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Changes for version 0.2000_01 - 2011-07-29

  • Initial developer release


The web framework for Perl
Action class
Base class for applications
Base class for cache components
Base class for Memcached-based cache components
Callback class
Hook class
Callback queue class
Method-based callback class
Callback queue class
Universal base class
Universal base class for instantiable classes
Universal base class for singletons
Utility functions
Base class for components
Base class for singleton-based components
Context component
Controller component
Base class for database components
MySQL database component
PostgreSQL database component
SQLite database component
Dispatcher component
Base class for engine components
Apache2 / mod_perl 2.x engine component
FastCGI engine component
Exception class
Helper class for rendering exceptions as HTML
Stack trace class
Stack trace frame class
Filesystem watcher
Utility functions
HTTP message body base class
File-based HTTP message body class
Scalar-based HTTP message body class
Stream-based HTTP message body class
HTTP-related constants
HTTP cookie base class
Container class for GX::HTTP::Cookie objects
HTTP message headers class
HTTP message base class
Container class for key / value pairs
HTTP message body parser base class
HTTP message body parser class
HTTP message body parser class
HTTP request class
HTTP request cookie class
Container class for GX::HTTP::Request::Cookie objects
HTTP request headers class
HTTP response class
HTTP response cookie class
Container class for GX::HTTP::Response::Cookie objects
HTTP response headers class
Constants and utility functions for dealing with HTTP status codes
HTTP upload class
Container class for GX::HTTP::Upload objects
HTTP-related utility functions
Default logger component
MIME-related utility functions
A metaclass system for Perl
Accessor metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Attribute metaclass
Class metaclass
Various constants
Delegator metaclass
Exception class
Method metaclass
Module metaclass
Package metaclass
Utility functions
Model component base class
Renderer class
Request component
Response component
Base class for routes
Dynamic route class
Route match class
Static route class
Static route container class
Router component
Base class for SQL builders
MySQL-specific SQL builder class
PostgreSQL-specific SQL builder class
SQLite-specific SQL builder class
SQL data type constants
Base class for scripts
Script class
Base class for serializers
JSON-based serializer
Storable-based serializer
Session component
Base class for session ID generators
Default session ID generator
Base class for session stores
GX::Cache-based session store
GX::Database-based session store
Base class for session trackers
Cookie-based session tracker
Ordered hash implementation
Base class for view components
Default error view
Base class for template-based view components
HTML::Template::Compiled-based view
Template-based view


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