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Changes for version 5.90085 - 2015-03-25

  • Small change to Catalyst::Action to prevent autovivication of Args value (dim1++)
  • Minor typo fixes (Abraxxa++)
  • Make sure than when using chained actions and when more than one action matches the same path specification AND has Args(0), that we follow the "in a tie, the last action defined wins" rule. There is a small chance this is a breaking change for you. See Catalyst::Upgrading for more. You may use the application configuration setting "use_chained_args_0_special_case" to disable this new behavior, if you must for back-compat reasons.
  • Added PATCH HTTP Method action attribute shortcut.
  • Several new configuration options aimed to give improved backwards compatibility for when your URL query parameters or keywords have non UTF-8 encodings. See Catalyst::Upgrading.


Overview of changes between versions of Catalyst
How Catalyst and PSGI work together
All About UTF8 and Catalyst Encoding
Instructions for upgrading to the latest Catalyst
Bootstrap a Catalyst application


The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
Catalyst Action
Chain of Catalyst Actions
Catalyst Action Container
Match on HTTP Request Content-Type
Match on HTTP Methods
Match on HTTP Request Scheme
Deprecated base class
Class data accessors
Catalyst Component Base Class
Moose Role for components which capture the application context.
Moose Role for components which need to close over the $ctx, without leaking
Catalyst Controller base class
DispatchType Base Class
Path Part DispatchType
Default DispatchType
Index DispatchType
Path DispatchType
The Catalyst Dispatcher
The Catalyst Engine
removed module
The Catalyst Engine Loader
Catalyst Exception Class
Basic Catalyst Exception Role
Exception for redispatching using $ctx->detach()
Exception for redispatching using $ctx->go()
Role defining the interface for Catalyst exceptions
Catalyst Log Class
The Catalyst stash - in middleware
Catalyst Model base class
Unicode aware Catalyst
provides information about the current client request
handles file upload requests
handles file upload requests
stores output responding to the current client request
The Catalyst Framework Runtime
The CGI Catalyst Script
Create a new Catalyst Component
The FastCGI Catalyst Script
Catalyst test server
Test Catalyst application on the command line
Common functionality for Catalyst scripts.
The Catalyst Framework script runner
Catalyst Timing Statistics Class
Test Catalyst Applications
The Catalyst Utils
Catalyst View base class


in lib/Catalyst/
in lib/Catalyst/Response/