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Changes for version 1.12

  • Remove usage of undocumented Package::Stash APIs from the tests. This prevents the tests from failing on Package::Stash >= 0.18.


A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5
Attribute Meta Object
Class Meta Object
Implements immutability for metaclass objects
Manages deprecation warnings for Class::MOP
Instance Meta Object
Method Meta Object
Method Meta Object for accessors
Method Meta Object for constructors
Abstract base class for generated methods
Method base class for methods which have been inlined
Method Meta Object for meta methods
Method Meta Object for methods with before/after/around modifiers
Extremely limited trait application
Base class for mixin classes
Core attributes shared by attribute metaclasses
Methods for metaclasses which have attributes
Methods for metaclasses which have methods
Module Meta Object
Base class for metaclasses
Package Meta Object
a pragma for installing and using Class::MOP metaclasses