  3006,0004  StructureSetName                   N
  3006,0006  StructureSetDescription            N
  3006,0008  StructureSetDate                   N
  3006,0009  StructureSetTime                   N
  3006,0010  ReferencedFrameOfReferenceSequence N
  3006,0012  RTReferencedStudySequence          N
  3006,0014  RTReferencedSeriesSequence         N
  3006,0016  ContourImageSequence               N
  3006,0020  StructureSetROISequence            N
  3006,0022  ROINumber                          N
  3006,0024  ReferencedFrameOfReferenceUID      N
  3006,0026  ROIName                            N
  3006,0028  ROIDescription                     N
  3006,002A  ROIDisplayColor                    N
  3006,002C  ROIVolume                          N
  3006,0030  RTRelatedROISequence               N
  3006,0033  RTROIRelationship                  N
  3006,0036  ROIGenerationAlgorithm             N
  3006,0038  ROIGenerationDescription           N
  3006,0039  ROIContourSequence                 N
  3006,0040  ContourSequence                    N
  3006,0042  ContourGeometricType               N
  3006,0044  ContourSlabThickness               N
  3006,0045  ContourOffsetVector                N
  3006,0046  NumberOfContourPoints              N
  3006,0048  ContourNumber                      N
  3006,0049  AttachedContours                   N
  3006,0050  ContourData                        N
  3006,0080  RTROIObservationsSequence          N
  3006,0082  ObservationNumber                  N
  3006,0084  ReferencedROINumber                N
  3006,0085  ROIObservationLabel                N
  3006,0086  RTROIIdentificationCodeSequence    N
  3006,0088  ROIObservationDescription          N
  3006,00A0  RelatedRTROIObservationsSequence   N
  3006,00A4  RTROIInterpretedType               N
  3006,00A6  ROIInterpreter                     N
  3006,00B0  ROIPhysicalPropertiesSequence      N
  3006,00B2  ROIPhysicalProperty                N
  3006,00B4  ROIPhysicalPropertyValue           N
  3006,00C0  FrameOfReferenceRelationshipSeq    N
  3006,00C2  RelatedFrameOfReferenceUID         N
  3006,00C4  FrameOfReferenceTransformType      N
  3006,00C6  FrameOfReferenceTransformMatrix    N
  3006,00C8  FrameOfReferenceTransformComment   N
  3008,0010  MeasuredDoseReferenceSequence      N
  3008,0012  MeasuredDoseDescription            N
  3008,0014  MeasuredDoseType                   N
  3008,0016  MeasuredDoseValue                  N
  3008,0020  TreatmentSessionBeamSequence       N
  3008,0022  CurrentFractionNumber              N
  3008,0024  TreatmentControlPointDate          N
  3008,0025  TreatmentControlPointTime          N
  3008,002A  TreatmentTerminationStatus         N
  3008,002B  TreatmentTerminationCode           N
  3008,002C  TreatmentVerificationStatus        N
  3008,0030  ReferencedTreatmentRecordSequence  N
  3008,0032  SpecifiedPrimaryMeterset           N
  3008,0033  SpecifiedSecondaryMeterset         N
  3008,0036  DeliveredPrimaryMeterset           N
  3008,0037  DeliveredSecondaryMeterset         N
  3008,003A  SpecifiedTreatmentTime             N
  3008,003B  DeliveredTreatmentTime             N
  3008,0040  ControlPointDeliverySequence       N
  3008,0042  SpecifiedMeterset                  N
  3008,0044  DeliveredMeterset                  N
  3008,0048  DoseRateDelivered                  N
  3008,0050  TreatmentSummaryCalcDoseRefSeq     N
  3008,0052  CumulativeDoseToDoseReference      N
  3008,0054  FirstTreatmentDate                 N
  3008,0056  MostRecentTreatmentDate            N
  3008,005A  NumberOfFractionsDelivered         N
  3008,0060  OverrideSequence                   N
  3008,0062  OverrideParameterPointer           N
  3008,0064  MeasuredDoseReferenceNumber        N
  3008,0066  OverrideReason                     N
  3008,0070  CalculatedDoseReferenceSequence    N
  3008,0072  CalculatedDoseReferenceNumber      N
  3008,0074  CalculatedDoseReferenceDescription N
  3008,0076  CalculatedDoseReferenceDoseValue   N
  3008,0078  StartMeterset                      N
  3008,007A  EndMeterset                        N
  3008,0080  ReferencedMeasuredDoseReferenceSeq N
  3008,0082  ReferencedMeasuredDoseReferenceNum N
  3008,0090  ReferencedCalculatedDoseRefSeq     N
  3008,0092  ReferencedCalculatedDoseRefNumber  N
  3008,00A0  BeamLimitingDeviceLeafPairsSeq     N
  3008,00B0  RecordedWedgeSequence              N
  3008,00C0  RecordedCompensatorSequence        N
  3008,00D0  RecordedBlockSequence              N
  3008,00E0  TreatmentSummaryMeasuredDoseRefSeq N
  3008,0100  RecordedSourceSequence             N
  3008,0105  SourceSerialNumber                 N
  3008,0110  TreatmentSessionAppSetupSeq        N
  3008,0116  ApplicationSetupCheck              N
  3008,0120  RecordedBrachyAccessoryDeviceSeq   N
  3008,0122  ReferencedBrachyAccessoryDeviceNum N
  3008,0130  RecordedChannelSequence            N
  3008,0132  SpecifiedChannelTotalTime          N
  3008,0134  DeliveredChannelTotalTime          N
  3008,0136  SpecifiedNumberOfPulses            N
  3008,0138  DeliveredNumberOfPulses            N
  3008,013A  SpecifiedPulseRepetitionInterval   N
  3008,013C  DeliveredPulseRepetitionInterval   N
  3008,0140  RecordedSourceApplicatorSequence   N
  3008,0142  ReferencedSourceApplicatorNumber   N
  3008,0150  RecordedChannelShieldSequence      N
  3008,0152  ReferencedChannelShieldNumber      N
  3008,0160  BrachyControlPointDeliveredSeq     N
  3008,0162  SafePositionExitDate               N
  3008,0164  SafePositionExitTime               N
  3008,0166  SafePositionReturnDate             N
  3008,0168  SafePositionReturnTime             N
  3008,0200  CurrentTreatmentStatus             N
  3008,0202  TreatmentStatusComment             N
  3008,0220  FractionGroupSummarySequence       N
  3008,0223  ReferencedFractionNumber           N
  3008,0224  FractionGroupType                  N
  3008,0230  BeamStopperPosition                N
  3008,0240  FractionStatusSummarySequence      N
  3008,0250  TreatmentDate                      N
  3008,0251  TreatmentTime                      N
  300A,0002  RTPlanLabel                        N
  300A,0003  RTPlanName                         N
  300A,0004  RTPlanDescription                  N
  300A,0006  RTPlanDate                         N
  300A,0007  RTPlanTime                         N
  300A,0009  TreatmentProtocols                 N
  300A,000A  TreatmentIntent                    N
  300A,000B  TreatmentSites                     N
  300A,000C  RTPlanGeometry                     N
  300A,000E  PrescriptionDescription            N
  300A,0010  DoseReferenceSequence              N
  300A,0012  DoseReferenceNumber                N
  300A,0013  DoseReferenceUID                   N
  300A,0014  DoseReferenceStructureType         N
  300A,0015  NominalBeamEnergyUnit              N
  300A,0016  DoseReferenceDescription           N
  300A,0018  DoseReferencePointCoordinates      N
  300A,001A  NominalPriorDose                   N
  300A,0020  DoseReferenceType                  N
  300A,0021  ConstraintWeight                   N
  300A,0022  DeliveryWarningDose                N
  300A,0023  DeliveryMaximumDose                N
  300A,0025  TargetMinimumDose                  N
  300A,0026  TargetPrescriptionDose             N
  300A,0027  TargetMaximumDose                  N
  300A,0028  TargetUnderdoseVolumeFraction      N
  300A,002A  OrganAtRiskFullVolumeDose          N
  300A,002B  OrganAtRiskLimitDose               N
  300A,002C  OrganAtRiskMaximumDose             N
  300A,002D  OrganAtRiskOverdoseVolumeFraction  N
  300A,0040  ToleranceTableSequence             N
  300A,0042  ToleranceTableNumber               N
  300A,0043  ToleranceTableLabel                N
  300A,0044  GantryAngleTolerance               N
  300A,0046  BeamLimitingDeviceAngleTolerance   N
  300A,0048  BeamLimitingDeviceToleranceSeq     N
  300A,004A  BeamLimitingDevicePositionTol      N
  300A,004C  PatientSupportAngleTolerance       N
  300A,004E  TableTopEccentricAngleTolerance    N
  300A,0051  TableTopVerticalPositionTolerance  N
  300A,0052  TableTopLongitudinalPositionTol    N
  300A,0053  TableTopLateralPositionTolerance   N
  300A,0055  RTPlanRelationship                 N
  300A,0070  FractionGroupSequence              N
  300A,0071  FractionGroupNumber                N
  300A,0072  FractionGroupDescription           N
  300A,0078  NumberOfFractionsPlanned           N
  300A,0079  NumberFractionPatternDigitsPerDay  N
  300A,007A  RepeatFractionCycleLength          N
  300A,007B  FractionPattern                    N
  300A,0080  NumberOfBeams                      N
  300A,0082  BeamDoseSpecificationPoint         N
  300A,0084  BeamDose                           N
  300A,0086  BeamMeterset                       N
  300A,00A0  NumberOfBrachyApplicationSetups    N
  300A,00A2  BrachyAppSetupDoseSpecPoint        N
  300A,00A4  BrachyApplicationSetupDose         N
  300A,00B0  BeamSequence                       N
  300A,00B2  TreatmentMachineName               N
  300A,00B3  PrimaryDosimeterUnit               N
  300A,00B4  SourceAxisDistance                 N
  300A,00B6  BeamLimitingDeviceSequence         N
  300A,00B8  RTBeamLimitingDeviceType           N
  300A,00BA  SourceToBeamLimitingDeviceDistance N
  300A,00BC  NumberOfLeaf-JawPairs              N
  300A,00BE  LeafPositionBoundaries             N
  300A,00C0  BeamNumber                         N
  300A,00C2  BeamName                           N
  300A,00C3  BeamDescription                    N
  300A,00C4  BeamType                           N
  300A,00C6  RadiationType                      N
  300A,00C7  HighDoseTechniqueType              N
  300A,00C8  ReferenceImageNumber               N
  300A,00CA  PlannedVerificationImageSequence   N
  300A,00CC  ImagingDeviceSpecificAcqParams     N
  300A,00CE  TreatmentDeliveryType              N
  300A,00D0  NumberOfWedges                     N
  300A,00D1  WedgeSequence                      N
  300A,00D2  WedgeNumber                        N
  300A,00D3  WedgeType                          N
  300A,00D4  WedgeID                            N
  300A,00D5  WedgeAngle                         N
  300A,00D6  WedgeFactor                        N
  300A,00D8  WedgeOrientation                   N
  300A,00DA  SourceToWedgeTrayDistance          N
  300A,00E0  NumberOfCompensators               N
  300A,00E1  MaterialID                         N
  300A,00E2  TotalCompensatorTrayFactor         N
  300A,00E3  CompensatorSequence                N
  300A,00E4  CompensatorNumber                  N
  300A,00E5  CompensatorID                      N
  300A,00E6  SourceToCompensatorTrayDistance    N
  300A,00E7  CompensatorRows                    N
  300A,00E8  CompensatorColumns                 N
  300A,00E9  CompensatorPixelSpacing            N
  300A,00EA  CompensatorPosition                N
  300A,00EB  CompensatorTransmissionData        N
  300A,00EC  CompensatorThicknessData           N
  300A,00ED  NumberOfBoli                       N
  300A,00EE  CompensatorType                    N
  300A,00F0  NumberOfBlocks                     N
  300A,00F2  TotalBlockTrayFactor               N
  300A,00F4  BlockSequence                      N
  300A,00F5  BlockTrayID                        N
  300A,00F6  SourceToBlockTrayDistance          N
  300A,00F8  BlockType                          N
  300A,00F9  AccessoryCode                      N
  300A,00FA  BlockDivergence                    N
  300A,00FB  BlockMountingPosition              N
  300A,00FC  BlockNumber                        N
  300A,00FE  BlockName                          N
  300A,0100  BlockThickness                     N
  300A,0102  BlockTransmission                  N
  300A,0104  BlockNumberOfPoints                N
  300A,0106  BlockData                          N
  300A,0107  ApplicatorSequence                 N
  300A,0108  ApplicatorID                       N
  300A,0109  ApplicatorType                     N
  300A,010A  ApplicatorDescription              N
  300A,010C  CumulativeDoseReferenceCoefficient N
  300A,010E  FinalCumulativeMetersetWeight      N
  300A,0110  NumberOfControlPoints              N
  300A,0111  ControlPointSequence               N
  300A,0112  ControlPointIndex                  N
  300A,0114  NominalBeamEnergy                  N
  300A,0115  DoseRateSet                        N
  300A,0116  WedgePositionSequence              N
  300A,0118  WedgePosition                      N
  300A,011A  BeamLimitingDevicePositionSequence N
  300A,011C  Leaf-JawPositions                  N
  300A,011E  GantryAngle                        N
  300A,011F  GantryRotationDirection            N
  300A,0120  BeamLimitingDeviceAngle            N
  300A,0121  BeamLimitingDeviceRotateDirection  N
  300A,0122  PatientSupportAngle                N
  300A,0123  PatientSupportRotationDirection    N
  300A,0124  TableTopEccentricAxisDistance      N
  300A,0125  TableTopEccentricAngle             N
  300A,0126  TableTopEccentricRotateDirection   N
  300A,0128  TableTopVerticalPosition           N
  300A,0129  TableTopLongitudinalPosition       N
  300A,012A  TableTopLateralPosition            N
  300A,012C  IsocenterPosition                  N
  300A,012E  SurfaceEntryPoint                  N
  300A,0130  SourceToSurfaceDistance            N
  300A,0134  CumulativeMetersetWeight           N
  300A,0180  PatientSetupSequence               N
  300A,0182  PatientSetupNumber                 N
  300A,0184  PatientAdditionalPosition          N
  300A,0190  FixationDeviceSequence             N
  300A,0192  FixationDeviceType                 N
  300A,0194  FixationDeviceLabel                N
  300A,0196  FixationDeviceDescription          N
  300A,0198  FixationDevicePosition             N
  300A,01A0  ShieldingDeviceSequence            N
  300A,01A2  ShieldingDeviceType                N
  300A,01A4  ShieldingDeviceLabel               N
  300A,01A6  ShieldingDeviceDescription         N
  300A,01A8  ShieldingDevicePosition            N
  300A,01B0  SetupTechnique                     N
  300A,01B2  SetupTechniqueDescription          N
  300A,01B4  SetupDeviceSequence                N
  300A,01B6  SetupDeviceType                    N
  300A,01B8  SetupDeviceLabel                   N
  300A,01BA  SetupDeviceDescription             N
  300A,01BC  SetupDeviceParameter               N
  300A,01D0  SetupReferenceDescription          N
  300A,01D2  TableTopVerticalSetupDisplacement  N
  300A,01D4  TableTopLongitudinalSetupDisplace  N
  300A,01D6  TableTopLateralSetupDisplacement   N
  300A,0200  BrachyTreatmentTechnique           N
  300A,0202  BrachyTreatmentType                N
  300A,0206  TreatmentMachineSequence           N
  300A,0210  SourceSequence                     N
  300A,0212  SourceNumber                       N
  300A,0214  SourceType                         N
  300A,0216  SourceManufacturer                 N
  300A,0218  ActiveSourceDiameter               N
  300A,021A  ActiveSourceLength                 N
  300A,0222  SourceEncapsulationNomThickness    N
  300A,0224  SourceEncapsulationNomTransmission N
  300A,0226  SourceIsotopeName                  N
  300A,0228  SourceIsotopeHalfLife              N
  300A,022A  ReferenceAirKermaRate              N
  300A,022C  AirKermaRateReferenceDate          N
  300A,022E  AirKermaRateReferenceTime          N
  300A,0230  ApplicationSetupSequence           N
  300A,0232  ApplicationSetupType               N
  300A,0234  ApplicationSetupNumber             N
  300A,0236  ApplicationSetupName               N
  300A,0238  ApplicationSetupManufacturer       N
  300A,0240  TemplateNumber                     N
  300A,0242  TemplateType                       N
  300A,0244  TemplateName                       N
  300A,0250  TotalReferenceAirKerma             N
  300A,0260  BrachyAccessoryDeviceSequence      N
  300A,0262  BrachyAccessoryDeviceNumber        N
  300A,0263  BrachyAccessoryDeviceID            N
  300A,0264  BrachyAccessoryDeviceType          N
  300A,0266  BrachyAccessoryDeviceName          N
  300A,026A  BrachyAccessoryDeviceNomThickness  N
  300A,026C  BrachyAccessoryDevNomTransmission  N
  300A,0280  ChannelSequence                    N
  300A,0282  ChannelNumber                      N
  300A,0284  ChannelLength                      N
  300A,0286  ChannelTotalTime                   N
  300A,0288  SourceMovementType                 N
  300A,028A  NumberOfPulses                     N
  300A,028C  PulseRepetitionInterval            N
  300A,0290  SourceApplicatorNumber             N
  300A,0291  SourceApplicatorID                 N
  300A,0292  SourceApplicatorType               N
  300A,0294  SourceApplicatorName               N
  300A,0296  SourceApplicatorLength             N
  300A,0298  SourceApplicatorManufacturer       N
  300A,029C  SourceApplicatorWallNomThickness   N
  300A,029E  SourceApplicatorWallNomTrans       N
  300A,02A0  SourceApplicatorStepSize           N
  300A,02A2  TransferTubeNumber                 N
  300A,02A4  TransferTubeLength                 N
  300A,02B0  ChannelShieldSequence              N
  300A,02B2  ChannelShieldNumber                N
  300A,02B3  ChannelShieldID                    N
  300A,02B4  ChannelShieldName                  N
  300A,02B8  ChannelShieldNominalThickness      N
  300A,02BA  ChannelShieldNominalTransmission   N
  300A,02C8  FinalCumulativeTimeWeight          N
  300A,02D0  BrachyControlPointSequence         N
  300A,02D2  ControlPointRelativePosition       N
  300A,02D4  ControlPoint3DPosition             N
  300A,02D6  CumulativeTimeWeight               N
  300A,02E0  CompensatorDivergence              N
  300A,02E1  CompensatorMountingPosition        N
  300A,02E2  SourceToCompensatorDistance        N
  300C,0002  ReferencedRTPlanSequence           N
  300C,0004  ReferencedBeamSequence             N
  300C,0006  ReferencedBeamNumber               N
  300C,0007  ReferencedReferenceImageNumber     N
  300C,0008  StartCumulativeMetersetWeight      N
  300C,0009  EndCumulativeMetersetWeight        N
  300C,000A  ReferencedBrachyAppSetupSeq        N
  300C,000C  ReferencedBrachyAppSetupNumber     N
  300C,000E  ReferencedSourceNumber             N
  300C,0020  ReferencedFractionGroupSequence    N
  300C,0022  ReferencedFractionGroupNumber      N
  300C,0040  ReferencedVerificationImageSeq     N
  300C,0042  ReferencedReferenceImageSequence   N
  300C,0050  ReferencedDoseReferenceSequence    N
  300C,0051  ReferencedDoseReferenceNumber      N
  300C,0055  BrachyReferencedDoseReferenceSeq   N
  300C,0060  ReferencedStructureSetSequence     N
  300C,006A  ReferencedPatientSetupNumber       N
  300C,0080  ReferencedDoseSequence             N
  300C,00A0  ReferencedToleranceTableNumber     N
  300C,00B0  ReferencedBolusSequence            N
  300C,00C0  ReferencedWedgeNumber              N
  300C,00D0  ReferencedCompensatorNumber        N
  300C,00E0  ReferencedBlockNumber              N
  300C,00F0  ReferencedControlPointIndex        N
  300E,0002  ApprovalStatus                     N
  300E,0004  ReviewDate                         N
  300E,0005  ReviewTime                         N
  300E,0008  ReviewerName                       N
  4000,0000  TextGroupLength                    N
  4000,0010  Arbitrary                          N
  4000,4000  TextComments                       N
  4008,0040  ResultsID                          N
  4008,0042  ResultsIDIssuer                    N
  4008,0050  ReferencedInterpretationSequence   N
  4008,0100  InterpretationRecordedDate         N
  4008,0101  InterpretationRecordedTime         N
  4008,0102  InterpretationRecorder             N
  4008,0103  ReferenceToRecordedSound           N
  4008,0108  InterpretationTranscriptionDate    N
  4008,0109  InterpretationTranscriptionTime    N
  4008,010A  InterpretationTranscriber          N
  4008,010B  InterpretationText                 N
  4008,010C  InterpretationAuthor               N
  4008,0111  InterpretationApproverSequence     N
  4008,0112  InterpretationApprovalDate         N
  4008,0113  InterpretationApprovalTime         N
  4008,0114  PhysicianApprovingInterpretation   N
  4008,0115  InterpretationDiagnosisDescription N
  4008,0117  InterpretationDiagnosisCodeSeq     N
  4008,0118  ResultsDistributionListSequence    N
  4008,0119  DistributionName                   N
  4008,011A  DistributionAddress                N
  4008,0200  InterpretationID                   N
  4008,0202  InterpretationIDIssuer             N
  4008,0210  InterpretationTypeID               N
  4008,0212  InterpretationStatusID             N
  4008,0300  Impressions                        N
  4008,4000  ResultsComments                    N
  4FFE,0001  MACParametersSequence              N
  50xx,0005  CurveDimensions                    N
  50xx,0010  NumberOfPoints                     N
  50xx,0020  TypeOfData                         N
  50xx,0022  CurveDescription                   N
  50xx,0030  AxisUnits                          N
  50xx,0040  AxisLabels                         N
  50xx,0103  DataValueRepresentation            N
  50xx,0104  MinimumCoordinateValue             N
  50xx,0105  MaximumCoordinateValue             N
  50xx,0106  CurveRange                         N
  50xx,0110  CurveDataDescriptor                N
  50xx,0112  CoordinateStartValue               N
  50xx,0114  CoordinateStepValue                N
  50xx,1001  CurveActivationLayer               N
  50xx,2000  AudioType                          N
  50xx,2002  AudioSampleFormat                  N
  50xx,2004  NumberOfChannels                   N
  50xx,2006  NumberOfSamples                    N
  50xx,2008  SampleRate                         N
  50xx,200A  TotalTime                          N
  50xx,200C  AudioSampleData                    N
  50xx,200E  AudioComments                      N
  50xx,2500  CurveLabel                         N
  50xx,2600  ReferencedOverlaySequence          N
  50xx,2610  ReferencedOverlayGroup             N
  50xx,3000  CurveData                          N
  5200,9229  SharedFunctionalGroupsSequence     N
  5200,9230  PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence   N
  5400,0100  WaveformSequence                   N
  5400,0110  ChannelMinimumValue                N
  5400,0112  ChannelMaximumValue                N
  5400,1004  WaveformBitsAllocated              N
  5400,1006  WaveformSampleInterpretation       N
  5400,100A  WaveformPaddingValue               N
  5400,1010  WaveformData                       N
  5600,0010  FirstOrderPhaseCorrectionAngle     N
  5600,0020  SpectroscopyData                   N
  6000,0000  OverlayGroupLength                 N
  60xx,0010  OverlayRows                        N
  60xx,0011  OverlayColumns                     N
  60xx,0012  OverlayPlanes                      N
  60xx,0015  NumberOfFramesInOverlay            N
  60xx,0022  OverlayDescription                 N
  60xx,0040  OverlayType                        N
  60xx,0045  OverlaySubtype                     N
  60xx,0050  OverlayOrigin                      N
  60xx,0051  ImageFrameOrigin                   N
  60xx,0052  OverlayPlaneOrigin                 N
  60xx,0060  CompressionCode                    N
  60xx,0100  OverlayBitsAllocated               N
  60xx,0102  OverlayBitPosition                 N
  60xx,0110  OverlayFormat                      N
  60xx,0200  OverlayLocation                    N
  60xx,1001  OverlayActivationLayer             N
  60xx,1100  OverlayDescriptorGray              N
  60xx,1101  OverlayDescriptorRed               N
  60xx,1102  OverlayDescriptorGreen             N
  60xx,1103  OverlayDescriptorBlue              N
  60xx,1200  OverlaysGray                       N
  60xx,1201  OverlaysRed                        N
  60xx,1202  OverlaysGreen                      N
  60xx,1203  OverlaysBlue                       N
  60xx,1301  ROIArea                            N
  60xx,1302  ROIMean                            N
  60xx,1303  ROIStandardDeviation               N
  60xx,1500  OverlayLabel                       N
  60xx,3000  OverlayData                        N
  60xx,4000  OverlayComments                    N
  7FE0,0000  PixelDataGroupLength               N
  7FE0,0010  PixelData                          N
  FFFA,FFFA  DigitalSignaturesSequence          N
  FFFC,FFFC  DataSetTrailingPadding             N
  FFFE,E000  StartOfItem                        N
  FFFE,E00D  EndOfItems                         N
  FFFE,E0DD  EndOfSequence                      N


Meta information extracted from the header of HTML and XHTML files. This is a mix of information found in the META elements and the TITLE element.

  Tag ID                      Tag Name          Writable
  ------                      --------          --------
  'abstract'                  Abstract          N
  'author'                    Author            N
  'classification'            Classification    N
  'copyright'                 Copyright         N
  'dc'                        DC                HTML dc
  'description'               Description       N
  'distribution'              Distribution      N
  'doc-class'                 DocClass          N
  'doc-rights'                DocRights         N
  'doc-type'                  DocType           N
  'formatter'                 Formatter         N
  'generator'                 Generator         N
  'googlebot'                 GoogleBot         N
  'http-equiv'                HTTP-equiv        HTML equiv
  'keywords'                  Keywords          N+
  'mssmarttagspreventparsing' NoMSSmartTags     N
  'ncc'                       NCC               HTML ncc
  'owner'                     Owner             N
  'prod'                      Prod              HTML prod
  'progid'                    ProgID            N
  'rating'                    Rating            N
  'refresh'                   Refresh           N
  'resource-type'             ResourceType      N
  'revisit-after'             RevisitAfter      N
  'robots'                    Robots            N+
  'title'                     Title             N
  'vw96'                      VW96              HTML vw96

HTML dc Tags

Dublin Core schema tags (also used in XMP).

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'contributor'        Contributor              N+
  'coverage'           Coverage                 N
  'creator'            Creator                  N+
  'date'               Date                     N+
  'description'        Description              N
  'format'             Format                   N
  'identifier'         Identifier               N
  'language'           Language                 N+
  'publisher'          Publisher                N+
  'relation'           Relation                 N+
  'rights'             Rights                   N
  'source'             Source                   N
  'subject'            Subject                  N+
  'title'              Title                    N
  'type'               Type                     N+

HTML equiv Tags

These tags have a family 1 group name of "HTTP-equiv".

  Tag ID                Tag Name                Writable
  ------                --------                --------
  'cache-control'       CacheControl            N
  'content-disposition' ContentDisposition      N
  'content-language'    ContentLanguage         N
  'content-script-type' ContentScriptType       N
  'content-style-type'  ContentStyleType        N
  'content-type'        ContentType             N
  'default-style'       DefaultStyle            N
  'expires'             Expires                 N
  'ext-cache'           ExtCache                N
  'imagetoolbar'        ImageToolbar            N
  'lotus'               Lotus                   N
  'page-enter'          PageEnter               N
  'page-exit'           PageExit                N
  'pics-label'          PicsLabel               N
  'pragma'              Pragma                  N
  'refresh'             Refresh                 N
  'reply-to'            ReplyTo                 N
  'set-cookie'          SetCookie               N
  'site-enter'          SiteEnter               N
  'site-exit'           SiteExit                N
  'vary'                Vary                    N
  'window-target'       WindowTarget            N

HTML ncc Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'charset'            Charset                  N
  'depth'              Depth                    N
  'files'              Files                    N
  'footnotes'          Footnotes                N
  'generator'          Generator                N
  'kbytesize'          KByteSize                N
  'maxpagenormal'      MaxPageNormal            N
  'multimediatype'     MultimediaType           N
  'narrator'           Narrator                 N
  'pagefront'          PageFront                N
  'pagenormal'         PageNormal               N
  'pagespecial'        PageSpecial              N
  'prodnotes'          ProdNotes                N
  'produceddate'       ProducedDate             N
  'producer'           Producer                 N
  'revision'           Revision                 N
  'revisiondate'       RevisionDate             N
  'setinfo'            SetInfo                  N
  'sidebars'           Sidebars                 N
  'sourcedate'         SourceDate               N
  'sourceedition'      SourceEdition            N
  'sourcepublisher'    SourcePublisher          N
  'sourcerights'       SourceRights             N
  'sourcetitle'        SourceTitle              N
  'tocitems'           TOCItems                 N
  'totaltime'          Duration                 N

HTML prod Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'recengineer'        RecEngineer              N
  'reclocation'        RecLocation              N

HTML vw96 Tags

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'objecttype'         ObjectType               N

Extra Tags

The extra tags represent information found in the image but not associated with any other tag group. The three writable "pseudo" tags (Filename, Directory and FileModifyDate) may be written without the need to rewrite the file since their values are not contained within the file data.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CanonVRD                                      N
  Comment                                       Y
  Directory                                     Y!
  EXIF                                          N
  Encryption                                    N
  Error                                         N
  ExifToolVersion                               N
  FileModifyDate                                Y
  FileName                                      Y!
  FileSize                                      N
  FileType                                      N
  ICC_Profile                                   Y!
  ImageHeight                                   N
  ImageWidth                                    N
  MIMEType                                      N
  MaxVal                                        N
  Warning                                       N
  XMP                                           Y
  XResolution                                   N
  YResolution                                   N

Composite Tags

The values of the composite tags are derived from the values of other tags. These are convenience tags which are calculated after all other information is extracted.

  Tag Name             Derived From             Writable
  --------             ------------             --------
  Aperture             FNumber                  N
  BlueBalance          WB_RGGBLevels            N
  CFAPattern           CFARepeatPatternDim      N
  CircleOfConfusion    ScaleFactor35efl         N
  ConditionalFEC       FlashExposureComp        N
  DOF                  FocusDistance            N
  DateCreated          Kodak:YearCreated        N
  DateTimeCreated      DateCreated              N
  DateTimeOriginal     DateTimeCreated          N
  DigitalZoom          Canon:ZoomSourceWidth    N
  DriveMode            ContinuousDrive          N
  Duration             FLAC:SampleRate          N
  Duration             FileSize                 N
  Duration             FrameRate                N
  ExtenderStatus       Olympus:Extender         N
  FlashOn              FlashBits                N
  FlashType            FlashBits                N
  FocalLength35efl     FocalLength              N
  GPSDateTime          GPSDateStamp             N
  GPSLatitude          GPS:GPSLatitude          N
  GPSLatitudeRef       XMP:GPSLatitude          N
  GPSLongitude         GPS:GPSLongitude         N
  GPSLongitudeRef      XMP:GPSLongitude         N
  GPSPosition          GPSLatitude              N
  HyperfocalDistance   FocalLength              N
  ISO                  Canon:CameraISO          N
  ImageHeight          PostScript:ImageData     N
  ImageSize            ImageWidth               N
  ImageWidth           PostScript:ImageData     N
  JpgFromRaw           JpgFromRawStart          Y
  Lens                 ShortFocal               N
  Lens35efl            ShortFocal               N
  LensID               Nikon:LensIDNumber       N
  LensSpec             Nikon:Lens               N
  LightValue           Aperture                 N
  OtherImage           OtherImageStart          N
  PreviewImage         PreviewImageStart        Y
                       PreviewImageStart (1)
                       PreviewImageLength (1)
  PreviewImageSize     PreviewImageWidth        N
  PreviewImage         ScreenNail               N
  RedBalance           WB_RGGBLevels            N
  RedEyeReduction      CanonFlashMode           N
  ScaleFactor35efl     FocalLength              N
  ShootingMode         CanonExposureMode        N
  ShutterCurtainHack   FlashBits                N
  ShutterSpeed         ExposureTime             N
  SubSecDateTimeOriginal DateTimeOriginal       N
  ThumbnailImage       ThumbnailOffset          Y
  WB_RGGBLevels        Canon:WhiteBalance       N

Shortcuts Tags

Shortcut tags are convenience tags that represent one or more other tag names. They are used like regular tags to read and write the information for a specified set of tags.

The shortcut tags below have been pre-defined, but user-defined shortcuts may be added via the %Image::ExifTool::Shortcuts::UserDefined lookup in the ~/.ExifTool_config file. See the Image::ExifTool::Shortcuts documentation for more details.

  Tag Name             Refers To                Writable
  --------             ---------                --------
  AllDates             DateTimeOriginal         Y
  Canon                FileName                 Y
  Canon20D             FileName                 Y
  Common               FileName                 Y
  MakerNotes           MakerNotes               Y
  Nikon                Model                    Y


This document generated automatically by Image::ExifTool::BuildTagLookup.


Copyright 2003-2007, Phil Harvey (phil at

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.