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  • TODO - Ideas for future versions of Git::Hooks
  • TUTORIAL - Gentle tutorial for Git::Hooks users and Git administrators


Changes for version 1.7.0

  • New features
    • CheckFile: New githooks.checkfile.size option imposes a limit to the maximum size of files added to the repository.
    • New function Git::More::get_sha1 returns the SHA1 associated with a revision expression.
    • Git::More::get_commit(s) functions return information about commit signatures.
  • Changes
    • CheckLog plugin error messages now show the full SHA1 of commits instead of a 7-letter prefix to avoid potential ambiguities.
  • Fixes
    • CheckLog: The githooks.checklog.title-required option when false was disabling all other title checks.
    • Git::More::get_commit(s) functions now UTF-8 encode its results.
    • Git::More::get_commit(s) functions were returning a hash with the wrong key 'commmitter_name'.
  • Internal changes
    • Git::More::get_commit(s) functions now cache results avoiding repeated invocations of git-rev-list for different plugins.