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HTML::Display - display HTML locally in a browser
HTML::Display::Common - routines common to all HTML::Display subclasses
HTML::Display::Debian - display HTML using the Debian default
HTML::Display::Dump - dump raw HTML to the console
HTML::Display::Galeon - display HTML through Galeon
HTML::Display::Mozilla - display HTML through Mozilla
HTML::Display::OSX - display HTML on OSX
HTML::Display::Opera - display HTML through Galeon
HTML::Display::Phoenix - display HTML through Phoenix
HTML::Display::TempFile - base class to display HTML via a temporary file
HTML::Display::Win32 - display an URL through the default application for HTML
HTML::Display::Win32::IE - use IE to display HTML pages
HTML::Display::Win32::OLE - use an OLE object to display HTML
Changes for version 0.40
  • Adress RT #86431 - tempfile() receiving "undef" as template parameter
    • throws a warning in some versions of File::Temp.

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