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Gerda Shank
HTML::FormHandler::Manual - Index of the Manual
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Cookbook - FormHandler use recipes
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Intro - basic usage of FormHandler
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Tutorial - use FormHandler with Catalyst
HTML::FormHandler - form handler written in Moose
HTML::FormHandler::Field - Base class for HTML::FormHandler Fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Boolean - A true or false field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Checkbox - A checkbox field type
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Compound - field consisting of subfields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Duration - DateTime::Duration from HTML form values
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Email - Validates email uisng Email::Valid
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Hour - accept integer from 0 to 23
HTML::FormHandler::Field::HtmlArea - Input HTML in a textarea
HTML::FormHandler::Field::IntRange - Select an integer range in a select list
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Integer - validate an integer value
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Minute - input range from 0 to 59
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Money - Input US currency-like values.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Month - Select list of 1 to 12
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthDay - Select list for a day number 1 to 31
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthName - Select list for month names
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Multiple - Select one or more options
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Nested - for nested elements of compound fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PosInteger - Validates input is a positive integer
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PrimaryKey - field for primary keys for Repeatable related fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Repeatable - Repeatable (array) field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Second - Select list for seconds
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Text - A simple text entry field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::TextArea - Multiple line input
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Weekday - Select valid day of the week
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Year - Select a recent year.
HTML::FormHandler::Fields - role to build field array
HTML::FormHandler::Generator::DBIC - generate form classes from DBIC schema
HTML::FormHandler::Model - default model base class
HTML::FormHandler::Model::CDBI - Class::DBI model class for HTML::FormHandler
HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC - Model class for FormHandler using DBIx::Class
HTML::FormHandler::Moose - to add FormHandler sugar
HTML::FormHandler::Moose::Role - to add FormHandler sugar to Roles
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple - Simple rendering routine
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Table - render a form with a table layout
HTML::FormHandler::Generator::DBIC::Cmd in lib/HTML/FormHandler/Generator/DBIC.pm
HTML::FormHandler::I18N in lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N.pm
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::en_us in lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/en_us.pm
HTML::FormHandler::TransformAndCheck in lib/HTML/FormHandler/TransformAndCheck.pm
Changes for version 0.26
    • Fix dependency test failures on UNIVERSAL::require and version

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