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Changes for version 2.1.8

  • Show a larger part of the string returned by the server in case of error
  • Win32: Decrease the severity of a winkey read error
  • add FusionInventory::Agent::Tools::Win32::getValueFromRegistry() unused for now.
  • Win32: getWmiProperties() depends on Win32::OLE, load it first.
  • Win32/AntiVirus: avoid pointless OLE error
  • Add BNQ screen manufacturer support https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/736095
  • scan-homedirs and rpc-trust-localhost don't works in command line http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/636
  • Update the Inventory XML documentation
  • HPUX: use NAME instead of TYPE to set the CPU name (Yanick Durant) http://forum.fusioninventory.org/viewtopic.php?id=278
  • VirtualBox: major rewrite of the mostly broken Vbox mod
  • add support for the task called «Deploy»
  • add support for the task called «ESX»
  • 2.1.8_rc1 Sat, 05 Mar 2011 14:56:58 +0100
    • Linux, correctly read the number of core from /proc/cpuinfo
    • MacOSX: KB unit in missing in Mac OS X Drive.pm http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/521
    • FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Base, correctly preinitialize 'myData' by loading the expected file.
    • A yum plugin in contrib to trigger FusionInventory after the updates (Remi COLLET)
    • SSL certificat check: Accept wild card in the hostname http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/542
    • Linux/CPU: avoid a warning is $serial is undef, thanks Raúl who pointed the issue
    • SSL: try to use the default CA if now --ca-cert-* is avalaible, thanks Kevin Cousin who suggested the idea
    • Inventory must be run after the deployment (OcsDeploy)
    • Linux: fix Knoppix version format
    • fix month number in process list start date
    • Avoid failure if the agent can't load the .dump file, see: #542 thanks Kevin Cousin for the report
    • Decrease the severity of the error message when a optional module is missing
    • MacOSX/Drives: do not ignore the / filesystem
    • MacOSX/USB: no empty devices
    • Win32/Software: avoid a warning
    • Networks: improve the error message if deflat fails, thanks Walid Nouh for the suggestion
    • HP-UX/CPU: add a test-suite
    • HP-UX/CPU: identify the CPU on HP RX4640, (Yanick Durant)
    • HP-UX/Memory: hack to preinitialize the memory map (Yanick Durant)
    • t/README.t: only run the test if TEST_AUTHOR=1
    • Makefile.PL: add XML::TreePP in test_requires
    • RPM: feed the PUBLISHER field (Stéphane Urbanovski)
    • MacoSX/Software: Avoid breakage if .app's plist file is corrupted
    • Solaris: SUNWCzone is optionnal, use zonename instead (Raphaël SurcouF)
    • Inventory: look for backend module in @INC+$archname.'/auto' too, thanks to Philip Grodzki who helped to point out the issue.
    • Inventory: improve POD documentation
    • Inventory: Display a debug message if the STORAGES/INTERFACE is invalid
    • backport from master FusionInventory::Agent::Tools::getCanonicalManufacturer()
    • Linux/CPU rename AuthenticAMD to AMD
    • injector: --help show usage menu
    • injector: minor clean up in the --help menu
    • Add 2011 in the copyright years
    • Tools: move the code used to find .pm in @INC in getFusionInventoryLibdir()
    • Linux/Network: set the IPv6 network address (Ludovic Hutin)
    • HP-UX/CPU: improve the machinfo parsing, thanks Amir Pakdel for the machinfo output on HP-UX 11.23
    • AIX: collect EMC/Clariion LUN storage (Sébastien Dagnicourt)
    • Win32: fix NETWORKS/VIRTUALDEV on OS prior Vista (David DURIEUX)
    • Internal: add and use getFusionInventoryLibdir(), getFusionInventoryTaskList()
    • Linux/Storage: collect WWN from SAS / SATA disk using hdparm
    • Win32/Networks: avoid duplicated IP in HARDWARE/IPADDR, thanks Fernando Lagrange for the bug report http://forge.fusioninventory.org/users/603
    • Gentoo: fix the regex to collect packages, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ocsinventory-contact/+bug/720626
    • Linux: dhcp-leases file now always detected, mostly on Redhat hosts (Bernhard Denner) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ocsinventory-unix-agent/+bug/720628
    • Win32: retrieve Antivirus information from //./root/SecurityCenter2 on Win7 http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/583
    • Win32: software, do not ignore software with very few information
    • Win32: better detection of product key on 64bit system, thanks Ionut Bujor for the feedbacks http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/582
    • Drop the Ping task. Was not used.
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