Changes for version 2.21 - 2015-12-04

  • Improved diagnostics - xml_in() will now catch parse exceptions and add caller information via Carp::croak
  • Switch to use lexical warnings (suppress with either 'no warnings;' or 'no warnings "XML::Simple";', rather than $^W = 0)
  • POD fixes (from David Steinbrunner)
  • Regex escaping fixes for Perl 5.22+ (from Kent Fredric)
  • Add workaround for test failures on RHEL/CentOS 6.5 (RT#102115 from Chris Drake, workaround from Tim Bunce)
  • Remove some 'eval' calls from test suite which could mask root cause of test failures
  • Make each test script use unique filenames to allow tests to be run in parallel (RT#101362 from Karen Etheridge & Kent Fredric)
  • POD update: mention XML::Twig in 'STATUS' section (RT#79228 from Matt Trout)



An API for simple XML files