Changes for version 1.02 - 2019-06-02

  • bugfix: showimage() needs full save/restore, not just matrix bugfix: print() valign typo bugfix: make layout ink height positive (bbox height remains negative) bugfix: make newpage() return $self showimage()/place(): add align/valign/center add frontpage example to test a mix of different features add all layout options to Layout::new() add height/width methods to images and recordings (including SVG)


simple API for creating PDF files using the Cairo library
rectangle-manipulation library
a list of valid color names extracted from X11's rgb.txt file. This guarantees that they'll match color names used in Pango::Layout markups.
wrapper that adds some useful methods to Cairo fonts
wrapper for Pango layouts
a list of valid paper sizes to use in new() newpage(), and paper_size(), and their dimensions in points, extracted from papers.txt. Size names are converted to lower-case characters before lookup.
utility functions


in lib/PDF/
in lib/PDF/