Changes for version 0.32005

  • Removed '//'; incompatible with earlier versions of Perl


index of the manual
using HFH forms in Catalyst
FormHandler use recipes
introduction to using FormHandler
how to render with FormHandler
how to use FormHandler with Catalyst


HTML forms using Moose
role to build field array
base class for fields
a true or false field
captcha field with GD::SecurityImage
a checkbox field type
field consisting of subfields
a date field with formats
compound DateTime field
DateTime::Duration from HTML form values
validates email using Email::Valid
accept integer from 0 to 23
input HTML in a textarea
integer range in select list
validate an integer value
input range from 0 to 59
US currency-like values
select list 1 to 12
select list with month names
multiple select list
for nested elements of compound fields
base class for submit field
positive integer field
repeatable (array) field
used internally by repeatable fields
result class for fields
select list 0 to 59
select list day of week strings
year selection list
internal role for form and compound fields
German message translations
base message file
Hungarian message file
Russian message file
Turkish message file
Ukrainian message file
field_list and apply_list
default model base class
Class::DBI model class (non-functioning)
stub for Object model
to add FormHandler sugar
to add sugar to roles
params handling
simple rendering role
render a form with a table layout
form result object
role with common code for form & field results
generate and validate captchas
customized replacement for MooseX::Traits
Moose type constraints
validation role (internal)
internal role to validate actions
role to apply widgets
HTML attributes field role
hidden field rendering widget
password rendering widget
radio group rendering widget
reset field rendering widget
allow setting options from options keys
select field rendering widget
submit field rendering widget
text field rendering widget
textarea rendering widget
update field rendering widget
set HTML attributes on the form tag
widget to render a form with divs
render a form with a table layout
commong methods for widget wrappers
wrapper that doesn't wrap
wrapper class for table layout