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Changes for version 2.20 - 2012-06-20

  • Suppress warning from empty CDATA section (RT#58359 from Juan Antonio Navarro Pérez)

Changes for version 2.19_02 - 2012-06-19

  • Reinstate XML::SAX::Expat dependency
  • Fix warnings tests (broken in 2.19_01) which rely on global $^W

Changes for version 2.19_01 - 2012-06-17

  • Use lexical filehandles instead of old-style fileglobs (RT#77787 from Quanah)
  • Restrict scope of :strict mode to calling package (RT#41562 from Hannu Aronsson)
  • Fix POD typo (RT#45414 from Anirvan Chatterjee)
  • Update POD to reflect best practise regarding :strict and options
  • Change minimum Perl requirement to 5.008
  • Switch to using Dist::Zilla for release management



Easily read/write XML (esp config files)