overview of how the Test-More dist works.
A tutorial about writing really basic tests
A Complete Introduction to writing tests
How to write testing tools.


*DEPRECATED* Module for building testing libraries.
*DEPRECATED* Base class for test modules
*DEPRECATED* test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder
turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester
Only run tests when forking is supported, optionally conditioned on ENV vars.
Only run tests when threading is supported, optionally conditioned on ENV vars.
The defacto standard in unit testing tools.
Base class or is_deeply() and mostly_like() implementations.
Where is_deeply() is implemented.
Under the hood implementation of mostly_like()
Generic form of tools from Test::More.
Relaxed checking of deep data structures.
Basic utilities for writing tests.
A modern infrastructure for testing.
Single point of access to Test::Stream extendability features.
Base class for classes that use an arrayref instead of a hash.
Meta Object for ArrayBase objects.
Delayed Carp loader.
Object to represent a testing context.
Base class for events
Diag event type
The finish event type
Note event type
Ok event type
The event of a plan
Encapsulate the magic exit logic
Special context for use in an END block.
Declarative exporter for Test::Stream and friends.
Meta object for exporters.
Ensure exit() is called bvy the end of a scope, force the issue.
Manage sets of IO Handles in specific encodings.
Meta object for unit test packages.
Utils for manipulating package symbol tables.
Encapsulate subtest start, run, and finish.
Tools for validating the events produced by your testing tools.
Representation of a Test::Stream::Tester event check.
Representation of an event validation specification.
Event list used by Test::Stream::Tester.
Test::Stream::Tester representation of an event.
Object used to temporarily steal all events.
Tools for using threads with Test::Stream.
Helper for writing testing tools
Tools used by Test::Stream and friends.
*DEPRECATED* Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder
Capture module for TesT::Tester
Alternative to Test::More::use_ok
Alternative to Test::More::use_ok


in lib/Test/Builder/
in lib/Test/Stream/