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Changes for version 1.12.0

  • Incompatible changes
    • CheckCommit: The recently implemented githooks.checkcommit.check-ref option is being replaced by another one called githooks.checkcommit.check-code, which performs the checks for every commit in an update or pre-receive hook, not for every affected reference. Now it applies also to the local pre-commit hook.
      • The githooks.checkcommit.check-ref option was ill-conceived. The CheckCommit plugin is meant to check "commits", not "references". As such, all checks should apply to the local commit being constructed in a pre-commit hook and to all commits being pushed in an update or pre-receive hook.
      • The callback routines associated with the option now get three arguments ($git, $commit, $ref) instead of two ($git, $ref).
      • Since the ...check-ref option was implemented just five days ago, hopefully no one is yet depending on it so that this change won't affect anybody. Hence, I'm not bumping the package major version as the Semantic Versioning scheme would advise.
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