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Changes for version 0.02

  • using Alien::Box2D 0.103 (no cmake) [FROGGS] Added get and set gravity [kthakore] Added other copy right ppl [kthakore] Fixed b2Body::GetTransform and added tests [jtpalmer] Added b2Mat22, b2Transform and tests [jtpalmer] Fixed b2Body::GetLinearVelocity and added tests [jtpalmer] Added b2FixtureDef::restitution and tests [jtpalmer] Can pass subroutines... we have an observer pattern [kthakore] Using b2Contact to do a simple userdata carry over of scalar stuff in example [kthakore] Replace b2CircleShape::SetRadius with b2Shape::m_radius [jtpalmer] Formatting and comment changes [jtpalmer] Added b2CircleShape, tests and example [jtpalmer] added early_include for solaris to inject sys/vnode.h [FROGGS]


2D Physics Library
2D Physics Library Contact Listener