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Author image Ilya Zakharevich

Changes for version 2.01080604

  • Add (missing in 2.1.*) declaration for pari_init(). Minor miscount in docs. Math::PariBuild: detecting `patch --binary' missed -p1; same for inc_h.diff Work around bug in XSUB.h (at least up to 5.11.2) with puts. Get GPDATADIR from gp, if present. Make self-documentation for switching to 2.3.* more explicit. kmx patch for mingw 32-bit Win-build: include windows.h (early!) in Pari.xs and highlvl.c enable assembler for this build x86_64 assembler detection after 2.2.7; thanks to Alexander Haeckel


Perl interface to PARI.
load Math::Pari with specified $primelimit and $initmem.
utility functions used during configuration of Math::Pari.


in Pari.pm