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Changes for version - 2024-02-22

  • Jean-Damien Durand <>
    • Do $|=1 instead of autoflush to please old perls


MarpaX::ESLIF's Bindings
MarpaX::ESLIF's Introduction
MarpaX::ESLIF's logger interface
MarpaX::ESLIF's recognizer interface
MarpaX::ESLIF Calculator Tutorial
MarpaX::ESLIF's value interface


ESLIF is Extended ScanLess InterFace
ESLIF base
ESLIF Event Types
MarpaX::ESLIF's grammar
ESLIF Grammar Properties
ESLIF Grammar Rule Properties
ESLIF Grammar Symbol Properties
ESLIF's JSON interface
ESLIF's JSON decoder interface
MarpaX::ESLIF::JSON Recognizer Interface
ESLIF's JSON encoder interface
ESLIF Logger levels
MarpaX::ESLIF's recognizer
ESLIF Regex Callout
ESLIF Rule Property Bit Set
ESLIF String is any string value with encoding attribute
MarpaX::ESLIF's symbol
ESLIF Symbol Event Bit Set
ESLIF Symbol Property Bit Set
ESLIF Symbol Type
MarpaX::ESLIF's value
ESLIF Value Types