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Gustavo Leite de Mendonça Chaves
Git::Hooks - A framework for implementing Git hooks.
Git::Hooks::CheckAcls - Git::Hooks plugin for branch/tag access control.
Git::Hooks::CheckJira - Git::Hooks plugin which requires citation of JIRA issues in commit messages.
Git::Hooks::CheckLog - Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit log policies.
Git::Hooks::CheckRewrite - Git::Hooks plugin for checking against unsafe rewrites
Git::Hooks::CheckStructure - Git::Hooks plugin for ref/file structure validation.
Git::Hooks::GerritChangeId - Git::Hooks plugin to insert a Change-Id in a commit message.
Git::More - A Git extension with some goodies for hook developers.
Git::More::Message - A Git commit message
Changes for version 0.047
  • Changes
    • Remove suggestion to undo a commit when a problem is detected in the post-commit hook. Now we only suggest to amend it.
    • Make githooks.plugin configuration variable accept a list of plugins names.
  • Fixes
    • Fix handling of fully qualified module names for plugins.
    • Fix CheckJira's commit-msg error message which was incorrectly showing a commit SHA-1 as '0000000'.

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