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Changes for version 5.80002

  • Fix CATALYST_DEBUG and MYAPP_DEBUG environment variables turning debuging on if defined, rather than if set. They now force debugging on or off, taking precedence over configuration in your application. (t0m)
    • Tests for this (t0m)
  • pass replace_constructor to the immutable call to ensure applications get a Moose constructor rather than a C::A one
  • Fix issues with restarting the application class due to C3 failures on perl 5.10 (t0m)
  • Work around issues in Moose with initialization order of multiple levels of non-Moose classes inheriting from a Moose class (t0m)
    • Test for this
  • Add backwards compatibility method for Catalyst::Log->body, which has been made private (t0m)
  • Fix so that calling $c->req->parameters(undef) does not flatten the request parameters with undef + test (t0m)
  • Fix so that width of table of unattached actions for debugging ::DispatchType::Chained varies according to your terminal width (Oleg Kostyuk)
  • Fix warning message about linearized @ISA in Catalyst::Component (Emanuele Zeppieri)
  • Require MX::MethodAttributes 0.06 to avoid issues with saying use base 'Catalyst::Controller'; use Moose; losing actions (t0m)
  • Fix all of t0m's typos in ::Upgrading and ::Delta (hobbs)
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