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HTML::FormHandler::Manual - index of the manual
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Catalyst - using HFH forms in Catalyst
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Cookbook - FormHandler use recipes
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Database - FormHandler use recipes
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Defaults - form defaults documentation
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Errors - FormHandler error methods
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Fields - brief documentation of available fields
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::FromDFV - converting from Data::FormValidator
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::FromFF - converting from HTML::FormFu
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::InflationDeflation - inflation and deflation of field values
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Intro - introduction to using FormHandler
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Rendering - how to render with FormHandler
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Tutorial - how to use FormHandler with Catalyst
HTML::FormHandler - HTML forms using Moose
HTML::FormHandler::Blocks - arrange form layout using blocks
HTML::FormHandler::BuildFields - role to build field array
HTML::FormHandler::Field - base class for fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::AddElement - Field to support repeatable javascript add
HTML::FormHandler::Field::BoolSelect - Boolean select field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Boolean - a true or false field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Captcha - captcha field with GD::SecurityImage
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Checkbox - a checkbox field type
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Compound - field consisting of subfields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Date - a date field with formats
HTML::FormHandler::Field::DateTime - compound DateTime field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Display - display only field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Duration - DateTime::Duration from HTML form values
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Email - validates email using Email::Valid
HTML::FormHandler::Field::File - simple file field; does no processing
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Float - validate a float value
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Hour - accept integer from 0 to 23
HTML::FormHandler::Field::IntRange - integer range in select list
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Integer - validate an integer value
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Minute - input range from 0 to 59
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Money - US currency-like values
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Month - select list 1 to 12
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthDay - select list 1 to 31
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthName - select list with month names
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Multiple - multiple select list
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Nested - for nested elements of compound fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::NoValue - base class for submit field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PasswordConf - password confirmation
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PosInteger - positive integer field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Repeatable - repeatable (array) field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Repeatable::Instance - used internally by repeatable fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Result - result class for fields
HTML::FormHandler::Field::RmElement - field to support repeatable javascript remove
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Second - select list 0 to 59
HTML::FormHandler::Field::SelectCSV - Multiple select field from CSV value
HTML::FormHandler::Field::TextCSV - CSV Text field from multiple
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Upload - file upload field
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Weekday - select list day of week strings
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Year - year selection list
HTML::FormHandler::Fields - internal role for form and compound fields
HTML::FormHandler::Foo - Experiment in loading form from config file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N - internationalization
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::bg_bg - Bulgarian message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::de_de - German message translations
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::en_us - base message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::hu_hu - Hungarian message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::it_it - Italian message translations - traduzione italiana dei messaggi
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ja_jp - Japanese message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::pt_br - Brazilian Portuguese message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ru_ru - Russian message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::sv_se - Swedish message translations
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::tr_tr - Turkish message file
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ua_ua - Ukrainian message file
HTML::FormHandler::Merge - internal hash merging
HTML::FormHandler::Meta::Role - field_list and apply_list
HTML::FormHandler::Model - default model base class
HTML::FormHandler::Model::CDBI - Class::DBI model class (non-functioning)
HTML::FormHandler::Model::Object - stub for Object model
HTML::FormHandler::Moose - to add FormHandler sugar
HTML::FormHandler::Moose::Role - to add sugar to roles
HTML::FormHandler::Page - used in Wizard
HTML::FormHandler::Pages - used in Wizard
HTML::FormHandler::Params - params handling
HTML::FormHandler::Render::RepeatableJs - role providing method to construct repeatable javascript
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple - simple rendering role
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Table - render a form with a table layout
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Util - rendering utility
HTML::FormHandler::Result - form result object
HTML::FormHandler::Result::Role - role with common code for form & field results
HTML::FormHandler::Test - provides is_html method used in tests
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha - generate and validate captchas
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Types - types used internally in FormHandler
HTML::FormHandler::Traits - customized replacement for MooseX::Traits
HTML::FormHandler::Types - Moose type constraints
HTML::FormHandler::Validate - validation role (internal)
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::ApplyRole - role to apply widgets
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Block - base block renderer
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Block::Bootstrap - block to format bare form element like bootstrap
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Button - button field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::ButtonTag - button field rendering widget, using button tag
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Captcha - Captcha field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Checkbox - HTML attributes field role
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Hidden - hidden field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Password - password rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::RadioGroup - radio group rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Reset - reset field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Role::SelectedOption - allow setting options from options keys
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Select - select field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Span - button field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Submit - submit field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Text - text field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Textarea - textarea rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Upload - update field rendering widget
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Role::HTMLAttributes - set HTML attributes on the form tag
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Simple - widget to render a form with divs
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Table - render a form with a table layout
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Theme::BootstrapFormMessages - role to render form messages using Bootstrap styling
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Base - common methods for widget wrappers
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 field wrapper
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Bootstrap3 - Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 field wrapper
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::None - wrapper that doesn't wrap
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Table - wrapper class for table layout
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::TableInline - wrapper class for table layout that doesn't wrap compound fields
HTML::FormHandler::Wizard - create a multi-page form
Changes for version 0.40056
    • use sorted_fields in 'dump_validated'
    • added Type::Tiny support
    • Use alert-danger rather than alert-error with in Bootstrap3
    • Fixes RT#91966 (deprecated way to call enum warning)
    • bug in reloading repeatable fields; skip inactive fields

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